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PubMed Score 758.91
PubTator Score 594.18

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Disease log2 FC p
psoriasis -1.600 5.2e-05
osteosarcoma -2.906 3.2e-06
astrocytoma 1.500 4.1e-03
acute quadriplegic myopathy 1.170 1.0e-02
intraductal papillary-mucinous neoplasm ... -1.400 1.3e-03
spina bifida -1.155 3.7e-02
ovarian cancer -2.100 4.5e-12
chronic rhinosinusitis -1.243 6.7e-03
cystic fibrosis and chronic rhinosinusit... -1.044 2.0e-02
dermatomyositis 1.700 4.1e-03

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27529982 FOXO1A gene polymorphic site rs4943794 is associated with an acquisition of old and senescent age and with women's longevity. FOXO3A gene polymorphic site rs3800231 is associated with longevity in both women and men.
26874277 This shows that Pin1 is implemented in maintaining the susceptibility to the genotoxic drugs by controlling P-gp level as well as p53-dependent apoptosis and cell cycle signaling pathways.
26861625 Foxo3 circular RNA retards cell cycle progression via forming ternary complexes with p21 and CDK2.
26826001 overexpression of the IGF-1R, and activation of GSK3beta and FOXO3a might be the molecular mechanisms underlying the development of liver cirrhosis
26740175 Taken together, these results show that CHAF1A contributes to the proliferation of glioblastoma cells and may be developed as a de novo drug target and prognosis biomarker of glioblastoma.
26683100 Data show one single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in Fox transcription factor FOXO3 (FOXO3) was significantly associated with longevity, and the six SNPs in proto-oncogene protein AKT1 (AKT1) gene and in IGF-2 Receptor (IGF-2R) gene are not.
26682007 this study demonstrated that JC induced the apoptosis of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) cells by activating Akt/Foxo signaling pathway and increasing intracellular ROS levels.
26657850 EGF stimulates loss of FOXO3/SIRT6, which is blockaded by the inhibition of upstream pathways as well as lipid synthesis, revealing existence of a negative regulatory loop between LDs and FOXO3/SIRT6.
26643256 Forkhead Box Transcription Factor (FOXO3a) mediates the cytotoxic effect of vernodalin in vitro and inhibits the breast tumor growth in vivo
26590814 FOXO3a mRNA expression levels in breast cancer patients correlated with metastasis-free survival.
26578569 FOXO3-dependent gene regulation is generally mediated not through uniquely bound regions but through regions occupied by both FOXK2 and FOXO3 where both factors play a regulatory role.
26540566 Data indicate that the expression of PARP1 and FOXO3A play pivotal roles in gastric cancer progression.
26528854 miR-622 overexpression mediated by the transcription factor FOXO3a decreased the invasiveness of lung tumor cells by inhibiting HIF-1alpha via inactivation of ERK signaling.
26505221 data provide new clues for the essential role of miR-223 in the regulation of anti-Mtb-directed immune responses, which relies on the regulation of FOXO3 expression
26470790 Our results further suggest that GPER expression and FOXO3a localization could be utilized as prognostic markers in breast cancer therapy and that GPER antagonists could promote apoptosis in GPER-positive breast cancers
26455863 in response to oxidative stress, the nuclear retention of FOXO3a in astrocytes upregulates expression of GS as a neuroprotective mechanism
26397839 These results suggest that the antitumor effects of paclitaxel in breast cancer are mediated by activation of the AMPK/EF1alpha/FOXO3a signaling pathway.
26375988 FOXO3a is a relevant mediator of the antiproliferative effects of MSA.
26318418 Upregulation of Bim expression levels might be related with epibrassinolide mediated dephosphorylation of Foxo3a in human colon cancer cells.
26310353 co-treatment with butein and cisplatin promoted the nuclear translocation and expression of forkhead box O3a (FoxO3 or FoxO3a).
26226934 There was strong evidence that adverse effects of mustard, wasabi, and raw and cooked tomatoes were significantly associated with the G allele of FOXO3 and that these foods should be avoided by people carrying this allele
26186945 Low autophagic activity by the alteration of FoxO3a may contribute to idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis progression.
26151347 8bromo7methoxychrysin induces apoptosis and reverses drug resistance by regulating Akt/FOXO3a pathway in cisplatinsensitive and resistant ovarian cancer cells.
26089158 the AMPK/FoxO3A axis plays a cardinal role in anti-proliferative effect of adiponectin in cancer cells
26061565 impaired functions of the FOXO1/3/PTEN pathways lead to dramatic changes in the molecular program within granulosa cells.
26054675 miR-498 acted as a new tumor suppressor by targeting the FOXO3 gene and inhibiting cell proliferation of ovarian cancer.
26045805 The expression of FOXO3a was upregulated and activated in gastric cancer tissues, and was significantly associated with a favorable prognosis in stage II/III gastric cancer patients.
25993007 FOXO3 might act as a shared genetic predisposition factor to hyperglycemia and lifespan.
25958948 Porphyromonas gingivalis-induced reactive oxygen species activate FOXO transcription factors through JNK signalling, and that FOXO1 controls oxidative stress responses, inflammatory cytokine production and cell survival.
25952685 Study demonstrated that HGF promoted the viability of endothelial cells in the oxidative-induced apoptosis by inducing the phosphorylation of two FOXO family members, FOXO1 and FOXO3a.
25935481 Data indicate forkhead transcription factor FOXO3a activity can result in either promotion of cell survival or apoptosis.
25913413 A significant association between the FOXO3 rs2802288*A and rs2802292*G gene variants in FOXO3 and human longevity.
25893985 inhibition of AKT/FoxO3a signaling may contribute to H1-mediated PUMA induction, suggesting that inhibition of AKT/FoxO3a signaling result in PUMA expression in response to p53-independent cytotoxic effects of H1.
25843800 found that FOXO3 plays an important role in erythroid differentiation in both human TF-1 cells and zebrafish, but the mechanism underlying this regulation still remains unclear
25802279 GAA promotes FoxO3 nuclear translocation and binding to the SESN2 enhancer.
25791921 TG-interacting factor transcriptionally induced by AKT/FOXO3A is a negative regulator that antagonizes arsenic trioxide-induced cancer cell apoptosis.
25753771 Forced activation of Akt and knockdown of FOXO3, p15(INK4b) and p27(KIP1) effectively inhibited hSKP senescence.
25745998 Results show that a new mechanism of oncogenesis is attributed to p68 by upregulation of AKT and consequent nuclear exclusion and degradation of tumor suppressor FOXO3a.
25743813 High expression of FOXO3a is associated with lung adenocarcinomas.
25704884 leptin induces autophagy and contributes to suppression of apoptosis in cancer cells through a process involving p53 and FoxO3A
25648147 FOXOs support the metabolic requirements of normal and tumor cells by promoting IDH1 expression.
25647415 FOXO3a regulated miR-34b and miR-34c at transcriptional levels.
25640014 our work demonstrated that SIRT1 had a pivotally protective role in the regulation of EPCs apoptosis induced by H(2)O(2) and that SIRT1 protected against apoptosis by inhibiting FOXO3a via FOXO3a ubiquitination and subsequent degradation.
25578861 FOXO3a inhibits malignant phenotypes that are dependent on beta-catenin-dependent modulation of EMT-related genes.
25554016 Reveal the functional role of the PI3K/Akt/FoxO3a pathway that gets deregulated in cancer and suggests its simultaneous targeting by quinazoline analog.
25546383 FoxO3a is a negative regulator of autophagy in multiple cancer cell lines.
25503443 our findings suggest that there might be a CKI-FoxO/Smad-Bim engine in which Thr32 of FoxO3 is pivotal for TGF-b-induced apoptosis, making it a potential therapeutic target for liver cancer treatment.
25480585 reduction in miRNA-155 expression can inhibit the proliferation of SNK-6 lymphoma cells and promote their apoptosis, which may be associated with regulation of FOXO3a gene.
25470651 The association of 15 FOXO3A tagging single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in 1088 oldest-old Danes (age 92-93) with 4 phenotypes known to predict their survival, were investigated.
25470293 In mammals, the only family member directly linked to aging is FoxO3A. (Review)
25422052 imidazole treatment induced apoptosis in HEC-1B cells. The proapoptotic effect was mediated by increased Bim expression. Moreover, imidazole upregulated the protein level of Foxo3a and induced its increased nuclear localisation.
25421486 The FOXO3A variant rs12212067T>G is associated with increased inflammatory responses to Plasmodium falciparum malaria, indicating a role of the FOXO3-dependent pathway in malaria.
25365249 the NOD2 variant p.Leu1007fsX1008 (rs2066847), in particular in homozygous form, is a much stronger marker for a severe clinical phenotype than the FOXO3A rs12212067 SNP for a mild disease course on an individual patient level
25344604 E2F1 regulates cellular senescence by inhibiting FOXO3.
25323477 FOXO3 transcription was upregulated.
25286764 Downregulation of miR-96 inhibits invasion and promotes apoptosis in NSCLC cells A549 and SPC-A-1 by targeting FOXO3
25271153 Data indicate that Forkhead transcription factor FOXO3a egulates its own transcription and its levels are increased in Huntington disease (HD).
25261981 Knockdown of DEPP prevented the primary and secondary reactive oxygen species wave during FOXO3 activation.
25208626 Genetic variation studies of FOXO3A gene suggest an inverse correlation between the protective allele (G) copy number and cancer risk in patients with Peutz-Jeghers syndrome or PTEN hamartoma tumor syndrome.
25202904 Prolonged stimulation increased FOXO3 cytoplasmic localization.
25199915 We did not identify new genome-wide significant associations with longevity and did not replicate earlier findings except for APOE and FOXO3. Meta-analysis.
25186470 In chrondrocytes, reduced expression of FoxO transcription factors in chondrocytes increased susceptibility to cell death induced by oxidative stress. This was associated with reduced levels of antioxidant proteins and autophagy-related proteins.
25174716 our data suggest that LQB-118 has a selective and potent antitumor activity against AML cells with distinct molecular subtypes, and it involves differential modulation of the signaling pathways associated with FoxO3a and FoxM1 transcription factors.
25172912 Decreased FOXO3A levels are associated with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.
25168244 These observations support the notion that loss of TRIB3 is associated with a more aggressive phenotype in various types of tumors by enhancing the activity of the mTORC2/AKT/FOXO axis.
25162939 The SIRT3-mediated deacetylation of FOXO3 preserves mitochondrial bioenergetic function and increases cell survival under hypoxic conditions.
25122426 We reveal a new mechanism that FOXO3a transcriptionally represses DNMT3B expression and this regulation can be attenuated by MDM2 overexpression in human lung cancer model.
25093499 FOXO3a could possibly inhibit endothelial progenitor cells proliferation via cell cycle arrest involving upregulation of p27(kip1) and downregulation of CDK2, cyclin D1 and PCNA.
25069037 FOXC2 promoted colorectal cancer cell proliferation through activation of MAPK and AKT pathways, subsequently down-regulating p27, up-regulating cyclin D1 and p-FOXO3a.
25060657 Rs4946936 in FOXO3a was highly associated with an increased risk of childhood ALL in a Chinese population
25053419 Data indicate that glycogen synthase kinase 3 beta (GSK3beta) and transcription factors FOXO1/3/4 promote hepatoma cell proliferation through type I insulin-like growth factor receptor (IGF-IR).
25047750 Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma coactivator 1alpha and FoxO3A mediate chondroprotection by AMP-activated protein kinase.
25044111 findings suggest that FoxO3a is involved in hypoxia-induced degradation of VE-cadherin and claudin-5 through induction of MMPs indirectly
25000517 molecular basis for the anti-senescence effects of SIRT1 and FOXO3a
24994714 OSU-53 activated Foxo3a through two Akt-dependent pathways
24990963 Hydroxylation of these sites prevents the binding of USP9x deubiquitinase, thereby promoting the proteasomal degradation of FOXO3a
24947616 Data indicate that forkhead transcription factorsF OXO3 directly bound to and transcriptionally activated the promoter of ribonucleotide reductase subunit RRM2B, and induced the expression of RRM2B at RNA and protein levels.
