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26975472 alphaA-crystallin membrane insertion is oligomer-size dependent
26867756 The p.R21Q mutation of CRYAA is the most likely cause of paediatric cataract in this family.
26719333 Collectively, these studies show that FGF signaling up-regulates expression of alphaA-crystallin both directly and indirectly via up-regulation of c-Maf.
26700637 isomerization of Asp might disrupt the higher order polymeric state of alpha-crystallin, resulting in decreased solubility and function, ultimately contributing to lens protein impairment and cataract formation with aging
26657544 Similar to wild type alphaA- and alphaB-crystallins, the deamidated mutants showed strong interaction with betaA3-crystallin.
26459035 these results suggest that individuals carrying the alphaA-Crystallin R12C mutation are at an increased risk to develop early-onset cataract under condition of oxidative stress
26351848 In the lens epithelium of the high myopia-related cataract group and the age related cataract group, the mRNA and soluble protein expression of aA- and aB-crystallin were both decreased.
26116912 Since alpha-crystallins play an important role in preventing cataract in the eye lens and in the development of diverse diseases, understanding their mechanism and substrate spectra is of importance. [review]
26080000 Congenital cataract causing arginine mutations alters the structure and decreases the chaperone function of alpha-crystallin. These mutations also affect the lens morphology and phenotypes (review).
26004348 Identification of a novel mutation in CRYAA associated with congenital cataracts.
25729975 A novel disease-causing mutation, c.246_248delCGC (p.117delR), of the CRYAA gene has been identified in a Chinese family with autosomal-type perinuclear congenital cataracts.
25694240 The loss of interactions between alpha A-crystallin N-terminal mutants and alpha B-crystallin signifies quaternary structural alterations due to mutation in the arginine residues.
25663476 CpG islands hypermethylation of alphaA-crystallin gene may be involved in nuclear cataract formation after pars plana vitrectomy.
25574047 Knockout of alphaA-crystallin inhibited pathologic neovascularization through the VEGF and VEGFR2 signaling pathways both in vitro and in vivo.
25478825 A 19-residue fragment of human alpha-crystallin A not only exhibits chaperone-like activity toward gamma D-crystallin but also forms a stable complex with it.
25018622 N-terminal mutants of alphaA-crystallin are structurally and functionally more sensitive to gamma irradiation when compared to their non irradiated counterparts and wt.
24951543 Genetic variations of KCNAB1 and CRYAA are associated with age-related nuclear cataract.
24453475 One-hundred and twenty-seven of 17,225 human full-length proteins were identified that interact with CRYAA.
24275510 All alpha-crystallins displayed significant protection to oxidative stress induced cell death, while only the alphaB-crystallins reduced cell death induced by thermal stress.
24074001 This study identified a novel disease-causing mutation c.161 G > T (p.R54L) in CRYAA in a Chinese family with autosomal dominant nuclear cataracts.
23755258 Protein interaction motifs identified in mutant alpha A crystallin by subunit cross-linking and mass spectrometry.
23508955 The alphaA- and alphaB-crystallin peptides inhibited stress-induced aggregation of four client proteins, and the alphaA-acetyl peptide was more effective than the native peptide against three of the client proteins.
23441109 A CRYAA mutation is identified in family A and a CRYGC mutation in family B with congenital cataract
23410823 We show that proteases with the potential to generate alphaA-66-80 peptide are present in bovine and human lenses.
23288997 A novel disease-causing mutation c.161G>C (p.R54P) in the CRYAA gene has been identified in a Chinese family with autosomal dominant Y-suture cataracts.
23255486 the p.R21Q mutation in CRYAA responsible for the cataract phenotype observed in this family
22982407 Lysine acetylation improves anti-apoptotic function of CRYAB and CRYAA.
22970163 The present study was undertaken to determine the effect of alphaA-crystallin-derived mini-chaperone on the stability and chaperone activity of alphaAG98R-crystallin.
22889833 Data suggest that alphaA-crystallin (CRYAA) undergoes epigenetic repression in the lens epithelia in age-related nuclear cataract.
22655036 The perturbed conformation of human gamma-crystallin D, I90F mutant, was recognized and bound by both alpha-crystallin A and alpha-crystallin B chaperones.
22359280 The Phase II inflammation was responsible for vision-threatening opacity and was markedly suppressed by different means of inhibition of the HSPB4/TLR2/NF-kappaB axis.
