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26812044 HDAC1 and DAXX are co-repressors associated with epigenetic regulation that help to control promoter histone acetylation reactions involved in regulating GAD67.
26773061 We provide an overview of the individual components (ATRX, DAXX and/or H3.3) tested in each study and propose a model where the ATRX/DAXX chaperone complex deposits H3.3 to maintain the H3K9me3 modification at heterochromatin throughout the genome.
26566030 identifying Daxx as a broad cellular inhibitor of reverse-transcription. Altogether, these findings unravel a novel antiviral function for PML and PML nuclear body-associated protein Daxx
26468536 Studies of the dynamics of the response of PML nuclear body components and IFI16 to invading herpes simplex virus 1 genomes demonstrated that human Daxx (hDaxx) and IFI16 respond more rapidly than PML.
26340527 Daxx and Atrx safeguard the genome by silencing repetitive elements when DNA methylation levels are low.
26148509 Knock-down of the cellular DAXX protein modulates the human papillomavirus genome replication and transcription in U2OS cells--papillomavirus replication is reduced in the absence of this component of ND10.
26057166 PML, hDaxx and Sp100 primarily act as cellular restriction factors during lytic human cytomegalovirus replication and during the dynamic process of reactivation but do not serve as key determinants for the establishment of latency.
25903140 establish DAXX as a pro-survival protein in PCa and reveal that, in the early stages of tumorigenesis, autophagy suppresses prostate tumor formation.
25900181 ATRX- and DAXX-deficient PNETs have distinct genome-wide DNA methylation profiles. Loss of DAXX and not ATRX appears to be the driver event in altering genome-wide methylation changes in PNETs.
25842852 Daxx protein interacts with HPV16 E2 protein, mainly in cytoplasm.
25748050 Daxx downregulation should be essentially needed for the increase of anti-tumor activity through enhancement of viral replication and cellular arrest with the combination of TRAIL/shBcl-xL-induced apoptosis and oncolytic adenovirus.
25738424 Methylation changes were enriched in MSX1, CCND2, and DAXX at specific loci within the hippocampus of patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.
25659035 ATM kinase and Wip1 phosphatase were identified as opposing regulators of DAXX-S564 phosphorylation and the role of DAXX phosphorylation and DAXX itself are independent of p53-mediated gene expression.
25487495 In neuroblastoma, alternative lengthening of telomere was caused by ATRX or DAXX gene alterations.
25439321 DAXX expression not lost in ileal neuroendocrine tumors
25416818 These findings collectively support a DAXX-centric pathway for telomere maintenance, where DAXX interaction with the telomerase regulates telomerase assembly in Cajal bodies and telomerase targeting to telomeres.
25275136 Authors propose that Epstein-Barr virus tegument protein BNRF1 replaces ATRX to reprogram Daxx-mediated H3.3 loading, in turn generating chromatin suitable for latent gene expression.
25210493 A higher number of gene mutations and the DAXX/ATRX and KRAS gene mutations are correlated with a poor prognosis of Chinese patients with pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors.
25120166 Cytoplasmic localization of DAXX can increase injury sensitivity of ox-LDL on cells, and nuclear localization can antagonise the effect of ox-LDL.
25019989 DENV C disrupts Daxx and NF-kappaB interaction to induce CD137-mediated apoptosis during DENV infection
24530302 DAXX has a role in misregulation of localization of the centromeric histone variant CenH3/CENP-A
24398161 In the progress of the cervical cancer, Daxx gradually translocates from nucleus into nuclear membrane, cytoplasm and cell membrane.
24148618 Loss of DAXX or ATRX is associated with chromosome instability in pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors and shorter survival times of patients.
23954140 The status of ATRX or DAXX protein loss in neuroendocrine tumor differed among the organs in which these tumors arose, and these proteins may play site-specific roles in the development of these tumors.
23830076 The results suggest that hantavirus infection interferes with DAXX-mediated apoptosis, and expression of interferon-activated Sp100 and ISG-20 proteins may indicate intracellular intrinsic antiviral attempts.
