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Waldenstrons macroglobulinemia 3.003 4.5e-02
osteosarcoma -8.182 3.5e-13
Atopic dermatitis -1.700 3.6e-04
acute myeloid leukemia -1.700 3.0e-02
psoriasis -1.100 1.5e-08

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26567890 Different ELANE mutants show specific activation of different UPR pathways in congenital neutropenia.
26444279 An increased NE: A1 AT ratio is closely associated with liver Inflammation in patients with NASH and could serve as a novel marker to predict NASH in humans
26372354 insights into the PPE and HNE inhibition
26269588 analysis of the mechanistic link between neutrophil elastase expression in atherosclerotic plaques and concomitant pro-inflammatory bioactive IL-1beta secretion from endothelial cells
26221769 Neutrophil elastase activity is deleterious for airway epithelial cell homeostasis.
26193632 Pathogenesis of ELANE-mutant severe neutropenia revealed by induced pluripotent stem cells.
26174650 Paternal Somatic Mosaicism of a Novel Frameshift Mutation in ELANE Causing Severe Congenital Neutropenia.
26018813 Neutrophil elastase was increased in the saliva from COPD patients and additionally distinguished smoking status.
25956321 results suggest that elastase-like proteases in the microglial cells surrounding Abeta plaques are responsible for ApoE degradation in the brain.
25912133 mosaic mutations result in cyclic neutropenia
25893670 In patients with carotid plaques, both circulating and intraplaque polymorphonuclear neutrophils produce IL-8, VEGF and elastase, which are crucial for plaque development and progression.
25878251 PAR2 and TRPV4 are activated by neutrophil elastase to cause inflammation and pain
25857284 Autoprocessing of neutrophil elastase near its active site reduces the efficiency of natural and synthetic elastase inhibitors.
25666548 Sirtinol is a novel HNE inhibitor and may have the potential for clinical application in the treatment of inflammatory lung diseases.
25652853 Over-expressed NE in K562 leukemia cells promotes cell proliferation, inhibits apoptosis and block cell cycle in S phase.
25465717 Neutrophil elastase mainly enhances tissue factor production by monocytes via the phospholipase C/conventional PKC/p38 MAPK pathway, although a novel PKC is also involved.
25427142 Sequencing is useful for predicting outcomes of ELANE-associated neutropenia.
25284053 Three proteins-matrix metalloproteinase-9, neutrophil elastase, and FAM49B-were significantly lower in abundance in samples from women with endometriosis.
25248056 expression levels of ELANE and CTSG were determined by quantitative real-time PCR
25195861 The imbalance between Neutrophil elastase and its inhibitors, such as elafin, presents an important therapeutic target in breast cancer.
25092677 Circulating protein levels and enzymatic activity of ELANE are markedly elevated in patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus, and are correlated with increased autoantibodies against beta-cell antigens.
24929239 These in vivo data provide, for the first time, compelling evidence of the collateral involvement of cathepsin G, NE, and proteinase 3 in cigarette smoke-induced tissue damage and emphysema
24914212 An interactive network of elastase, secretases, and PAR-2 protein regulates CXCR1 receptor surface expression on neutrophils
24877096 Elastase and cathepsin G are elevated in the plasma of HD patients, originating from primed PMNLs. In these patients, chronic elevation of these enzymes contributes to cleavage of VE-cadherin and possible disruption of endothelial integrity.
24848868 Human sex hormone-binding globulin mediates the targeted release of cortisol at sites of inflammation through cleavage of its reactive center loop by neutrophil elastase.
24816969 Suggest a potential role of ELANE gene polymorphisms as therapy modulators in childhood bronchiectasis.
24616599 The leukocyte elastase gene is substituted at the 597th base (G to A) in intron 4 of severe congenital neutropenia.
24513040 The present findings highlight the peculiar activity of PMN elastase in disabling EMILIN1 suppressor function.
24184683 ELANE mutations disrupt translation initiation and are associated with neutropenia; they produce novel neutrophil elastase isoforms
24052258 Neutrophil elastase and proteinase-3 trigger G protein-biased signaling through proteinase-activated receptor-1 (PAR1).