22347476 interaction of the mutants of alphaA-crystallin with alphaB-crystallin was studied. The subunit exchange rates of R21W and R116C with alphaB-wt decreased drastically as compared to alphaA-wt interacting with alphaB-wt.
22347398 The decrease of both Deltamu and gamma at Tc, and a relative increase in solubility, reveal a significative decrease in the strenght of alpha-crystallin subunits interactions, which protects from supramolecolar condensation in hypertermic conditions
22272318 Data show that among the three small heat shock proteins, Hsp27, alphaA- and alphaB-crystallin, the R12A mutation improved the chaperone function of only alphaA-crystallin.
22216983 This study identified a novel cataract-microcornea phenotype caused by the recurrent mutation p.R116H in CRYAA, and suggested that this mutation site is not likely the consequence of a founder effect, but probably a result of a mutational hot spot.
22210387 Subunit exchange kinetics leading to HspB1-HspB5 or HspB4-HspB5 hetero-complex formation revealed that HspB5 exchanges more rapidly subunits with HspB1 than with HspB4.
22169612 A missense mutation in CRYAA is associated with congenital anterior polar cataract in a Chinese family.
22140512 Mutants of alphaA-crystallin form aggregates and aggresomes.
22120592 The chaperone function of the in vitro acetylated alphaA-crystallin was higher against three of the four different client proteins tested.
22085609 alpha-crystallin complexes containing F71L-alphaA subunits are less stable and have reduced chaperone-like activity
22065922 The present study identified a missense mutation (R116H) in the CRYAA gene that causes autosomal dominant congenital anterior polar cataracts in a Chinese family.
22052021 alphaA-crystallin was up-regulated in the cytoplasm of photoreceptors in the Sympathetic ophthalmia retina
22045060 quaternary structural parameters and chaperone function were investigated in alphaA-wt and in the mutants: R12C, R21L, R21W, R49C, R54C, R116C and R116H; although a specific change in the alphaA-crystallin behavior that is common to all the mutants was not evident, each mutant showed one or more perturbation as the end effect that leads to cataract
21866213 Novel mutations in the crystalline genes have been identified in Chinese families with congenital cataracts.
21686328 Mutations in GJA8 and CRYAA were identified in three Chinese families with cataract and microcornea.
21617844 alphaA-crystallin and AGE were highly expressed in human diabetic retina. alphaA-crystallin responded to AGE accumulation, which may contribute to the protection of photoreceptors against AGE-related retinal tissue injury.
21612679 The c.34C > T mutation in CRYAA caused the occurrence of congenital cataract with microcornea in this family.
21552534 crystallin-derived peptides such as alphaA-(66-80), generated in vivo, can induce age-related lens changes by disrupting the structure and organization of crystallins
21364639 Results show that alphaA-crystallin inhibits apoptosis by enhancing PI3K activity and inactivating phosphatase tensin homologue and that the antiapoptotic function is directly related to its chaperone activity.
21300147 role of the chaperone site in Cu2+ binding in native alphaA-crystallin was confirmed by the significant loss of chaperone activity by the peptide after Cu2+ binding
21245144 evidence for the first time that expression of deamidated alphaA-crystallin caused disruption of fiber cell structural integrity, protein aggregation, insolubilization, and mild cortical lens opacity.
21092858 Pax6 expression in dopaminergic neurons of the olfactory bulb controls the expression of crystallin alpha A which regulates the survival of these neurons.
21061147 Methylglyoxal modification destroys the folded structure and hydrophobic clefts in a-crystallin accelerating cataract formation of eye lens.
20813964 Elevated alpha crystallin is associated with highly infiltrative apoptosis-resistant glioblastoma.
20606865 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20465443 Mutation in CRYAA gene causing autosomal dominant nuclear cataracts. Some patients show nystagmus or small blepharophimosis. These results provide evidence that CRYAA is a pathogenic gene for congenital cataracts.
20434541 AlphaA-crystallin seems to negatively regulate pancreatic carcinogenesis.
20079887 the missense mutation R116H resulted in an altered size distribution, impaired packing of secondary structures and modified quaternary structure with great hydrophobic exposure. The mutant exhibited a substrate-dependent chaperone or anti-chaperone effect
19862354 unlike wild type alphaA-crystallin, G98R AlphaA-crystallin and its mixed oligomers with wild type protein are vulnerable to heavy metal ions.
