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osteosarcoma -1.702 7.9e-05
medulloblastoma, large-cell 1.100 3.1e-05
diabetes mellitus 1.200 1.4e-03

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25651508 The effect of ETS1 on syncytialization of trophoblasts likely results, at least in part, from inhibition of syncytin expression.
25340371 Positive associations were observed between HERV-w methylation and dietary intakes of beta-carotene and carotenoids in a population of obese subjects.
25250834 HIV-1 Tat-mediated regulation of MSRV and Syncytin-1 involves TLR-4 in primary astrocytes
24814867 Data show that Multiple Sclerosis-Associated Retrovirus (MSRV) is predominantly expressed over ERWVE1 in astrocyte-derived U-87 glioblastoma cell line.
24812088 Exosomes from cultured primary villous cytotrophoblasts and sera of pregnant women have syncytin-1 on their surfaces. It acts on cellular binding and uptake of exosomes.
24687878 Syncytin-1 and ASCT-2 is localized at the acrosomal region and equatorial segment of the spermatozoa.
24478419 Influenza A virus infection transactivated ERVWE1 by increasing the transcription of GCM1.
24413738 Increased trophoblast apoptosis and altered expression levels of syncytin-1, calpain 1, and AIF is observed in preeclamptic placentas.
24204983 Insertionally polymorphic HERV-K113 and HERV-K115 are not associated with HIV infections.
24013223 Syncytin-1 overexpression may be an indicator of urothelial cell carcinoma risk.
23888950 These results indicated that aberrant hypermethylation is involved in downregulation of syncytin-1, and epigenetic alterations may play a significant role in the development of preeclampsia
23727510 Overexpression of HERV-W envelope gene elevated the levels of SK3 channel in neuroblastoma cells.
23457515 This study linked decreased Syncytin-1 expression to an epigenetic hypermethylation of the entire promoter of ERVW-1.
23333240 Syncytin-1 knockdown significantly inhibited BeWo cell growth and DNA synthesis and Syncytin-1 could promote the G1/S transition through p15 and CDK4.
23290063 In discordant monozygotic twins, HERVWE1 expression is higher in smaller fetuses and lower in larger counterparts. Methylation of the HERVWE1 gene promoter region may participate in gene regulation.
23212585 HERV-W env transcription was found to be elevated in bipolar disorder and schizophrenia subjects compared to controls. Molecular sequence characteristics may represent distinct features of the genome of patients with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.
22999499 Data suggest that sorting of syncytin-1 into placental exosomes represents mechanism allowing syncytin-1 to reach and interact with target cells of maternal immune system to execute its immune-modulatory roles during pregnancy.
22971074 Corticotropin-releasing hormone did not influence the differentiation of isolated trophoblasts into functional syncytium as determined by beta-hCG secretion, albeit inducing syncytin-1 expression.
22573740 The role of syncytin-1 and Pb1 in cell-cell fusion was studied using lentiviral vectors that express short hairpin RNAs for stable knockdown of both genes.
22573555 proposed that Syncytin-1 is regulated by PPARgamma/RXRalpha signaling during placentogenesis to drive multinuclear syncytiotrophoblast layer formation and maintenance.
22348442 The findings suggested that syncytin 1 is shed from the placenta into the maternal circulation in association with placental microvesicles, and modulates immune cell activation and the responses of immune cells to lipopolysaccharide stimulation.
22109522 Data show that beta-catenin/BCL9-Like (BCL9L)/T-cell factor 4 (TCF4) signalling directly targets the GCM1/syncytin pathway and thereby regulates the fusion of human choriocarcinoma cells.
21771862 Analysis of non-spliced ERVWE1 mRNAs and env mRNAs detected efficient splicing of endogenously expressed RNAs in trophoblastic but not in non-placental cells.
21493955 results further highlighted the existence of a correlation between the extent of the decrease in the expression levels of both syncytins 1 and 2 fusogenic proteins and the degree of severity of preeclampsia symptoms
20546612 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20100784 HERV-W env triggers brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) production in human U251 glioma cells.
19903052 HERV-W syncytin expression apparently does not play role in endometriosis. However, it may possibly influence development of endometriosis because of increased expression in normal endometrium in endometriosis patients.
19692500 CD9 increases GCM1 expression via the cAMP/PKA signaling pathway, resulting in the increase in ERVWE1 expression.
