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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 128
PubMed Score 60.12
PubTator Score 387.45

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  Differential Expression (20)

Disease log2 FC p
nephrosclerosis 1.563 9.2e-04
Waldenstrons macroglobulinemia 1.356 6.4e-03
Multiple myeloma 1.427 2.6e-03
malignant mesothelioma -2.500 4.6e-07
cutaneous lupus erythematosus 1.100 1.8e-02
osteosarcoma 2.623 2.7e-06
cystic fibrosis 1.964 7.3e-06
tuberculosis 1.400 2.8e-05
non-small cell lung cancer -1.838 8.0e-22
intraductal papillary-mucinous adenoma (... -1.900 7.9e-03
intraductal papillary-mucinous carcinoma... -2.600 4.3e-04
intraductal papillary-mucinous neoplasm ... -2.300 7.7e-03
lung cancer -3.300 1.3e-06
interstitial cystitis 1.700 4.5e-04
lung adenocarcinoma -1.900 1.1e-10
pilocytic astrocytoma 1.500 1.4e-06
primary Sjogren syndrome 2.200 5.7e-05
lung carcinoma -2.100 1.3e-25
ulcerative colitis 2.500 2.3e-05
ovarian cancer -1.700 1.0e-04

Gene RIF (94)

27052461 Concurrent exogenous expression of three transcription factors, GATA1, FLI1 and TAL1, enables large-scale production of megakaryocytes from human pluripotent stem cells.
26336820 Identify SP1 and PI3K/AKT signaling as modulators of EWS/FLI1 gene expression in tumor cell lines.
26316623 Mutation in FLI1 is associated with Paris-Trousseau thrombocytopenia.
26305602 Fli-1 expression gradually increases in parallel with disease progression.
26261664 Case Report: SMARCB1-deficient vulvar sarcoma expressing ERG and FLI1.
26159733 erythrocyte lineage enforces exclusivity through upregulation of EKLF and its lineage-specific cytokine receptor (EpoR) while inhibiting both FLI-1 and the receptor TpoR (also known as MPL) for the opposing megakaryocyte lineage
26156017 This study for the first time identifies FLI1 as a clinically and functionally important target gene of metastasis, providing a rationale for developing FLI1 inhibitors in the treatment of breast cancer.
26063314 Overexpression of FLI1 and ERG genes is sufficient to transdifferentiate erythroblasts to megakaryocytes that can produce functional platelets.
26055516 Fli1 is epigenetically suppressed and is a potential predisposing factor in the pathogenesis of systemic sclerosis. (Review)
25779942 SLFN11 has a role as a transcriptional target of EWS-FLI1 and is a determinant of drug response in Ewing sarcoma
25712098 Data suggest that aberrant cell cycle activation in Ewing sarcoma is due to the de-repression of transcription factor E2F targets of transcriptional induction and physical recruitment of E2F3 by fusion protein EWS-FLI1 replacing E2F4 on their promoters.
25504335 Simultaneous downregulation of KLF5 and Fli1 is a key feature underlying systemic sclerosis.
25483190 The similarity among the phenotypes of EWS/FLI1- and EWS siRNA-transfected HeLa cells points to the inhibition of EWS as the key mechanism for the induction of midzone defects.
25472652 FLI1 promoter hypermethylation is associated with Colorectal Cancer.
25453903 EWS-FLI1 establishes an oncogenic regulatory program governing both tumor survival and differentiation.
25421497 endothelial CCN1 downregulation at least partially due to Fli1 deficiency may contribute to the development of digital ulcers in systemic sclerosis patients
25379017 FLI1 levels are reduced in human breast cancer samples and cell lines.FLI1 expression is correlated with breast cancer cellular growth, migration, and invasion and altered gene expression.
25062258 p16 and possibly Fli-1 may have utility in the assignment of growth phase for cutaneous melanomas.
25057021 EWS/FLI-induced repression of alpha5 integrin and zyxin expression promotes tumor progression by supporting anchorage-independent cell growth.
24923303 Results show that overexpression is intimately related to malignant phenotypes and poor clinical outcome of epithelial ovarian cancer.
24735198 Case Report: primary subcutaneous Ewing sarcoma in a 16-year-old female composed entirely of spindle cells exhibiting strong, diffuse immunohistochemical reactivity for S100 and EWSR1-FLI1 fusion.