24920680 SMAD3 regulates transcription of MuRF-1 by increasing FoxO3 binding at a conserved FRE-SBE motif within the proximal promoter region, and by increasing FoxO3 protein content and transcriptional activity.
24895270 The interaction between the FOXO3 protein genotype and drinking tea were significantly associated with lower risk of cognitive decline.
24864229 The role of distinct SGK1/FOXO3A-associated regulation in p53 versus ANXA7 responses were elucidated and proposed that aberrant SGK1 could affect reciprocal SGK1-FOXO3A-Akt regulation.
24858012 These results show that metformin has an antiproliferative effect associated with cell cycle arrest and apoptosis, which is mediated by oxidative stress, as well as AMPK and FOXO3a activation.
24809632 association of rs7762395 allele with longevity varies among birth cohorts
24769729 ARHI-mediated downregulation of PI3K/AKT and Ras/ERK signaling also decreases phosphorylation of FOXo3a, which sequesters this transcription factor in the nucleus.
24766860 The exogenous FOXO3a, interaction and mutually exclusive events of p53 and FOXO3a augment the overall response to berberine.
24727891 Data proposed a novel signaling mechanism by which Sema 3A regulates PTEN, FOXO 3a and MelCAM in a coordinated manner that leads to suppression of breast cancer growth and angiogenesis.
24700636 These results demonstrate that eckol protects cells from mitochondrial oxidative stress by activating AMPK/FoxO3a-mediated induction of Mn SOD.
24684457 ZIC1 is frequently inactivated by promoter hypermethyaltion and functions as a tumor suppressor in thyroid cancer through modulating PI3K/Akt and MAPK signaling pathways and transcription factor FOXO3a.
24630930 FoxO3a does not appear to play a critical role in the regulation of catalase expression in breast cancer cells.
24589462 Significant association of five FOXO3A gene polymorphisms with longevity, with the effects of rs2802292 and rs2764264 being male-specific. Meta-analysis.
24489705 The variants of FoxO1 and FoxO3 may not increase the prevalence of CHD in Han Chinese population.
24486593 FOXO3a could be considered as an independent prognostic factor in ccRCC metastasis and could be a marker of occult metastases.
24467486 The down-regulation of miR-29a, concomitantly with FOXO3A up-regulation, is essential for the differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells into chondrocytes and in vivo cartilage/bone formation.
24450884 The CYB5R3 is an essential gene that appears as a final effector for both nutritional and oxidative stress responses through FOXO3a and Nrf2, respectively, and their interaction promotes CYB5R3 expression.
24448243 Endogenous FoxO1 and FoxO3 binding to the FoxO-binding element identified in Rictor promoter region is enhanced by NVP-BEZ235 treatment.
24376725 HCMV infection of endothelial cells induces angiogenesis by both of miR-217/SIRT1 and miR-217/FOXO3A axis
24360957 FOXO3 binds the most active subset of enhancers and amplifies initial levels of H3K27ac and RNAPII.
24337611 Vitexin compound 1 induces cell cycle arrest and growth inhibition by the inactivation of Akt which in turn regulates a FOXO3a transcription factor.
24333267 rs4946936 of FOXO3A gene may associate susceptibility of vitiligo, especially active vitiligo.
24284420 We investigated the role of FoxO3a, which is a key factor in oxidative stress-related cellular responses in melanogenesis.
24269635 Changes in FOXO3 expression and activation may be involved in cartilage aging and osteoarthritis.
24265696 P. gingivalis modulates keratinocytes through FOXO1 and FOXO3
24257750 metformin decreases binding of FoxO3a, a direct target of AMPK, to the SEPP1 promoter.
24194912 Decreased expression of the FOXO3a gene is associated with poor prognosis in primary gastric adenocarcinoma patients.
24158851 results point to FOXO3 as an important determinant of neuronal survival in the substantia nigra, which may oppose alpha-synuclein accumulation and proteotoxicity.
24140020 mTORC2 promotes inactivating phosphorylation of class IIa histone deacetylases, which leads to the acetylation of FoxO1 and FoxO3, and this in turn releases c-Myc from a suppressive miR-34c-dependent network.
24123695 FoxO3a is a sensor and regulator of both oxidative stress and antioxidative cellular response.
24123662 Akt2 downregulation favors limbal keratinocyte stem cell maintenance as a result of a gain of FOXO functions.
24077289 ESR2 induces apoptosis of prostate cancer cells by increasing transcription of FOXO3a, leading to an increase of PUMA.
24077281 Study shows that FOXO3a transcriptional activity is lost both in early and late stages of high-grade serous carcinoma.
24047697 The estrogen receptor alpha is the key regulator of the bifunctional role of FoxO3a in breast cancer motility and invasiveness.
24035192 Study identifies a noncoding polymorphism in FOXO3A (rs12212067: T > G) at which the minor (G) allele, despite not being associated with disease susceptibility, is associated with a milder course of Crohn's disease and rheumatoid arthritis and with increased risk of severe malaria.
24028821 These data provide evidence for an essential role of FoxO proteins in the transcription of ABCA6 in human vascular endothelial cells.
24021689 FoxO3a is expressed mostly in patients with Hodgkin's lymphoma. FoxO3a expression was limited to a small number of Hodgkin cells in a quiescent state.
24014251 adjustment for smoking does not systematically alter the association between FOXO3A variation and longevity in neither population.
23982205 Data indicate that the ASK1-FoxO3a-TRADD-caspase 8 pathway is present in neural tube defects (NTDs)-affected tissues.
23975182 the dual effect of resveratrol on erythropoiesis through activation of FoxO3 transcriptional factor combined with the amelioration of oxidative stress in circulating red cells
23970205 we confirmed that miR-155 downregulated the expression of FOXO3a by directly targeting its 3'-UTR.
23967259 IGF-1-induced enhancement of PRNP expression depends on the negative regulation of transcription factor FOXO3a
23967095 Foxo3a expression is a favorable prognostic marker in breast cancer. In addition, Foxo3a staining could potentially be used in patient stratification in conjunction with other prognostic markers.
23966291 Low FOXO3 expression is associated with breast and lung neoplasms.
23950211 Low levels of FOXO3 expresssion is associated with colorectal cancer progression via pleiotropic effects that enhance invasion and chemotherapeutic resistance.
23920411 Suggest that oxidative stress induced impairment of endothelial progenitor cell survival is mediated through a FoxO3a dependant mechanism, possibly by transcriptional regulation of Bim.
23907459 KPNA2 has an important role in promoting proliferation and tumorigenicity of epithelial ovarian carcinoma through upregulation of c-myc and suppression of FOXO3A.
23857333 Hepatitis C virus and alcohol combine to modify a complex pattern of FOXO3 posttranslational modifications that contribute to pathogenesis in liver disease.
23855308 It si required for antioxidant responses and autophagy and is altered in hepatitis c infection and fatty liver. (review)
23851496 Low FOXO3 expression is associated with renal cancer.
23828551 The-reconstitution of the cell cycle inhibitor p16INK4A, which sensitizes ALL cells to mitochondria-induced cell death, represses FOXO3 protein levels and reduces the dependency of these leukemia cells on PI3K-PKB signaling.
23828518 Forkhead/winged-helix-box-class-O3 may represent a novel biomarker of nodal and distant disease spread with clinical utility in colorectal carcinoma.
23732517 AR inhibition regulates AKT/PI3K-dependent activation of forkhead transcription factor FOXO3a
23691078 IKBKE regulates FOXO3a primarily through phosphorylation of SerS644
23665396 our finding that SIRT3 deacetylates FOXO3 to protect mitochondria against oxidative stress provides a possible direction for aging-delaying therapies and disease intervention.
23640897 Data indicate mitogen lacritin stimulates FOXO3-ATG101 and FOXO1-ATG7 autophagic coupling and restores metabolic homeostasis.
23624922 we reveal that SPRY2 expression is regulated by FOXO3a and beta-catenin nuclear activity in colon cancer
23603907 Stimulation of LD density promoted proliferation in colon cancer cells, whereas silencing PLIN2 or overexpression of FOXO3 inhibited proliferation.
23592131 We conclude that the downregulation of FoxO3a may greatly contribute to tumor development, and thus FoxO3a may represent a novel therapeutic target in colorectal cancer.
23585551 De-repression of FOXO3a death axis by microRNA-132 and -212 causes neuronal apoptosis in Alzheimer's disease.
23580232 FoxO3a (Forkhead Box O3a) deficiency protects Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) fibroblasts from type I polymerized collagen matrix-induced apoptosis via caveolin-1 (cav-1) and Fas.
23568341 FoxO3, a protein activated by mechanical unloading, is indicated as a master regulator that governs both the autophagy-lysosomal and ubiquitin-proteasomal pathways to orchestrate cardiac muscle atrophy.
23509296 Upregulation of FoxO3 inhibits miR-9-induced myelopoiesis.
23492774 Activation of protein kinase CK2 attenuates FOXO3a functioning in a PML-dependent manner.
23418729 FOXO3a functions as a growth factor in serum-deprived hepatocellular carcinoma cells and serotonin promotes the proliferation via upregulation of FOXO3a.
23378341 Low FOXO3a expression is associated with neuroblastoma.
23340844 FOXO3 regulates target gene expression through RNA polymerase II recruitment. FOXO3 binds and activates a pre-existing network of distal enhancers.
23295054 FoxO3a plays a crucial role in the induction of Bim gene transcription.
23278239 Hippocampal mitochodria mark the site of FOXO3a localization, which may contribute to the overall physiological and pathophysiological functions of this transcription factor.
23262295 Further examination indicated that only the inhibition of microRNA-182 and/or microRNA-96 rescued the expression of forkhead box O3 inhibited by leptin, and their mimics promoted the proliferation of ovarian cancer cells
23262029 results indicate that MVNP decreases FoxO3/Sirt1 signaling to enhance the levels of IL-6, which in part mediate MVNP's contribution to the development of Paget's disease
23250986 Deregulation of bone marrow miRNA155/FOXO3a pathway might contribute to bone marrow vascular stem cell depletion in diabetes mellitus.
23085518 The reactive oxygen species -activated FOXO3a cascade plays a central role in T63-induced cell proliferation inhibition.
23071284 the effect of APRIL is mediated via BCMA, which does not activate the classical NF-kappaB pathway, whereas it induces a novel signaling pathway, which involves JNK2 phosphorylation, FOXO3A activation, and GADD45 transcription
22978663 Aldose reductase inhibition prevents colon cancer growth by restoring phosphatase and tensin homolog through modulation of miR-21 and FOXO3a.
22971992 Modulation of FOXOA3 target genes in pancreatic cancer is associated with reduction in tumor growth mediated by EGCG.
22922206 These findings indicate the "functional lineage specificity" of FOXO3 and the possibility for NK cell-specific gene therapy with minimal unexpected effects.
22893124 FOXO3 interacts with the ATM-Chk2-p53 complex and induces the formation of nuclear foci in cells on DNA damage.
22892845 These data indicate that overexpression of FKHRL1/TM can induce the Fas-L pathway in melanoma cells. Ad-FKHRL1/TM therefore might represent a promising vector for melanoma treatment
22848740 catabolic glucocorticoid hormones and high intracellular AMP levels cooperate in inducing FOXO3 transcription and in activating the corresponding protein
22833338 Treatments at both concentration ranges resulted in a marked increase in K373-acetylated p53 and lysine-acetylated FOXO3a.
22820736 The methyltransferase Set9 directly methylates FoxO3 in vitro and in cells. The modulation of FoxO3 stability and activity by methylation may be critical for fine-tuning cellular responses to stress stimuli.
22815774 The effects of URGCP/URG4-overexpression or -knockdown on expression of cell cycle regulators and transcriptional activity of FOXO3a, were examined.
22761954 show that FOXO3a is required for activity in the absence of p53
22761423 STAT3 protein interacts with Class O Forkhead transcription factors in the cytoplasm and regulates nuclear/cytoplasmic localization of FoxO1 and FoxO3a proteins in CD4(+) T cells.
22748238 Studies indicate that the alteration of Foxo3a signaling during HIV infection deregulates innate and adaptive immune responses.