19561344 ERVWE1, ERVFRDE1 and ERV3 5'LTRs were all essentially hypomethylated in cytotrophoblasts during pregnancy, but showed distinct and stage-dependent methylation profiles
19407656 Role of HERV-W syncytin-1 in placentation and maintenance of human pregnancy.
19327884 increased syncytin expression is associated with decreased overall survival in rectal but not in colonic cancer patients
19321927 data support the premise that the expression of GCMa and syncytin-1 precedes syncytialization of trophoblasts, e.g. at 6% O(2), which is assumed to resemble physiological conditions.
18351375 Syncytins may represent universal fusogens in primates and rodents.
18077339 findings show that in both humans and mice, one of the two syncytins (human syncytin-2 and mouse syncytin-B) is immunosuppressive and, rather unexpectedly, the other (human syncytin-1 and mouse syncytin-A) is not
17762178 present evidence in support of the direct role for syncytin-A in mouse trophoblast stem cell fusion and differentiation involved in placental dev.
17453631 Transcripts from the HERV-W element on chromosome 7q21.2 encoding syncytin and from the SOD1 gene were detected at elevated levels in biopsies from the most affected muscles from MND patients compared to biopsies from control individuals.
17209768 Median viral RNA levels for syncytin-1 were higher in brains of MS patients relative to non-MS patients and median syncytin-1 DNA levels in MS brains were higher than non-MS brain tissue.
16871371 Syncytin is expressed by human cancer cells and is involved in cancer-endothelial cell fusions
16820059 evaluation of the interaction of the HERV-W envelope with the hASCT2 receptor; a region consisting of the N-terminal 124 amino acids of the mature glycoprotein surface subunit was determined as the minimal receptor-binding domain
16760410 Syncytin transcripts were found in first-trimester trophoblast cells with both villous and extravillous phenotypes and also in the JAR and JEG-3 choriocarcinoma cell lines.
16176588 Preservation in Hominoids of a genomic structure consisting in the juxtaposition of a retrotransposon-derived MaLR LTR (enhancer in hominidae) and the ERVWE1 provirus (promoter)
16004993 GCMa-driven syncytin expression is the key mechanism for syncytiotrophoblast formation
15888734 The 146-bp region of the 5'-flanking region (nt-294/-148) of the human syncytin gene acts as a placenta-specific enhancer.
15827173 identification of the maturation requirements for env ERVWE1 fusion competence
15507602 control of env ERVWE1 placental expression in hominidae by the ERVWE1 retroviral LTR and a cellular trophoblast-specific-enhancer
15452578 Syncytin's proinflammatory properties in the nervous system demonstrate a novel role for an endogenous retrovirus protein, which may be a target for therapeutic intervention.
15269105 Cytoplasmic domain of syncytin is not essential for syncytin-mediated fusion but may play regulatory role. Intramolecular interaction between two heptad repeat regions (HRA and B) is involved in fusion process.
15254254 Comparison of orthologous and paralogous (H)ERV-W elements demonstrated the selective preservation of the env gene of the ERVWE1 locus and identified specific traits underlying the process of evolution from a retroviral envelope toward a cellular gene
15109395 relative L1 and HERV-W expression levels are elevated in representative samples of malignant vs. non-malignant ovarian tissues
14613893 syncytin promoter is located in the 5' long terminal repeat (LTR) of the HERV-W gene and that binding sites for CBF and Oct in the proximal promoter are critical for transcriptional regulation of the gene in trophoblast cells.
14520239 Syncytin gene expression is down-regulated by hypoxia, which strengthens the hypothesis that syncytin is reduced in disturbed pregnancies in the course of placental hypoxia.
12757936 Hypoxia alters expression and function of syncytin and its receptor during trophoblast cell fusion of human placental BeWo cells: implications for impaired trophoblast syncytialisation in pre-eclampsia.
12724415 HERV-W Env glycoprotein is directly involved in the differentiation of primary cultures of human villous cytotrophoblasts
12620933 Syncytin gene activation is highest in term placenta
12397062 syncytin-mediated trophoblastic fusion in human cells is regulated by GCMa
12175968 mRNA abundance for syncytin showed stimulation by forskolin in BeWo cells
11854637 contributor to normal placental architecture, especially in the fusion processes of cytotrophoblasts to syncytiotrophoblasts. the gene expression of syncytin may be altered in cases with placental dysfunction such as preeclampsia or HELLP syndrome.
10708449 Env HERV-W glycoprotein mediates cell-cell fusion upon interaction with the type D mammalian retrovirus receptor. Env protein was detected in the placental syncytiotrophoblast, suggesting a physiological role during pregnancy and placenta formation.

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