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PubMed Score 215.72
PubTator Score 209.05

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Disease log2 FC p
breast carcinoma 2.700 7.8e-04
fibroadenoma 2.700 1.4e-02
interstitial cystitis -4.200 6.3e-05
lung adenocarcinoma 1.100 3.0e-03
lung carcinoma 1.800 2.1e-19
ductal carcinoma in situ 3.700 9.7e-03
invasive ductal carcinoma 4.400 8.4e-04
Breast cancer -2.700 2.7e-03
psoriasis -1.600 7.3e-22

Gene RIF (119)

27045898 FoxA1, FoxA2, and LIPG control the uptake of extracellular lipids for breast cancer growth.
26986977 prostate staining level does not appear to have a major impact on risk of recurrence after salvage radiation therapy
26929406 Loss of Interdependent Binding by the FoxO1 and FoxA1/A2 Forkhead Transcription Factors Culminates in Perturbation of Active Chromatin Marks and Binding of Transcriptional Regulators at Insulin-sensitive Genes.
26708273 The expression of FOXA1 appears to be involved in the proliferation of immature breast cancer cells rather than the induction of stemness-related genes and self-renewal potency of cancer stem cells.
26658322 The ratio of FoxA1 to FoxA2 in lung adenocarcinoma is regulated by LncRNA HOTAIR and chromatin remodeling factor LSH
26541755 findings suggest a key role for GalNAc-T4 in the estrogen pathway through FOXA1 glycosylation
26527523 Immunohistochemical detectionof GATA-3 and FOXA1 expression is useful to differentiate breast carcinoma from other carcinomas.
26457646 Data show that transcription factor FOXA1 and homeodomain protein HOXB13 colocalize with androgen receptor (AR) at tumor-specific AR binding sites.
26336819 Data suggests that androgen receptor variants (AR-Vs) are dependent on forkhead box A1 protein (FOXA1) for sustaining a pro-proliferative gene signature.
26260807 TNBC with coexpression of AR and FOXA1 seems to behave like luminal tumors with a morphological profile distinct from other TNBC.
26097584 Suppression of the FOXA1/DUSP6 signaling pathway may contribute to the development of Hirschsprung disease.
25965836 In conclusion, miR-212 may serve as a prognostic indicator for HCC patients and exerts tumor suppressive role, at least in part, by inhibiting FOXA1.
25907831 our results indicate that loss of FOXA1 expression is an independent adverse predictor of overall survival in urothelial carcinoma of the bladder
25836733 FOXA1 and FOXA2 suppressed nuclear hormone receptors, such as HNF4alpha, that are related to HBV replication.
25808853 FOXA1 knockdown inhibits the effect of EAF2 knockdown on AR-target genes, cell proliferation, and migration in prostate cancer cells.
25755696 FOXA1 may be associated with methylation of the tumor suppressor genes promoter in MCF-7 cell lines
25752574 TNFalpha signaling causes redistribution of NF-kappaB and FoxA1 binding sites across the genome, creates latent ERalpha binding sites that underlie altered patterns of gene expression and clinically relevant cellular responses.
25707489 High FOXA1 Expression is associated with poor Response to Chemotherapy in Estrogen Receptor-Positive Breast Cancer.
25531315 FOXA1 expression is regulated by methylation and chromatin silencing and that BRCA1 maintains FOXA1 expression through suppressing FOXA1 gene methylation in breast cancer
25422910 FOXA1 expression is associated with a good response to neo-adjuvant chemotherapy in luminal HER2-negative breast cancer.
25281925 FOXA1/2 is required for p53-independent p21 expression
25261601 The close relationship between Runx2 and YAP plays a pro-carcinogenetic role in liver cancer cells through inhibiting tumor suppressor lncRNA, MT1DP in a FoxA1 dependent manner.
25234841 Parity-associated epigenetic silencing of FOXA1 contributes to long-term attenuation of the estrogenic impact on breast cancer development.CpG islands in the FOXA1 gene are preferentially hypermethylated in the early-parity women.
25211022 These results suggest that rs11257655 affects transcriptional activity through altered binding of a protein complex that includes FOXA1 and FOXA2, providing a potential molecular mechanism at this GWAS locus.
25210495 The upregulated miR-20a in human preeclampsia tissue can inhibit the proliferative and invasive activities of trophoblast cells by repressing the expression of FOXA1.
25198130 SERPINA6-rs1998056 regulated by FOXA/ERalpha might be associated with female HCC risk
25127374 the presence of FOXA1 retards the nuclear mobility of agonist-bound AR. Interestingly, mutation of the FOXA1 SUMOylation sites slows down the mobility of the pioneer factor, further retarding the nuclear mobility of the AR.