22748238 HIV-1 Tat expression in Jurkat T cells increases the amount and the translocation of FOXO3a from the cytoplasm to the nucleus, indicating that FOXO3a is no longer phosphorylated
22743331 These findings provided insight into a novel Foxo3a mechanism in leukemia cells which led to engagement of cells in the maturation pathway.
22718346 Nuclear FoxO3a promotes cell cycle progression by transcriptional upregulation of cyclin A1, promoting proliferation of human anaplastic thyroid carcinoma cells.
22714061 FOXO3a and Skp2 may be considered to be important prognoses in human ovarian cancer.
22590725 Forkhead family transcription factor FOXO3A is directed to the nucleus and atrogin-1 transcript is increased in myositis.
22588664 our results clearly show that, for reliable genetic investigation of FOXO3A exonic regions, a special study design is mandatory accounting for the FOXO3B sequence homology
22582938 Results show that miR-182 is involved in glucocorticoid resistance, via FOXO3A, and suggest that restoration of miR-182 is a potentially promising therapeutic strategy in lymphoblastic malignancies.
22552808 interacts with thrombin leading to expression of cell cycle regulating genes and smooth muscle cell proliferation
22531926 identify FOXO3 as a new IKK-epsilon-controlled check-point of IRF activation and regulation of IFN-beta expression, providing new insight into the role of FOXO3 in immune response control.
22515357 Helicobacter pylori infection resulted in activation of the PI3K p85 subunit and inactivation of FoxO1 and FoxO3a.
22489168 FoxO3A activation contributes to the increase of autophagy activity in senescent cells via blocking ATP synthesis
22489133 methylation potential of human FoxO3 at arginine and lysine residues and crosstalk between methylation and phosphorylation have also been described.
22474372 Data show that the interaction between FOXO3a and CBP/p300 is indicated by additional binding sites on CBP/p300.
22474286 FOXO3a promotes cell survival via BCL10/NF-kappaB in serum starvation
22459618 FOXO3 gene is the master gene of aging and longevity.
22451935 FOXO3 is a binding partner of Cdt1.
22435562 HIV-1 Tat expression in Jurkat T cells increases the amount and the translocation of FOXO3a from the cytoplasm to the nucleus, indicating that FOXO3a is no longer phosphorylated
22430142 the increased expression of GADD45A under the above experimental conditions, NAMPT inhibition by FK866, involves acetylation of FOXO3a, a member of the important family of forkhead (FOXO) proteins.
22411791 Inhibition of endogenous FOXO proteins attenuated etradecanoylphorbol Acetate/PDGF-BB mediated differentiation of neuroblastoma cells.
22394200 Dominant-negative c-Jun expression with FoxO3a reduction completely inhibits Puma expression and cell death.
22349704 data demonstrate that FOXO3 activates overproduction of reactive oxygen species as a consequence of Bim-dependent impairment of mitochondrial respiration in neuronal cells, which leads to apoptosis
22310285 results not only reveal novel insights into how Skp2 SCF complex is regulated, but also establish a new role for Foxo3a in tumor suppression through a transcription-dependent and independent manner
22223847 overexpression of Nkx2.8 resulted in downregulation of p-FOXO3a and inhibition of MEK/ERK pathway activity. silencing Nkx2.8 led to upregulation of p-FOXO3a and increase of MEK/ERK pathway activity.
22209974 Results suggest that FOXO3a and HIF-1alpha may be considered to be important prognostic markers in nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
22159921 Mirk/Dyrk1B plays an important role in ovarian cancer cell survival through modulating FoxO translocation.
22139133 FOXO3a activation caused a reduction in mitochondrial DNA copy number, expression of mitochondrial proteins, respiratory complexes and mitochondrial respiratory activity.
22128155 p38 phosphorylation of FOXO3a on Ser-7 is essential for its nuclear relocalization in response to doxorubicin.
22107151 FOXO3 was constitutively inactivated in mantle cell lymphoma cell lines. FOXO3-defective cells were resistant to PI3K/AKT inhibitors. FOXO3 is a relevant regulator of proliferation and apoptosis in MCL.
22015955 we did not observe any association of SNPs in FOXO3 with type 2 diabetes and related parameters
21965295 study identified urotensin-II and NOX4 as new activators of FoxO3a, and MMP2 as a novel target gene of FoxO3a, and showed that activation of FoxO3a by this pathway promotes vascular growth.
21933986 Data suggest that the molecular mechanisms for feedback control of IRS signaling to decrease IRS-2 expression in liver and beta-cells are quite distinct, with a predominant role played by FoxO3a in beta-cells.
21926463 direct role for Foxo3a/TRAIL signaling in the persistence of memory B cells and a mechanism for the reduced survival of memory B cells during HIV infection
21915097 FoxO3A is recruited to the promoters of nuclear-encoded mitochondrial genes where it directly antagonizes c-Myc function via a mechanism that does not require binding to the consensus FoxO recognition element.
21911455 FOXO3a is critical for adenovirus E1A-mediated chemosensitization to paclitaxel. By stimulating PP2A/C expression, E1A triggers a signaling cascade that stabilizes FOXO3a. E1A also prevents Ub-dependent proteolysis of FOXO3a.
21910584 PIM1-activated pPRAS40, AKT-activated pFOXO3a, and their complex formation with 14-3-3 could be key regulators of the radiation-induced radioresistance in NSCLC cells.
21860419 FOXO3a-dependent repression of target genes in breast cancer cells, such as VEGF, involves competitive displacement of DNA-bound FOXM1 and active recruitment of transcriptional repressor complexes.
21841822 our data support the notion that deacetylation of FOXO3 by SIRT1 or SIRT2 facilitates Skp2-mediated FOXO3 poly-ubiquitination and proteasomal degradation.
21813271 Resveratrol decreases hyperglycemic induced superoxide production via up-regulation of SIRT1, induction of FOXO3a and inhibition of p47phox in monocytes.
21793107 Findings suggest that FoxO3a may play a pivotal role in the control of differentiation and tumorigenicity of glioblastoma cancer stem-like cells.
21777391 investigation of role of TGFb1IRS2FoxO3a pathway in regulation of E-cadherin in proximal tubule cells: Foxo3a Ser253 phosphorylation is regulated by prior FoxO3a phosphorylation on Thr32 and is important for TGFb1-induced repression of E-cadherin.
21732363 These results suggest that 18beta-glycyrrhetinic acid induces apoptosis in human breast carcinoma MCF-7 cells via caspase activation and modulation of Akt/FOXO3a/Bim pathway.
21725602 Polymorphisms in the FOXO3 gene that are associated with longevity are not major risk factors for prostate cancer risk, in this population of Caucasian men
21708191 Studies indictet that the mammalian FoxO family consists of FoxO1, 3, 4 and 6 and are regulated by by AKT and 14-3-3 proteins.
21705328 Dual function of protein kinase C (PKC) in TPA-induced MnSOD expression: activation of CREB and FOXO3a by PKC-alpha phosphorylation and by PKC-mediated inactivation of Akt, respectively.
21690554 FOXO3 and PRDM1 are tumor-suppressor gene candidates in NK-cell neoplasms.
21690325 Levels of FOXO3 are significantly decreased in lungs of smokers and patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
21685924 enhancing expression of FOXO3 could be a strategy for treating autoimmune diseases
21621563 three AKT phosphorylation-site-recognition motifs present on FoxO3, which are required for FoxO3 phosphorylation, are dispensable for AKT binding, suggesting that AKT has a docking point on FoxO3 distinct from the phosphorylation-recognition motifs
21621268 data suggest that FOXO3A is a novel susceptibility locus for bipolar disorder, but not for suicidal behavior in bipolar disorder patients
21613825 Studies indicate that FoxO1, 3 and 4 genes were discovered at the chromosomal breakpoints found in cancers and were initially implicated in cancer.
21604264 Nuclear translocation of FOXO3a can be regulated by ultraviolet irradiation through the c-Jun N-terminal protein kinase (JNK)-ERK kinase/Akt pathway.
21532621 These findings showed that Nodal signaling promotes cyclin G2 transcription by upregulating FoxO3a expression, inhibiting FoxO3a phosphorylation and enhancing its synergistic interaction with Smads.
21510935 DEPP is regulated at the level of transcription by FoxO in human vascular endothelial cells
21458454 Malnutrition impaired interferon signaling in patients with chronic hepatitis C by inhibiting mTOR and activating Socs3 signaling through Foxo3a.
21452041 high expressers of pThr32-FOXO3a is associated with ovarian cancer.
21447726 Knockdown of FLOT1 impairs cell proliferation and tumorigenicity in breast cancer through upregulation of FOXO3a.
21393426 Zoledronic acid targets the proangiogenic factor (CCN1) through FOXO3a and reveals a new mechanism of ZOL action in breast cancer cells.
21336599 our results demonstrate the biological and prognostic role of FOXO3a protein expression and its subcellular localisation in ER-positive/luminal-like BC.
21304824 A role for miR-155 in the regulation of FOXO3a protein expression in conventional T and HOZOT cells.
21209944 resveratrol can enhance the apoptosis-inducing potential of TRAIL by activating FKHRL1 and its target genes
21203424 miR-96 induces cell proliferation in human breast cancer by downregulating transcriptional factor FOXO3a
21138866 Foxo3a could act as an independent prognostic factor in urothelial cancer and could represent a promising molecular target for cancer therapeutics.
21092744 Rapamycin/cisplatin combination therapy boosts synergistic antitumor effects through the significant FOXO3a reactivation in oral squamous cell carcinoma cells.
20978166 PUMA induction by FoxO3a mediates the anticancer activities of the broad-range kinase inhibitor UCN-01.
20966391 downregulation of vascular BK-beta(1) expression in diabetes and in high-glucose culture conditions was associated with FOXO-3a/FBXO-dependent increase in BK-beta(1) degradation.
20956937 Our results suggest important roles of concomitant upregulation of NAMPT and SIRT1 along with increased FOXO3a protein level for prostate carcinogenesis
20934750 greater in fetal membranes obtained from the supracervical compared to distal site
20884733 At very advanced ages 92-110, adjusted for various confounders, positive effects of FOXO3A on survival remain statistically significant, but no significant effects of FOXO1A alone.
20884733 Observational study of gene-disease association and gene-gene interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
20881262 Our data indicate that the minor G-allele of FOXO3A rs2802292 is associated with enhanced peripheral and hepatic insulin sensitivity in our small twin cohort
20881262 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20868776 FOXO3A, a transcriptional factor homologous to daf-16, has been repeatedly associated with increased lifespan in several studies in different ethnic populations (Review)
20862322 HIV-1 Tat expression in Jurkat T cells increases the amount and the translocation of FOXO3a from the cytoplasm to the nucleus, indicating that FOXO3a is no longer phosphorylated
20849522 Replication of an association of variation in the FOXO3A gene with human longevity using both case-control and longitudinal data
20849522 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20808831 lymph node metastasis and poor survival in invasive ductal breast carcinoma are linked to an uncoupling of the Akt-FOXO3a signaling axis
20729811 Perturbation of DNA replication initiation arrests human cells in G1 and in these cells FoxO3a activates the ARF-Hdm2-p53-->p21 pathway and mediates p15(INK4B) upregulation which then activates Dkk3 leading to Myc and cyclin D1 downregulation.
20677014 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20671123 FOXO3a is in a constant inactive state due to its cytoplasmic localization, and that neither PI3K/Akt nor extra-signal-regulated kinase-specific inhibition resulted in its nuclear translocation.
20656682 VDUP1 expression was regulated by FOXO3A at the transcriptional level and by miR-17-5p at the post-transcriptional levels during the senescence process.
20631076 FOXO3a is functionally activated and augments the level of caspase-dependent apoptosis in cells exposed to this DNA-damaging carcinogen. Results implicate FOXO3 as a suppressor of LAC carcinogenesis, a role frequently lost through gene deletion.
20628086 Observational study of gene-disease association, gene-environment interaction, and pharmacogenomic / toxicogenomic. (HuGE Navigator)
20625400 Study is a unique demonstration that the betaTrCP1-mediated FOXO3 degradation plays a crucial role in tumorigenesis.
