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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 39
PubMed Score 20.70
PubTator Score 24.42

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Disease log2 FC p
primary pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma 1.007 1.3e-02
diabetes mellitus -1.200 7.7e-03
pancreatic cancer 1.100 4.6e-03

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25715176 The results presented here indicate that targeting IL-1alpha with subcutaneous MABp1 adminisration has a strong potential therapeutic value in treating psoriasis and may provide a novel future treatment of this often devastating disease.
25690657 Data suggest that by binding to both clathrin and F-actin, mammalian actin-binding protein 1 (mAbp1; HIP-55 or SH3P7) is specifically recruited at a late stage of clathrin-coated pits (CCPs) formation, which subsequently recruits dynamin to CCPs.
24912570 HIP-55 expression promoted proliferation, colony formation, migration, and invasion of lung cancer cells and was upregulated in lung cancer cell lines and tumor tissues of lung cancer patients
24668193 Data suggest that HIP-55 could play an important role in the growth and cellular proliferation and HIP-55 dysfunction could be involved in tumorigenesis.
24651461 Data indicate that fourteen phosphorylation sites along the primary structure of hematopoietic progenitor kinase 1 (HPK1)-interacting protein of 55 kDa (HIP-55) rotein were identified.
22450813 mAbp1 is of fundamental importance for spreading and migration under shear stress conditions, which are critical prerequisites for efficient PMN extravasation during inflammation.
18829961 Filamentous actin (F-actin)-binding protein 1 (Abp1/SH3P7/HIP-55) has a profound impact on synaptic organization by making a required functional connection between postsynaptic density components and postsynaptic actin dynamics.
17306257 unexpected role of 3BP2 in endocytic and cytoskeletal regulation through its interaction with CIN85 and HIP-55
16055701 HIP-55 has roles in T-cell proliferation, cytokine production, and immune responses
14729663 HIP-55 is a key novel component of the immunological synapse that modulates T cell activation by connecting actin cytoskeleton and TCRs to gene activation and endocytic processes
14557276 HIP-55 plays a functional role in TCR signaling
12565838 SH3P7 is essential for endocytosis but not lamellipodia formation.
11689006 substrate for caspase cleavage during apoptosis

AA Sequence

FPANYVELIE                                                                421 - 430

Text Mined References (51)

PMID Year Title
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9891087 1999 SH3P7 is a cytoskeleton adapter protein and is coupled to signal transduction from lymphocyte antigen receptors.
9858486 1999 MUC4 and MUC5B transcripts are the prevalent mucin messenger ribonucleic acids of the human endocervix.