23819605 Urothelial carcinoma DAXX expression could be used in clinical practice as a marker of aggressiveness.
23660862 DAXX expression is upregulated in myelodysplastic syndrome patients.
23642739 Overexpression of the chromatin remodeler death-domain-associated protein in prostate cancer is an independent predictor of early prostate-specific antigen recurrence.
23548901 M1 prevents repressional function of Daxx during infection, thereby exerting a survival role
23542781 DAXX silencing suppresses mouse ovarian surface epithelial cell growth by inducing senescence and DNA damage.
23539629 DAXX is a novel ovarian cancer oncogene that promotes ovarian cancer cell proliferation and chemoresistance in ovarian cancer cells.
23408605 Authors show that only the proteasome 19S regulatory particle that normally participates in ubiquitin-dependent protein degradation, is required for human herpesvirus 5 pp71-mediated degradation of Rb and Daxx.
23391111 Studies indicate that mutations of the MEN-1 and ATRX/DAXX genes in sporadic pancreatic NETs (PNETs) provided insights into tumor development tumor development and therapy.
23348568 USP7 and Daxx are necessary to regulate proper execution of mitosis, partially via regulation of CHFR and Aurora-A kinase stability.
23295648 Downregulation of DAXX by berberine resulted in inhibition of MDM2 and subsequently, activation of p53, leading to cancer cell death.
23239745 Daxx may function as a novel APC/C inhibitor, which promotes chromosome instability during prostate cancer development.
23222847 We demonstrate a specific role of DAXX, independently of ATRX, in the recruitment of H3.3 to PML bodies, in a process that can be facilitated by ASF1A.
23221561 Authors conclude that several ND10 components, including Daxx, the promyelocytic leukemia (PML) protein, and Sp100 cooperate in an additive manner to regulate herpes simplex virus type 1 and human cytomegalovirus infection.
23221555 Here the authors show that human Daxx protein levels are increased in response to retroviral infection and that Daxx acts at the time of infection to initiate epigenetic repression.
23142979 An H3.3-H4 heterodimer is bound by the histone-binding domain of DAXX, which makes extensive contacts with both H3.3 and H4
23075851 crystal structures of the DAXX histone-binding domain with a histone H3.3-H4 dimer, including mutants within DAXX and H3.3, together with in vitro and in vivo functional studies that elucidate the principles underlying H3.3 recognition specificity
23038753 results reveal a novel function for p53 in the methylation of RASSF1A promoter by its interaction with DAXX
22976303 Daxx and ATRX pathway is required for transcriptional repression and chromatin assembly.
22976298 Data suggest that the pro-apoptotic protein Daxx specifically interacts with one or more substrates SUMOylated by PIAS1 and this interaction leads to apoptosis following UV irradiation.
22664104 This work demonstrates the interaction between DENV NS5 and Daxx and the role of the interaction on the modulation of RANTES production.
22614022 The adenoviral oncoprotein E1B-55K is a substrate of the SUMO conjugation system, which is directly linked to its C-terminal phosphorylation. This connection regulates the modulation of the tumor suppressor p53/chromatin-remodeling factor Daxx by E1B-55K.
22575867 These findings establish the existence of ATRX and DAXX defects and the alternative lengthening of telomeres phenotype in pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors in the context of MEN-1 syndrome
22572957 The depletion of Daxx decreases incorporation of transcription-associated histone H3 variant, H3.3, into both CEN and periCEN.
22199361 Daxx, a HIPK kinase substrate in the apoptosis pathway, was phosphorylated by HIPK3 at Ser-669 in response to cAMP stimulation.
22185778 Depletion of endogenous Daxx by specific shRNA or overexpression of Daxx resulted in decreased or increased levels of the cAMP/PKA-induced reporter activity and target gene expression.