20379614 Clinical trial of gene-disease association and gene-environment interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
20371612 Foxo3a is able to up-regulate FasL expression through down-regulating miR-21
20371605 FoxO3a regulates glycolysis downstream of Akt through transcriptional control of Tsc1.
20306291 Observational study and genome-wide association study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20219431 missense mutations might cause abnormal oocyte apoptosis and primordial follicle activation, thereby adversely affecting early follicle depletion in the ovary.
20219431 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20215543 Highly phosphorylated FOXO3A is associated with acute myeloid leukemia.
20190568 The connections between AMPK and FoxO3A, are reviewed.
20169663 Sensitivity of ovarian cancer cells to p38 blockade seems to rely on a shift from HIF1alpha- to FoxO3A-dependent transcription, which is promoted by the activation of the adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase pathway.
20110348 Data show that distinct phosphatases dephosphorylate conserved AKT motifs within the FOXO family and that PP2A is entwined in a dynamic interplay with AKT and 14-3-3 to directly regulate FOXO3a subcellular localization and transcriptional activation.
20040763 The novel oxidative stress response pathway identified in this study, in which FANCD2 and FOXO3a converge, probably contributes to cellular antioxidant defense.
20018872 Findings provide evidence that FoxO1, hypoxia-stimulated expression of FoxO3a and its nuclear accumulation are required for the induction of CTGF by hypoxia in endothelial cells.
20018851 GILZ expression provokes a Crm-1-dependent nuclear exclusion of FOXO3 leading to its relocalization to the cytoplasm.
19933843 These findings provide further evidence of the importance of mediators of the growth factor signaling in ER regulation, introducing the Akt2/FoxO3a axis as a pursuable target in therapy for ER-positive breast cancer.
19917721 these results thus suggest that stress-activated protein kinases are involved in the control of Foxo3a nucleocytoplasmic translocation in C2C12 cells.
19913121 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19911116 This study suggested that targeted inhibition PI3K in human glioma cancer cells caused activation of transcription factor FOXO3a, which, in turn, activated transcription of target gene p27kip1 which is involved in cell-cycle regulation.
19807657 The presence of FoxO3a is necessary for the expression of cleaved (active) caspase 3, 8, and 9
19799812 SYUIQ-5 induces autophagy in nasopharyngeal cancer cells which may be related to SYUIQ-5-mediated p-Akt down-regulation and FOXO3a nuclear translocation.
19793722 FOXO1A is more closely associated with female than with male longevity, whereas FOXO3A is associated with longevity in both genders.
19751111 upregulation of Foxo3A over the course of chondrogenic differentiation plays a dual role, mainly inhibiting the differentiation process toward hypertrophy and promoting cell apoptosis.
19636295 Tumor suppressor FOXO3 participates in the regulation of intestinal inflammation.
19608644 FoxO3a mediates insulin-increased PAI-1 gene expression.
19592618 AMP kinase activates FOXO3 by promoting its nuclear translocation by reducing reactive oxygen species levels.
19564415 FOXO3a promotes invasive migration by inducing the expression of matrix metalloproteinase 9 (MMP-9) and MMP-13.
19533653 This study demenostrated that the FOXO3a is reduced in skeletal muscle of chronic spinal cord-injured patients.
19494111 TGFbeta-induced Runx1 binds to FOXO3, residing at its forkhead binding site, and the two cooperate to stimulate Bim promoter transactivation.
19473970 Data show that FOXO3a regulates oxygen-dependent changes in expression of TNFR2 in HDMECs, controlling sensitivity to TNF-mediated apoptosis.
19460752 Knockdown of forkhead box O3 (FOXO3) by shRNA library screening inhibits HIV-1 replication in cultured Jurkat T-cells
19457552 FOXO3a assessment could contribute to improve the molecular-based risk stratification in cytogenetically normal-AML
19424579 High levels of FOXO3A in the cytosol is associated with prostate cancer progression.
19415983 These data point to a key role of FOXO3A in human longevity.
19415983 Observational study and meta-analysis of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19380174 This suggests that FOXO3a is a potential suppressor of carcinogenic damage in carcinogen-induced lung adenocarcinoma.
19355923 Both apoptotic injury and prior activation and proliferation of microglial cells relies upon the presence of FoxO3a, since specific gene silencing of FoxO3a promotes microglial cell protection and prevents early activation and proliferation of these cells
19324885 Foxo3a is a direct transcriptional regulator of PGC-1alpha, suggesting that an auto-regulatory cycle regulates Foxo3a/PGC-1alpha control of the oxidative stress response.
19321440 MDM2 acts as an ubiquitin E3 ligase, downstream of p53, to regulate the degradation of mammalian FOXO factors.
19285077 SIRT1 regulates tyrosine hydroxylase expression and differentiation of neuroblastoma cells via FOXO3a.
19276163 Gefitinib represses FOXM1 expression via FOXO3a in breast cancer.
19276113 FOXO3a controls Pink1 transcription in both mouse and human cells subjected to growth factor deprivation, and this regulation is exerted through evolutionarily conserved FOXO binding elements
19244250 Results suggest that the expression of FOXO1 and FOXO4 genes is stimulated by FOXO3 and possibly by other FOXO factors in a positive feedback loop, which is disrupted by growth factors.
19211844 Repression of Survivin by FKHRL1 facilitates FKHRL1-induced apoptosis and sensitizes to cell death induced by DNA-damaging agents.
19196970 findings confirmed the initial discovery in the Japanese sample and indicate FOXO3A as a susceptibility gene for prolonged survival in humans
19196970 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19188590 expression of miR-182 increases with progression from primary to metastatic melanoma and inversely correlates with FOXO3 and microphthalmia-associated transcription factor levels
19160093 Low expression of Foxo3a is associated with ovarian cancer.
19151395 These results indicate that both nipradilol and timolol possess a novel mechanism of action and function as potent protective agents against oxidative stress.
19050264 FOXO3a plays a critical role in the apoptosis and G0 arrest phase of human immunodeficiency virus 1-infected CD4-positive T lymphocytes.
18981303 Scleroderma serum-induced EPC apoptosis is mediated chiefly by the Akt-FOXO3a-Bim pathway, which may account, at least in part, for the decreased circulating EPC levels in scleroderma patients.
18978678 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18977241 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18824006 analysis of the intramolecular interaction in FOXO3a and its binding with p53
18781224 Data propose that SIRT3 and FOXO3a comprise a potential mitochondrial signaling cascade response pathway.
18772130 Foxo3a could negatively regulate myocardin expression levels through up-regulating catalase and the consequent reduction of ROS levels
18765803 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18757300 stromal cell-derived factor-1 and transforming growth factor-beta control the quiescence/cycling switch of CD34(+) progenitors through FoxO3 and mammalian target of rapamycin
18757210 cellular signalling events both up- and down-stream of FOXO3a are critical to the generation and the maintenance of lymphocyte memory
18756565 intracellular localization of the FOXO family member FOXO3a
18692812 FOXO1, FOXO3, and FOXO4 are expressed in human luteinized mural granulosa cells, which may suggest that these transcription factors are also involved in human folliculogenesis and luteinization.
18687691 isoflavone-induced inhibition of cell proliferation and induction of apoptosis are partly mediated through the regulation of the Akt/FOXO3a/GSK-3beta/AR signaling network.
18685617 FOXO3a acetylation is a late event response of CML progenitors to imatinib eventually contributing to the development of a drug-resistant phenotype through mechanisms promoting re-phosphorylation and transcriptional attenuation of FOXO3a.
18678662 LPS and bacterial infection inactivate Foxo3a in intestinal epithelia via the PI3K pathway and inactivated Foxo3a leads to the upregulation of IL-8 by suppressing inhibitory IkappaBalpha.
18572085 Nuclear accumulation of Foxo3a in tumor cells was correlated with increased radiosensitivity and with improved patient survival.
18524825 LMP1 triggers the PI3K/Akt pathway to inactivate FOXO3a and decrease DDB1, which can lead to repression of DNA repair and may contribute to genomic instability in human epithelial cells
18487207 SGK1 negatively regulates the pro-apoptotic transcription factor Forkhead box O3a (FoxO3a) via phosphorylation and exclusion from the nucleus.
18458087 Akt and its downstream targets FoxO3a and GSK3 regulate a survival pathway in VSMCs and that their deregulation due to a reduction of IGF1R signaling may promote apoptosis in atherosclerosis.
18393360 The inhibition of FOXO3a-mediated activation of the p27 gene by the high aberrant expression of c-Myc in many tumor cells likely contributes to their uncontrolled proliferation and invasive phenotype.
18391984 FOXO3a mediates the androgen-dependent regulation of FLIP and contributes to TRAIL-induced apoptosis of LNCaP cells.
18385518 These results identify p66Shc and FOXO3a as novel partners of beta(1)Pix and represent the first direct evidence of beta(1)Pix in cell proliferation via Erk/p66Shc-dependent and Akt-independent mechanisms.
18363870 positive correlation between Foxo3a and p27(kip1)expression in non-Hodgkin's lymphomas
18360030 Akt/FOXO3a signaling is an important regulator of endothelial progenitor cells maturation
18344987 Data show that FOXO3a interacts with ATM to promote phosphorylation of ATM at Ser 1981 and prompting its downstream mediators to form nuclear foci in response to DNA damage.
18312651 Functional interaction between FOXO3a and ER plays a critical role in suppressing estrogen-dependent breast cancer cell growth and tumorigenesis in vivo. This suggests that agents that activate FOXO3a may
18311149 The role of FOXO3a in the immunological control of HIV disease progression is reported.
18239069 Inactivation of FOXO3a after GR activation is an important mechanism contributing to GC-mediated repression of uPA gene expression in breast epithelial and cancer cells.
18204439 There is a novel pathway in cell growth and tumorigenesis through negative regulation of FOXO3a by RAS-ERK and MDM2.
18195003 FOXO3A mediates peroxiredoxin III expression, and this may play a critical role in the resistance to oxidative stress in cardiac fibroblasts
18193458 FOXO3 mutation did not show any pathogenic change in lymphedema patients
18178829 FOXO3a plays an important role in HIV-1-induced cell death of human macrophage.
18063811 FOXO3a (forkhead box O3) increased the expression of MMP-3 (stromelysin-1) but decreased the expression of tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases-1 (TIMP-1)in human umbilical vein endothelial cells
18055337 FKHRL1 siRNA underwent rapid apoptosis after erythropoietin (EPO) deprivation in the UT-7/EPO cells
18037997 activation of PKCtheta inhibits the FOXO3a/ERalpha/p27(Kip1) axis that normally maintains an epithelial cell phenotype and induces c-Rel target genes, thereby promoting proliferation, survival, and more invasive breast cancer.
18032780 forkhead box O3 (FOXO3a) promotes apoptosis of endothelial cells through activation of c-Jun N-terminal kinase (JNK) and suppression of NF-kappaB
18032526 Suggest new pathway for the induction of oxidative stress by AGEs involving FKHRL1 inactivation and MnSOD suppression via Ser-36 phosphorylation of p66(shc) in human kidney cells.
17959613 Despite potential for FOXO3 haploinsufficiency to cause ovarian failure, FOXO3 mutations or common SNPs are not common cause of either premature ovarian failure or primary amenorrhea.
17959613 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
17940099 Study demonstrates that the methyl groups of specific thymine bases within the consensus sequence are important for FOXO3a-DNA-binding domain recognition of the consensus binding site.
17900262 FKHRL1 antagonized deregulates proliferation and induced apoptosis in myelogenous leukemia-derived cell lines.
17888023 Mutations in the coding region of FOXO3a are not a frequent cause of premature ovarian failure.
17726016 Akt blocks MstI-triggered FOXO3 nuclear translocation by phosphorylating MstI, promoting cell survival.
17711846 regulation of FOXO3 by AMPK may play a crucial role in fine tuning gene expression programs that control energy balance and stress resistance in cells throughout life
17601350 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
17558024 Oxidative stress modulates complement factor H expression in retinal pigmented epithelial cells by acetylation of FOXO3
17522055 3,3'-diindolylmethane -induced cell growth inhibition and apoptosis induction are partly mediated through the regulation of Akt/FOXO3a/GSK-3beta/beta-catenin/AR signaling
17496928 A critical role of FOXO3a is demonstrated in both spontaneous and homeostatic chemokine-induced survival of chronic lymphocytic leukemia B-cells.
