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679 confirmatory 21 / 0 / 73 Factor XIa Dose Response Confirmation
680 screening 120 / 0 / 61986 Factor XIa Mixture HTS
687 screening 94 / 0 / 32975 Factor XIa Single Well HTS
721 confirmatory 21 / 0 / 73 Factor XIa Dose Response Confirmation from Single Well Screen
798 screening 302 / 0 / 218482 Factor XIa 1536 HTS
846 confirmatory 91 / 13 / 198 Factor XIa 1536 HTS Dose Response Confirmation

Gene RIF (127)

26769048 FXI-thrombin axis contributes to distal platelet activation and procoagulant microaggregate formation in the blood flow downstream of the site of thrombus formation.
26386215 higher basal factor XI concentration in the general population is not a risk marker for stroke or coronary heart disease
26260105 In whites, the FXI variant was associated with both factor XI concentration and venous thromboembolism (VTE) incidence (1.15-fold greater incidence of VTE per risk allele), whereas In African-Americans, these associations were absent.
26160656 ROTEM assays failed to distinguish bleeding from non-bleeding patients but could do so between different FXI activity levels and genotypes.
26136249 Contribution of FXIa and platelet-derived polyphosphate in thrombin generation varies depending on surface tissue-factor level.
25976967 Data indicate that the mean factor XI (FXI) was not significantly different in laboratories using the same method on both exercises, suggesting good intralaboratory precision over time.
25935648 These studies enhance understanding on the first allosteric inhibitor of FXIa and highlight its value as a promising anticoagulant.
25681615 study determined the molecular basis of FXI deficiency in 6 unrelated severely deficient patients in China; reported 8 mutations in FXI gene leading to FXI deficiency; functional consequences of a novel mutation leading to FXI deficiency have been elucidated
25618263 Identification of a novel c.290G>A mutation in the F11 gene that is associated with mild Factor XI deficiency in a Dutch Caucasian family.
25517908 increased activity of FXI may be a potential risk factor for miscarriage; high activity of FXI diagnosed in women with history of miscarriage is not probably caused by the presence of SNPs rs2289252 and rs2036914
25379760 FXI expression is directly regulated by a specific miRNA, miR-181a-5p, in the human liver
25338662 Polyphosphate greatly accelerates factor V activation by factor XIa, and that this is supported by polyphosphate polymers of the size secreted by activated human platelets.
25288467 This study presents the first application of a new thrombin generation based factor XIa assay.
25092234 Mass spectrometry analyses of FXI revealed full occupation of two of the three heavy-chain glycosites and almost full-site occupancy of the light chain. Analysis of FXI glycopeptides by LC-MS/MS enabled site-specific glycan profiling and occupancy.
25091233 F11 gene variant rs2289252 contributes to inherited forms of deep vein thrombosis incidence in Latvian population.
24977287 FXI may have a role in risk of ischemic stroke, but not myocardial infarct; FXII and prekallikrein may not have a role in either
24759143 This review discuss structural features of factor XIa that are required for factor IX activation, and the importance of the protease's dimeric structure. [review]
24509324 Factor XI and factor XII activities were significantly higher in patients with slow coronary flow than in controls, and could be associated with enhanced procoagulant state present in these patients.
24498168 Circulating contact-pathway-activating microparticles together with factors IXa and XIa induce spontaneous clotting in plasma of hematology and cardiologic patients.
24420855 We suggested that the minor allele of rs3756008 in the promoter of FXI gene could reduce its expression in kidney.
24112640 at variance with other populations, no single major founder effect is present in Italian patients with FXI deficiency.
24086496 Genetic variants of coagulation factor XI show association with ischemic stroke up to 70 years of age.
23929304 Studies indicate that in the past two decades, more than 220 mutations in the factor XI (FXI) gene have been reported in patients with FXI deficiency, of which 7 showed a founder effect.
23659638 Propose that long polyphosphates promote FXII-mediated blood coagulation bypassing FXI.
23617568 The results suggest the Omega-loop of FIX binds to an area on FXIa composed of residues from the N-terminus and C-terminus of the A3 domain. These residues are buried in zymogen FXI, and must be exposed upon conversion to FXIa to permit FIX binding.
