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25970328 The assembly of EDC4 and Dcp1a into processing bodies is critical for the translational regulation of IL-6.
25796077 Phosphorylation at serine 315, serine 319, and threonine 321 of DCP1A modulates IL-8 expression during respiratory syncytial virus infection.
24510189 The data indicates that DCP2 activation by DCP1 occurs preferentially on the EDC4 scaffold, which may serve to couple DCP2 activation by DCP1 with 5'-to-3' mRNA degradation by XRN1 in human cells.
23926332 The efficiency of incorporation of Mov10, A3G, and A3F into viral particles, which contains both HIV-1 Gag and genomic RNA, is much higher than that of the other P-body proteins AGO2, DCP1a, DCP2, and DDX6
23300942 hDcp1a has a role in control of processing body dynamics during the cell cycle via phosphorylation
23131811 Malin regulates the recruitment of mRNA-decapping enzyme 1A (Dcp1a) to processing bodies.
23085078 PNRC2 acts in synergy with Dcp1a to stimulate the decapping activity of Dcp2 by bridging the interaction between Dcp1a and Dcp2.
21948796 The efficiency of incorporation of Mov10, A3G, and A3F into viral particles, which contains both HIV-1 Gag and genomic RNA, is much higher than that of the other P-body proteins AGO2, DCP1a, DCP2, and DDX6
21859862 Reveal DCP1a as a multifunctional regulator of mRNA expression and suggest a role for JNK kinase phosphorylation in controlling the subcellular localization of DCP1a in response to stress or inflammatory stimuli.
19812249 Data show the presence of P-body-like foci in mouse oocytes, as revealed by the presence of Dcp1a and the colocalization of RNA-associated protein 55 (RAP55) and the DEAD box RNA helicase Rck/p54.
18513389 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
12417715 These data suggest that a human decapping complex containing decapping enzymes hDcp1a and hDcp2 may be recruited to mRNAs containing premature termination codons by the hUpf proteins.
11836524 Overexpression of wild-type SMIF enhanced expression of TGFbeta/BMP regulated genes, whereas a dominant-negative SMIF mutant suppressed expression.

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FLSTLHEVYLQVLTKNKDNHNL                                                    561 - 582

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