24708674 bosentan...increased DNA binding of Fli1 and the suppression of type I collagen expression in systemic sclerosis fibroblasts
24375017 Demonstrate an important role for Flii in the development and regulation of the epidermal barrier, which may contribute to the impaired healing and skin fragility of epidermolysis bullosa patients.
24292093 Fli1 bound to the CXCL5 promoter and its gene silencing significantly suppressed the CXCL5 mRNA expression in human dermal microvascular endothelial cells
24124617 we detected the Ewing sarcoma-specific EWS/Fli-1 mRNA in MVs from the culture medium of Ewing sarcoma cell lines. Also, we detected this fusion gene in approximately 40% of the blood samples from mice inoculated with xenografts of TC135 or A673 cells.
24100448 alterations in FLI1 and RUNX1 may be common in patients with platelet dense granule secretion defects and mild thrombocytopenia.
24072183 Report FLI1 expression in epithelioid sarcomas.
24058639 these results indicate that under quiescent conditions Fli1 recruits HDAC1/p300 to the COL1A2 promoter and suppresses the expression of the COL1A2 gene by chromatin remodeling through histone deacetylation.
24055811 FLII is a component of the ChREBP transcriptional complex and negatively regulates ChREBP function in cancer cells.
23940108 Results show that EWSR1/FLI1 binding independent of E2F3 is predominantly associated with repressed differentiation genes. Thus, EWSR1/FLI1 appears to promote oncogenesis by simultaneously promoting cell proliferation and perturbing differentiation.
23926301 these data identify the 11q24.3 gain as a recurrent lesion in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma leading to ETS1 and FLI1 deregulated expression, which can contribute to the pathogenesis of this disease
23774214 Overexpression of the ETS-related transcription factor ETV1 can initiate neoplastic transformation of the prostate.
23667468 a novel function for Fli-1 in T cell development and leukaemogenesis
23663495 Fli1 and CTGF are important mediators of the fibrogenic actions of adenosine
23518636 Podoplanin and Fli-1 immunohistochemistry may be useful in distinguishing atypical fibroxanthoma from angiosarcoma.
23441188 Genomic EWS-FLI1 fusion sequences in Ewing sarcoma resemble breakpoint characteristics of immature lymphoid malignancies.
23327922 Transcriptional regulators cooperate to establish or maintain primitive stem cell-like signatures in leukemic cells.
23178492 The results demonstrate that a previously less-well characterized transcriptional repressive function of the EWS/FLI fusion is also required for the transformed phenotype of Ewing sarcoma.
23165331 these results fill a gap in the literature: the confirmation that MCC is devoid of the EWS/FLI-1 rearrangement.
23145994 Data suggest that the junction region can be exploited further as target for drug development in future to specifically target EWS-FLI1 in Ewing's Sarcoma.
23041765 Ciprofloxacin has antifibrotic actions in Systemic sclerosis dermal and lung fibroblasts via the downregulation of Dnmt1, the upregulation of Fli1.
22965552 In 5q- syndrome, but not Diamond-Blackfan anemia, blood & bone marrow mononuclear cells had high Fli1 mRNA levels. This protects megakaryocytic cells from ribosomal stress & permits effective though dysplastic megakaryopoiesis.
22930730 We found that transcriptional activation of PRKCB was directly regulated by the chimeric fusion oncogene EWSR1-FLI1 that drivesewing sarcoma growth.
22887642 Our findings of SNP array adn phenotype correclation do not support the traditional view that FLI1 deletion is the cause of thrombocytopenia in Jacobsen syndrome.
22372906 Data show there are no differences in the distribution of immunohistochemical reactivity for CD31, CD34, D2-40, or FLI1 between AIDS-related and non-AIDS-related Kaposi sarcoma (KS) or between nodular- and patch/plaque-stage KS.
22086061 EWS-FLI chimera acquired chromatin-altering activity, leading to mistargeting, chromatin disruption, and ultimately, transcriptional dysregulation.
22081504 FLI1 is a novel ETS transcription factor involved in gene fusions in prostate cancer and that intratumor genetic heterogeneity of ETS rearrangements can occasionally be found in index primary tumors.