24023624 Polymorphonuclear cell proteases, especially neutrophil elastase, degrade decorin, and this degradation renders collagen fibrils more susceptible to MMP-1 cleavage.
23911525 It reports the synthesis and enzymatic studies on a new proteinase 3 intermolecular quenched substrate with enhanced selectivity over neutrophil elastase.
23819644 neutrophil elastase reflects the severity and progression of acute pancreatitis.
23741370 SPLUNC1 degradation by neutrophil elastase may increase airway susceptibility to bacterial infections.
23692169 Neutrophil elastase activity in BAL fluid in early life was associated with early bronchiectasis in children with cystic fibrosis.
23564510 Human neutrophil elastase induced goblet cell metaplasia in the wild-type mice and that HNE-induced goblet cell metaplasia was significantly attenuated in the Tace conditional deletion mice.
23463630 Specific ELANE mutations have limited predictive value for leukemogenesis; the risk for leukemia was correlated with disease severity rather than with occurrence of an ELANE mutation.
23454784 4 ELANE mutations, 11 HAX1 mutations and 2 G6PC3 mutations have been identified in Iranian patients with severe congenital neutropenia.
23392769 Neutrophil elastase can increase PAR2 expression and MUC5AC release.
23351986 A review discusses how ELANE mutations provide clues into the pathogenesis of cyclic and severe congenital neutropenia.
23001948 E-cadherin expression correlated negatively with PMN infiltration, compatible with the notion that E-cadherin is cleaved by PMN-derived elastase
22996420 Overexpression of G185R ELA2 mutant increases apoptosis through an unfolded protein response.
22993338 Variations in SERPINA1 and ELA2 were not consistently or strongly associated with the risk of either COPD or NSCLC in either African Americans or caucasian.
22918834 Neutrophil extracellular traps-associated elastase digested amyloid fibrils into short species that were cytotoxic for BHK-21 and HepG2 cells.
22915586 NE and CG bind to the surface of cancer cells, presumably to a cell surface receptor, and subsequently undergo clathrin pit-mediated endocytosis.
22683569 High elastase expression is associated with defective alveolar septation and arrested lung growth.
22500123 Report on development of pulmonary emphysema after intratracheal instillation of human neutrophil elastase.
22407864 Chamomile infusion inhibited expression of neutrophil elastase and matrix metalloprotease-9 in adenocarcinoma gastric cells.
22174830 In a process reminiscent of neutrophil extracellular traps formation, NE enhances sputum solubilization.
21843618 Tagetes erecta flower showed effective inhibition of leukocyte elastase.
21796505 ELANE genetic polymorphism is associated with development of periodontitis in patients with severe congenital neutropenia
21731773 heparin is able to accelerate the hydrolysis of TIMP-1 by HNE.
21605276 Plasma neutrophil elastase may be involved in the pathogenesis of severe pneumonia.
21576245 a new mode of PAR regulation that involves biased PAR(2) signaling by neutrophil elastase and a disarming/silencing effect of cathepsin-G and proteinase-3.
21488974 potential of HNE and CatG to be used as markers for early detection of infection. Significant differences in HNE and CatG levels in infected and non-infected wound fluids were observed.
21477798 Immature dendritic cells treated with neutrophilic elastase or polymorphonuclear culture supernatant, promote the generation of CD4+FOXP3+ Tregs in vitro.
21475777 catalyses inactivation of factor VIII(a)via limited proteolysis
21448199 SCN with the identification of a mutation in the ELANE gene.
21425445 Four novel heterozygous mutations in the ELANE gene in patients with congenital neutropenia
21236472 The study shows that the alternative pathway for plasmin-mediated fibrinolysis by leukocyte elastase is activated, and contributes to the degradation of cross-linked fibrin in sepsis-induced disseminated intravascular coagulation.
21206270 The majority of patients with severe congenital neutropenia bear monoallelic mutations in the neutrophil elastase (ELANE) gene
21193404 NE is the predominant protease that cleaves hemoglobin in vivo in cystic fibrosis bronchoalveolar lavage fluid
20974816 The neutrophil elastase (NE) escapes from azurophilic granules and translocates to the nucleus, where it partially degrades specific histones, promoting chromatin decondensation.