17452451 These results provide evidence of direct regulation of Mxi1 by FOXO3a and imply an additional mechanism through which the PI3-kinase/Akt/FOXO pathway can modulate Myc function.
17389761 ZNF198-FGFR1 activated prosurvival signaling pathways, resulting in elevated phosphorylation of FOXO3a. The phosphorylated residues subsequently sequestered the proapoptotic FOXO3a and BAD to 14-3-3 to prevent apoptosis
17234971 rhFOXO3a is a negative transcription factor of CYR61 in rat VSMC. Suppression of CYR61 is among several mechanisms by which FOXO3a inhibits VSMC proliferation and neointimal hyperplasia.
17190839 the survival of CD4+ central memory T cells depends, at least in part, on the activation and phosphorylation of signal transducer and activator of transcription 5a (STAT5a) and forkhead box O3a (FOXO3a)
17077388 We conclude that knockdown of WTp66ShcA redox function prevents HG-dependent FOXO3a regulation and promotes the survival phenotype.
17044646 FKHRL1 is associated with the apoptosis-inducing effect of endogenous nitric oxide suppression in cancer cells.
16979636 Potentially causal mutations in FOXO3A (2/90; 2.2%) and FOXO1A (1/90; 1.1%) were identified in POF patients.
16888645 We conclude that Noxa and Bim establish a connection between FKHRL1 and mitochondria, and that both BH3-only proteins are critically involved in FKHRL1-induced apoptosis in neuroblastoma.
16809346 FoxM1 and FoxO3a cooperate to regulate ERalpha gene transcription
16709600 Differential expression of FOXO1 and FOXO3a confers resistance to oxidative cell death upon endometrial decidualization.
16690749 Glucocorticoid receptor-mediated FOXO3a inactivation is an important mechanism contributing to glucocorticoid-mediated mammary epithelial cell survival.
16687394 FKHRL1 regulates the human inducible nitric-oxide synthase promoter via a specific enhancer sequence.
16571842 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
16373335 RUNX3 cooperates with FoxO3a/FKHRL1 to participate in the induction of apoptosis by activating Bim
16133873 These studies show IGF-I phosphorylation of FKHR and FKHRL1 via a PI3-K-dependent pathway in neuroblastoma cells.
16100571 Data show that Foxo1 and Foxo3a are the most abundant Foxo isoforms in mature endothelial cells and that overexpression of constitutively active Foxo1 or Foxo3a, but not Foxo4, significantly inhibits endothelial cell migration and tube formation in vitro.
16061480 Induction of androgen receptor expression by P13K/Akt downstream substrate, FOXO3A, and their role in apoptosis of LNCAP prostate cancer cells is presented.
15798096 FOXO3a expression and reduced p27KIP1 promoter transactivation are seen in the progression of LNCaP human prostate cancer cells to androgen independence
15708996 HIV-1 Tat expression in Jurkat T cells increases the amount and the translocation of FOXO3a from the cytoplasm to the nucleus, indicating that FOXO3a is no longer phosphorylated
15688014 conditional activation of FoxO3a leads to induction of Bim expression and apoptosis
15674333 FOXO3a, is involved in the transcriptional activation of prosurvival and proapoptotic molecules in tumor cells.
15662024 Balloon angioplasty leads to the phosphorylation of FKHRL1 and decreased expression of p27, thereby promoting a proliferative phenotype in vascular smooth muscle
15616007 Vpr interferes with the suppressive effects of insulin on FOXO-mediated transcription of target genes via 14-3-3.
15616007 HIV-1 Tat expression in Jurkat T cells increases the amount and the translocation of FOXO3a from the cytoplasm to the nucleus, indicating that FOXO3a is no longer phosphorylated
15551757 the activation of FKHRL1 seems to be recognized as one of the specific features of invasive ductal carcinoma of the breast.
15509806 conditional activation of FoxO3a leads to accumulation of BCL6 and down-regulation of cyclin D2 at protein and mRNA levels
15322085 MUC1 regulates the FOXO3a signaling pathway in a survival response to oxidative stress.
15265780 HIV-1 Tat expression in Jurkat T cells increases the amount and the translocation of FOXO3a from the cytoplasm to the nucleus, indicating that FOXO3a is no longer phosphorylated
15207915 Results describe the regulation of FOXO3a by brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in retinoic acid-differentiated human SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells.
15047604 FOXO factors are important for glucocorticoid-stimulated hPDK4 expression.
14981546 FLT3 can negatively regulate Foxo transcription factors, thereby promoting cell survival and proliferation.
14962911 FOXO3a is a barrier to hematopoietic transformation that is overcome by phosphorylation and cytoplasmic relocalization induced by the expression of NPM-ALK.
14734530 FoxO3a controls expression of BTG1 and subsequent regulation of protein arginine methyl transferase activity.
14563822 sterol carrier protein 2 is upregulated by the daf-16-like Forkhead transcription factor FOXO3a
14551207 FOXO3a is a downstream target of Akt in endothelial cells that can promote apoptosis via FLIP down-regulation and activation of the extrinsic apoptotic pathway
14527951 up-regulation of FoxO3a by paclitaxel can result in increased levels of Bim mRNA and protein, which can be a direct cause of apoptosis in breast cancer cells
12960271 fMLP-stimulated neutrophils coordinate the regulation of FOXO transcription factors and the survival factor Mcl-1, a mechanism that may allow neutrophils to alter their survival.
12881712 these results indicate that the proteolytic cleavage of FOXO3a by caspases may represent a novel regulatory mechanism of FOXO3a activity during death receptor signaling.
12351634 TRAIL is a direct target of FKHRL1
12027802 FKHRL1 role in downregulation of HMG-CoA synthase
11884591 Control of cell cycle exit and entry by protein kinase B-regulated forkhead transcription factors

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25044111 2014 Hypoxia induces FoxO3a-mediated dysfunction of blood-brain barrier.
25000517 2014 FOXO3a potentiates hTERT gene expression by activating c-MYC and extends the replicative life-span of human fibroblast.
24994714 2014 AMPK reverses the mesenchymal phenotype of cancer cells by targeting the Akt-MDM2-Foxo3a signaling axis.
24990963 2014 Prolyl hydroxylation by EglN2 destabilizes FOXO3a by blocking its interaction with the USP9x deubiquitinase.
24947616 2014 Tumor suppressor FOXO3 regulates ribonucleotide reductase subunit RRM2B and impacts on survival of cancer patients.
24920680 2014 SMAD3 augments FoxO3-induced MuRF-1 promoter activity in a DNA-binding-dependent manner.
24895270 2015 GxE interactions between FOXO genotypes and drinking tea are significantly associated with prevention of cognitive decline in advanced age in China.
24864229 2014 Diverse effects of ANXA7 and p53 on LNCaP prostate cancer cells are associated with regulation of SGK1 transcription and phosphorylation of the SGK1 target FOXO3A.
24858012 2014 Metformin induces apoptosis and cell cycle arrest mediated by oxidative stress, AMPK and FOXO3a in MCF-7 breast cancer cells.
24809632 2014 Birth cohort differences in the prevalence of longevity-associated variants in APOE and FOXO3A in Danish long-lived individuals.
24769729 2014 ARHI (DIRAS3) induces autophagy in ovarian cancer cells by downregulating the epidermal growth factor receptor, inhibiting PI3K and Ras/MAP signaling and activating the FOXo3a-mediated induction of Rab7.
24766860 2014 p38? MAPK-mediated induction and interaction of FOXO3a and p53 contribute to the inhibited-growth and induced-apoptosis of human lung adenocarcinoma cells by berberine.
24727891 2015 Semaphorin 3A upregulates FOXO 3a-dependent MelCAM expression leading to attenuation of breast tumor growth and angiogenesis.
24700636 2014 Cytoprotective effect of eckol against oxidative stress-induced mitochondrial dysfunction: involvement of the FoxO3a/AMPK pathway.
24684457 2014 ZIC1 is a putative tumor suppressor in thyroid cancer by modulating major signaling pathways and transcription factor FOXO3a.
24630930 2014 Catalase expression in MCF-7 breast cancer cells is mainly controlled by PI3K/Akt/mTor signaling pathway.
24589462 Association between FOXO3A gene polymorphisms and human longevity: a meta-analysis.
24489705 2014 Association study to evaluate FoxO1 and FoxO3 gene in CHD in Han Chinese.
24486593 2014 Downregulation of FOXO3a promotes tumor metastasis and is associated with metastasis-free survival of patients with clear cell renal cell carcinoma.
24467486 2014 FOXO3A regulation by miRNA-29a Controls chondrogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells and cartilage formation.
24450884 2014 Membrane-bound CYB5R3 is a common effector of nutritional and oxidative stress response through FOXO3a and Nrf2.
24448243 2014 FoxO transcription factors promote AKT Ser473 phosphorylation and renal tumor growth in response to pharmacologic inhibition of the PI3K-AKT pathway.
24376725 2013 MicroRNA-217 promotes angiogenesis of human cytomegalovirus-infected endothelial cells through downregulation of SIRT1 and FOXO3A.
24360957 2013 FOXO3 selectively amplifies enhancer activity to establish target gene regulation.
24337611 2014 Purified vitexin compound 1 inhibits growth and angiogenesis through activation of FOXO3a by inactivation of Akt in hepatocellular carcinoma.
24333267 2014 The association of FOXO3A gene polymorphisms with serum FOXO3A levels and oxidative stress markers in vitiligo patients.
24284420 2014 FoxO3a is an antimelanogenic factor that mediates antioxidant-induced depigmentation.
24269635 2014 Dysregulated FOXO transcription factors in articular cartilage in aging and osteoarthritis.
24265696 2013 P. gingivalis modulates keratinocytes through FOXO transcription factors.
24257750 2014 Metformin suppresses expression of the selenoprotein P gene via an AMP-activated kinase (AMPK)/FoxO3a pathway in H4IIEC3 hepatocytes.
24194912 2013 Decreased expression of the FOXO3a gene is associated with poor prognosis in primary gastric adenocarcinoma patients.
24158851 2014 FOXO3 determines the accumulation of ?-synuclein and controls the fate of dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra.
24140020 2013 mTOR complex 2 controls glycolytic metabolism in glioblastoma through FoxO acetylation and upregulation of c-Myc.
24123695 A DAF-16/FoxO3a-dependent longevity signal is initiated by antioxidants.
24123662 2014 Nuclear Akt2 opposes limbal keratinocyte stem cell self-renewal by repressing a FOXO-mTORC1 signaling pathway.
24077289 2014 Estrogen receptor ? upregulates FOXO3a and causes induction of apoptosis through PUMA in prostate cancer.
24077281 2014 FOXO3a loss is a frequent early event in high-grade pelvic serous carcinogenesis.
24047697 2013 The estrogen receptor ? is the key regulator of the bifunctional role of FoxO3a transcription factor in breast cancer motility and invasiveness.
24035192 2013 Human SNP links differential outcomes in inflammatory and infectious disease to a FOXO3-regulated pathway.
24028821 2013 FoxO regulates expression of ABCA6, an intracellular ATP-binding-cassette transporter responsive to cholesterol.
24021689 2013 Expression of FoxO3a in clinical cases of malignant lymphoma.
24014251 2014 Adjustment for smoking does not alter the FOXO3A association with longevity.
23982205 2013 Maternal hyperglycemia activates an ASK1-FoxO3a-caspase 8 pathway that leads to embryonic neural tube defects.
23975182 2014 Resveratrol accelerates erythroid maturation by activation of FoxO3 and ameliorates anemia in beta-thalassemic mice.
23970205 2013 microRNA-155 regulates cell proliferation and invasion by targeting FOXO3a in glioma.
23967259 2013 IGF-1-induced enhancement of PRNP expression depends on the negative regulation of transcription factor FOXO3a.
23967095 2013 Foxo3a expression is a prognostic marker in breast cancer.
