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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 16
PubMed Score 4.93
PubTator Score 95.37

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  Differential Expression (11)

Disease log2 FC p
astrocytic glioma -2.200 1.2e-03
ependymoma -3.600 6.4e-24
oligodendroglioma -1.700 5.0e-03
glioblastoma -3.100 7.4e-07
sonic hedgehog group medulloblastoma -1.900 2.8e-04
atypical teratoid / rhabdoid tumor -3.100 8.1e-08
medulloblastoma, large-cell -1.500 9.5e-04
primitive neuroectodermal tumor -2.400 3.1e-04
adult high grade glioma -3.000 1.2e-05
pilocytic astrocytoma -3.400 1.3e-10
Down syndrome -1.300 7.4e-04

Gene RIF (7)

25128817 p39 is essential for recruiting scaffolding protein muskelin to stress fibers.
24085300 Structural basis for the different stability and activity between the Cdk5 complexes with p35 and p39 activators.
20936377 Hepatocellular carcinoma patients with lower p39 expression had poorer overall survival rate than that with high expression.
20518484 both proteasomal degradation and calpain cleavage of p35 and p39 are stimulated by membrane association, which is in turn mediated via myristoylation of their p10 regions.
19460752 Knockdown of cyclin-dependent kinase 5, regulatory subunit 2, p39 (CDK5R2) by shRNA library screening inhibits HIV-1 replication in cultured Jurkat T-cells
15917097 role of the CDK5 molecular complex in the genetic etiology of early-onset Alzheimer disease; a yet unknown functional variant in CDK5 or in a nearby gene might lead to increased susceptibility for early-onset Alzheimer disease
11784720 Our data suggest that neurotoxic insults lead to calpain-mediated conversion of p39 to p29, which might contribute to deregulation of Cdk5

AA Sequence

RDSCAAGTKHWTMNLDR                                                         351 - 367

Text Mined References (17)

PMID Year Title
25128817 2015 The Cdk5 activator P39 specifically links muskelin to myosin II and regulates stress fiber formation and actin organization in lens.
24085300 2013 Structural basis for the different stability and activity between the Cdk5 complexes with p35 and p39 activators.
23251661 2012 Novel genetic loci identified for the pathophysiology of childhood obesity in the Hispanic population.
20936377 2011 Decreased expression of p39 is associated with a poor prognosis in human hepatocellular carcinoma.
20518484 2010 Membrane association facilitates degradation and cleavage of the cyclin-dependent kinase 5 activators p35 and p39.
18507738 2008 Myristoylation of p39 and p35 is a determinant of cytoplasmic or nuclear localization of active cyclin-dependent kinase 5 complexes.
15917097 Association of cyclin-dependent kinase 5 and neuronal activators p35 and p39 complex in early-onset Alzheimer's disease.
15815621 2005 Generation and annotation of the DNA sequences of human chromosomes 2 and 4.
12761178 2003 Regulation of type 1 protein phosphatase/inhibitor-2 complex by glycogen synthase kinase-3beta in intact cells.
12477932 2002 Generation and initial analysis of more than 15,000 full-length human and mouse cDNA sequences.
12223541 2002 The cyclin-dependent kinase 5 activators p35 and p39 interact with the alpha-subunit of Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II and alpha-actinin-1 in a calcium-dependent manner.
11784720 2002 Calpain-mediated cleavage of the cyclin-dependent kinase-5 activator p39 to p29.
11320080 2001 Neuronal Cdc2-like protein kinase (Cdk5/p25) is associated with protein phosphatase 1 and phosphorylates inhibitor-2.
10965112 2000 Assignment of CDK5R2 coding for the cyclin-dependent kinase 5, regulatory subunit 2 (NCK5AI protein) to human chromosome band 2q35 by fluorescent in situ hybridization.
10923673 2000 Synaptic localization of p39, a neuronal activator of cdk5.
10683146 2000 p39 activates cdk5 in neurons, and is associated with the actin cytoskeleton.
7592934 1995 An isoform of the neuronal cyclin-dependent kinase 5 (Cdk5) activator.