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26067085 Data shows that FLVCR1a participates in the control of intestinal mucosa homeostasis by exporting the excess of de novo synthesized heme from intestinal cells.
25795718 Flvcr1 regulates differentiation of erythroid progenitors by controlling intracellular heme accumulation.
24576667 both HIF2alpha and ETS1 are involved in the transcriptional regulation of Flvcr1a and that HIF2alpha is absolutely required for Flvcr1a induction upon hypoxia
23187127 FLVCR1b regulates erythropoiesis by controlling mitochondrial heme efflux, whereas FLVCR1a expression is required to prevent hemorrhages and edema.
22483575 FLVCR1 mutants failed to fold properly in the ER, were rapidly degraded in the lysosomes, and therefore, could not export heme out of cells. Thus, accumulation of heme in FLVCR1-mutant cells could cause cellular toxicity.
22279524 Study identified sequence variants in the known disease-causing genes SLC6A3 and FLVCR1, and present evidence to strongly support the pathogenicity of variants identified in TUBGCP6, BRAT1, SNIP1, CRADD, and HARS.
21593354 relative protein expression of 2 heme transporters, Feline Leukemia Virus, Subgroup C, Receptor 1 (FLVCR1) and Breast Cancer Resistance Protein, was assessed in placental tissue in relation to maternal/neonatal iron status and placental iron concentration
21267618 Posterior column ataxia with retinitis pigmentosa is caused by mutations in FLVCR1.
21070897 These results suggest that aberrant FLVCR1 causes a selective degeneration of a subpopulation of neurons in the retina and the posterior columns of the spinal cord via dysregulation of heme or iron homeostasis.
20610401 hemopexin directly interacts with FLVCR
18815190 Alternative splicing of FLVCR1 transcripts and subsequent FLVCR1 insufficiency is an additional contributing factor to the erythropoietic defect observed in Diamond-Blackfan anemia.
16439531 results suggest that multiple FLVCR1 regions are critical for mediating efficient feline leukemia virus subgroup C (FeLV-C) infection and that these regions are distinct from the FeLV-C envelope binding site
15996880 the FLVCR gene on 1q31 is not involved in Diamond-Blackfan anemia in families studied

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