22170762 NSP 5a3a induces apoptosis in Head and Neck cell line HN30 through p73-DAXX and TRAF2-TRADD.
22102817 our data demonstrate an important role of BNRF1 in supporting EBV early infection by interacting with Daxx and ATRX. Daxx and ATRX repress viral gene expression during latency.
21832009 Neither Daxx nor PML, the main players of ND10-based immunity, are required for the block to viral gene expression in the S/G2 phase.
21719641 study found 61% of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors had abnormal telomeres; all of the tumors with abnormal telomeres had ATRX or DAXX mutations or loss of nuclear ATRX or DAXX protein
21573799 Daxx mediates apoptosis through the Fas-Daxx-ASK1-JNK1 signaling pathway.
21556766 The Fas-binding domain (residues 625-740) of DAXX is required for the interaction between DAXX and HIV-1 IN. DAXX interacts with IN to inhibit HIV-1 gene expression
21526495 The results confirm the significance of apoptosis deregulation in CLL, and suggest a possible relationship between DAXX expression and the clinical course of the disease.
21482821 alternative splicing of Daxx might indicate an additional level in the cellular apoptosis network.
21474068 Using the transcriptional coregulator Daxx as a model, we show that SUMO paralog-selective binding and conjugation are regulated by phosphorylation of the Daxx SUMO-interacting motif (SIM).
21383010 Characterizing the N- and C-terminal Small ubiquitin-like modifier (SUMO)-interacting motifs of the scaffold protein DAXX.
21252315 identification of mutations in pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors; 44% had somatic inactivating mutations in MEN1; 43% had mutations in genes encoding DAXX and ATRX; clinically, mutations in MEN1 and DAXX/ATRX genes were associated with better prognosis
21134643 Structural characterization of the DAXX N-terminal helical bundle domain and its complex with Rassf1C.
20504901 DAXX functions as a bona fide histone chaperone involved in the replication-independent deposition of H3.3
20484509 results illustrate importance of Daxx in adenovirus virus growth restriction and suggest E1B-55K antagonizes innate antiviral activities of Daxx and promyelocytic leukemia protein nuclear bodies to stimulate viral replication at a posttranslational level
20444888 Data show that human Daxx-mediated repression of LUNA during lytic infection absolutely requires IE72 gene expression.
20185822 DAXX exerts a strong repressive role on the transcriptional activity of AIRE.
20153724 These results reveal Mdm2 and Hausp as important regulators for Daxx functions by controlling Daxx ubiquitination and stability.
20147399 These results suggest that ATRX and hDaxx act as a complex that contributes to intrinsic antiviral resistance to HSV-1 infection, which is counteracted by HSV-1 ICP0.
20014998 Results presented herein demonstrate that translocation of Daxx to cytosol from the nucleus occurs only when nuclear DJ-1 levels decrease.
19944121 The results demonstrate that (73)KK and (85)RK of dengue virus capsid protein are important for its nuclear localization, interaction with DAXX and induction of apoptosis.
19851445 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19837266 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19821084 Sodium butyrate and trichostatin A induce distinct caspase-dependent apoptosis of human leukemic cells through down-regulating the expression of Daxx protein.
19690170 Daxx is a new negative regulator of C/EBPbeta with a possible role in acute promyelocytic leukemia
19563778 Daxx functions as a positive coregulator in modulating the beta-catenin/TCF4-dependent transcriptional potential via TCF4 interaction.
19372739 while several Daxx-dependent apoptotic mechanisms have been described, the cytosolic association and function of this protein is questionable in light of these findings
19369322 Daxx is SUMOylated by HCMV pp71.
19106612 These results suggest that the conserved SUMO-interacting motifs are involved in mediating protein-protein interactions that underlie Daxx's diverse cellular functions.
18566590 RASSF1A associates with MDM2 and death-domain-associated protein (DAXX) in the nucleus, thereby disrupting the interactions between MDM2, DAXX, and the deubiquitinase, HAUSP, and enhancing the self-ubiquitin ligase activity of MDM2.
