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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 25
PubMed Score 105.97
PubTator Score 51.01

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Disease log2 FC p
osteosarcoma 2.082 7.0e-05
ovarian cancer -1.100 9.5e-07

Gene RIF (17)

26221031 EXO1 and FEN1 cleaved the substrate at the boundary between the single-stranded 5' flap and the duplex, whereas FAN1 incised it three to four nucleotides in the double-stranded region.
26052075 Detected FAN1 mutations in approximately 3% of families who met the Amsterdam criteria for hereditary colorectal cancer and had mismatch repair-proficient cancers with no previously associated mutations.
25922199 FAN1 efficiently promoted DNA incision at the proper site of RPA-coated 5'-flapped DNA. Therefore, FAN1 possesses the ability to promote the ICL repair of 5'-flapped DNA covered by RPA.
25500724 The crystal structures of human FAN1 in complex with a 5' flap DNA substrate show that two FAN1 molecules form a head-to-tail dimer to locate the lesion, orient the DNA, and unwind a 5' flap for subsequent incision.
25430771 In this work, FAN1-DNA crystal structures and biochemical data reveal that human FAN1 cleaves DNA successively at every third nucleotide
25135477 Results show that FAN1 utilizes its nuclease activity-in cooperation with the BLM-FANCD2 complex-to promote replication fork restart and simultaneous suppression of new origin firing.
24344280 FAN1 encodes a DNA repair enzyme, thus implicating abnormalities in DNA repair in the susceptibility to schizophrenia or autism
22854063 FAN1 might be a new mitotic substrate of APC/CCdh1 that plays a key role during mitotic exit.
22772369 By exome sequencing, we identified mutations in FAN1 as a cause of karyomegalic interstitial nephritis, a disorder that serves as a model for renal fibrosis.
22611161 Our results suggest that FAN1 has a minor role in interstrand crosslink repair compared with true Fanconi anemia genes and exclude FAN1 as a novel FA gene.
21858661 Two FAN1 variants do not appear to be causal for breast cancer.
21115814 Data show that FAN1 in DT40 cells participates in the processing of damage induced by interstrand cross-linking-generating agents also independently of the classical FA pathway.
20935496 Data show that FAN1 is a nuclear protein and forms DNA-damage-induced foci, which appear to be at stalled replication forks as denoted by RPA colocalization.
20671156 study characterizes FANI which promotes DNA interstrand cross-linking repair in a manner strictly dependent on its ability to accumulate at or near sites of DNA damage and that relies on mono-ubiquitylation of the FANCI-FANCD2 complex
20603073 FAN1 colocalizes at sites of DNA damage with the ID complex in a manner dependent on FAN1's ubiquitin-binding domain (UBZ), the FANCI-FAND2 (ID) complex, and monoubiquitination of FANCD2.
20603016 KIAA1018 is a 5'-->3' exonuclease and a structure-specific endonuclease that preferentially incises 5' flaps; like cells from FA patients, human cells depleted of KIAA1018 are sensitized to ICL-inducing agents and display chromosomal instability.
20603015 Study describes how a highly conserved protein, KIAA1018/MTMR15/FAN1, that interacts with, and is recruited to sites of DNA damage by, the monoubiquitinated form of FANCD2.

AA Sequence

DRLSHKQMIWLAELQKLGAEVEVCHVVAVGAKSQSLS                                     981 - 1017

Text Mined References (29)

PMID Year Title
26221031 2015 FANCD2-associated nuclease 1, but not exonuclease 1 or flap endonuclease 1, is able to unhook DNA interstrand cross-links in vitro.
26052075 2015 Germline Mutations in FAN1 Cause Hereditary Colorectal Cancer by Impairing DNA Repair.
25922199 2015 Human FAN1 promotes strand incision in 5'-flapped DNA complexed with RPA.
25500724 2014 Structural insights into 5' flap DNA unwinding and incision by the human FAN1 dimer.
25430771 2014 DNA repair. Mechanism of DNA interstrand cross-link processing by repair nuclease FAN1.
25135477 2014 FANCD2-controlled chromatin access of the Fanconi-associated nuclease FAN1 is crucial for the recovery of stalled replication forks.
24981866 2014 FAN1 activity on asymmetric repair intermediates is mediated by an atypical monomeric virus-type replication-repair nuclease domain.
24722188 2014 Protein interaction network of alternatively spliced isoforms from brain links genetic risk factors for autism.
24344280 2014 Scan statistic-based analysis of exome sequencing data identifies FAN1 at 15q13.3 as a susceptibility gene for schizophrenia and autism.
23505323 2013 Genomic study in Mexicans identifies a new locus for triglycerides and refines European lipid loci.
23186163 2013 Toward a comprehensive characterization of a human cancer cell phosphoproteome.
22854063 2012 Human KIAA1018/FAN1 nuclease is a new mitotic substrate of APC/C(Cdh1).
22772369 2012 FAN1 mutations cause karyomegalic interstitial nephritis, linking chronic kidney failure to defective DNA damage repair.
22611161 2012 On the role of FAN1 in Fanconi anemia.
21858661 2011 FAN1 variants identified in multiple-case early-onset breast cancer families via exome sequencing: no evidence for association with risk for breast cancer.
21115814 2010 KIAA1018/FAN1 nuclease protects cells against genomic instability induced by interstrand cross-linking agents.
20935496 2010 Human KIAA1018/FAN1 localizes to stalled replication forks via its ubiquitin-binding domain.
20671156 2010 FAN1 acts with FANCI-FANCD2 to promote DNA interstrand cross-link repair.
20603073 2010 A genetic screen identifies FAN1, a Fanconi anemia-associated nuclease necessary for DNA interstrand crosslink repair.
20603016 2010 Deficiency of FANCD2-associated nuclease KIAA1018/FAN1 sensitizes cells to interstrand crosslinking agents.
20603015 2010 Identification of KIAA1018/FAN1, a DNA repair nuclease recruited to DNA damage by monoubiquitinated FANCD2.
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