19651604 The structures of recombinant alpha-crystallins were analyzed using biophysical methods.
19595763 This is the first report of an alphaA-F71L mutation being associated with ge-related cataract.
19595763 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19558454 Co-immunoprecipitation experiments rule out an interaction of alphaA(alphaB)-crystallins with PAR-1, PAR-3, and PAR-4, demonstrating that alphaA(alphaB)-crystallins are PAR-2-specific interaction proteins.
19503744 R12C mutation in CRYAA was responsible for a variable type of inherited cataract associated with microcornea in this Chinese family; expression of R12C CRYAA with altered chaperoning capability modified the heat-shock response of affected cells
19463898 Studies show that The major proteins in the lens--alpha, beta, and gamma-crystallins--are constantly subjected to age-related changes.
19401464 the motifs III and IV of betaA3-crystallin were interactive with alphaA-crystallin, and motifs II and III of betaA3-crystallin primarily interacted with alphaB-crystallin
19390652 Report a new nonsense mutation (Y56X) in CRYGD and a prev'ly reported missense mutation (R12C) in CRYAA associated with nuclear autosomal dominant congenital cataract in Brazilian families. A new polymorphism (S119S) in CRYGC was observed in one family.
19071118 These data suggest a mechanism whereby a transient disulfide bond occurs between alphaA- and betaB1-crystallin followed by a disulfide exchange with cysteine 49 of a neighboring alphaA-crystallin subunit.
19020808 These results suggest that the two cysteine residues, even though they could be modified, do not take part in the MGO-induced improvement in the chaperone function of human alpha A-crystallin
18949065 A serine-type betaA3-crystallin proteinase existed in an inactive state in the alpha-crystallin fraction and was activated by detergents.
18779867 the eleven C-terminal residues including Arg-163 and the C-terminal flexible arm of CRYAA significantly affect the interaction with target proteins
18754677 A maximum loss in chaperone activity of lens alpha A-crystallin occurs following deamidation of asparagine123, followed by deletion of the N-terminal domain (residues 1-63), but none occurred on the deletion of C-terminal extension (residues 140-173).
18700785 the decrease in the solubility of the alphaA-R49C mutant protein was due to an increase in its hydrophobicity and supra-aggregation of alphaA-crystallin that leads to cataract formation.
18692065 Results describe the selective copper binding, redox silencing, and cytoprotective effects of the small heat shock proteins alphaA- and alphaB-crystallin.
18639655 BB is the most susceptible to gamma-irradiation and that alpha B-crystallin forms a more stable aggregate than alpha A-crystallin under normal conditions.
18521724 This study was aimed to investigate the effect of AGE crosslinks on the chaperone activity of alpha-crystallin.
18477484 structures close to Asp58 and Asp151 residues in the protein affect the rate constant of Asp racemization and the size and chaperone function of alpha A-crystallin
18407550 Sequencing of CRYAA revealed a novel heterozygous G>A transition (c.346G>A) in exon 3 that cosegregated with the disease phenotype and results in a conservative substitution of Arg to His at codon 116
18344542 Findings support the hypothesis that positively charged guanidino group on arginine residues keeps the chaperone function of alphaA-crystallin in check and that methylglyoxal neutralizes this charge to restore and enhance chaperone function.
18343237 These results suggest that the changes in the structure and function of the alpha-crystallin complex and cytotoxicity are vital factors in the pathogenesis of congenital cataract linked to the P20S mutation in the alphaB-crystallin.
18302245 With the exception of iris coloboma, the clinical features (cataracts, microcornea and/or corneal opacity) in all six previously reported families with mutations in the CRYAA gene were found in this family
18199971 G98R mutation causes conformational changes that makes the complexes the mutant protein forms with certain substrates prone to precipitattion, suggesting an etiology of cataract in individuals with this mutation.
18095658 Bivalent zinc specifically interacts with alpha-crystallin with a dissociation constant in the submillimolar range.
18056999 this is the first knock-in mouse model for a crystallin mutation causing hereditary human cataract and establishes that alphaA-R49C promotes protein insolubility and cell death in vivo.
18004741 presence of measurable interactions between MIP26 and all crystallins, with the extent of interactions decreasing from alphaA- and alphaB-crystallin to betaB2- and gammaC-crystallin.
17973972 Presbyopia may be the result of a loss of alpha-crystallin coupled with progressive heat-induced denaturation of structural proteins in the lens during the first five decades of life.