21931859 Expression of FLI-1, ELF-1, and GABP activated the PF4 promoter in HepG2 cells.
21917756 FLI1 expression is frequently abnormal and prognostically adverse in acute myeloid leukemia.
21643012 a novel oncogenic mechanism in Ewing sarcoma, involving post-transcriptional derepression of IGF signaling by the EWS/Fli1 fusion oncoprotein via miRs
21633373 we have demonstrated association between FLI1 and susceptibility to CL caused by L. braziliensis.
21571218 The genome-wide binding sites for the FLI1 in primary human megakaryocytes to identify the essential regulator of complex mammalian differentiation processes.
21451544 a role of Fli1 as a negative regulator of the estrogen receptor alpha gene in dermal fibroblasts.
21321929 these results demonstrate that in SSc fibroblasts, c-Abl is an upstream regulator of the profibrotic PKCdelta/phospho-Fli-1 pathway, via induction of PKCdelta nuclear localization.
21087477 study demonstrates that a GA(n) microsatellite in the human Fli1 promoter is highly polymorphic
20933505 these results suggest that suppression of FOXO1 function by EWS-Fli1 fusion protein may contribute to cellular transformation in Ewing's family tumors.
20879862 The rapid downregulation of FLI-1 expression after LPS stimulation attenuates the induction of various MMPs and IL-10 under inflammatory conditions.
20676125 a self-sustaining triad of LMO2/ERG/FLI1 stabilizes the expression of important mediators of the leukaemic phenotype such as
20665663 These results demonstrate that EWS-FLI blocks the ability of Runx2 to induce osteoblast specification of a mesenchymal progenitor cell.
20382729 EWS-FLI-1 and miRNA-145 function in a mutually repressive feedback loop and identify their common target gene, SOX2, in addition to miRNA145 itself, as key players in Ewing sarcoma family tumors cell differentiation and tumorigenicity
20379614 Clinical trial of gene-disease association and gene-environment interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
20308673 Propsectively evaluated the impact of EWS-FLI1/ERG fusions on disease progression in Ewing's sarcoma/peripheral primitive neuroectodermal tumor.
20308669 Intensive treatment protocols for localized Ewing family sarcoma have erased the clinical differences observed in patients with EWS-FLI1/ERG fusions.
20228226 persistently reduced levels of Fli1 in endothelial cells may play a critical role in the development of SSc vasculopathy
20103643 Findings suggest that EWS/FLI1 induces apoptosis, at least partially, through the activation of CASP3.
20019092 EWS/FLI1 inhibits both DKK-1 expression as well as beta-catenin/TCF-dependent transcription, which could contribute to progression of tumours of the Ewing family.
19859563 GLI1 is a central mediator of EWS/FLI1 signaling in Ewing tumors
19417137 Interaction between EWSR1/FLI1 and EWSR1 in Ewing sarcoma may induce mitotic defects leading to genomic instability and subsequent malignant transformation.
19349856 report FLI-1 expression in an expanded series of 75 cases of T-cell lymphoma and found high expression in anaplastic large cell lymphoma and angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma
19158279 The phosphorylation-acetylation cascade triggered by PKC delta represents the primary mechanism whereby TGF-beta regulates the transcriptional activity of Fli1 in the context of the collagen promoter.
18785112 Expression of Fli-1 in malignant melanoma appears to be associated with biologically more aggressive tumors.
18648544 IGF1 is a common target gene of Ewing's sarcoma fusion proteins EWS-FLI-1, EWS-ERG and FUS-ERG in mesenchymal progenitor cells
18414662 EWS/FLI mediates transcriptional repression via NKX2.2 during oncogenic transformation in Ewing's sarcoma
18174230 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
17884818 PCAF-dependent acetylation of lysine 380 abrogates repressor function of Fli1 with respect to collagen expression; TGFb-dependent acetylation of Fli1 may represent the principal mechanism for TGFb-induced dissociation of Fli1 from the collagen promoter
17727680 results suggest that Fli-1 contributes to the malignancy of human breast cancer by inhibiting apoptosis through upregulated expression of the bcl-2 gene.