20932306 Human neutrophil elastase treatment does not modify short-circuit current in control or nasal epithelial cells from cystic fibrosis patients.
20883273 NE significantly promotes the proliferation of HaCaT cell. Meanwhile, it also up-regulates the expression levels of Ki67 and p53 in psoriasis lesion tissue, which plays an important role in the pathogenesis of psoriasis lesion.
20828556 The trafficking of precursor NE (proNE) and precursor PR3 (proPR3), was compared.
20803142 Results describe a multigenerational family with mutations in ELANE as unambiguous cause of severe congenital neutropenia.
20646231 Findings of significantly elevated serum MMP-9, myeloperoxidase, and neutrophil elastase together with decreased TIMP-1 in smoker periodontitis patients provides support for the smoking associated risk of cardiovascular diseases in periodontitis patients
20634941 Results describe the direct effects of the antibiotics colistin and tobramycin on neutrophil elastase activity in cystic fibrosis patients.
20627279 Cluster analysis reveals two classes of thrombi according to neutrophil elastase -specific fibrin degradation products (NE-FDP),leukocyte and platelet content and also two according to NE-FDP, leukocyte and fibrin content.
20582973 coexistence of CN and SCN phenotypes in this kindred with a shared S97L ELANE paternal haplotype strongly suggests both a role for modifying genes in determination of congenital neutropenia disease phenotypes
20521180 variants of alpha-1-antitrypsin and ELA2 genotypes with predicted intermediate or high activity could represent a risk factor for aggressive form of lung cancer
20453419 In patients in preterm labor with a high elastase concentration in cervical secretions, treatment with urinary trypsin inhibitor reduced the risk of preterm delivery and improved neonatal outcomes.
20423453 REVIEW: structural basis for the different ligand specificities and membrane binding mechanisms of human proteinase 3 and neutrophil elastase
20411049 NE digests ferritin increasing the extracellular iron pool available for cellular uptake
20376727 Neutrophil elastase inhibitor, Sivelestat, significantly reduced the postoperative decreases in AT III and platelet count in patients undergoing emergency surgery for acute aortic dissection.
20354035 Sivelestat may attenuate neutrophil elastase or proinflammatory cytokines, and improve pulmonary dysfunction in patients undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass.
20346360 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20179351 ELA2 as a major new epidermal protease involved in essential pathways for skin barrier function.
20111696 Sputum samples from cystic fibrosis patients had elevated human neutrophil elastase (HNE) levels which correlated with an increased MMP-9/TIMP-1 ratio.
20033193 elevated in chronic compared to acute wounds
20007580 Secretory leucoprotease inhibitor is cleaved and inactivated by neutrophil elastase present in Pseudomonas aeruginosa-positive secretions in the cystic fibrosis lung.
19789190 Observational study of gene-disease association, gene-gene interaction, and gene-environment interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
19775295 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19763368 no consistent pattern among sites in the vagina in pelvic organ prolapse
19620402 Neutrophil elastase is severely down-regulated in severe congenital neutropenia independent of ELA2 or HAX1 mutations but dependent on LEF-1.
19620298 Neutrophil elastase is one of the mediators responsible for complement-dependent opsonophagocytic killing of Streptococcus pneumoniae by human neutrophils.
19590686 Observational study of gene-disease association and gene-gene interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
19542452 Neutrophil elastase inhibits interleukin (IL)-8/CXCL8 gene expression and protein release specifically in human airway smooth muscle cells by inducing NF-kappa B repressing factor (NRF).
19506020 Data suggest that expression of PFAAP5 allows neutrophil elastase to potentiate the repression of Gfi1 target genes.