25100862 Data define the importance of AGR2 in breast cancer cell growth and highlight a mechanism where changes in FOXA1 activity obviate the need for ER in the regulation of this gene.
25071007 Authors have identified microRNAs-99a/100 mediate a direct relationship between FGFR3 and FOXA1 and potentially facilitate cross talk between these pathways in UCC.
25016694 Immunohistochemistry staining was performed to test the expression of SOX2 and FOXA1 in human breast and lung carcinoma. The results showed that there is an inhibitory effect of SOX2 on the expression of FOXA1 gene.
24875621 Cooperativity and equilibrium with FOXA1 define androgen receptor(AR) cistrome. FOXA1 also functions in inhibiting AR signalling and castration-resistant prostate cancer growth via opening chromatin for binding with AR.
24849812 Low FOXA1 is associated with poor survival
24801505 FOXA1 facilitates the androgen receptor and NFI interaction by bridging the complex.
24596370 Overexpression of forkhead-box A1 protein is associated with apocrine breast carcinoma.
24549642 High expression of FOXA1 and GATA3 was significantly associated with improved disease-free survival.
24531377 FoxA1 is a lineage-specification factor that is induced by IFN-beta and supports the differentiation and suppressive function of FoxA1(+) Treg cells
24512546 FOXA1 promotes cell proliferation in endometrial cancer through androgen receptor and Notch pathway activation.
24452315 FOXA1 is a tumor suppressor in endometrial cancer and has a possible interaction with estrogen receptor alpha.
24440874 Complex molecular mechanism underlying the role of FOXA1/A2 in achieving high levels of CFTR expression in intestinal epithelial cells.
24415069 FOXA1 expression is associated with a less aggressive phenotype and a better prognosis in patients with hormone receptor-positive/HER2-negative breast cancer.
24373287 ChIP-exonuclease of the ER pioneer factor FoxA1 identifies protected DNA with a predictable 8 bp overhang from the Forkhead motif, which authors term mesas; showed that mesas occur in multiple cellular contexts and exist as single or overlapping motifs.
24292680 In an androgen-depleted state, elevated levels of FOXA1 enhance androgen receptor(AR) binding at genomic regions not normally occupied by AR, which in turn facilitates prostate cancer cell growth.
24093963 FOXA1 may modulate the epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition via its transcriptional regulatory network.
23771556 Low FOXA1 expression is associated with recurrence in breast cancer.
23625627 FoxA1 binds to a site from -919 to -913 bp relative to the UCP2 transcription start site.
23539448 Data indicate that FoxA1 regulates two distinct oncogenic processes via androgen receptor depnedent and independent pathways.
23510544 Expression levels of FOXA1 messenger RNA (mRNA) and protein in glioma tissues are significantly higher than those in corresponding non-neoplastic brain tissue.
23443045 Several mechanisms by which FOXA1 controls p16(INK4a) expression during cellular senescence.
23427833 Lupien group has shown that risk-associated SNPs of breast cancer are enriched for FOXA1 binding sites, which influences the function of this transcription factor
23355396 FoxA1 exhibits the greatest extent of mitotic chromosome binding
23269278 we found a novel function for FoxA1 in defining the cell-type specificity of AR- and GR-binding events in a distinct fashion, namely, for AR in LNCaP-1F5 cells and for GR in VCaP cells
23183268 Upregulation of FOXA1 is associated with estrogen receptor alpha-positive breast cancer.
23001124 risk-associated SNPs modulate the affinity of chromatin for FOXA1 at distal regulatory elements, thereby resulting in allele-specific gene expression, which is exemplified by the effect of the rs4784227 SNP on the TOX3 gene within the 16q12.1 risk locus.
22986903 show novel expression of genes near regions of significantly associated SNPS, including TMEM26 and FOXA1 in airway epithelium and lung parenchyma, and ANK3 in alveolar macrophages in COPD
22879989 These findings provide direct physiological and molecular evidence for a role of FOXA1 in controlling cell proliferation through the regulation of IGFBP-3 expression in prostrate cancer.
22596188 These findings show that FOXA1, but not ER- alpha, is essential for AHR(aryl hydrocarbon receptor) -dependent regulation of CCNG2(cyclin G2 ), assigning a role for FOXA1 in AHR action.
22590586 the first evidence linking loss of FOXA1 expression with histological subtypes of MIBC and urothelial cell proliferation, and suggest an important role for FOXA1 in the malignant phenotype of MIBC.
22577344 This study demonstrates that there is a cross-regulation network between FOXA1 and ErbB2 signaling that connects FOXA1 to some of the key signaling pathways in estrogen receptor-negativebreast cancer.