18558084 Daxx may associate with HIV-1-derived lentiviral DNA via interacting with HIV-1 integrase and recruit HDACs to viral DNA to repress lentiviral gene expression.
18558084 The Fas-binding domain (residues 625-740) of DAXX is required for the interaction between DAXX and HIV-1 IN. DAXX interacts with IN to inhibit HIV-1 gene expression
18508722 This review analyzes Daxx spatiotemporal behavior within and outside of neutrophls and discuses functions attributed to these localizations. [REVIEW]
18480747 role in the early apoptotic response to ischemic renal injury
18480450 reorganization of the PML nuclear body by E4 ORF3 antagonizes an innate antiviral response mediated by both PML and Daxx.
18200667 Data show that overexpression of Daxx in HepG(2) cells decreased intracellular cholesterol accumulation, which might be associated with inhibition of SREBP activity and an increase in caveolin-1 expression.
18003619 Data support a novel molecular function of Daxx as an upstream regulator of NHE1 in ischemic cell death.
17947514 Viral IE gene expression is only observed upon cellular differentiation, suggesting little involvement of Daxx in the regulation of the human cytomegalovirus immediate-early (IE) gene expression in undifferentiated cells.
17942542 promyelocytic leukemia protein (PML) and hDaxx, mediate an intrinsic immune response against HCMV infection by contributing independently to the silencing of HCMV IE gene expression.
17938171 Pin1-mediated prolyl isomerization plays an important role in the negative regulation of Daxx and thereby inhibits the oxidative stress-induced cellular apoptotic response, particularly in malignant tumor cells where Pin1 is often overexpressed.
17707345 Results indicate that the interaction of Daxx and dengue virus capsid protein involves in apoptosis of dengue virus-infected liver cells.
17661348 RLKRK at residues 227-231 (NLS1) causes nuclear localization of N-terminal domain & KKSRKEKK at residues 630-637 (NLS2) causes nuclear localization of C-terminal domain. Daxx interacts selectively with importin alpha3 via NLS1 & NLS2.
17596307 Our work demonstrates that, in certain cell types, HCMV must silence its own gene expression to establish quiescence and prevent abortive infection and that the virus usurps a Daxx-mediated cellular intrinsic immune defense mechanism to do so.
17471023 Daxx may be an important predictive factor in cellular response to paclitaxel, which emphasizes a critical but unknown function of this protein in mitotic progression, which, when disabled, leads to survival advantages upon paclitaxel treatment.
17389020 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
17362989 The physical interaction between Daxx and p65 provides a functional framework for the inhibition of p65 acetylation by p300/CBP and subsequent repression of NF-kappaB transcriptional activity.
17289031 Upon ischemic stress, nuclear export of Daxx to the cytoplasm was observed in primary myocytes as well as in various cell lines.
17081986 These results provide mechanistic insights into Daxx in SUMO-dependent transcriptional control and subnuclear compartmentalization.
17035242 Daxx in nuclear domain 10 functions at the site of cytomegalovirus genome deposition to repress transcription of incoming viral genomes
16818774 Interferon-induced growth suppression of B lymphocytes requires nuclear localization of Daxx through its sumoylation and proper interactions with promyelocytic leukemia protein (PML).
16810318 Nuclear commponents Daxx and Ras-association domain family 1C (RASSF1C) link DNA damage to stress-activated protein kinase/c-Jun N-terminal kinase (SAPK/JNK) activation in HeLa cells.
16731959 the impaired growth phenotype associated with the UL82 (pp71) deletion mutant is abolished when hDaxx knockdown cells are infected, suggesting that pp71 functions to relieve hDaxx-mediated repression during HCMV infection
