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inflammatory breast cancer 1.100 8.7e-03
lung carcinoma -1.200 1.1e-18

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26871431 FTL expression was higher in glioblastoma than in low-grade glioma, and decreased expression of FTL correlated with increased survival in glioblastoma patients.
26611853 Ferritin plasma levels increased significantly following stem cell transplantation in graft rejection patients.
26602884 Ferritin light chain and ferritin heavy chain are required for the neural differentiation of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells under extremely low-frequency electromagnetic field.
26518749 Studies indicate that the the best characterized cytosolic ferritins in mammals are encoded by two genes, FTH and FTL, with four exons and similar structures.
25976471 Single nucleotide polymorphisms in HAMP, BMP2, FTL and SLC40A1 genes have phenotype-modifying roles in hereditary hemochromatosis type 1.
25720123 FTL gene mutation and persistent hyperferritinemia without iron deficiency anemia after phlebotomy
25447222 This study demostrated that FTL mutation progressive brain iron dysregulation, morphological signs of early neurodegeneration and motor coordination deficits show
25327288 provide a new mechanism for selective autophagy of ferritin and reveal a previously unappreciated role for autophagy and NCOA4 in the control of iron homeostasis in vivo
25162662 Genome-wide association study identifies variants in PMS1 associated with serum ferritin in a Chinese population.
24983587 Genetic testing confirmed the diagnosis of hereditary hyperferritinemia cataract syndrome (HHCS), demonstrating a C39>G (c.-161C>G) mutation into FTL gene.
24825732 findings expand the genetic and clinical diversity of neuroferritinopathy and suggest CSF ferritin levels as a novel potential biochemical marker for the diagnosis of neuroferritinopathy.
24821637 Elevated cerebrospinal ferritin reliably (but unspecifically) indicates severe central nervous system disease.
24512320 Data suggest that iron-independent effects of ferritin in myeloma should be prospectively investigated in preclinical and clinical studies.
24306042 Plasma hepcidin-25 and ferritin light chain levels correlate with a malignant breast cancer diagnosis.
24195075 Through combining serum ferritin and MS spectral data, the diagnosis sensitivity and specificity of our model for prewarning severe aGVHD (III~IV degrees aGVHD) before transplant all increased to 90.0%
24022025 A c.-171C>G mutation in the iron-regulatory element of FTL was found in 2 members of a Spanish family with hyperferritinemia-cataract syndrome.
23969999 Increased levels of ferritin light chain protein is associated with breast cancer.
23892696 Data indicate that serum highest TNF-alpha and IL-6 and higher ferritin are among those with intense steatosis.
23874603 A stable-isotope labeling by amino acids in cell culture coupled with mass spectrometry-based proteomics identifies downregulation of ferritin, light polypeptide (FTL) expression by HIV-1 Vpr in Vpr transduced macrophages
23699174 Data show the transcriptional regulation of the human ferritin gene by coordinated regulation of Nrf2 and protein arginine methyltransferases PRMT1 and PRMT4.
23685131 Together, our results suggest that iron can increase gamma-secretase activity through promoting the level of FTL that interacts with and stabilizes PEN-2
23592921 Noncoding G-to-T transversion (c.-168G>T) located in the iron response element (IRE) of the gene coding for ferritin light chain (FTL) cosegregated with cataract in the family.
23421845 The Badalona 36C > U and Heidelberg 52 G > C mutations within the L-ferritin Iron-Responsive Element only mildly alter the binding capacity of the Iron Regulatory Proteins but are still causative for hyperferritinaemia cataract syndrome.
23381919 Elevated levels of ferritin are associated with type 2 diabetes mellitus.
23300545 Elevation in ferritin is associated with response to trastuzumab in breast cancer.
23119080 Data indicate that ferritin levels and hyperuricemia are two independently significant factors associated with alanine aminotransferase (ALT) elevation among obese adolescents.
23029420 Plasma levels of FLT and S100A9 proteins are up-regulated and CNDP1 levels are down-regulated in patients with glioblastoma.
22871034 Urine ferritin levels are elevated significantly in systemic lupus erythematosus and correlate with disease activity.
22760008 Increased levels of ferritin and decreased total antioxidant status indicated increasing inflammation in chronic hepatitis C.
22535864 Two novel missense L-ferritin variants are associated with hyperglycosylation, p.Gln26Ile and p.Ala27Val, and with benign hyperferritinemia in two unrelated patients.
22359459 The data strongly suggest that FTL and SCCA1 may serve as coreceptors in HBV cellular attachment and virus entry into hepatocytes.
22348978 data demonstrate an enhanced propensity of mutant ferritin to undergo iron-catalyzed oxidative damage and support this as a mechanism causing disruption of ferritin structure and iron mishandling that contribute to pathology of hereditary ferritinopathy
22248276 High ferritin is associated with poor treatment response in hematological neoplasms.
22117997 There was a positive correlation between reactive oxygen species levels and serum ferritin levels in myelodysplastic syndrome patients
22020773 Molecular genetic analysis revealed point mutations within the FTL IRE.
21907119 Genetic analysis revealed mutation G32A in Pedigree 1 and mutation G32T in Pedigree 2, both heterozygous and located in the iron-responsive element of the ferritin light chain mRNA in hyperferritinemia cataract syndrome.
21696736 genetic variations in the HFE gene, but not plasma ferritin may have a role in coronary heart disease in Chinese
21555518 FTL is a target gene of the BACH1 transcription factor according to ChIP-seq analysis in HEK 293 cells.
21541272 In the family with hyperferritinemia cataract syndrome a G-->C heterozygous mutation at position +32 of FTL was identified.
21139976 Somatic mutations in the iron response elements (IRE) of the L-ferritin gene are infrequent in the age-related cataract.
21029774 The study shows the facile assembly of mutant FTL and FTH1 subunits into soluble ferritin heteropolymers, but their ability to incorporate iron was significantly reduced relative to wild-type-FTL/FTH1 heteropolymers.
