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PubMed Score 107.75
PubTator Score 57.71

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Disease log2 FC p
lung carcinoma 4.000 4.5e-49
psoriasis -1.100 6.2e-03

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26165347 Data suggest ChM1 as potential tumor suppressor in gastric cancer and useful biomarker for the treatment and prognosis. Its expression was downregulated in cancer tissue, and correlated with advanced stages, lymph node metastasis, and poorer prognosis.
24710035 intact 20-25 kDa ChM-I is stored as a component of extracellular matrix in the avascular cartilage zones, but it is inactivated by a single N-terminal proteolytic cleavage in the hypertrophic zone of growth-plate cartilage
23143879 the inner meniscus contained larger amounts of ChM-I, and that the inner meniscus-derived ChM-I inhibited endothelial cell proliferation.
22041680 Degenerative intervertebral disc cells express ChM-I. Administration of bFGF down-regulates the expression of ChM-I. Expression is correlated with the degree of degeneration.
20663886 Inhibition of YY1 in combination with forced expression of p300 and Sp3 restored the expression of ChM-I in cells with a hypomethylated promoter region, but not in cells with hypermethylation.
20026108 Data suggest that chondromodulin-I impairs the VEGF-A-stimulated motility of endothelial cells by destabilizing lamellipodial extensions.
18077449 new hypoxia-inducible and SOX9-regulated genes, Gdf10 and Chm-I. In addition, Mig6 and InhbA were induced by hypoxia, predominantly via HIF-2alpha
17980151 Cell-specific epigenetic regulation of ChM-I gene expression
16980969 chondromodulin-I has a pivotal role in maintaining valvular normal function by preventing angiogenesis that may lead to valvular heart diseases
16142856 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
15107420 Methylation in the core-promoter region of the chondromodulin-I gene determines the cell-specific expression by regulating the binding of transcriptional activator Sp3

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PMID Year Title
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20026108 2010 Impairment of VEGF-A-stimulated lamellipodial extensions and motility of vascular endothelial cells by chondromodulin-I, a cartilage-derived angiogenesis inhibitor.
18077449 2008 Hypoxia promotes the differentiated human articular chondrocyte phenotype through SOX9-dependent and -independent pathways.
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10570955 1999 Specific loss of chondromodulin-I gene expression in chondrosarcoma and the suppression of tumor angiogenesis and growth by its recombinant protein in vivo.
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