19415009 Three cases of familial congenital neutrophenia (P13L, R52P, and S97L), 2 of familial cyclic neutropenia (W212stop and P110L), and 1 of sporadic congenital neutropenia (V72M) were shown to have heterozygous mutations in the Ela2 gene
19362143 elevated plasma levels in patients with acute myocardial infarction compared to patients with stable coronary artery disease
19307610 leukocyte elastase-induced apoptosis of lung epithelial cells is mediated by a PAR-1-triggered pathway involving activation of NF-kappaB and p53, and a PUMA- and Bax-dependent increase in mitochondrial permeability leading to activation of distal caspases
19251947 Shed syndecan-1 restricts neutrophil elastase from alpha1-antitrypsin in neutrophilic airway inflammation.
19197381 The hypothesis that an imbalance between neutrophil elastase (HNE) and its inhibitors in blood is related to the development of ARDS, was tested.
19180801 Report changes in plasma level of human leukocyte elastase during leukocytosis from physical effort.
19132232 Modulation of endothelial cell tissue factor and tissue factor pathway inhibitor-1 by neutrophil elastase.
18980523 Non-surgical periodontal treatment was effective in reducing the levels of elastase in gingival crevicular fluid from diabetic patients with chronic periodontitis.
18799464 elafin is cleaved by its cognate enzyme NE present at excessive concentration in CF sputum, an effect which is promoted by P. aeruginosa infection
18710383 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18669870 CD63 is involved in granule targeting of neutrophil elastase
18485588 HLE may be a natural inactivator of MMP-7 which can counteract MMP-7-induced apoptosis resistance.
18476621 MBP and NE collaborated to cause the pathological effects of nasal polyps.
18403643 This result revealed a negative feedback loop whereby CUX1 shuts down the expression of the protease that cleaves it.
18399311 total amount and the percentage of free elastase activity were significantly higher in juvenile systemic lupus erythematosus when compared with the controls
18295791 Analysis of the NE proteolytic products of the Shigella virulence factor IpaB shows that NE has specific cleavage sites.
18278188 In an in vitro atherosclerosis model neutrophil infiltration was mediated via IL-8-signalling and accompanied by release of elastase and induction of endothelial cell apoptosis.
18211966 Pre-eminent role for neutrophil elastase as the critical protease responsible for PSP-D depletion in inflammatory lung disease
18194283 PMN-elastase levels in serum and seminal plasma were not significantly correlated and there was no association with subsequent fertility.
18178964 Neutrophil elastase cleaves laminin-332 (laminin-5) generating peptides that are chemotactic for neutrophils.
18043239 Genetic evidence suggests that ELA2 mutations act in a dominant, cell-intrinsic fashion to disrupt granulopoiesis. Mutations of ELA2 may cause disease through induction of the unfolded protein response. Review.
18028488 study of severe congenital neutropenia patients; there was no significant difference in risk of myelodysplastic syndrome/acute myeloid leukaemia in patients with mutant versus wild-type ELA2
17998887 urinary trypsin inhibitor is insufficiently produced for neutrophil elastase release after cardiac arrest
17853021 Leukocyte elastase is involved in renal injury occurring in the course of primary idiopathic glomerulonephritis, in particular in the proliferative types.
17785837 Induction of murine macrophage microbicidal activity by either neutrophils or purified human neutrophil elastase requires TLR4 expression by macrophages.
17761833 ELA2 mutations result in the production of misfolded NE protein, activation of the unfolded protein response (UPR), and ultimately apoptosis of granulocytic precursors
17690184 Data suggest that polymorphonuclear leukocytes decrease dendritic cell allostimulatory ability via production of elastase leading to a switch of immature DCs into TGF-beta1-secreting cells.
17622939 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
17622939 The association of C4890A with myocardial infarction (MI) in Belfast exclusively, and the presumed absence of its functionality, provides little support for a substantial implication of common ELA2 gene variants in overall MI risk.
17436313 An exceptional genetic phenomenon in which both a cyclic neutropenia patient and an SCN patient each possess two new ELA2 mutations; role in protein mistrafficking as disease mechanism.
17412886 The primary granule proteins elastase (ELA2) and proteinase 3 (PR3) both contain the nonapeptide PR1, which can induce cytotoxic T lymphocyte responses against chronic myeloid leukemia.
