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24121232 The CNOT2-CNOT3 heterodimer is stabilized and tightly anchored to the surface of CNOT1 through an unexpected intertwined arrangement of peptide regions lacking defined secondary structure.
22367759 Cnot1, Cnot2, and Cnot3 represent a novel component of the core self-renewal and pluripotency circuitry conserved in mouse and human ESCs.
21299754 human CNOT2 is important for maintaining the deadenylase activity and structural integrity of the CCR4-NOT complex, thereby affecting cell viability.
20379614 Clinical trial of gene-disease association and gene-environment interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
16712523 This study shows that SMRT/NCoR-HDAC3 complex is a cofactor of CNOT2-mediated repression and suggests that transcriptional regulation by the Ccr4-Not complex involves regulation of chromatin modification.
16039607 These findings suggest that CDK11 may contribute to apoptosis by regulating the activity of NOT2 independent of its kinase activity.
14707134 major repression function of CNOT2 is localized in a specialized protein motif, the Not-Box

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