17163154 variation in overall gene expression patterns downstream of EWS-FLIl was observed, but also differential regulation of directly EWS-FLI1-bound genes
16964281 EWS/Fli-1 and Fli-1 increase PLD2 gene expression by binding to an erythroblast transformation-specific domain of PLD2 promoter
16930139 Fli-1 is rather constitutively expressed by bone marrow cells in Ph(-) CMPD independent of the underlying JAK2 status
16829517 Fli1 and Ets1 have roles in the pathological extracellular matrix regulation during fibrosis and cancer
16802366 The signal transduction leading to the systemic sclerosis (SSc) fibrotic phenotype appears to converge on DNA methylation and histone deacetylation at the FLI1 gene.
16148010 the repressive properties of PIASxalpha/ARIP3 require its physical interaction with FLI-1, identifying PIASxalpha as a novel corepressor of FLI-1
15919668 EWS-Fli1 may play a role in the regulation of PDGF-induced tumor proliferation-signaling enzymes via PLD2 expression in Ewing sarcoma cells
15809330 Protein phosphatase 2A controls FLI-1 phosphorylation. Newly synthesized FLI-1 decreased during human T cell activation. Although the FLI-1 & ERG genes are highly homologous, their distinct properties may contribute to different roles in gene regulation.
15798196 Two functional NLSs were shown to exist in Fli-1; each NLS is sufficient to target Fli-1 to the nucleus for activation of megakaryocyte-specific promoters.
15282325 These findings identify the repression of insulin-like growth factor binding protein 3 gene by EWS/FLI-1 as a key event in the development of Ewing's sarcoma.
15273724 Ability of Ewing Sarcoma-Fli-1/Fli-1 to target transcriptional cofactor(s) and modulate apoptotic pathways may be responsible for its antiapoptotic and tumorigenic activities.
15232614 Overoverexpression of FLI1 in patient CD34(+) cells restores the megakaryopoiesis in vitro, indicating that FLI1 hemizygous deletion contributes to Paris-Troudeau syndrome hematopoietic defects.
15021903 oncogenic rearrangement of EWS to produce EWS/Fli-1 may enhance the antiapoptotic effect of Brn-3a and inhibit its ability to promote neuronal differentiation.
14534527 FLI1 interacts with EWS and their oncogenic fusion protein.
12875977 This study supports the role of Fli1 as a suppressor of collagen transcription in human skin in vivo.
12739001 overexpression of this protein affects cell growth and differentiation of K562 cells
12724402 Fli-1 and GATA-1 work together to activate the expression of genes associated with the terminal differentiation of megakaryocytes
12359731 role in regulating megakaryocyte-specific glycoprotein VI promoter

AA Sequence

QYWTSPTGGIYPNPNVPRHPNTHVPSHLGSYY                                          421 - 452

Text Mined References (131)

PMID Year Title
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26336820 2015 PI3K/AKT signaling modulates transcriptional expression of EWS/FLI1 through specificity protein 1.
26316623 2015 Paris-Trousseau thrombocytopenia is phenocopied by the autosomal recessive inheritance of a DNA-binding domain mutation in FLI1.
26305602 2015 Overexpression of Fli-1 is associated with adverse prognosis of endometrial cancer.
26261664 2015 A SMARCB1-deficient vulvar neoplasm with prominent myxoid stroma: report of a case showing ERG and FLI1 expression.
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25712098 2015 EWS-FLI1 employs an E2F switch to drive target gene expression.
25504335 2014 Simultaneous downregulation of KLF5 and Fli1 is a key feature underlying systemic sclerosis.
25483190 2014 Ewing sarcoma EWS protein regulates midzone formation by recruiting Aurora B kinase to the midzone.
25472652 2015 Clinical Relevance of Plasma DNA Methylation in Colorectal Cancer Patients Identified by Using a Genome-Wide High-Resolution Array.
25453903 2014 EWS-FLI1 utilizes divergent chromatin remodeling mechanisms to directly activate or repress enhancer elements in Ewing sarcoma.
25421497 2015 A possible contribution of endothelial CCN1 downregulation due to Fli1 deficiency to the development of digital ulcers in systemic sclerosis.
25416956 2014 A proteome-scale map of the human interactome network.
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25057021 2014 Molecular dissection of the mechanism by which EWS/FLI expression compromises actin cytoskeletal integrity and cell adhesion in Ewing sarcoma.
24923303 2014 Oncogenic Fli-1 is a potential prognostic marker for the progression of epithelial ovarian cancer.
24735198 Primary subcutaneous spindle cell Ewing sarcoma with strong S100 expression and EWSR1-FLI1 fusion: a case report.