16569639 Daxx reduced DNA binding activity of Tcf4 and repressed Tcf4 transcriptional activity.
16524876 SPOP/Cul3-ubiquitin ligase plays an essential role in the control of Daxx level and, thus, in the regulation of Daxx-mediated cellular processes, including transcriptional regulation and apoptosis
16475184 SUMO has a biological role in enhancing the cytoplasmonuclear transport of its target protein Daxx
16331268 results indicate that Daxx may serve as a transcriptional regulator of type I IFN-mediated suppression of the IL-6/STAT3 signaling pathway
16088932 Daxx acts as an intermediary messenger of pro-apoptotic signals triggered by oxidative stress
15919932 interaction with human Cytomegalovirus UL82 regulates Cytomegalovirus immediate-early gene expression and viral replication
15861194 first evidence that Daxx promotes cell death and JNK activation in physiological conditions
15795247 Daxx interacts with an integrase-viral DNA complex early after infection and may mediate the repression of viral gene expression.
15637079 Daxx suppresses Smad4-mediated transcriptional activity by direct interaction with the sumoylated Smad4 and has a role in regulating transforming growth factor beta signaling
15572661 DAXX is a negative regulator of androgen receptor transcriptional activity.
15339933 Results describe the role of Daxx in modulating the apoptotic threshold and identify it as a possible integrating factor that coordinates the response of p53 family members.
15258908 Daxx501-625-induced apoptosis is mediated through the ASK1-MEK-JNK/p38-Bim-Bax-dependent caspase pathway
15240113 Mutagenesis study suggests that the ability of SPOP to self-associate as well as its ability to bind with Daxx was important for the modulation of Daxx-mediated transcriptional repression.
15128734 Tryptophan 621 and serine 667 residues of Daxx regulate its nuclear export during glucose deprivation
15033475 molecular interactions between Daxx and TSG101 establish an efficient repressive transcription complex in the nucleus
14990586 the ATRX.Daxx complex is a novel ATP-dependent chromatin-remodeling complex, with ATRX being the core ATPase subunit and Daxx being the targeting subunit
14637155 In this study, we show that c-FLIP(L) but not c-FLIP(S) physically binds to Daxx through interaction between C-terminal domain of c-FLIP(L) and Fas-binding domain of Daxx, an alternative Fas signaling adaptor.
14557665 binds to the Adenovirus E1B 55-kDa protein and inhibits its augmentation of p53 mediated transcription and thus may contribute to cell transformation.
14517282 Daxx may inhibit Fas and stress-mediated apoptosis by suppressing proapoptotic gene expression outside of PML domains
12968034 glucose deprivation activates the ASK1-SEK1-JNK1-HIPK1 pathway, relocalizing Daxx from the nucleus to the cytoplasm, where Daxx binds to ASK1, and subsequently leads to ASK1 oligomerization
12953102 forms complex with ATRX syndrome protein and localizes in promyelocytic leukemia nuclear bodies
12917339 These results suggest that ZIPK, in collaboration with Daxx and Par-4, mediates a novel nuclear pathway for apoptosis
12595526 Promyelocytic leukemia protein (PML) functions as a glucocorticoid receptor co-activator by sequestering Daxx to the PML oncogenic domains (PODs) to enhance its transactivation potential.
12482984 Interaction of Daxx with p53 is highly dependent upon the specific mutation of p53. Tumorigenic mutants of p53 bind to Daxx and inhibit Daxx-dependent activation of the apoptosis signal-regulating kinase 1 stress-inducible kinases
12482920 Increased apoptosis was observed in DAXX-depleted cells, showing DAXX to be anti-apoptotic. The apoptosis induced by the absence of DAXX was rescued by Bcl-2 overexpression.
12150977 modification by small ubiquitin-related modifier-1
12140263 Data show that Daxx associates with proteins critical for transcriptional repression, such as histone deacetylase 2 and Dek, a chromatin-associated protein reported to change the topology of DNA in chromatin in vitro.
12097584 Daxx-mediated accumulation of human cytomegalovirus tegument protein pp71 at ND10 facilitates initiation of viral infection at these nuclear domains
11948183 transcriptional repression modulated by 58-kDa microspherule protein
11799127 interaction with Pax5 resulting in transcriptional activation in B cells
9215629 A partial human cDNA clone was identified by its interaction with murine Fas in a yeast two-hybrid screening. The human clone was then used to clone the murine Daxx, which was further characterized.