23966291 2013 FOXO transcription factors control E2F1 transcriptional specificity and apoptotic function.
23950211 2013 miR-153 supports colorectal cancer progression via pleiotropic effects that enhance invasion and chemotherapeutic resistance.
23920411 2013 Hydrogen peroxide induced impairment of endothelial progenitor cell viability is mediated through a FoxO3a dependant mechanism.
23907459 2013 KPNA2 promotes cell proliferation and tumorigenicity in epithelial ovarian carcinoma through upregulation of c-Myc and downregulation of FOXO3a.
23857333 2014 Regulation of FOXO3 by phosphorylation and methylation in hepatitis C virus infection and alcohol exposure.
23855308 2013 Forkhead box class O transcription factors in liver function and disease.
23851496 2014 The FoxO-BNIP3 axis exerts a unique regulation of mTORC1 and cell survival under energy stress.
23828551 2013 Therapy-resistant acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) cells inactivate FOXO3 to escape apoptosis induction by TRAIL and Noxa.
23828518 2013 FOXO3 expression during colorectal cancer progression: biomarker potential reflects a tumour suppressor role.
23805378 2013 CAMKII and calcineurin regulate the lifespan of Caenorhabditis elegans through the FOXO transcription factor DAF-16.
23732517 2013 Aldose reductase inhibition enhances TRAIL-induced human colon cancer cell apoptosis through AKT/FOXO3a-dependent upregulation of death receptors.
23691078 2013 IKBKE phosphorylation and inhibition of FOXO3a: a mechanism of IKBKE oncogenic function.
23665396 2013 SIRT3 deacetylates FOXO3 to protect mitochondria against oxidative damage.
23640897 2013 Lacritin rescues stressed epithelia via rapid forkhead box O3 (FOXO3)-associated autophagy that restores metabolism.
23624922 2014 SPROUTY2 is a ?-catenin and FOXO3a target gene indicative of poor prognosis in colon cancer.
23603907 2013 FOXO3 growth inhibition of colonic cells is dependent on intraepithelial lipid droplet density.
23592131 2013 Remarkably reduced expression of FoxO3a in metaplastic colorectum, primary colorectal cancer and liver metastasis.
23585551 2013 De-repression of FOXO3a death axis by microRNA-132 and -212 causes neuronal apoptosis in Alzheimer's disease.
23580232 2013 FoxO3a (Forkhead Box O3a) deficiency protects Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) fibroblasts from type I polymerized collagen matrix-induced apoptosis via caveolin-1 (cav-1) and Fas.
23568341 2013 Mechanical unloading activates FoxO3 to trigger Bnip3-dependent cardiomyocyte atrophy.
23535732 2013 Identification of 23 new prostate cancer susceptibility loci using the iCOGS custom genotyping array.
23509296 2013 Critical role of miR-9 in myelopoiesis and EVI1-induced leukemogenesis.
23492774 2013 Activation of protein kinase CK2 attenuates FOXO3a functioning in a PML-dependent manner: implications in human prostate cancer.
23418729 2013 Serotonin promotes the proliferation of serum-deprived hepatocellular carcinoma cells via upregulation of FOXO3a.
23378341 2013 FOXO3a is a major target of inactivation by PI3K/AKT signaling in aggressive neuroblastoma.
23340844 2013 Genome-wide analysis of FOXO3 mediated transcription regulation through RNA polymerase II profiling.
23295054 2013 Activation of FoxO3a/Bim axis in patients with Primary Biliary Cirrhosis.
23278239 2013 Mitochondrial localization of the forkhead box class O transcription factor FOXO3a in brain.
23262295 2013 The upregulation of signal transducer and activator of transcription 5-dependent microRNA-182 and microRNA-96 promotes ovarian cancer cell proliferation by targeting forkhead box O3 upon leptin stimulation.
23262029 2013 Measles virus nucleocapsid protein, a key contributor to Paget's disease, increases IL-6 expression via down-regulation of FoxO3/Sirt1 signaling.
23250986 2013 Global remodeling of the vascular stem cell niche in bone marrow of diabetic patients: implication of the microRNA-155/FOXO3a signaling pathway.
23186163 2013 Toward a comprehensive characterization of a human cancer cell phosphoproteome.
23085518 2012 T63, a new 4-arylidene curcumin analogue, induces cell cycle arrest and apoptosis through activation of the reactive oxygen species-FOXO3a pathway in lung cancer cells.
23071284 2012 APRIL binding to BCMA activates a JNK2-FOXO3-GADD45 pathway and induces a G2/M cell growth arrest in liver cells.
22978663 2013 Aldose reductase inhibition prevents colon cancer growth by restoring phosphatase and tensin homolog through modulation of miR-21 and FOXO3a.
22971992 2013 EGCG inhibits growth of human pancreatic tumors orthotopically implanted in Balb C nude mice through modulation of FKHRL1/FOXO3a and neuropilin.
22922206 2012 Lineage-specific growth inhibition of NK cell lines by FOXO3 in association with Akt activation status.
22893124 2012 FOXO3 signalling links ATM to the p53 apoptotic pathway following DNA damage.
22892845 2012 Adenovirus-mediated expression of mutated forkhead human transcription like-1 suppresses tumor growth in a mouse melanoma xenograft model.
22848740 2012 FOXO3 is a glucocorticoid receptor target and regulates LKB1 and its own expression based on cellular AMP levels via a positive autoregulatory loop.
22833338 2013 Resveratrol-mediated apoptosis of hodgkin lymphoma cells involves SIRT1 inhibition and FOXO3a hyperacetylation.
22820736 2012 Methylation by Set9 modulates FoxO3 stability and transcriptional activity.
22815774 2012 Upregulator of cell proliferation predicts poor prognosis in hepatocellular carcinoma and contributes to hepatocarcinogenesis by downregulating FOXO3a.
22761954 2012 An aqueous extract of Fagonia cretica induces DNA damage, cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in breast cancer cells via FOXO3a and p53 expression.
22761832 2012 CHOP potentially co-operates with FOXO3a in neuronal cells to regulate PUMA and BIM expression in response to ER stress.
22761423 2012 STAT3 protein interacts with Class O Forkhead transcription factors in the cytoplasm and regulates nuclear/cytoplasmic localization of FoxO1 and FoxO3a proteins in CD4(+) T cells.
22748238 Foxo3a: an integrator of immune dysfunction during HIV infection.
22743331 2012 Foxo3a targets mitochondria during guanosine 5'-triphosphate guided erythroid differentiation.
22718346 2012 Foxo3a drives proliferation in anaplastic thyroid carcinoma through transcriptional regulation of cyclin A1: a paradigm shift that impacts current therapeutic strategies.
22714061 2012 The expression and prognosis of FOXO3a and Skp2 in human ovarian cancer.
22590725 2012 Foxo/atrogin induction in human and experimental myositis.
22588664 2013 Genetic investigation of FOXO3A requires special attention due to sequence homology with FOXO3B.
22582938 2012 Aberrant microRNA-182 expression is associated with glucocorticoid resistance in lymphoblastic malignancies.
22552808 2012 A novel function of FoxO transcription factors in thrombin-stimulated vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation.
22531926 2012 FOXO3 as a new IKK-?-controlled check-point of regulation of IFN-? expression.
22515357 2012 Helicobacter pylori-associated regulation of forkhead transcription factors FoxO1/3a in human gastric cells.
22489168 2012 Autophagy in premature senescent cells is activated via AMPK pathway.
22489133 2012 Computational identification and modeling of crosstalk between phosphorylation, O-?-glycosylation and methylation of FoxO3 and implications for cancer therapeutics.
22474372 2012 Structures of KIX domain of CBP in complex with two FOXO3a transactivation domains reveal promiscuity and plasticity in coactivator recruitment.
22474286 2012 Forkhead transcription factor FOXO3a protein activates nuclear factor ?B through B-cell lymphoma/leukemia 10 (BCL10) protein and promotes tumor cell survival in serum deprivation.
22459618 2012 FOXO3 gene variants and human aging: coding variants may not be key players.
22451935 2012 Regulation of cell cycle progression by forkhead transcription factor FOXO3 through its binding partner DNA replication factor Cdt1.
22430142 2012 NAMPT pathway is involved in the FOXO3a-mediated regulation of GADD45A expression.
22411791 2012 Regulation of neuroblastoma differentiation by forkhead transcription factors FOXO1/3/4 through the receptor tyrosine kinase PDGFRA.
22394200 2012 JNK- and Akt-mediated Puma expression in the apoptosis of cisplatin-resistant ovarian cancer cells.
22349704 2012 FOXO3-induced reactive oxygen species are regulated by BCL2L11 (Bim) and SESN3.
22313691 2012 IKK-? mediates chemoresistance by sequestering FOXO3; a critical factor for cell survival and death.
22310285 2013 Foxo3a transcription factor is a negative regulator of Skp2 and Skp2 SCF complex.
22223847 2012 The tumor-suppressor gene Nkx2.8 suppresses bladder cancer proliferation through upregulation of FOXO3a and inhibition of the MEK/ERK signaling pathway.
22209974 2012 Expression and prognosis of FOXO3a and HIF-1? in nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
22159921 2012 The involvement of FoxO in cell survival and chemosensitivity mediated by Mirk/Dyrk1B in ovarian cancer.
22139133 2012 FOXO3a regulates reactive oxygen metabolism by inhibiting mitochondrial gene expression.
22128155 2012 Phosphorylation of FOXO3a on Ser-7 by p38 promotes its nuclear localization in response to doxorubicin.
22107151 2012 The tumour suppressor FOXO3 is a key regulator of mantle cell lymphoma proliferation and survival.
22015955 2012 Association analysis of common variants in FOXO3 with type 2 diabetes in a South Indian Dravidian population.
21965295 2011 NOX4 mediates activation of FoxO3a and matrix metalloproteinase-2 expression by urotensin-II.
21933986 2011 FoxO feedback control of basal IRS-2 expression in pancreatic ?-cells is distinct from that in hepatocytes.
21926463 2011 Loss of memory B cells during chronic HIV infection is driven by Foxo3a- and TRAIL-mediated apoptosis.
21915097 2011 FoxO3A promotes metabolic adaptation to hypoxia by antagonizing Myc function.
21911455 2011 FOXO3a-Dependent Mechanism of E1A-Induced Chemosensitization.
21910584 2011 PIM1-activated PRAS40 regulates radioresistance in non-small cell lung cancer cells through interplay with FOXO3a, 14-3-3 and protein phosphatases.
21909281 2011 The evolutionarily conserved longevity determinants HCF-1 and SIR-2.1/SIRT1 collaborate to regulate DAF-16/FOXO.
21860419 2012 FOXO3a represses VEGF expression through FOXM1-dependent and -independent mechanisms in breast cancer.
21841822 2012 Deacetylation of FOXO3 by SIRT1 or SIRT2 leads to Skp2-mediated FOXO3 ubiquitination and degradation.
21813271 2012 Resveratrol up-regulates SIRT1 and inhibits cellular oxidative stress in the diabetic milieu: mechanistic insights.
21793107 2011 FoxO3a functions as a key integrator of cellular signals that control glioblastoma stem-like cell differentiation and tumorigenicity.
21777391 2011 Insulin receptor substrate 2 and FoxO3a signalling are involved in E-cadherin expression and transforming growth factor-?1-induced repression in kidney epithelial cells.
21732363 2012 18?-glycyrrhetinic acid induces apoptosis through modulation of Akt/FOXO3a/Bim pathway in human breast cancer MCF-7 cells.
21725602 2011 Genetic variability of the forkhead box O3 and prostate cancer risk in the European Prospective Investigation on Cancer.
21708191 2011 FoxO transcription factors; Regulation by AKT and 14-3-3 proteins.
21705328 2011 Dual function of protein kinase C (PKC) in 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate (TPA)-induced manganese superoxide dismutase (MnSOD) expression: activation of CREB and FOXO3a by PKC-alpha phosphorylation and by PKC-mediated inactivation of Akt, respectively.
21690554 2011 Identification of FOXO3 and PRDM1 as tumor-suppressor gene candidates in NK-cell neoplasms by genomic and functional analyses.
