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26893379 The data suggest a fibromodulin-modulated collagen cross-linking mechanism where fibromodulin binds to a specific part of the collagen domain and also forms a complex with lysyl oxidase, targeting the enzyme toward specific cross-linking sites.
26600400 The small leucine rich proteoglycan fibromodulin is overexpressed in human prostate epithelial cancer cell lines in culture and human prostate cancer tissue.
26318878 expression levels distinguish chronic lymphocytic leukemia B cells from normal B lymphocytes
26125412 fibromodulin is involved in the inflammatory processes that characterize atherosclerotic plaque vulnerability
24552666 The results suggest that regions within FMOD is associated with ACL injury susceptibility and that genetic sequence variability within genes encoding proteoglycans may potentially modulate the ligament fibril properties.
24355922 Melanocyte-secreted factor FMOD is a key regulator of angiogenesis.
22138190 Hepatic fibromodulin activates hepatic stellate cells and promotes collagen I deposition, which leads to liver fibrosis.
22099931 Associations between higher fibomodulin gene expression and risk factors in chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
22073367 lumican and fibromodulin display different behaviors and that lumican may promote regeneration of the TMJ after degeneration and deformation induced by IL-1 beta.
19710942 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19700767 tyrosine sulfate-rich domains of the LRR proteins fibromodulin and osteoadherin bind motifs of basic clusters in a variety of heparin-binding proteins, including bioactive factors
19536175 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19422643 study shows (1) a detailed description of ectopic ossification (EO) formed by Bgn, Fmod or combined depletion, (2) the role of exercise in modulating EO and (3) that Bgn and Fmod are critical in controlling motor function.
19242838 differentially expressed in mesenchymal stromal cell subset with reduced differentiation potential
19041686 Ultraviolet B and A irradiation induce FMOD expression in fibroblasts in vitro.
19008226 Homologous sequence in lumican and fibromodulin leucine-rich repeat 5-7 competes for collagen binding.
18838168 CD200 blockade was further shown to stimulate antigen-specific T cell responses towards the CLL-associated antigen fibromodulin
18620607 Specific decorin and fibromodulin core protein fragments in degenerate meniscus and/or human articular cartilage may be of value as biomarkers of disease.
18448071 Fibromodulin gene is constantly expressed in human epidermal keratinocytes.
17623650 The collagen-binding Glu-353 and Lys-355 residues in fibromodulin are exposed on the exterior of the beta-sheet-loop structure of the leucine-rich repeat, which resembles the location of interacting residues in other leucine-rich repeat proteins.
17293598 complement control protein 6-8 is able to interact with DNA and necrotic cells, but in contrast the His-384 allotype binds these ligands more strongly than the Tyr-384 variant
16046396 fibromodulin activates the classical pathway of complement by directly binding C1q
15741214 Fibromodulin has a role in progression of B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia and mantle cell lymphoma
15471955 Fibromodulin is shown for the first time to be naturally processed and presented as a tumor-associated antigen in primary chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells, enabling the expansion of autologous tumor-specific T cells.

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DGNEIKRSAMPADAPLCLRLASLIEI                                                351 - 376

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26893379 2016 Fibromodulin Interacts with Collagen Cross-linking Sites and Activates Lysyl Oxidase.
26600400 2016 The small leucine rich proteoglycan fibromodulin is overexpressed in human prostate epithelial cancer cell lines in culture and human prostate cancer tissue.
26318878 2015 A seven-gene expression panel distinguishing clonal expansions of pre-leukemic and chronic lymphocytic leukemia B cells from normal B lymphocytes.
26125412 2015 Expression of fibromodulin in carotid atherosclerotic plaques is associated with diabetes and cerebrovascular events.
24552666 2014 Genes encoding proteoglycans are associated with the risk of anterior cruciate ligament ruptures.
24355922 2014 Melanocyte-secreted fibromodulin promotes an angiogenic microenvironment.
23251661 2012 Novel genetic loci identified for the pathophysiology of childhood obesity in the Hispanic population.
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21671058 2012 Human umbilical cord Wharton's jelly stem cells undergo enhanced chondrogenic differentiation when grown on nanofibrous scaffolds and in a sequential two-stage culture medium environment.
20813009 2010 Silencing of ROR1 and FMOD with siRNA results in apoptosis of CLL cells.
20551380 2010 Proteomics characterization of extracellular space components in the human aorta.
19710942 2009 Sclera-related gene polymorphisms in high myopia.
19700767 2009 The tyrosine sulfate-rich domains of the LRR proteins fibromodulin and osteoadherin bind motifs of basic clusters in a variety of heparin-binding proteins, including bioactive factors.
19536175 2009 Follow-up of a major linkage peak on chromosome 1 reveals suggestive QTLs associated with essential hypertension: GenNet study.
19474808 2009 Adenovirus-mediated gene transfer of fibromodulin inhibits neointimal hyperplasia in an organ culture model of human saphenous vein graft disease.
19422643 2009 Potential roles for the small leucine-rich proteoglycans biglycan and fibromodulin in ectopic ossification of tendon induced by exercise and in modulating rotarod performance.
19242838 2009 Characterization of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stromal cells (MSC) based on gene expression profiling of functionally defined MSC subsets.
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19041686 2009 Ultraviolet B and A irradiation induces fibromodulin expression in human fibroblasts in vitro.
19008226 2009 Homologous sequence in lumican and fibromodulin leucine-rich repeat 5-7 competes for collagen binding.
18838168 2009 Disruption of T cell suppression in chronic lymphocytic leukemia by CD200 blockade.
18620607 2008 Fragmentation of decorin, biglycan, lumican and keratocan is elevated in degenerate human meniscus, knee and hip articular cartilages compared with age-matched macroscopically normal and control tissues.
18448071 2008 Fibromodulin gene is expressed in human epidermal keratinocytes in culture and in human epidermis in vivo.
17623650 2007 Fibromodulin binds collagen type I via Glu-353 and Lys-355 in leucine-rich repeat 11.
17395685 2007 Differences in mRNA and protein expression of small proteoglycans in vaginal wall tissue from women with and without stress urinary incontinence.
17293598 2007 The factor H variant associated with age-related macular degeneration (His-384) and the non-disease-associated form bind differentially to C-reactive protein, fibromodulin, DNA, and necrotic cells.
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16123076 2005 Fibromodulin is expressed in leiomyoma and myometrium and regulated by gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogue therapy and TGF-beta through Smad and MAPK-mediated signalling.
16046396 2005 The extracellular matrix and inflammation: fibromodulin activates the classical pathway of complement by directly binding C1q.
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11400162 2001 Fibromodulin is expressed by both chondrocytes and osteoblasts during fetal bone development.
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9573366 1998 Differential expressions of mRNA for proteoglycans, collagens and transforming growth factor-beta in the human cervix during pregnancy and involution.
8889548 1996 Normalization and subtraction: two approaches to facilitate gene discovery.
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7851907 1994 Localization of the human fibromodulin gene (FMOD) to chromosome 1q32 and completion of the cDNA sequence.