AA Sequence

PSPARLSQTPHSQPPRPGTCKTSVATQCDPEEIIVLSDSD                                  701 - 740

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18558084 2008 Daxx interacts with HIV-1 integrase and inhibits lentiviral gene expression.
18508722 2008 PML NBs (ND10) and Daxx: from nuclear structure to protein function.
18480747 2008 Induction of proapoptotic Daxx following ischemic acute kidney injury.
18480450 2008 Cellular proteins PML and Daxx mediate an innate antiviral defense antagonized by the adenovirus E4 ORF3 protein.
18220336 2008 Combining protein-based IMAC, peptide-based IMAC, and MudPIT for efficient phosphoproteomic analysis.
18200667 2008 Effect of Daxx on cholesterol accumulation in hepatic cells.
18031230 2007 Daxx mediates SUMO-dependent transcriptional control and subnuclear compartmentalization.
18029348 2008 Toward a confocal subcellular atlas of the human proteome.
18003619 2008 Physical interactions and functional coupling between Daxx and sodium hydrogen exchanger 1 in ischemic cell death.
17947514 2007 Knockdown of hDaxx in normally non-permissive undifferentiated cells does not permit human cytomegalovirus immediate-early gene expression.
17942542 2008 Nuclear domain 10 components promyelocytic leukemia protein and hDaxx independently contribute to an intrinsic antiviral defense against human cytomegalovirus infection.
17938171 2007 A suppressive role of the prolyl isomerase Pin1 in cellular apoptosis mediated by the death-associated protein Daxx.
17707345 2007 Sensitization to Fas-mediated apoptosis by dengue virus capsid protein.
17661348 2008 Daxx contains two nuclear localization signals and interacts with importin alpha3.
17596307 2007 Human cytomegalovirus gene expression is silenced by Daxx-mediated intrinsic immune defense in model latent infections established in vitro.
17471023 2007 Daxx shortens mitotic arrest caused by paclitaxel.
17404597 2007 Axin bridges Daxx to p53.
17389020 2007 Sequence variation within the major histocompatibility complex subregion centromeric of HLA class II in type 1 diabetes.
17362989 2007 Inhibition of NF-kappaB acetylation and its transcriptional activity by Daxx.
17289031 2007 Subcellular localization of Daxx determines its opposing functions in ischemic cell death.
17210684 2007 Daxx cooperates with the Axin/HIPK2/p53 complex to induce cell death.
17081986 2006 Role of SUMO-interacting motif in Daxx SUMO modification, subnuclear localization, and repression of sumoylated transcription factors.
17081983 2006 Global, in vivo, and site-specific phosphorylation dynamics in signaling networks.
17035242 2006 Human Daxx-mediated repression of human cytomegalovirus gene expression correlates with a repressive chromatin structure around the major immediate early promoter.
16964243 2006 A probability-based approach for high-throughput protein phosphorylation analysis and site localization.
16845383 2006 Critical role for Daxx in regulating Mdm2.
16818774 2006 Sumoylation of Daxx regulates IFN-induced growth suppression of B lymphocytes and the hormone receptor-mediated transactivation.
16810318 2006 Release of RASSF1C from the nucleus by Daxx degradation links DNA damage and SAPK/JNK activation.
16731959 2006 Human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) UL82 gene product (pp71) relieves hDaxx-mediated repression of HCMV replication.
16679534 2006 CGI-55 interacts with nuclear proteins and co-localizes to p80-coilin positive-coiled bodies in the nucleus.
16569639 2006 Physiological and functional interactions between Tcf4 and Daxx in colon cancer cells.
16524876 2006 BTB domain-containing speckle-type POZ protein (SPOP) serves as an adaptor of Daxx for ubiquitination by Cul3-based ubiquitin ligase.
16475184 2006 SUMO regulates the cytoplasmonuclear transport of its target protein Daxx.