23571684 Identification of a novel candidate F11 gene mutation associated with a cross-reacting material positive plasma FXI deficiency.
23515926 For activation by thrombin, or during autoactivation, the data support a cis-activation mechanism in which the activating protease binds to and activates the same fXI subunit.
23494098 a novel mutations in family with inherited factor XI deficiency
23332144 The rather rare type I mutation in the FXI gene is a third founder mutation in Ashkenazi Jews with factor XI deficiency.
23305485 F11 gene mutational screening revealed 11 different DNA variations, 3 of which had not yet been described
22961984 Results indicate that fXIa activates fIX by an exosite- and Ca(2+)-mediated release-rebind mechanism.
22704541 Factor XI is a substrate for oxidoreductases: enhanced activation of reduced FXI is found in antiphospholipid syndrome thrombosis.
22633531 The F11 rs2289252 polymorphism is associated with FXI activity levels and APTT ratio in women with thrombosis.
22505407 two structures of FXIa in complex with nonbasic inhibitors that occupy both the prime and nonprime sides of the active site are presented
22322133 A novel amino acid substitution in the serine protease catalytic domain (Ile463Ser) appears to be responsible for the congenital factor XI deficiency in a Swiss family.
22207756 Partial reduction of FXIa/S557A to produce heavy and light chains resulted in decreased FIX binding, and this function was regained upon reformation of the disulfide linkage between the heavy and the light chains.
22159456 analysis of nine new mutations and an original large 4qTer deletion in western Brittany (France) with a possible role in factor XI deficiency
21999818 The new mutation (Ile 436 Lys) was present in five patients with FXI deficiency at the homozygote level and in one patient as a compound heterozygote with an already known mutation namely Glu 117 stop.
21820158 Circulating active TF and FXIa can occur in patients with cerebrovascular ischemic events >/=6 months after the events. The presence of these factors is associated with worse functional outcomes, persistent hypercoagulable state in cerebrovascular disease.
21718436 present findings define a new mechanism of mutations in F11 and underscore the need to perform expression studies and mRNA analysis of point mutations before stating that they are missense mutations
21668437 The high frequency of the Q263X mutation in Korean patients with FXI deficiency and the presence of significant difference in the frequency of the mutation-bearing haplotype between the control and patient groups revealed a founder effect of the mutation.
21649796 Molecular analysis of whole coding region and splice junctions of F11 gene in three FXI deficient patients and their family members.
21527525 Forms of thrombin other than alpha-thrombin contribute directly to feedback activation of FXI in plasma.
21236471 Active FXI and tissue factor are present in stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients, who exhibit enhanced systemic inflammation and thrombin generation.
21192253 In a Chinese family two new mutations were found: a heterozygous missense mutation in the Factor XI gene; and a deletion of two nucleotides resulting in frameshift mutation and premature termination of transcription in the Factor XII gene.
21057700 Suggest that severe FXI deficiency provides protection against deep vein thrombosis.
20961395 TAFI plays an important role in platelet mediated resistance to fibrinolysis via feedback activation of factor XI.
20727068 Coagulation factor XI has a role in thrombosis and it may be a novel target for antithrombotic treatment [review]
20628086 Observational study of gene-disease association, gene-environment interaction, and pharmacogenomic / toxicogenomic. (HuGE Navigator)
20589316 FXIa inhibitor did not prevent tissue factor-induced platelet aggregation.
20523169 molecular basis (ie. FIX mutations) of FXI deficiency in 16 patients from 12 families originating from the Marseilles area in the south of France was studied
20491955 two novel mutations (Cys118Arg and Trp497Gly)in patients from Southern Italy with FXI deficiency
20456758 FXIa activates both procofactors recombinant FVIII and plasma FV at plasma protein concentrations
20352152 genetic polymorphism is associated with idiopathic venous thromboembolism
20352152 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20308231 Molecular characterization of FXI deficiency.
20128871 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20110423 4 "apple domains" for a disk structure with extensive interfaces at the base of the catalytic domain. The characterization of this structure & its mutations provide new insight into F11 activation, interaction with F9, & platelet binding. Review.
20042724 The coupling of alternative splicing and nonsense-mediated mRNA decay may play a role in regulating F11 expression, and point to the existence of a novel FXI isoform.
