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25964531 This is the first study to analyze the association between genetic variations in the CRYBB2 gene with PCa. rs9608380, associated with Prostate cancer, is a potentially functional variant
25489230 Congenital cataracts were caused by the de novo gene conversion event in CRYBB2 in a consanguineous Jewish Ashkenazi family.
24704203 The distinct behaviors of the mutants suggested that the residue at position 188 might play a regulatory role in betaB2-crystallin aggregation/fibrillization but not reside in the core of the aggregates/fibrils.
24312286 missense mutation in CRYBB2 gene leads to progressive congenital membranous cataract by impacting the solubility and function of betaB2-crystallin
24120835 The last strand at the C-terminus of CRYBB2 is important for the protein stability and assembly.
23236454 The congenital cataract-linked A2V mutation impairs tetramer formation and promotes aggregation of betaB2-crystallin.
22846113 Identification of the first CRYBB2 mutation in an Italian family causing a clinical picture of autosomal dominant congenital cataract.
22312185 A novel missense mutation, p.Arg188His, in CRYBB2 is associated with congenital cataract in a family of Croatian origin.
21877723 The Asp residue at position 4 of betaB2-crystallin in the lenses of the aged human eye lenses undergoes a significant degree of inversion and isomerization to the biologically D-beta-Asp.
21402992 Analyses of 20 Chinese families with hereditary nuclear congenital cataract revealed 3 novel mutations. Two of these mutations (V146M and I21N) affected betaB2-crystallin (CRYBB2). One mutation (R233H) was detected in betaB1-crystallin (CRYBB1).
21245961 analysis of a novel CRYBB2 gene mutation, resulting in the amino substitution p. A2V in a Chinese family with posterior subcapsular congenital cataracts
21031021 Two new mutations, one in GJA3 and the other in CRYBB2, were identified co-segregating along with the respective cataract phenotype within the families that were not seen in healthy controls from India or Germany.
20565250 Variant alleles of the CRYBB1 and CRYBB2 genes were found, none are considered pathogenic.
19649175 This study identified a missense mutation in CRYBB2 in a family of Basotho with autosomal dominant congenital cataract (ADCC).
19321936 This is the first report of congenital cerulean cataract associated with a mutation in CRYBB2 in a Chinese family.
19190732 deamidation decreased formation of hetero-oligomers between beta-crystallin subunits; excess accumulation of deamidated beta-crystallins in vivo may disrupt normal protein-protein interactions and diminish the stabilizing effects between them
18617901 a novel cataract-causing mutation, c.92C>G in exon 2 of the CRYBB2 gene, which causes the 31st residue serine substituted by tryptophan (S31W), was identified in an autosomal dominant coronary cataract family.
18449377 These results provide evidence that CRYBB2 is a pathogenic gene for congenital cataracts; at the same time, congenital cataracts are a clinically and genetically heterogeneous lens condition.
17937660 combined with previously reported observations of alpha-crystallin quaternary structure have led us to propose a structural model of how activated alpha-crystallin chaperones unfolded betaB2-crystallin
17653036 the CRYBB2 D128V mutation segregates only in family members affected with congenital cataracts and is not seen in representative controls; it represents the first mutation outside exon 6 of the human CRYBB2 gene
17234267 Cataracts in ADC53 Chilean family are caused by mutation in CRYBB2 gene; as 2 variations in CRYBB2 are identical to reference sequence of pseudogene CRYBB2P1, which has over 97% homology to CRYBB2, a gene conversion probably has occurred.
16519509 These results suggest that deamidation at critical sites destabilizes betaB2 and may disrupt the function of betaB2 in the lens.
16319073 The V60E and V144E mutants were found to be partially unfolded and incapable of forming a complete dimer.
16179907 Our finding expands the spectrum of cataract phenotypes caused by the Q155X mutation of CRYBB2, confirms the phenotypic heterogeneity of this mutation and suggests the mechanism that influences the congenital cataract formation.
15452067 Exon 6 of CRYBB2 appears to be a critical region susceptible for mutations leading to lens opacity.
12535638 Results show that betaB2-crystallin undergoes age-related truncation producing fragments with M(r) between 4 and 19kDa that are present in the beta(H)-crystallin oligomer.
12457849 calculation of the standard free-energy by equilibrium unfolding transition in guanidine hydrochloride

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