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23159606 Despite the disruption of betaB1-crystallin assembly, the thermal stability of betaB1-crystallin was increased by the mutation accompanied by the reduction of thermal aggregation at high temperatures
22267527 Sequencing of this gene revealed a homozygous c.171del mutation (p.N58Tfs*107) with a shared haplotype in all 16 children.
22032798 The formation of beta-crystallin heteromers not only stabilizes the unstable acidic beta-crystallin but also protects them against aggregation during refolding from the stress-denatured states.
21972112 study identified a novel heterozygous p.Ser129Arg mutation in CRYBB1 in a congenital cataract-microcornea syndrome family of Chinese origin
21447408 The presence of significant amounts of small peptides derived from gammaS- and betaB1-crystallins in the water-insoluble fraction of the lens indicates that these interact tightly with cytoskeletal or membrane components.
21402992 Analyses of 20 Chinese families with hereditary nuclear congenital cataract revealed 3 novel mutations. Two of these mutations (V146M and I21N) affected betaB2-crystallin (CRYBB2). One mutation (R233H) was detected in betaB1-crystallin (CRYBB1).
20616077 Data show a significant demixing of gammaD and betaB1 i.e., large difference of composition in the two coexisting phases.
20565250 Variant alleles of the CRYBB1 and CRYBB2 genes were found, none are considered pathogenic.
19548648 Results suggest that the N-terminal arm of betaB1-crystallin interacts with betaA3-crystallin during heterooligomerization, and the solubility of betaB1-crystallin and the heterooligomer are dependent on the intact C-terminal domain of betaB1-crystallin.
19463898 Studies show that The major proteins in the lens--alpha, beta, and gamma-crystallins--are constantly subjected to age-related changes.
19461930 study identified an initiation codon mutation in CRYBB1 in a family with autosomal recessive form of congenital cataract (nuclear pulverulent cataract)
19190732 deamidation decreased formation of hetero-oligomers between beta-crystallin subunits; excess accumulation of deamidated beta-crystallins in vivo may disrupt normal protein-protein interactions and diminish the stabilizing effects between them
19071118 These data suggest a mechanism whereby a transient disulfide bond occurs between alphaA- and betaB1-crystallin followed by a disulfide exchange with cysteine 49 of a neighboring alphaA-crystallin subunit.
18432316 This study has identified a novel nonsense mutation in CRYBB1 (p.Q223X) associated with autosomal dominant congenital nuclear cataract.
17531125 study identified a novel mutation in CRYBB1 gene in a Chinese family with autosomal dominant congenital cataract; results provide strong evidence that CRYBB1 is a pathogenic gene for congenital cataract
17460281 The current study showed that a different mutation in the same gene causes an autosomal recessive form of the disease.
17448466 The dimeric intermediate may be a critical determinant for the life-long stability of the beta-crystallins and has important consequences on interactions with alpha-crystallin.
17327390 the sequence of betaB2-crystallin appears well optimized for domain swapping
16331646 fundamental transcriptional regulatory mechanism of the betaB1-crystallin gene has been well conserved between humans and zebrafish
16110300 The molecular characterization of a UK family with an autosomal dominant congenital cataract associated with microcornea is reported
14573871 1.4 angstroms resolution crystal structure of a truncated version of human betaB1 that resembles an in vivo age-related truncation
12360425 Mutation G220X is associated with autosomal dominant cataract.

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