20015217 the pathogenic mechanism underlying the Thr33Pro and Gly217Ser mutations in patients with FXI deficiency
19913121 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19718484 Analysis of the structural effects of four novel and a previously known mutations causing factor XI deficiency
19682239 Observational study and meta-analysis of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19661487 apolipoprotein E receptor 2 (ApoER2, LRP8), a member of the LDL receptor family, is a platelet receptor for FXI.
19652879 A total of 70 apple domain (Ap) missense mutations were analysed using a consensus Ap domain structure generated from the FXI dimer crystal structure. This showed that all parts of the Ap domain were affected.
19617576 Elevated level of factor XI is associated with venous thromboembolism.
19583818 Two SNPs, rs2289252 and rs2036914 in F11, appear to independently contribute to the risk of DVT, a contribution that is explained at least in part by an association with FXI levels.
19351955 An antibody that blocks fXIa activation of factor IX reduced thrombin generation
18839438 FXI deficiency in non-Jewish populations is because of different gene mutations; however, the presence of the Glu117stop and Phe283Leu mutations suggests that genetic testing in FXI-deficient patients can start with these two point mutations
18832909 Val498Met is a novel missense mutation, and the Tyr503ValfsX32 mutation was reported in a Japanese patient. Mutations occurred in the exon 13 of F11 and were believed to disrupt the catalytic domain of the FXI protein, leading to severe FXI deficiency.
18612554 Describe factor XI expression in liver, pancreas and kidney.
18515884 inherited FXI deficiency in the Abruzzo Region of Italy has a heterogeneous genetic background and no single predominant mutation could be identified
18441012 The dimeric structure of FXI is essential for normal proteolytic activation of FXI by FXIIa, thrombin, or FXIa either in solution or on an anionic surface but not for FIX activation by FXIa in solution.
18388506 3 cases of quantitative factor XI deficiency in relation with four novel missense mutations are reported
18387979 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18327400 the functional consequences of two splicing mutations leading to FXI deficiency have been elucidated; a novel missense mutation in the FIX-binding region of the FXI A3 domain leading to a CRM+ deficiency is reported
18268095 Severe factor XI deficiency probably is protective against ischemic stroke but not against acute myocardial infarction.
18217146 The majority of coronary artery disease patients had circulating FXIa that correlates with markers of coagulation and inflammation.
18192270 two forms of activated factor XI are generated during coagulation, and each half of a factor XIa dimer behaves as an independent enzyme with respect to factor IX
18186617 enzyme activity is impaired in FXIa when Gly193 is replaced by a non-Gly residue, and residues with side chains that branch at the beta-carbon have the greatest effect on catalysis and binding of substrates.
18024374 five FXI missense mutations (four novel) were associated with impaired secretion albeit normal dimerization, underscoring the existence of other mechanisms for defective secretion
18020374 Data support the conclusion that a conformational transition accompanies conversion of factor XI to factor XIa that exposes the factor XIa (enzyme) platelet binding site within the catalytic domain possibly comprising residues Cys527-Cys542.
18005151 Nine different F11 mutations were detected among which seven changes were not previously reported
17768109 ADAMTS13/FXI complexes are insignificant in plasma
17652512 activation of FXI by thrombin in solution or on the surface of activated platelets does not appear to play a significant role in a plasma environment
17597996 review of the role of FXI in thrombosis and hemostasis, and the etiology and antithrombotic effect of FXI deficiency
17581330 a novel mutation, a C-to-G transition at position 1394 in exon 12 in the FXI gene (F11 c.1394 C>G). This transition resulted in a missense mutation (Gln433Glu), which led to the disruption of the catalytic domain structure of the FXI molecule.
17549289 Report five missense mutations of Factor XI as being causative of factor XI deficiency.
17284699 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
17257616 the F283L mutation leads to increased dimer dissociation by stabilizing a monomeric state with altered side-chain packing that is unfavorable for homodimer formation
17229051 coagulation factor XI (FXIP520L) has a proline to leucine substitution at residue 520, which results in a catalytic defect
16878977 The results demonstrate that basic amino acids in the autolysis loop of fXIa are important determinants of serpin specificity.
16835901 31 novel mutations in the F11 gene are associated with Factor XI deficiency.