21690325 2011 FOXO3 deficiency leads to increased susceptibility to cigarette smoke-induced inflammation, airspace enlargement, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
21685924 2011 Highlights on FOXO3 and tumor-associated dendritic cells in prostate cancer.
21621563 2011 Bimodal regulation of FoxO3 by AKT and 14-3-3.
21621268 2011 Genetic variations in FOXO3A are associated with Bipolar Disorder without confering vulnerability for suicidal behavior.
21613825 2011 FoxO family members in cancer.
21604264 2012 A pathway from JNK through decreased ERK and Akt activities for FOXO3a nuclear translocation in response to UV irradiation.
21532621 2011 Nodal enhances the activity of FoxO3a and its synergistic interaction with Smads to regulate cyclin G2 transcription in ovarian cancer cells.
21510935 2011 FoxO regulates expression of decidual protein induced by progesterone (DEPP) in human endothelial cells.
21458454 2011 Malnutrition impairs interferon signaling through mTOR and FoxO pathways in patients with chronic hepatitis C.
21452041 2012 The expression and significance of pThr32-FOXO3a in human ovarian cancer.
21447726 2011 Knockdown of FLOT1 impairs cell proliferation and tumorigenicity in breast cancer through upregulation of FOXO3a.
21393426 2011 CCN1, a candidate target for zoledronic acid treatment in breast cancer.
21336599 2011 FOXO3a nuclear localisation is associated with good prognosis in luminal-like breast cancer.
21329882 2011 The MK5/PRAK kinase and Myc form a negative feedback loop that is disrupted during colorectal tumorigenesis.
21304824 2011 miR-155, a Modulator of FOXO3a Protein Expression, Is Underexpressed and Cannot Be Upregulated by Stimulation of HOZOT, a Line of Multifunctional Treg.
21269460 2011 Initial characterization of the human central proteome.
21216879 2011 A genome-wide association study identifies novel loci associated with circulating IGF-I and IGFBP-3.
21209944 2010 Resveratrol enhances antitumor activity of TRAIL in prostate cancer xenografts through activation of FOXO transcription factor.
21203424 2010 Unregulated miR-96 induces cell proliferation in human breast cancer by downregulating transcriptional factor FOXO3a.
21138866 2010 Foxo3a suppression of urothelial cancer invasiveness through Twist1, Y-box-binding protein 1, and E-cadherin regulation.
21092744 2011 FOXO3a reactivation mediates the synergistic cytotoxic effects of rapamycin and cisplatin in oral squamous cell carcinoma cells.
20978166 2010 PUMA induction by FoxO3a mediates the anticancer activities of the broad-range kinase inhibitor UCN-01.
20966391 2010 Muscle-specific f-box only proteins facilitate bk channel ?(1) subunit downregulation in vascular smooth muscle cells of diabetes mellitus.
20956937 2011 NAMPT overexpression in prostate cancer and its contribution to tumor cell survival and stress response.
20934750 2010 Expression and localisation of FoxO3 and FoxO4 in human placenta and fetal membranes.
20884733 2010 Effects of FOXO genotypes on longevity: a biodemographic analysis.
20881262 2011 The FOXO3A rs2802292 G-allele associates with improved peripheral and hepatic insulin sensitivity and increased skeletal muscle-FOXO3A mRNA expression in twins.
20868776 2011 Genetic variation in insulin/IGF-1 signaling pathways and longevity.
20849522 2010 Replication of an association of variation in the FOXO3A gene with human longevity using both case-control and longitudinal data.
20808831 2010 Constitutively nuclear FOXO3a localization predicts poor survival and promotes Akt phosphorylation in breast cancer.
20729811 2010 Molecular architecture of the DNA replication origin activation checkpoint.
20677014 2010 An approach based on a genome-wide association study reveals candidate loci for narcolepsy.
20671123 2010 I?B kinase overcomes PI3K/Akt and ERK/MAPK to control FOXO3a activity in acute myeloid leukemia.
20656682 2010 Vitamin D3 up-regulated protein 1(VDUP1) is regulated by FOXO3A and miR-17-5p at the transcriptional and post-transcriptional levels, respectively, in senescent fibroblasts.
20631076 2010 FOXO3 encodes a carcinogen-activated transcription factor frequently deleted in early-stage lung adenocarcinoma.
20628086 2010 Variation at the NFATC2 locus increases the risk of thiazolidinedione-induced edema in the Diabetes REduction Assessment with ramipril and rosiglitazone Medication (DREAM) study.
20625400 2010 Inhibition of FOXO3 tumor suppressor function by betaTrCP1 through ubiquitin-mediated degradation in a tumor mouse model.
20379614 Personalized smoking cessation: interactions between nicotine dose, dependence and quit-success genotype score.
20371612 2010 Foxo3a regulates apoptosis by negatively targeting miR-21.
20371605 2010 FOXO3a regulates glycolysis via transcriptional control of tumor suppressor TSC1.
20306291 2010 A three-stage genome-wide association study of general cognitive ability: hunting the small effects.
20219431 2010 Analysis of FOXO3 mutation in 114 Chinese women with premature ovarian failure.
20215543 2010 Highly phosphorylated FOXO3A is an adverse prognostic factor in acute myeloid leukemia.
20190568 2010 The AMPK-FoxO3A axis as a target for cancer treatment.
20169663 2010 p38alpha is required for ovarian cancer cell metabolism and survival.
20110348 2010 Protein phosphatase 2A reactivates FOXO3a through a dynamic interplay with 14-3-3 and AKT.
20040763 2010 Oxidative stress-specific interaction between FANCD2 and FOXO3a.
20018872 2010 FoxO proteins mediate hypoxic induction of connective tissue growth factor in endothelial cells.
20018851 2010 Glucocorticoid-induced leucine zipper (GILZ) promotes the nuclear exclusion of FOXO3 in a Crm1-dependent manner.
19933843 2010 Akt2 inhibition enables the forkhead transcription factor FoxO3a to have a repressive role in estrogen receptor alpha transcriptional activity in breast cancer cells.
19917721 2010 Regulation of the intracellular localization of Foxo3a by stress-activated protein kinase signaling pathways in skeletal muscle cells.
19913121 2009 Gene-centric association signals for lipids and apolipoproteins identified via the HumanCVD BeadChip.
19911116 2010 Clinical and biological significance of forkhead class box O 3a expression in glioma: mediation of glioma malignancy by transcriptional regulation of p27kip1.
19807657 2009 FoxO3a governs early microglial proliferation and employs mitochondrial depolarization with caspase 3, 8, and 9 cleavage during oxidant induced apoptosis.
19799812 2009 [A G-quadruplex ligand SYUIQ-5 induces autophagy by inhibiting the Akt-FOXO3a pathway in nasopharyngeal cancer cells].
19793722 2009 Genetic association of FOXO1A and FOXO3A with longevity trait in Han Chinese populations.
19751111 2009 Transcriptomic analysis identifies Foxo3A as a novel transcription factor regulating mesenchymal stem cell chrondrogenic differentiation.
19690332 2009 Quantitative phosphoproteomic analysis of T cell receptor signaling reveals system-wide modulation of protein-protein interactions.
19636295 2009 Tumor suppressor FOXO3 participates in the regulation of intestinal inflammation.
19608644 2009 Insulin acts through FOXO3a to activate transcription of plasminogen activator inhibitor type 1.
19592618 2009 Activation of the AMPK-FOXO3 pathway reduces fatty acid-induced increase in intracellular reactive oxygen species by upregulating thioredoxin.
19564415 2009 FOXO3a promotes tumor cell invasion through the induction of matrix metalloproteinases.
19533653 2009 Atrogin-1, MuRF1, and FoXO, as well as phosphorylated GSK-3beta and 4E-BP1 are reduced in skeletal muscle of chronic spinal cord-injured patients.
19494111 2009 Runx1 is a co-activator with FOXO3 to mediate transforming growth factor beta (TGFbeta)-induced Bim transcription in hepatic cells.
19473970 2009 FOXO3a regulates oxygen-responsive expression of tumor necrosis factor receptor 2 in human dermal microvascular endothelial cells.
19457552 2009 High FOXO3a expression is associated with a poorer prognosis in AML with normal cytogenetics.
19424579 2009 Deregulation of FOXO3A during prostate cancer progression.
19415983 2009 Association of the FOXO3A locus with extreme longevity in a southern Italian centenarian study.
19413330 2009 Lys-N and trypsin cover complementary parts of the phosphoproteome in a refined SCX-based approach.
19380174 2010 FOXO3a elicits a pro-apoptotic transcription program and cellular response to human lung carcinogen nicotine-derived nitrosaminoketone (NNK).
19355923 2009 The forkhead transcription factor FOXO3a controls microglial inflammatory activation and eventual apoptotic injury through caspase 3.
19324885 2009 Mutual dependence of Foxo3a and PGC-1alpha in the induction of oxidative stress genes.
19321440 2009 MDM2 acts downstream of p53 as an E3 ligase to promote FOXO ubiquitination and degradation.
19285077 2009 SIRT1 regulates tyrosine hydroxylase expression and differentiation of neuroblastoma cells via FOXO3a.
19276163 2009 Gefitinib (Iressa) represses FOXM1 expression via FOXO3a in breast cancer.
19276113 2009 FOXO3a-dependent regulation of Pink1 (Park6) mediates survival signaling in response to cytokine deprivation.
19244250 2009 The transcription of FOXO genes is stimulated by FOXO3 and repressed by growth factors.
19211844 2009 Repression of BIRC5/survivin by FOXO3/FKHRL1 sensitizes human neuroblastoma cells to DNA damage-induced apoptosis.
19196970 2009 Association of FOXO3A variation with human longevity confirmed in German centenarians.
19188590 2009 Aberrant miR-182 expression promotes melanoma metastasis by repressing FOXO3 and microphthalmia-associated transcription factor.
19160093 2009 Low expression of Foxo3a is associated with poor prognosis in ovarian cancer patients.
19151395 2009 Nipradilol and timolol induce Foxo3a and peroxiredoxin 2 expression and protect trabecular meshwork cells from oxidative stress.
19050264 2008 Tat-induced FOXO3a is a key mediator of apoptosis in HIV-1-infected human CD4+ T lymphocytes.
19010793 2009 Genome-wide association analysis of susceptibility and clinical phenotype in multiple sclerosis.
18981303 2008 Transcriptional regulation of Bim by FOXO3a and Akt mediates scleroderma serum-induced apoptosis in endothelial progenitor cells.
18978678 2008 Candidate gene/loci studies in cleft lip/palate and dental anomalies finds novel susceptibility genes for clefts.
18977241 2008 Oxidative stress, telomere length and biomarkers of physical aging in a cohort aged 79 years from the 1932 Scottish Mental Survey.
18824006 2008 Biochemical and structural characterization of an intramolecular interaction in FOXO3a and its binding with p53.
18787191 2008 BMPER is an endothelial cell regulator and controls bone morphogenetic protein-4-dependent angiogenesis.
18781224 2008 SIRT3 interacts with the daf-16 homolog FOXO3a in the mitochondria, as well as increases FOXO3a dependent gene expression.
18772130 2008 Foxo3a inhibits cardiomyocyte hypertrophy through transactivating catalase.
18765803 2008 FOXO3A genotype is strongly associated with human longevity.
18757300 2008 A cross-talk between stromal cell-derived factor-1 and transforming growth factor-beta controls the quiescence/cycling switch of CD34(+) progenitors through FoxO3 and mammalian target of rapamycin.
18757210 2008 Lymph node architecture collapse and consequent modulation of FOXO3a pathway on memory T- and B-cells during HIV infection.
18756565 2008 Chemical genetic analysis of FOXO nuclear-cytoplasmic shuttling by using image-based cell screening.
18692812 2009 Expression of forkhead transcription factors in human granulosa cells.
18687691 2008 Regulation of Akt/FOXO3a/GSK-3beta/AR signaling network by isoflavone in prostate cancer cells.
18685617 2009 Acetylation of FOXO3a transcription factor in response to imatinib of chronic myeloid leukemia.