20689807 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20471030 This protein has been found differentially expressed in thalami from patients with schizophrenia.
20381070 This protein has been found differentially expressed in the anterior cingulate cortex from patients with schizophrenia
20345975 Toluene diisocyanate (TDI) regulates haem oxygenase-1/ferritin expression: implications for toluene diisocyanate-induced asthma.
20159981 biochemical and crystallographic characterization of pathogenic FTL mutant p.Phe167SerfsX26 showing that it is a functional ferritin with an altered conformation of the C terminus
20088381 Expression of FTL and FTH genes encoding ferretin subunits in lung and renal carcinomas
19923220 the x-ray crystallographic structure and report functional studies of ferritin homopolymers formed from the mutant FTL polypeptide
19787796 identified mutations in HFE, SLC40A1, HAMP, HJV, TFR2, and FTL that could explain TRANSFERRIN SATURATION/SERUM FERRITIN heterogeneity in adults with previous HFE genotyping to detect C282Y and H63D; results were correlated with racial groups
19781644 indicate that cellular iron imbalance and oxidative damage produced by the over-expression in of two pathogenic L-ferritin variants are primary causes of cell death, while aggregate formation is a secondary effect
19519778 gene expression analysis of iron management proteins in the liver of trangenic mice indicates that the FTL transgenic mouse liver is iron deficient
19318681 Finding not only supports direct evidence for a regulatory role of L-ferritin in neuroectodermal cell pigmentation but also integrates a new player within a complicated network governing iron homeostasis in the dopamine neurons of substantia nigra.
19254706 Study hypothesize that changes in the expression of the L ferritin might be linked, at least to a certain extent, to the pathogenesis of this rare eye disease.
19176363 The missense mutation of FTL represents a new cause of genetic hyperferritinemia without iron overload, and the mutation may increase the efficacy of L ferritin secretion by increasing the hydrophobicity of the N terminal "A" alpha helix.
18977241 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18755684 hereditary ferritinopathy pathogenesis is likely to result from a combination of reduction in iron storage function
18665827 the rate of change of serum ferritin in untreated HFE (hemochromatosis protein) C282Y homozygotes is highly variable and may increase or decrease over time
18621011 A stable-isotope labeling by amino acids in cell culture coupled with mass spectrometry-based proteomics identifies downregulation of ferritin, light polypeptide (FTL) expression by HIV-1 Vpr in Vpr transduced macrophages
18586377 placental Ferritin protein expression decreased slightly in mild anemia but significantly in moderate anemia
18413574 In exon 4 of the FTL gene, duplication of the 469-484 sequence is found replacing the C-terminal 14 amino acid residues with a novel 23 amino acid sequence.
18160403 FTL and FTH subunits respond independently to cellular iron concentrations
18061976 metacarpophalangeal arthropathy was independently associated with older age, higher ferritin, the presence of the C282Y +/+ and C282Y/H63D hemochromatosis protein(HFE) genotypes and higher percentage of transferrin saturation.
17970701 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
17761032 We have detected a significant inverse correlation of -0.565 (P<0.0001) between serum ferritin when <50 microg/L and FGF-23.
17660802 FTL is a marker gene useful for stratifying osteosarcoma patients into low- and high-risk groups and predicting therapy outcome.
17601350 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
17459943 Demonstrated iron uptake by ferritins into multiple organs. Uptake is greater when iron delivered by H-ferritin compared to L-ferritin.
16858508 Observational study of genotype prevalence. (HuGE Navigator)
16822677 The findings suggest that the pathogenic effects of Ln1 expression are more likely due to deregulation of cellular iron homeostasis rather than to protein conformational problems.
16790936 X-ray structures of recombinant human L-chain ferritin (HuLF) show a cluster of acidic residues at the ferrihydrite nucleation site and at the iron channel along the threefold axis, and an ordered Cd2+ structure within the iron channel.
16252260 These results demonstrate that, in a human metastatic melanoma cell line, the stress condition promoted by L-ferritin down-modulation, can substantially influence proper maturation of tyrosinase
16222695 Quantitative RNA analysis confirmed down-regulation of ferritin light polypeptide and insulin-like growth factor binding protein 1 in hydatiform mole increased incidence of gestational trophoblastic neoplasia.
16217041 Results describe the combined effects of DNA transcription and mRNA translation regulation of ferritin-L synthesis.
15835264 Results describe an hereditary ferritinopathy with a novel mutation (C insertion at nt646-647 in exon 4) in the ferritin light chain gene, resulting in a longer than normal protein.
15727900 Intra-leukocytic hemosiderin inclusions (a complex of ferritin, denatured ferritin and other material) are associated with iron overload and acute infection.
15390032 Adult-onset generalized dystonia due to a mutation in ferritin, light polypeptide.
14615048 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
12746423 autosomal dominant basal ganglia disorder caused by an adenine insertion at position 460-461 of the gene for ferritin light polypeptide (FTL) in a French family
12459518 Observational study of genotype prevalence and gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
12459518 The genetic defects in the FTL gene are unlikely to be a common cause of typical PD, at least in a North America population.
12387819 Analysis of sequence effect on folding efficiency of ferritin heavy and light subunits.
11783942 gene coding and flanking regions were sequenced and examined for mutations that might modulate the iron burden of individuals harboring the common mutant hemochromatosis HFE genotype or cause hemochromatosis independent of mutations in the HFE gene

AA Sequence

LIKKMGDHLTNLHRLGGPEAGLGEYLFERLTLKHD                                       141 - 175

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PMID Year Title
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