17937925 R54C is the second reported recessive CRYAA mutation associated with congenital cataract and the first with described morphology. punctuate lenticular opacities in carriers and congenital total white cataract with microcornea in homozygotes.
17909943 The presence of an intact C-terminus is essential for the formation of fully integrated heteroaggregates with equal proportion of alphaA and alphaB subunits.
17900621 mixed oligomers of wild-type and G98R alphaA-crystallin exhibit properties dominated by those of the mutant protein in structural aspects, oligomeric size, urea-induced unfolding and, more importantly, the chaperone activity
17724170 Five novel mutations in CRYAA, CRYGD, and GJA8 genes were detected in congenital cataract in association with microcornea
17662998 characterization of the formation of amyloid fibrils by human alphaB-crystallin in detail, and also that of alphaA-crystallin and the disease-related mutant R120G alphaB-crystallin
17296897 This study indicates that an Arg116Cys mutation in the CRYAA gene could be associated with an unusual phenotype in affected individuals.
17258947 alpha A-crystallin is more stable to gamma irradiation than alpha B-crystallin
17149363 G98R mutation in alphaA-crystallin results in altered folding and becomes aggregation-prone leading to formation of large oligomers lacking chaperone function.
16760894 Proper orientation of residues contributing to RS-1 and RS-2 sites in alphaB-crystallin is important for homooligomerization and optimal subunit interaction with alphaA-crystallin.
16751613 results indicate only slight decreased efficiency and increased distance between two probes for the R116C alphaA and R120G alphaB mutations despite conformational changes
16735993 Mapping a locus for syndromal cataract (cataract-microcornea syndrome) on 21q22.3. (CRYAA)
16584192 Positive charges on R21, R49, and R103 are important determinants of chaperone function of alphaA-crystallin & suggest that chemical modification of arginine residues may play a role in protein aggregation during lens aging & cataract formation.
16531622 Mutations in alphaA-crystallin activate substrate binding
16453125 Based upon the unique finding of the mutation and the expression of CRYAA in the lens, this R21L mutation in the CRYAA is considered to be causative for the dominant cataract phenotype.
16012168 May be involved in protection of hepatocytes from the toxic effects of high concentrations of bile acids
15817465 isothermal titration calorimetric analysis of hydrophobicity and the chaperone-like function of alphaA- and alphaB-crystallin
15701626 the rate of subunit exchange is not the critical parameter in determining efficient chaperone behavior for alphaA-crystallin
15388868 Using a cross-linker, close proximity of C termini of alpha A and alpha B crystallins was demonstrated.
15382236 results suggest that the presence of the alpha-crystallin domain and hydrophobic clefts on the protein surface, which correlate poorly with oligomeric size, are important for chaperone function
15284238 both Asn residues (Asn-101 and Asn-123) are required for the structural integrity and chaperone function of alphaA-crystallin
15004872 accumulation and abnormal modification of alpha-crystallins might be implicated in the pathogenic mechanism of anterior polar cataracts.
14532291 the SRLFDQFFG sequence region contributes to the oligomer dynamics in addition to the higher order assembly and structural stability, and is one of the critical motifs in structure-function regulation of alpha A- and alpha B-crystallin
12501218 The regions of alpha A crystallin most affected by interaction with ATP are near putative substrate binding regions, as determined by hydrogen-deuterium exchange.
12369832 The positive charge of a basic amino acid, (such as arginine or lysine) must be preserved at position 116 for the structural and functional integrity of alpha A-crystallin.
12095619 suppression of dithiothreitol-induced aggregation of abrin by alpha A-crystallin
11756414 The R116C mutation in alpha A-crystallin diminishes its protective ability against stress-induced lens epithelial cell apoptosis
894324 Alpha A crystallin is a moonlighting protein that functions as a heat shock protein as well as a lens crystallin.

AA Sequence

FCGPKIQTGLDATHAERAIPVSREEKPTSAPSS                                         141 - 173

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17207965 2007 hORFeome v3.1: a resource of human open reading frames representing over 10,000 human genes.
17149363 2006 The cataract-causing mutation G98R in human alphaA-crystallin leads to folding defects and loss of chaperone activity.
16959974 2006 The consensus coding sequences of human breast and colorectal cancers.
16760894 2006 The interaction between alphaA- and alphaB-crystallin is sequence-specific.
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16012168 2005 Alpha-crystallin is a target gene of the farnesoid X-activated receptor in human livers.
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