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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 60
PubMed Score 82.86
PubTator Score 125.34

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Disease log2 FC p
ulcerative colitis 4.800 8.2e-04
lung cancer 6.900 3.7e-07
active Crohn's disease 4.401 1.8e-02

Gene RIF (55)

26206286 a moderately active linear peptide derived from the alpha-defensin HD5 can be engineered to enhance antimicrobial activity almost comparable to the native peptide.
25970658 The study used ion mobility coupled to mass spectrometry to track the structural changes in HD-5 upon disulfide bond reduction.
25664683 HD5ox, at least in part, exerts its antibacterial activity against E. coli and other Gram-negative microbes in the cytoplasm.
25540379 These data support a model in which HD5 prevents furin from accessing human papillomavirus 16 L2 by occluding the furin cleavage site via direct binding to the viral capsid.
25517613 Enteric alpha-defensin HD5 and beta-defensin hBD2 shared similar toxin-unfolding effects with HNP1, albeit to different degrees.
25433720 Authors show that although NOD2 by itself can slightly up-regulate expression of HD5 and HD6, it can strongly down-regulates their expression during differentiation of the Paneth cell lineage mainly by inhibiting activation of the MAPK pathway.
25430675 The study reports the screening of human defensin 5 against the Keio Collection of E. coli strains and shows how this important hostdefense peptide kills bacteria and how bacteria protect themselves against the attack from the human host.
25196670 our results highlight the potential contribution of altered alpha-defensin HD-5 expression in the formation of a viral/tumour-permissive environment in high-risk HPV infection and progression to cancer of the uterine cervix
24681099 Data indicate that cellular effects of defensin 5 involve interactions with the extra-cellular domain of tumor necrosis Factor 1.
24198413 HD5 neutralizes JC polyomavirus infection by stabilizing the viral capsid and disrupting virus trafficking.
24165598 human alpha defensin 5 increases LGR stem cell migration into wound beds, leading to enhanced healing, bacterial reduction, and hair production through the augmentation of key Wnt and wound healing transcripts.
24086683 Anti-HIV activity of human defensin 5 in primary CD4+ T cells under serum-deprived conditions is a consequence of defensin-mediated cytotoxicity.
23958301 E-cadherin expression in squamous cells is reduced by HD-5
23841778 This study considers the redox properties of HD-5 and reports that the reduced form, HD-5 red, is a zinc-ion chelator.
23620768 Subnanometer resolution cryo-electron microscopy structures of HD5 complexed with both neutralization-sensitive and -resistant human adenovirus chimeras, were determined.
23269786 study demonstrate that binding of integrin alphavbeta5 and alpha defensin 5 have opposite effects on the elastic response of adenovirus type 35, revealing a direct link between virus-host interactions and the mechanical properties of the capsid
23028850 Human alpha-defensin-5 binds to both HIV-1 gp120 and CD4 and blocks the interaction of CD4 with gp120, which leads to inhibit HIV-1 replication in human primary CD4+ T lymphocytes
22573326 structural analysis of human enteric alpha-defensin HD5 shows a crucial role for hydrophobicity at the dimer interface
22354633 Several arginine residues and tyrosine 27 are important for HD-5 antibacterial activity.
21873175 The hydrophobicity of regions 2, 9 & 10 was higher than in other regions. It was difficult for the HD molecule to have many conformations because of its 3 S-S bridges; however, it responds to various external factors by restricting conformation.
21734566 Human alpha-defensin-5 binds to both HIV-1 gp120 and CD4 and blocks the interaction of CD4 with gp120, which leads to inhibit HIV-1 replication in human primary CD4+ T lymphocytes
21672195 Defensins 5 and 6 enhance HIV-1 infectivity through promoting HIV attachment.
21125297 Statistical analysis of gene expression showed a distinction between regions 1 and 2 of the small intestin for HD5.
20819643 To respond to LPS stimulation, human primary endocervical epithelial cells may function in the mucosal immune defense through TLR4 activation and HD5 secretion.
20673868 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20629326 HalphaD-5 and HbetaD-2 may protect fallopian tubes during microbial infection.
20452482 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20438785 Observational study of gene-disease association and gene-gene interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
20406964 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20375624 This study demonstrated the multifunctional roles of the activation process in human defensin-5.
20237496 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20130047 The authors provide direct evidence that human alpha-defensins block adenovirus infection by preventing uncoating during cell entry.
19855381 Data show that DEFA5-expressing mice had striking losses of segmented filamentous bacteria and fewer interleukin 17 (IL-17)-producing lamina propria T cells.
19640840 HNP1 and HD5 kill E. coli by a process that is mechanistically distinct from their actions that kill S. aureus; and chiral molecular recognition is not a stringent prerequisite for other functions of the defensins
19589339 Results report on the antibacterial properties and cellular interaction of Human Defensin 5 as a function of its positive charge and hydrophobicity.
19542459 Self-association and multivalent binding may play integral roles in the ability of alpha-defensin 5 (HD5) to protect against infections caused by viruses and other infectious agents.
19423540 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19250512 Human enteric defensin (HD)-5 and HD-6 were detected in Paneth cells, which are observed in the gastric metaplastic mucosa as well as small intestinal epithelia. Less H. pylori was observed in the intestinal metaplasia with HD-5 expressing Paneth cells.
19194307 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19135873 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19080508 The concentrations of human defensin 5, HBD1, and HBD2 in vulvovaginal candidiasis patients were higher than in controls.
18782756 alpha-defensin human neutrophil protein 1 (HNP1) and human alpha-defensin 5 (HD5) inhibit BKV infection by targeting an early event in the viral lifecycle.
18635180 HBD-2 and HD-5 may be involved in defending against invasion by BV-related microorganisms and the decrease in IL-4 concentration may increase susceptibility to bacterial vaginosis
18499668 the primary function of the conserved salt bridge in HD5 is to ensure correct processing of proHD5 and subsequent stabilization of mature alpha-defensin in vivo
18435932 Clostridium difficile toxin B interacts with high affinity with HD5 which may provide a defense mechanism against clostridial glucosylating cytotoxins.
18394979 Single nucleotide polymorphism in defensin alpha 5 Paneth cell associated with inflammatory bowel diseases in caucasoid population.
18394979 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18258845 The persistence of HD5-chymotrypsinogen-trypsin complex in Crohn disease may be attributable to increased luminal levels of proteinase inhibitors such as alpha1-anti-trypsin.
18191790 We have found that the alpha-defensins HNP1 and HD5 have potent antiadenoviral activity. These molecules block HAdV infection by stabilizing the virus capsid, thereby preventing uncoating and virus-mediated endosome penetration.
17250830 HD-5 binds to the cell membrane of intestinal epithelial cells and induces secretion of the chemokine interleukin (IL)-8
17132727 Human alpha-defensin-5 binds to both HIV-1 gp120 and CD4 and blocks the interaction of CD4 with gp120, which leads to inhibit HIV-1 replication in human primary CD4+ T lymphocytes
17088326 Crystal structure of HD-5.
15616305 DEFA5 displays antimicrobial activity against E. coli, E. aerogenes, B. cereus, and S. aureus.
12660734 Defensin 5 transgenic mice were resistant to oral challenge with virulent Salmonella typhimurium; support for a critical in vivo role of epithelial-derived defensins in mammalian host defence
12021776 By acting as a prodefensin convertase in human Paneth cells, trypsin is involved in the regulation of innate immunity in the small intestine.

AA Sequence

RCATRESLSGVCEISGRLYRLCCR                                                   71 - 94

Text Mined References (61)

PMID Year Title
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