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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 31
PubMed Score 29.06
PubTator Score 18.15

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  Differential Expression (23)

Disease log2 FC p
Rheumatoid Arthritis 2.000 2.4e-02
interstitial lung disease -1.100 4.9e-03
permanent atrial fibrillation -1.200 3.4e-02
osteosarcoma 2.089 1.7e-04
glioblastoma -1.100 5.7e-04
sonic hedgehog group medulloblastoma -2.500 2.1e-05
atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumor -1.800 6.0e-04
medulloblastoma, large-cell -2.600 1.2e-05
autosomal dominant Emery-Dreifuss muscul... 1.052 2.5e-02
juvenile dermatomyositis 1.301 2.6e-07
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis 1.037 1.1e-04
Atopic dermatitis -1.100 9.8e-03
pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma liver m... -1.295 4.1e-03
Breast cancer 2.200 2.8e-02
interstitial cystitis 1.500 4.7e-03
adult high grade glioma -1.100 1.6e-02
invasive ductal carcinoma 1.153 3.9e-02
spina bifida -2.935 1.7e-02
Pick disease 1.300 1.8e-04
mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lympho... 2.047 4.7e-03
acute myeloid leukemia 1.200 5.6e-03
ulcerative colitis 1.500 6.4e-05
ovarian cancer -1.700 3.4e-06

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Gene RIF (12)

26627607 Identify a mechanism of VEGF overexpression in liver and mesentery that promotes pathologic, but not physiologic, angiogenesis, via sequential and nonredundant functions of CPEB1 and CPEB4.
26398195 CPEB1, 2, and 4, are essential to successful mitotic cell division.
26361147 findings imply that posttranscriptional deregulation of CPEB4 contributes to the inhibited cell proliferation and the enhanced cell apoptosis in colorectal cancer, and directly targeting CPEB4 by miR-203 might be a strategy in colorectal cancer treatment
26209100 These results suggested that the miR-1246 may promote cell metastasis by targeting CPEB4
25081215 Evidence that CPEB4 uses both its RNA recognition motifs to maintain optimal RNA binding.
24045092 CPEB4 is a candidate biomarker for defining metastatic cancers and directing personalized therapies.
23145039 Knockdown of CPEB4 expression significantly facilitated HCC cell migration and invasion.
22138752 CPEB4, an RNA binding protein that mediates meiotic mRNA cytoplasmic polyadenylation and translation, is overexpressed in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinomas and glioblastomas, where it supports tumor growth, vascularization and invasion.
20935629 Observational study and genome-wide association study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20628086 Observational study of gene-disease association, gene-environment interaction, and pharmacogenomic / toxicogenomic. (HuGE Navigator)
20601676 Observational study and meta-analysis of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19913121 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)

AA Sequence

IHSRAGREFHKPLVKEGGDRPRHISFRWN                                             701 - 729

Text Mined References (36)

PMID Year Title
26627607 2016 Sequential Functions of CPEB1 and CPEB4 Regulate Pathologic Expression of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor and Angiogenesis in Chronic Liver Disease.
26398195 2015 Global Analysis of CPEBs Reveals Sequential and Non-Redundant Functions in Mitotic Cell Cycle.
26361147 2015 MicroRNA-203-mediated posttranscriptional deregulation of CPEB4 contributes to colorectal cancer progression.
26209100 2015 The microRNA-1246 promotes metastasis in non-small cell lung cancer by targeting cytoplasmic polyadenylation element-binding protein 4.
25081215 2014 RNA recognition and self-association of CPEB4 is mediated by its tandem RRM domains.
24275569 2014 An enzyme assisted RP-RPLC approach for in-depth analysis of human liver phosphoproteome.
24045092 2013 CPEB4 is a candidate biomarker for defining metastatic cancers and directing personalized therapies.
23251661 2012 Novel genetic loci identified for the pathophysiology of childhood obesity in the Hispanic population.
23186163 2013 Toward a comprehensive characterization of a human cancer cell phosphoproteome.
23145039 2012 MicroRNA-550a acts as a pro-metastatic gene and directly targets cytoplasmic polyadenylation element-binding protein 4 in hepatocellular carcinoma.
23128233 2012 Host-microbe interactions have shaped the genetic architecture of inflammatory bowel disease.
22681889 2012 The mRNA-bound proteome and its global occupancy profile on protein-coding transcripts.
22658674 2012 Insights into RNA biology from an atlas of mammalian mRNA-binding proteins.
22210626 2012 Genome-wide association study in multiple human prion diseases suggests genetic risk factors additional to PRNP.
22138752 2011 Key contribution of CPEB4-mediated translational control to cancer progression.
21336257 2011 Anti-proliferative protein Tob negatively regulates CPEB3 target by recruiting Caf1 deadenylase.
21102463 2010 Genome-wide meta-analysis increases to 71 the number of confirmed Crohn's disease susceptibility loci.
20935629 2010 Meta-analysis identifies 13 new loci associated with waist-hip ratio and reveals sexual dimorphism in the genetic basis of fat distribution.
20639532 2010 A novel role of CPEB3 in regulating EGFR gene transcription via association with Stat5b in neurons.
20628086 2010 Variation at the NFATC2 locus increases the risk of thiazolidinedione-induced edema in the Diabetes REduction Assessment with ramipril and rosiglitazone Medication (DREAM) study.
20601676 2010 Analysis of SNPs with an effect on gene expression identifies UBE2L3 and BCL3 as potential new risk genes for Crohn's disease.
20068231 2010 Quantitative phosphoproteomics reveals widespread full phosphorylation site occupancy during mitosis.
19913121 2009 Gene-centric association signals for lipids and apolipoproteins identified via the HumanCVD BeadChip.
18669648 2008 A quantitative atlas of mitotic phosphorylation.
18587224 2008 [The possible curative therapy for rheumatoid arthritis--EBV infection control gene SAP and its application].
17974005 2007 The full-ORF clone resource of the German cDNA Consortium.
17785286 2007 SLAM-associated protein solves a mystery of autoimmunity.
17643931 2007 SAP discovery: the sword edges--beneficial and harmful.
17289546 2007 What is after cytokine-blocking therapy, a novel therapeutic target--synovial Epstein-Barr virus for rheumatoid arthritis.
16344560 2006 Diversification of transcriptional modulation: large-scale identification and characterization of putative alternative promoters of human genes.
15722257 2005 Epstein-Barr virus etiology in rheumatoid synovitis.
15489334 2004 The status, quality, and expansion of the NIH full-length cDNA project: the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC).
12672660 2003 CPEB2, a novel putative translational regulator in mouse haploid germ cells.
12477932 2002 Generation and initial analysis of more than 15,000 full-length human and mouse cDNA sequences.
11282995 2001 Decreased expression of signaling lymphocytic-activation molecule-associated protein (SAP) transcripts in T cells from patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
11214970 2000 Prediction of the coding sequences of unidentified human genes. XIX. The complete sequences of 100 new cDNA clones from brain which code for large proteins in vitro.