17397908 The activation of the neutrophil elastase-mediated fibrinolytic pathway may be insufficient to overcome the fibrinolytic shutdown by PAI-1 and may in part explain the poor prognosis of DIC patients associated with systemic inflammation.
17395013 NAD(P)H:quinone oxidoreductase 1has an important role as a mediator of neutrophil elastase-regulated oxidant stress and mucin 5AC mucin gene expression.
17088257 analysis of human neutrophil protease 3 and elastase active site charge distribution
17023068 The identification of annexin 1 as a substrate for HLE supports the model in which annexin 1 participates in regulating leukocyte emigration into inflamed tissue.
16690986 Neutrophil derived elastase (NE) upregulates TGF-beta1 gene expression and release via My88/IRAK/NF-kappaB pathway, possibly through activation of TLR4, and shed light on a potential role of neutrophils in the pathogenesis of asthma.
16670064 The Leu92His mutation is near the glycosylation site Asn95. This AA substitution may alter the availability of this Asn residue resulting in abnormal glycosylation of the mutant protein.
16624642 C-reactive protein degradation products generated by neutrophil elastase promote neutrophil apoptosis
16551967 cells expressing mutant HNE exhibited a significant increase in apoptosis associated with up-regulation of master ER chaperone BiP, indicating that disturbance of intracellular trafficking results in activation of the mammalian unfolded protein response
16321984 comparison of x-ray structures of alpha1PI complexes with trypsin, PPE, and human neutrophil elastase
16282197 These data suggest that hypertonic saline upregulates polymorphonuclear neutrophil degranulation via ATP release and positive feedback through P2 and A3 receptors.
16244764 granulocyte-derived elastase is a potentially useful marker for the diagnosis of overt-disseminated intravascular coagulation and as a predictor of organ failure-related outcome
16148149 HNE causes protein kinase C (PKC) activation and translocation from cytosol to plasma membrane, required for HNE-induced ROS generation and other responses
16127146 HNE stimulation of mucin release by human airway epithelial cells involves intracellular activation of PKC, specifically the delta isoform.
16079102 Patients with cyclic neutropenia and agranulocytosis showed mutations in this enzyme.
15941909 human AML cells constitutively secrete and express SDF-1-dependent cell-surface elastase, which regulates their migration and proliferation
15892999 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
15718918 elastase binds to the beta(2)-integrin CD11b and induces a conformational alteration of CD11b
15657182 data suggest mechanisms by which NE mutations cause neutropenia and suggest that abnormal protein trafficking and accelerated apoptosis of differentiating myeloid cells contribute to the severe congenital neutropenia phenotype of the G185R mutation.
15614130 Neutrophil elastase, MIP-2, and TLR-4 have roles in progression of human sepsis and murine peritonitis
15601827 Neutrophil elastase has a role in PML-retinoic acid receptor alpha activities in early myeloid cells
15595387 secreted E coliO78 OmpA can play a role in protection of bacteria from NE by competitive inhibition
15161642 elastase released by polymorphonuclear leukocytes trapped within the mural thrombus impairs the spontaneous anchorage of mesenchymal cells to a fibrin matrix
15140022 Release of human leukocyte elastase from neutrophils specifically down-regulates the responsiveness of neutrophils to C5a, and this effect may play a role in the down-regulation of acute inflammation.
15131125 neutrophil elastase and cathepsin G are inhibited by PAI-1 mutants
15059607 neutrophil elastase mutations play a role in human hereditary neutropenia, as shown in a dog model [review]
15010259 Results demonstrate that human neutrophil elastase is mitogenic for airway smooth muscle cells by increasing cyclin D1 activity through the mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling pathway.
14962902 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
14962902 the expression of neutropenia in cyclic and severe congenital neutropenia may be either homogeneous or variable according to the type of mutations, suggesting different pathogenetic mechanisms.
14730209 Results indicate that neutrophil elastase activates p38 MAP kinase which upregulates NF-kappaB and AP-1 activities, thus inducing interleukin-8 mRNA expression and protein synthesis.
14705961 An important part of the antimicrobial mechanism of neutrophil elastase may be a periplasmic bacteriostatic effect of protease that has translocated across the damaged outer membrane.