18678662 2008 Tumor suppressor Foxo3a is involved in the regulation of lipopolysaccharide-induced interleukin-8 in intestinal HT-29 cells.
18669648 2008 A quantitative atlas of mitotic phosphorylation.
18593906 2008 Pim kinases promote cell cycle progression by phosphorylating and down-regulating p27Kip1 at the transcriptional and posttranscriptional levels.
18572085 2008 Significance of nuclear accumulation of Foxo3a in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.
18524825 2008 Epstein-Barr virus latent membrane protein 1 represses DNA repair through the PI3K/Akt/FOXO3a pathway in human epithelial cells.
18487207 2008 Wnt signaling inhibits Forkhead box O3a-induced transcription and apoptosis through up-regulation of serum- and glucocorticoid-inducible kinase 1.
18458087 2008 Akt regulates the survival of vascular smooth muscle cells via inhibition of FoxO3a and GSK3.
18393360 2008 c-Myc represses FOXO3a-mediated transcription of the gene encoding the p27(Kip1) cyclin dependent kinase inhibitor.
18391984 2008 FOXO3a mediates the androgen-dependent regulation of FLIP and contributes to TRAIL-induced apoptosis of LNCaP cells.
18385518 2008 Endothelin-1 couples betaPix to p66Shc: role of betaPix in cell proliferation through FOXO3a phosphorylation and p27kip1 down-regulation independently of Akt.
18363870 2008 Expression of Foxo3a in non-Hodgkin's lymphomas is correlated with cell cycle inhibitor p27.
18360030 2008 Akt-FOXO3a signaling affects human endothelial progenitor cell differentiation.
18344987 2008 Functional interaction between FOXO3a and ATM regulates DNA damage response.
18312651 2008 Forkhead box transcription factor FOXO3a suppresses estrogen-dependent breast cancer cell proliferation and tumorigenesis.
18311149 2008 Transcription factor FOXO3a controls the persistence of memory CD4(+) T cells during HIV infection.
18239069 2008 Glucocorticoid (GC)-mediated down-regulation of urokinase plasminogen activator expression via the serum and GC regulated kinase-1/forkhead box O3a pathway.
18220336 2008 Combining protein-based IMAC, peptide-based IMAC, and MudPIT for efficient phosphoproteomic analysis.
18204439 2008 ERK promotes tumorigenesis by inhibiting FOXO3a via MDM2-mediated degradation.
18195003 2008 FOXO3A regulates peroxiredoxin III expression in human cardiac fibroblasts.
18193458 2008 Congenital, low penetrance lymphedema of lower limbs maps to chromosome 6q16.2-q22.1 in an inbred Pakistani family.
18178829 2008 Transcription factor FOXO3a mediates apoptosis in HIV-1-infected macrophages.
18063811 2008 Forkhead factor, FOXO3a, induces apoptosis of endothelial cells through activation of matrix metalloproteinases.
18055337 2007 Activation of FKHRL1 plays an important role in protecting erythroid cells from erythropoietin deprivation-induced apoptosis in a human erythropoietin-dependent leukemia cell line, UT-7/EPO.
18037997 2007 PKCtheta promotes c-Rel-driven mammary tumorigenesis in mice and humans by repressing estrogen receptor alpha synthesis.
18032780 2008 FOXO3a turns the tumor necrosis factor receptor signaling towards apoptosis through reciprocal regulation of c-Jun N-terminal kinase and NF-kappaB.
18032526 2008 AGE-receptor-1 counteracts cellular oxidant stress induced by AGEs via negative regulation of p66shc-dependent FKHRL1 phosphorylation.
17959613 2008 Sequence variation at the human FOXO3 locus: a study of premature ovarian failure and primary amenorrhea.
17940099 2007 Crystal structure of the human FOXO3a-DBD/DNA complex suggests the effects of post-translational modification.
17900262 2007 Active FKHRL1 overcomes imatinib resistance in chronic myelogenous leukemia-derived cell lines via the production of tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand.
17888023 2008 FOXO3a variants in patients with premature ovarian failure.
17726016 2007 Akt phosphorylates MstI and prevents its proteolytic activation, blocking FOXO3 phosphorylation and nuclear translocation.
17711846 2007 The energy sensor AMP-activated protein kinase directly regulates the mammalian FOXO3 transcription factor.
17601350 2007 A genetic association analysis of cognitive ability and cognitive ageing using 325 markers for 109 genes associated with oxidative stress or cognition.
17558024 2007 Oxidative stress modulates complement factor H expression in retinal pigmented epithelial cells by acetylation of FOXO3.
17522055 2007 Regulation of FOXO3a/beta-catenin/GSK-3beta signaling by 3,3'-diindolylmethane contributes to inhibition of cell proliferation and induction of apoptosis in prostate cancer cells.
17496928 2007 Homeostatic chemokines increase survival of B-chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells through inactivation of transcription factor FOXO3a.
17452451 2007 Induction of Mxi1-SR alpha by FOXO3a contributes to repression of Myc-dependent gene expression.
17389761 2007 14-3-3 Integrates prosurvival signals mediated by the AKT and MAPK pathways in ZNF198-FGFR1-transformed hematopoietic cells.
17234971 2007 Forkhead transcription factor FOXO3a is a negative regulator of angiogenic immediate early gene CYR61, leading to inhibition of vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation and neointimal hyperplasia.
17190839 2007 Convergence of TCR and cytokine signaling leads to FOXO3a phosphorylation and drives the survival of CD4+ central memory T cells.
17077388 2007 Inhibition of wild-type p66ShcA in mesangial cells prevents glycooxidant-dependent FOXO3a regulation and promotes the survival phenotype.
17044646 2006 Induction of apoptosis by L-NMMA, via FKHRL1/ROCK pathway in human gastric cancer cells.
16979636 2006 Mutational screening of FOXO3A and FOXO1A in women with premature ovarian failure.
16888645 2007 FKHRL1-mediated expression of Noxa and Bim induces apoptosis via the mitochondria in neuroblastoma cells.
16809346 2006 The Forkhead box M1 protein regulates the transcription of the estrogen receptor alpha in breast cancer cells.
16751106 2006 A conserved MST-FOXO signaling pathway mediates oxidative-stress responses and extends life span.
16709600 2006 Differential expression of FOXO1 and FOXO3a confers resistance to oxidative cell death upon endometrial decidualization.
16690749 2006 Glucocorticoid receptor activation signals through forkhead transcription factor 3a in breast cancer cells.
16687394 2006 Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-dependent suppression of the human inducible nitric-oxide synthase promoter is mediated by FKHRL1.
16571842 2006 Polymorphisms in FOXO gene family and association analysis with BMI.
16373335 2006 RUNX3 cooperates with FoxO3a to induce apoptosis in gastric cancer cells.
16133873 2005 Insulin-like growth factor-I induces the phosphorylation and nuclear exclusion of forkhead transcription factors in human neuroblastoma cells.
16100571 2005 Involvement of Foxo transcription factors in angiogenesis and postnatal neovascularization.
16061480 2005 Induction of androgen receptor expression by phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt downstream substrate, FOXO3a, and their roles in apoptosis of LNCaP prostate cancer cells.
15905404 2005 Functional interaction between beta-catenin and FOXO in oxidative stress signaling.
15798096 2005 The progression of LNCaP human prostate cancer cells to androgen independence involves decreased FOXO3a expression and reduced p27KIP1 promoter transactivation.
15688014 2005 Direct transcriptional regulation of Bim by FoxO3a mediates STI571-induced apoptosis in Bcr-Abl-expressing cells.
15674333 2005 Induction of prosurvival molecules by apoptotic stimuli: involvement of FOXO3a and ROS.
15662024 2005 Activated forkhead transcription factor inhibits neointimal hyperplasia after angioplasty through induction of p27.
15616007 2005 HIV-1 accessory protein Vpr inhibits the effect of insulin on the Foxo subfamily of forkhead transcription factors by interfering with their binding to 14-3-3 proteins: potential clinical implications regarding the insulin resistance of HIV-1-infected patients.
15551757 2004 Expression and intracellular localization of FKHRL1 in mammary gland neoplasms.
15509806 2004 FoxO3a and BCR-ABL regulate cyclin D2 transcription through a STAT5/BCL6-dependent mechanism.
15489334 2004 The status, quality, and expansion of the NIH full-length cDNA project: the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC).
15324660 2004 Proteomic, functional, and domain-based analysis of in vivo 14-3-3 binding proteins involved in cytoskeletal regulation and cellular organization.
15322085 2004 MUC1 oncoprotein activates the FOXO3a transcription factor in a survival response to oxidative stress.
15207915 2004 Regulation of FOXO3a by brain-derived neurotrophic factor in differentiated human SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells.
15126506 2004 FOXO4 is acetylated upon peroxide stress and deacetylated by the longevity protein hSir2(SIRT1).
15084260 2004 IkappaB kinase promotes tumorigenesis through inhibition of forkhead FOXO3a.
15084259 2004 Integration of Smad and forkhead pathways in the control of neuroepithelial and glioblastoma cell proliferation.
15047604 2004 Protein kinase B-alpha inhibits human pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase-4 gene induction by dexamethasone through inactivation of FOXO transcription factors.
14981546 2004 FLT3 receptors with internal tandem duplications promote cell viability and proliferation by signaling through Foxo proteins.
14976264 2004 Stress-dependent regulation of FOXO transcription factors by the SIRT1 deacetylase.
14962911 2004 NPM-ALK fusion kinase of anaplastic large-cell lymphoma regulates survival and proliferative signaling through modulation of FOXO3a.
14734530 2004 FoxO3a regulates erythroid differentiation and induces BTG1, an activator of protein arginine methyl transferase 1.
14702039 2004 Complete sequencing and characterization of 21,243 full-length human cDNAs.
14574404 2003 The DNA sequence and analysis of human chromosome 6.
14563822 2004 Regulation of sterol carrier protein gene expression by the forkhead transcription factor FOXO3a.
14551207 2004 The Akt-regulated forkhead transcription factor FOXO3a controls endothelial cell viability through modulation of the caspase-8 inhibitor FLIP.
14527951 2003 FoxO3a transcriptional regulation of Bim controls apoptosis in paclitaxel-treated breast cancer cell lines.
12960271 2003 Neutrophil activation by fMLP regulates FOXO (forkhead) transcription factors by multiple pathways, one of which includes the binding of FOXO to the survival factor Mcl-1.
12881712 2003 Proteolytic regulation of Forkhead transcription factor FOXO3a by caspase-3-like proteases.
12477932 2002 Generation and initial analysis of more than 15,000 full-length human and mouse cDNA sequences.
12351634 2002 FOXO proteins regulate tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis inducing ligand expression. Implications for PTEN mutation in prostate cancer.
12107410 2002 Expressed sequence tag analysis of human RPE/choroid for the NEIBank Project: over 6000 non-redundant transcripts, novel genes and splice variants.
12027802 2002 Down-regulation of the mitochondrial 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-CoA synthase gene by insulin: the role of the forkhead transcription factor FKHRL1.
11896584 2002 Phosphorylation of forkhead transcription factors by erythropoietin and stem cell factor prevents acetylation and their interaction with coactivator p300 in erythroid progenitor cells.
11884591 2002 Control of cell cycle exit and entry by protein kinase B-regulated forkhead transcription factors.
11435445 2001 Ligand-dependent interaction of estrogen receptor-alpha with members of the forkhead transcription factor family.
11154281 2001 Protein kinase SGK mediates survival signals by phosphorylating the forkhead transcription factor FKHRL1 (FOXO3a).
10783894 2000 AFX-like Forkhead transcription factors mediate cell-cycle regulation by Ras and PKB through p27kip1.
10102273 1999 Akt promotes cell survival by phosphorylating and inhibiting a Forkhead transcription factor.
9852958 1998 Molecular cloning of FKHRL1P2, a member of the developmentally regulated fork head domain transcription factor family.
9479491 1998 Cloning and characterization of three human forkhead genes that comprise an FKHR-like gene subfamily.
9345057 1997 AF6q21, a novel partner of the MLL gene in t(6;11)(q21;q23), defines a forkhead transcriptional factor subfamily.