22476979 Double-positive immunoreactivities of FOXA1 and FOXP1 were significantly associated with a favorable prognosis for the relapse-free and overall survival in with tamoxifen-treated breast cancer.
22391567 FOXA1 controls plasticity between basal and luminal breast cancer cells, not only by inducing luminal genes but also by repressing the basal phenotype, and thus aggressiveness.
22383183 Assessed gene amplifications and protein expression of NKX2-1 and FOXA1 in primary lung tumors (n = 554) and brain metastases (n = 68).
22313737 These results suggest that FOXA1 functions as a tumor suppressor through modulation of proliferation and migration of endometrial cancer cells.
22238690 Foxa1 reduces lipid accumulation in human hepatocytes and is down-regulated in nonalcoholic fatty liver.
22138582 findings suggest FOXA1 overexpression as a novel mechanism inducing castration resistance in prostate cancer.
22115363 This review focuses on the interplay of FOXA1/oestrogen receptor and FOXA1/androgen receptor, in normal and cancerous mammary and prostate epithelial cells. [Review]
22067325 Short interfering RNA-mediated knockdown of FOXA1 decreased the expression of DIO1 mRNA, but knockdown of both FOXA1 and FOXA2 restored it.
21984487 In HR-positive breast cancer, FOXA1 expression was significantly associated with good prognosis.
21934649 analysis of the mechanisms, consequence, and clinical relevance of FOXA1-mediated steroid nuclear receptor signalling in human malignancy [review]
21915096 FoxA1 has a dual role in androgen receptor binding to chromatin, androgen signalling and prostate cancer
21900400 FoxA1 is a pivotal driver of the cell-cycle in castration-resistant prostate cancer. It promotes G to S-phase transit as well as G to M-phase transit through 2 distinct mechanisms.
21882221 IGF-I can increase the stability of FOXA1 protein expression and place it as a critical mediator of IGF-I regulation of gene expression and IGF-I-mediated biological responses.
21878914 All the enhanceosome components comprising estrogen receptor alpha (ERalpha), FOXA1, and GATA3 are necessary for the full repertoire of cancer-associated effects of the ERalpha.
21701558 These findings show that androgen receptor binds and regulates, in a FoxA1 dependent manner, oestrogen receptor cis-regulatory elements in molecular apocrine tumours.
21572438 cell-lineage-specific factors, such as FoxA1, can simultaneously facilitate and restrict key regulated transcription factors, exemplified by the androgen receptor (AR), to act on structurally and functionally distinct classes of enhancer
21503684 FOXA1 is a significant marker of good prognosis in breast cancer.
21401706 high-level FOXA1 expression is associated with the development of metastatic prostate cancer
21233399 induction of FOXA1 expression and its subsequent recruitment to enhancers is associated with DNA demethylation
21151129 FOXA1 is a major determinant of estrogen-ER activity and endocrine response in breast cancer cells.
21130740 These results show that FOXA and Sp1 sites in HepG2 cells and only the Sp1 site in HEK293 and SK-N-SH cells have a critical role in the transcriptional regulation of the CAC proximal promoter.
20736324 regulation of the UGT2B15 and UGT2B17 genes by FOXA1 may have an important role in the maintenance of androgen homeostasis within prostate cancer cells.
20646630 The expression of FOXA1 is associated with a good prognosis in invasive ductal breast carcinoma.
20628005 A novel polymorphism in FOXA1 is identified as an important regulator of UDP glucuronosyltransferase 2B17 (UGT2B17) expression in prostate cancer.
20610384 CCCTC-binding factor acts upstream of FOXA1 and demarcates the genomic response to estrogen.
20503388 Expression levels of Wnt7A, beta-catenin, and FoxA1, along with cell-type specific markers, are observed to vary with differentiation and often also in response to the presence of heparin during the time of exposure to heparin.
20501593 FOXA1 is an essential determinant of ERalpha expression and mammary ductal morphogenesis.
20160041 In pancreatic cancer cell lines, FOXA1/2 expression is consistently suppressed in experimental EMT models and RNAi silencing of FOXA1/2 alone is sufficient to induce EMT.
20132413 Data show that genes overexpressed in breast carcinoma including TFF1, TFF3, FOXA1 and CA12.
20048076 our results reveal an EBP1-Foxa-AGR2 signaling circuit with functional significance in metastatic prostate cancer.
20043065 FOXA1 induces not only KRT7 but also LOXL2 in a subset of poor prognostic esophageal squamous cell carcinomas with metastatic lymph nodes
20018680 Data demonstrate that FOXA1 directly regulates HOXB13 in human prostate epithelial cells, and show that this prostate-specific regulatory mechanism is conserved in mice.