14688365 Serine proteinases neutrophil elastase and cathepsin G cooperate for the proteolytic regulation of CD87/urokinase receptor on monocytic cells.
14636558 Since NE is maximally produced in promyelocytes, this protease may play a role in APL pathogenesis by facilitating the leukemogenic potential of PML-RARalpha
14587040 NE-induced degradation of G-CSG and G-CSFR correlates with a reduction in the biologic activity of the cytokine and a decrease in the signaling function of the receptor because of decreased G-CSFR surface expression.
12934194 NE levels in infected lobes were higher than those in uninvolved lobes, and NE levels were significantly elevated in both, compared with that in control lobes in community acquired pneumonia
12933574 Human leukocyte elastase (HLE) interacts with the fusion motif (residues 491-495) of HIV-1 gp41, suggesting a nonenzymatic receptor function for HLE in the context of HIV-1 entry into cells
12893759 elastase overproduction by the leukemic clone can change the growth environment by digesting growth factors, thereby giving advantage to Ph+ hematopoiesis
12887060 the effect of kininogen degradation by human neutrophil elastase (HNE) on kinin generation
12876407 in vitro challenge of neutrophils in asthmatic patients with allergens to which the patients were sensitive elicited a release of elastase by these cells. The in vitro activation of neutrophils was highly allergen specific.
12853121 Multimeric SFTPD was partially digested by ELA2 dose- and time-dependently with loss of its carbohydrate recognition domain.
12782302 Neutrophil elastase up-regulates interleukin-8 via toll-like receptor 4
12778173 Mutations in proto-oncogene GFI1 cause human neutropenia and target ELA2
12771009 Fibrous and atheromatous plaques but not normal arteries contained NE; NE abounded in the macrophage-rich shoulders of atheromatous plaques with features of vulnerability. Neutrophil elastase and macrophages colocalized in such vulnerable plaques
12745650 Review. Heterozygous mutations in the ELA2 gene have been described in cyclical & congenital neutropenia. A case of paternal mosaicism has provided genetic "proof" of the pathogenicity of such mutations.
12700588 adherent PMNs induce a localized, sequential disassembly of endothelial adherens junctions, which is partially mediated by PMN-derived elastase
12483111 REVIEW: role of ela2 germline mutations in inherited neutropenia, gene feedback circuits, signalling genetics, and proposal that neutrophil elastase acts as an inhibitor of myelopoiesis
12444202 Protease entry results in direct cleavage of p65 NF-kappaB in the N-terminal region by PR3 and in the C-terminal region by HNE. PR3 and HNE have specific, fundamental roles in endothelial responses during inflammation.
12393522 Neutrophil elastase plays a role in providing negative feedback to granulopoiesis by direct antagonism of G-CSF.
12223522 Treatment of human gingival fibroblasts with human leukocyte elastase down-regulated CD40 expression & binding to CD40 ligand. CD40 reduction by direct proteolysis by HLE was seen in skin & lung fibroblasts (not monocytes, macrophages, & dendritic cells).
12183836 plasma levels are increased during G-CSF induced hematopoietic stem cell mobilization
12114510 HNE plays a role in neutrophil response to inflammation
12091371 Precursor cells containing the ELA2 mutation are selectively lost during myelopoiesis or fail to develop into neutrophils, confirming the pathogenic nature of elastase mutations in humans.
12083479 degraded scu-PA and also tcu-PA, t-PA and plasmin, resulting in loss of fibrinolytic activity
12042033 Neutrophil elastase-induced overexpression of mucin genes in cultured tumor cells is inhibited by a retinoic acid receptor alpha antagonist.
12020136 Elastase is mainly responsible for cartilage damage by stimulated human neutrophils, as demonstrated by the use of selective elastase inhibitors.
11948122 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
11928814 UVA light stimulates the production of neutrophil elastase by dermal fibroblasts: a possible contribution to the remodeling of elastotic areas in sun-damaged skin.
11846296 Mutant neutrophil elastase induces accelerated apoptosis of promyelocytes, leading to maturation arrest in congenital and cyclic neutropenia.

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