24708674 2014 Bosentan reverses the pro-fibrotic phenotype of systemic sclerosis dermal fibroblasts via increasing DNA binding ability of transcription factor Fli1.
24375017 2014 Flightless I over-expression impairs skin barrier development, function and recovery following skin blistering.
24292093 2014 Fli1 deficiency contributes to the suppression of endothelial CXCL5 expression in systemic sclerosis.
24124617 2013 Ewing sarcoma cells secrete EWS/Fli-1 fusion mRNA via microvesicles.
24100448 2013 Enrichment of FLI1 and RUNX1 mutations in families with excessive bleeding and platelet dense granule secretion defects.
24072183 2014 ERG and FLI1 protein expression in epithelioid sarcoma.
24058639 2013 Fli1 represses transcription of the human ?2(I) collagen gene by recruitment of the HDAC1/p300 complex.
24055811 2013 Flightless I homolog negatively regulates ChREBP activity in cancer cells.
23940108 2013 Oncogenic ETS fusions deregulate E2F3 target genes in Ewing sarcoma and prostate cancer.
23926301 2013 Deregulation of ETS1 and FLI1 contributes to the pathogenesis of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.
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23667468 2013 Fli-1 overexpression in hematopoietic progenitors deregulates T cell development and induces pre-T cell lymphoblastic leukaemia/lymphoma.
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23049088 2012 A genome-wide association study provides evidence for association of chromosome 8p23 (MYP10) and 10q21.1 (MYP15) with high myopia in the French Population.
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22086061 2012 Tumor-specific retargeting of an oncogenic transcription factor chimera results in dysregulation of chromatin and transcription.
22081504 2012 FLI1 is a novel ETS transcription factor involved in gene fusions in prostate cancer.
21931859 2011 Multiple ETS family proteins regulate PF4 gene expression by binding to the same ETS binding site.
21917756 2011 Abnormal expression of FLI1 protein is an adverse prognostic factor in acute myeloid leukemia.
21643012 2011 A novel oncogenic mechanism in Ewing sarcoma involving IGF pathway targeting by EWS/Fli1-regulated microRNAs.
21633373 2011 FLI1 polymorphism affects susceptibility to cutaneous leishmaniasis in Brazil.
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21451544 2011 Fli1 is a negative regulator of estrogen receptor ? in dermal fibroblasts.
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21087477 2010 A GA microsatellite in the Fli1 promoter modulates gene expression and is associated with systemic lupus erythematosus patients without nephritis.
20933505 2010 FOXO1 is a direct target of EWS-Fli1 oncogenic fusion protein in Ewing's sarcoma cells.
20881960 2010 Hundreds of variants clustered in genomic loci and biological pathways affect human height.
20879862 2010 Downregulation of Friend leukemia virus integration 1 as a feedback mechanism that restrains lipopolysaccharide induction of matrix metalloproteases and interleukin-10 in human macrophages.
20676125 2010 A previously unrecognized promoter of LMO2 forms part of a transcriptional regulatory circuit mediating LMO2 expression in a subset of T-acute lymphoblastic leukaemia patients.
20665663 2010 The Ewing's sarcoma fusion protein, EWS-FLI, binds Runx2 and blocks osteoblast differentiation.
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20019092 2010 The EWS/FLI1 oncogenic protein inhibits expression of the Wnt inhibitor DICKKOPF-1 gene and antagonizes beta-catenin/TCF-mediated transcription.
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16930139 2006 Transcription factor Fli-1 expression by bone marrow cells in chronic myeloproliferative disorders is independent of an underlying JAK2 (V617F) mutation.
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9764825 1998 Fli-1b is generated by usage of differential splicing and alternative promoter.
9751743 1998 Chromosome translocation based on illegitimate recombination in human tumors.
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9651344 1998 The ets family member Tel binds to the Fli-1 oncoprotein and inhibits its transcriptional activity.
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8339272 1993 Chimeric EWS-FLI1 transcript in a Ewing cell line with a complex t(11;22;14) translocation.
8246959 1993 The Ewing's sarcoma EWS/FLI-1 fusion gene encodes a more potent transcriptional activator and is a more powerful transforming gene than FLI-1.
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1845910 1991 Identification of a common viral integration region in Cas-Br-E murine leukemia virus-induced non-T-, non-B-cell lymphomas.
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