19919681 analysis of the binding pattern of FOXA1 and FOXA3 and their relation to H3K4me3 in HepG2 cells
19917725 these data implicate a novel role for HDAC7 and FoxA1 in estrogen repression of RPRM.
19897491 Stable chromatin binding protects the FoxA DNA-binding domain from acetylation to preserve chromatin binding and remodeling by FoxA factors in the absence of extracellular cues.
19866472 The results of the current study suggest a novel function of HNF-3alpha as a killer of malignant prostate cancer cells.
19846536 Data show a direct physical interaction between FoxA1 and USF2. This interaction is mediated via the forkhead DNA-binding domain of FoxA1 and the DNA-binding domain of USF2
19549328 FOXA1 and GATA-3 have roles in breast cancer, but FOXA1 is expressed in patients with good outcome, while GATA-3 is a luminal marker
19486887 These results indicate an important role for Foxa1 as a novel regulator of expression of HSP72.
19470727 Data show that FOXA1 may be an important oncogene in thyroid tumorigenesis and a potential new therapeutic target for the treatment of anaplastic thyroid cancers.
19445897 These results show that FOXA plays a role in the transcriptional regulation of CIC and in insulin secretion.
19371798 These data suggest a mechanistic link between rs1230399 and bone mineral density through estrogen ERalpha/FOXA1 signaling pathways driven by long-distance enhancers.
19261198 REVIEW: The transcription factor network composed of the estrogen receptor alpha, FOXA1 and GATA3 may control the gene expression pattern in luminal subtype A breast cancers
19183483 Observational study of gene-disease association and gene-environment interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
19129543 Mechanisms that restrict the activity of shared FOXA1-bound enhancers likely play a significant role in defining the cell-type-specific functions of FOXA1.
19127412 Foxa1 protein decreased the transcription activity of Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-bcl-2 promoter under normal conditions and oxidative stress.
18688264 FOXA1 and IRF-1 intermediary transcriptional regulators of PPARgamma-induced urothelial cytodifferentiation
18538561 FOXA1 protein is associated with markers of good prognosis supporting its role as a growth repressor in breast cancer.
18358809 The results suggest that methylation of histone H3 lysine 4 is part of the epigenetic signature that defines lineage-specific FoxA1 recruitment sites in chromatin.
18178153 Taken together, our findings indicate that HNF-3alpha is a novel corepressor of AR, and predict its effects on the proliferation of prostate cancer cells.
18039470 Our present results suggest that FoxA1 plays an important role as a lineage-specific oncogene in proliferation of cancer cells derived from mammary luminal cells.
17671124 Loss of expression of FOXA1 expression is associated with breast cancer
17616709 GATA-3 as a critical component of the master cell-type-specific transcriptional network including ER alpha and FoxA1 that dictates the phenotype of hormone-dependent breast cancer
17373880 REVIEW: The expression of FOXA1 in breast cancer, and its potential as an antineoplastic target.
16331276 identifies high expression of FOXA1 in breast cancer cell lines and tissues; role for BRCA1 in the regulation of p27(Kip1) transcription and a possible interaction with BRCA1 discovered
16239259 HNF-3alpha is an additional member of the pituitary P sequence regulatory complex, implicating it in tissue-specific expression
16087863 ablation of FOXA1 expression in MCF-7 cells suppressed estrogen receptor 1 binding to the prototypic TFF1 promoter
16009131 The knockdown of FoxA1 expression blocks the association of ER with chromatin and estrogen-induced gene expression demonstrating the necessity of FoxA1 in mediating an estrogen response in breast cancer cells.
15737987 the HNF-3 site in the fibrinogen beta promoter is important for IL6-induced expression, and its activity is influenced by the adjacent -148C/T polymorphism
12441652 This protein up-regulates vitronectin expression during tretinoin-induced differentiation in mouse neuroblastoma Neuro2a cells.
12234996 The hepatocyte nuclear factor 3 alpha gene, HNF3alpha (FOXA1), on chromosome band 14q13 is amplified and overexpressed in esophageal and lung adenocarcinomas

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Text Mined References (146)

PMID Year Title
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26658322 2015 The ratio of FoxA1 to FoxA2 in lung adenocarcinoma is regulated by LncRNA HOTAIR and chromatin remodeling factor LSH.
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26527523 2016 GATA-3 and FOXA1 expression is useful to differentiate breast carcinoma from other carcinomas.
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17616709 2007 Positive cross-regulatory loop ties GATA-3 to estrogen receptor alpha expression in breast cancer.
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