16455055 2006 Evidence for the interaction of the regulatory protein Ki-1/57 with p53 and its interacting proteins.
16406523 2006 Daxx: death or survival protein?
16331268 2006 Physical and functional interactions between Daxx and STAT3.
16088932 2005 Upregulation of Daxx mediates apoptosis in response to oxidative stress.
15983381 2005 Interaction of DJ-1 with Daxx inhibits apoptosis signal-regulating kinase 1 activity and cell death.
15919932 2005 Interaction between the human cytomegalovirus UL82 gene product (pp71) and hDaxx regulates immediate-early gene expression and viral replication.
15878163 2005 The death domain-associated protein modulates activity of the transcription co-factor Skip/NcoA62.
15861194 2005 Daxx is required for stress-induced cell death and JNK activation.
15795247 2005 The cellular protein daxx interacts with avian sarcoma virus integrase and viral DNA to repress viral transcription.
15637079 2005 Daxx mediates the small ubiquitin-like modifier-dependent transcriptional repression of Smad4.
15572661 2004 Negative modulation of androgen receptor transcriptional activity by Daxx.
15489334 2004 The status, quality, and expansion of the NIH full-length cDNA project: the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC).
15364927 2004 Negative regulation of p53 functions by Daxx and the involvement of MDM2.
15339933 2004 The transcriptional repressor hDaxx potentiates p53-dependent apoptosis.
15302935 2004 Large-scale characterization of HeLa cell nuclear phosphoproteins.
15258908 2004 Daxx deletion mutant (amino acids 501-625)-induced apoptosis occurs through the JNK/p38-Bax-dependent mitochondrial pathway.
15247905 2004 SP100 expression modulates ETS1 transcriptional activity and inhibits cell invasion.
15240113 2004 Daxx-mediated transcriptional repression of MMP1 gene is reversed by SPOP.
15128734 2004 Tryptophan 621 and serine 667 residues of Daxx regulate its nuclear export during glucose deprivation.
15033475 2004 Physical and functional interactions between Daxx and TSG101.
14990586 2004 A novel transcription regulatory complex containing death domain-associated protein and the ATR-X syndrome protein.
14978102 2004 Physical and functional interactions between Daxx and DNA methyltransferase 1-associated protein, DMAP1.
14702039 2004 Complete sequencing and characterization of 21,243 full-length human cDNAs.
14678985 2003 HIPK2 regulates transforming growth factor-beta-induced c-Jun NH(2)-terminal kinase activation and apoptosis in human hepatoma cells.
14637155 2003 Long form of cellular FLICE-inhibitory protein interacts with Daxx and prevents Fas-induced JNK activation.
14574404 2003 The DNA sequence and analysis of human chromosome 6.
14557665 2003 Adenovirus E1B 55-kilodalton oncoprotein binds to Daxx and eliminates enhancement of p53-dependent transcription by Daxx.
14517282 2003 Daxx silencing sensitizes cells to multiple apoptotic pathways.
12968034 2003 Role of the ASK1-SEK1-JNK1-HIPK1 signal in Daxx trafficking and ASK1 oligomerization.
12954772 2003 Identification of Daxx interacting with p73, one of the p53 family, and its regulation of p53 activity by competitive interaction with PML.
12953102 2003 The ATRX syndrome protein forms a chromatin-remodeling complex with Daxx and localizes in promyelocytic leukemia nuclear bodies.
12917339 2003 ZIP kinase triggers apoptosis from nuclear PML oncogenic domains.
12595526 2003 Promyelocytic leukemia protein (PML) functions as a glucocorticoid receptor co-activator by sequestering Daxx to the PML oncogenic domains (PODs) to enhance its transactivation potential.
12529400 2003 Homeodomain-interacting protein kinase 1 modulates Daxx localization, phosphorylation, and transcriptional activity.
12482984 2003 Inhibition of stress-inducible kinase pathways by tumorigenic mutant p53.
12482920 2003 RNAi reveals anti-apoptotic and transcriptionally repressive activities of DAXX.
