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23160995 This study highlights a close interaction between CLN5/CLN8 proteins, and their role in sphingolipid metabolism. Our findings suggest that CLN5p/CLN8p most likely are positive modulators of CerS1 and/or CerS2.
22180294 Moreover, an alternatively spliced variant CerS1 mRNA (CerS1-2) was detected mainly in cancer cells or primary tumour tissues compared to controls, which was targeted by miR-574-5p for degradation
20569235 The variation in LASS1 is functional, causing enhanced expression of the gene, and it contributes to healthy aging and greater survival in the tenth decade of life.
20569235 Observational study of gene-disease association and gene-gene interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
19800881 The study suggests that diverse stresses initiate responses through different signaling pathways, which ultimately converge to regulate CerS1 localization.
15317812 LAG1 and C18-ceramide have roles in the regulation of growth of HNSCC
12105227 regulates N-stearoyl-sphinganine (C18-(dihydro)ceramide) synthesis in a fumonisin B1-independent manner in mammalian cel

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