16613788 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
16330457 In 3 cases, the Glu117stop mutation caused a quantitative deficiency of factor XI by reducing mRNA levels.
16204896 crystallographic analysis of Factor XI with mutated surface residues bound to benzamidine
16085935 Arg15, Phe34, Pro13, and Arg20 are important for FXIa inhibition by PN2 Kunitz protease inhibitor domain
16079124 Six novel missense mutations were identified in factor XI deficiency.
16042419 For optimal rates of factor IX activation in solution or on the physiologically relevant surface of activated platelets, a preformed dimer of factor XI is not required.
15870541 To provide a complete database of mutations and polymorphisms associated with factor XI deficiency, all available data on hereditary factor XI deficiency from main biological and medical databases were collected
15842381 analysis of missense mutations in two patients with factor XI deficiency (Val271Leu and Tyr351Ser) and one patient with combined factor XI and factor IX deficiency (Phe349Val)[letter]
15634276 structural characterization of FXI disease-causing mutations to complement phenotypic ata
15545266 Crystal structures of the FXIa catalytic domain complexed to ecotin mutants
15456490 Glu555 alters the electrostatic charge around the active site, and would sterically interfere with the interaction between the FXIa site and residues on F9 and antithrombin. FXI-Glu555 is the first reported FXI variant with a defect in FIX activation.
15456480 the platelets of both normal and FXI deficient individuals contain FXI mRNA that is identical to the mRNA found in liver; the FXI message is not alternatively spliced in platelets
15456479 nature of possible platelet-associated FXI activity
15375170 FXI binds to glycoprotein Ibalpha at sites comprising the leucine-rich repeat sequences within the NH2-terminal globular domain that are separate and distinct from the thrombin-binding site
15317813 binding of FXI to GPIbalpha is mediated by amino acids in the A3 domain in the presence or absence of HK.
15226185 whole gene deletion as the causative mutation of factor XI deficiency, the result of unequal homologous recombination between flanking Alu repeat sequences
15182578 The FXI gene mutations Trp228stop, Glu323Lys and Leu172Pro attribute to the pathogenesis of the factor XI deficiency in Chinese.
15090552 Data describe the structural role of glycine(193) in the serine protease, factor XIa.
15072993 Platelet-localized feedback activation of factor XI by thrombin plays an important role in maintaining normal hemostasis as well as in sustaining thrombus formation when the TF pathway is inhibited by tissue factor pathway inhibitor.
14717969 new ancient mutation in exon 4 resulting in Q88X, specific to patients from Nantes, France
14629467 The data indicate that FXI domains A2 and A3 make contributions to dimer formation and stabilize this dimeric conformation
14521595 high levels of coagulation FXI, FIX and FVIII are related to risk of inherited thrombophilia syndrome
14521591 FXI has no effect on thrombin generation at 10 pm TF and physiological concentrations of Vitamin K-Dependent Proteins (VKDP); platelets and plasma FXI are able to compensate for the inhibitory effects of elevated VKDP
12968031 the co-localization of thrombin and factor XI and the resultant efficient activation of FXI requires GPIb alpha
12944405 prekallikrein abolished Factor XI or -Factor XIa binding to vascular endothelial cell suspensions
12871398 The frequency distributions of platelet polymorphisms and of prothrombotic polymorphisms were not different between patients with severe FXI deficiency who experienced or not an AMI.
12517745 factor XI is localized to GPIb in membrane rafts and that this association is important for promoting the activation of factor XI by thrombin on the platelet surface
12496253 role of factor IX gamma-carboxyglutamic acid domain in interactions between factor IX and factor XIa
12372819 plasma kallikrein and FXIa activate pro-HGF in vitro
12167623 Data show that the rate of factor IX activation by factor XIa is not enhanced by biological surfaces, and activated platelet surfaces are thrombogenic while endothelial surfaces are not.
12029092 interaction of coagulation factor XI with human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC) and with platelets
11895778 Observational study of genotype prevalence. (HuGE Navigator)
11891231 role of HNF-4alpha in hepatocyte-specific expression
11733491 HK binding to FXI involves multiple apple domains, with F2 being most important. The findings demonstrate a similarity in mechanism for FXI and prekallikrein binding to HK

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