12477932 2002 Generation and initial analysis of more than 15,000 full-length human and mouse cDNA sequences.
12150977 2002 Modification of Daxx by small ubiquitin-related modifier-1.
12140263 2002 Daxx and histone deacetylase II associate with chromatin through an interaction with core histones and the chromatin-associated protein Dek.
12097584 2002 Daxx-mediated accumulation of human cytomegalovirus tegument protein pp71 at ND10 facilitates initiation of viral infection at these nuclear domains.
12033769 2002 Reorganization of nuclear domain 10 induced by papillomavirus capsid protein l2.
11948183 2002 Essential role of the 58-kDa microspherule protein in the modulation of Daxx-dependent transcriptional repression as revealed by nucleolar sequestration.
11842083 2002 The insulin-sensitive glucose transporter, GLUT4, interacts physically with Daxx. Two proteins with capacity to bind Ubc9 and conjugated to SUMO1.
11799127 2002 The interaction of Pax5 (BSAP) with Daxx can result in transcriptional activation in B cells.
11773067 2002 Molecular mechanisms involved in CD43-mediated apoptosis of TF-1 cells. Roles of transcription Daxx expression, and adhesion molecules.
11716541 2001 Interferon-induced antiviral Mx1 GTPase is associated with components of the SUMO-1 system and promyelocytic leukemia protein nuclear bodies.
11495919 2001 Apoptosis signal-regulating kinase 1 controls the proapoptotic function of death-associated protein (Daxx) in the cytoplasm.
11483955 2001 TGF-beta-induced apoptosis is mediated by the adapter protein Daxx that facilitates JNK activation.
11244500 2001 Regulation of Pax3 transcriptional activity by SUMO-1-modified PML.
11193028 2000 The interaction of HSP27 with Daxx identifies a potential regulatory role of HSP27 in Fas-induced apoptosis.
11112409 2000 Interaction of Daxx, a Fas binding protein, with sentrin and Ubc9.
11034606 2000 FIST/HIPK3: a Fas/FADD-interacting serine/threonine kinase that induces FADD phosphorylation and inhibits fas-mediated Jun NH(2)-terminal kinase activation.
11003656 2000 Inhibition of Daxx-mediated apoptosis by heat shock protein 27.
10698492 2000 EAP1/Daxx interacts with ETS1 and represses transcriptional activation of ETS1 target genes.
10684855 2000 Promyelocytic leukemia protein (PML) and Daxx participate in a novel nuclear pathway for apoptosis.
10669754 2000 Sequestration and inhibition of Daxx-mediated transcriptional repression by PML.
10525530 1999 PML is critical for ND10 formation and recruits the PML-interacting protein daxx to this nuclear structure when modified by SUMO-1.
10504293 1999 A dynamic connection between centromeres and ND10 proteins.
10444590 1999 Loss of Daxx, a promiscuously interacting protein, results in extensive apoptosis in early mouse development.
10393185 1999 The Pax3-FKHR oncoprotein is unresponsive to the Pax3-associated repressor hDaxx.
9743501 1998 Activation of apoptosis signal-regulating kinase 1 (ASK1) by the adapter protein Daxx.
9645950 1998 Interphase-specific association of intrinsic centromere protein CENP-C with HDaxx, a death domain-binding protein implicated in Fas-mediated cell death.
9545376 1998 TAPASIN, DAXX, RGL2, HKE2 and four new genes (BING 1, 3 to 5) form a dense cluster at the centromeric end of the MHC.
9521053 1998 Genomic analysis of the Tapasin gene, located close to the TAP loci in the MHC.
9407001 1997 Cloning and expression of primate Daxx cDNAs and mapping of the human gene to chromosome 6p21.3 in the MHC region.
9215629 1997 Daxx, a novel Fas-binding protein that activates JNK and apoptosis.
8125298 1994 Oligo-capping: a simple method to replace the cap structure of eukaryotic mRNAs with oligoribonucleotides.