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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 454
PubMed Score 2084.57
PubTator Score 1245.08

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  Differential Expression (16)

Disease log2 FC p
gastric cancer -1.200 6.5e-04
hepatocellular carcinoma -1.200 7.8e-05
Multiple myeloma 1.200 1.6e-03
astrocytic glioma -3.400 1.1e-03
posterior fossa group A ependymoma -4.400 8.2e-23
oligodendroglioma -3.300 3.8e-03
glioblastoma -3.700 1.6e-06
medulloblastoma -1.800 2.7e-04
atypical teratoid / rhabdoid tumor -3.600 2.5e-05
medulloblastoma, large-cell -2.500 2.2e-04
lung cancer -2.300 1.2e-03
adult high grade glioma -3.700 7.7e-08
pilocytic astrocytoma -4.200 4.6e-15
subependymal giant cell astrocytoma -2.967 1.0e-02
Pick disease -2.200 1.2e-03
ovarian cancer -1.400 1.2e-06

MLP Assay (3)

AID Type Active / Inconclusive / Inactive Description
588377 confirmatory 5 / 0 / 0 SAR compounds for Cdc42 probe extension project tested by Multiplex dose response to identify specific small molecule inhibitors of Ras and Ras-related GTPases specifically Cdc42 wildtype, round 1
720688 other 0 / 0 / 0 Assessing protein source dependence on dose response curves of small molecule inhibitors of Ras and Ras-related GTPases specifically Cdc42 wildtype
720712 other 0 / 0 / 0 Comparison of test compound incubation dependence on dose response curves of small molecule inhibitors of Ras and Ras-related GTPases specifically Cdc42 wildtype

Gene RIF (294)

26986510 the Cdc42/Nwasp/stress fibers/YAP signal pathway may potentially play an important role in regulating podocyte apoptosis. Maintaining necessary Cdc42 would be one potent way to prevent proteinuria kidney diseases.
26926567 miR-1 bound both MALAT1 and cdc42 3'UTR directly. Further study showed that MALAT1 induced migration and invasion of breast cancer cells while reduced the level of cdc42.
26905694 Loss of FAT1 results in decreased cell adhesion and migration in fibroblasts and podocytes and the decreased migration is partially reversed by a RAC1/CDC42 activator.
26783207 Shp2 also mediates Cdc42 repression, and HDAC6 inhibition or co-suppression of ERK/myosin II promotes normal epithelial lumen phenotype without increasing Cdc42 activity.
26740622 Data suggest LPA (lysophosphatidic acid; acting via LPAR1) and endothelin activate Cdc42, concurrent with biphasic decrease in Rac1 activity, differential effects on RhoA; LPA/endothelin stim. leads to remodeling of invadosomes in melanoma cells.
26689677 Chemotactic steering and de novo polarization are both directed by locally excitable Cdc42 signals in neutrophils.
26634649 we discovered distinct predictive performance of Rac1 and Cdc42 depending on the migration modes, indicating that Rac1 and Cdc42 contribute to persistent and random migration, respectively
26558612 Data indicate enantiomer selective interaction of R-naproxen and R-ketorolac with Rho family GTPases Rac1 and Cdc42.
26549550 CDC42 is a key regulator involved in regulating the proliferation, migration and invasion of gastric cancer.
26542736 Results show that the activation of cdc42 GTP-binding protein (Cdc42) is a process of conformational changes.
26526116 we identified Cdc42 as a potentially essential biomarker for trichohepatoenteric syndrome
26450120 MARCKS upregulation increases vascular smooth muscle cell motility by activation of Rac1 and Cdc42, promoting neointima formation.
26446261 Authors conclude that a transient interaction between Cdc42 and GRAF1 drives endocytic turnover and controls the transition essential for endosomal maturation of plasma membrane internalised by this mechanism.
26352279 CDC42 independently regulated the antitumor effects of miR-137 in human hepatocellular carcinoma.
26336992 Results suggest that the role of polypyrimidine tract binding protein 1 (PTBP1) in tumorigenesis may be partly mediated by its regulation of cdc42 GTP-binding protein (CDC42) alternative splicing and CDC42-v2 might function as a tumor suppressor.
26299518 FMNL3 interacts with Cdc42 and RhoJ, two Rho family GTPases known to be required for lumen formation. FMNL3 and RhoJ are concentrated at the early apical surface, or AMIS, and regulate the formation of radiating actin cables from this site.
26071482 Ketorolac has a novel pharmacologic activity conferred by the R-enantiomer and R-ketorolac achieves sufficient levels in the peritoneal cavity to inhibit Rac1 and Cdc42, contributing to the observed survival benefit in women who received ketorolac
26068882 PAK4 binding to cell-cell junctions is dependent on Cdc42.
26067270 The structural details of the cdc42 protein have been described that determine its recognition by the bacterial c3 exoenzyme.
26051604 IQGAP1 and its two isoforms regulate the actin-cytoskeleton alone and with their binding partners, Rac and Cdc42, thereby controlling diverse cellular processes, such as cell migration and adhesion. (Review)
26022159 Robo1 promoted cell division cycle 42 (Cdc42) expression in HUVECs, and a distorted actin cytoskeleton in HUVECs was observed when Robo1 expression was suppressed. In conclusion, Robo1 promoted angiogenesis in HCC mediated by Cdc42.
26004135 Rich1 negatively regulates the epithelial cell cycle, proliferation and adhesion by CDC42/RAC1-PAK1-Erk1/2 pathway.
25982272 In marked contrast to invadopodia, this degradation does not require the action of Src kinase, Cdc42 or Dyn2. Rather, inhibition of Dyn2 causes a marked upregulation of stromal matrix degradation
25981171 This study showed that cdc42 messenger RNA levels were significantly downregulated specifically in deep layer 3 pyramidal cells in patient with schizophrenia.
25945738 COPI tubular transport complements cisternal maturation in explaining how anterograde Golgi transport is achieved, and that bidirectional COPI transport is modulated by environmental cues through CDC42.
25780896 Study shows that activation of CDC42 in HeLa cells causes increased radiosensitivity, cells arrest in G2/M and reduced survival. These results complete the understanding of the signaling roles of CDC42 in maintaining genomic stability and integrity.
25777055 maintaining the level of Cdc42 and its effectors in cells, tumor progression can be controlled.
25768293 Cdc42 is implicated in the CFTR biosynthesis and processing: contributes to the stability of CFTR in plasma membrane via its anchoring to cortical actin; promotes CFTR endocytosis and its sorting toward lysosomal degradation.
25662318 PAK4 phosphorylates Par6B at Ser143 blocking its interaction with Cdc42.
25648615 HIV-1 Tat inhibits phagocytosis by preventing the recruitment of Cdc42 to the phagocytic cup.
25490006 Results provide novel evidence that low expression of SLIT2 correlates with poor prognosis and promotes metastasis in ESCC, which may be regulated by the Cdc42-mediated pathways.
25432132 MiR-25, by targeting CDC42, is an important regulator in NSCLC.
25422375 Cdc42 and its specific guanine nucleotide-exchange factor (GEF), Tuba, localize to linear invadosomes, and both are required for linear invadosome formation
25400770 Suggest that the combined aberrant expression of miR-195 and Cdc42 mRNA can serve as a promising unfavorable prognostic biomarker in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.
25394485 Cdc42 overexpression significantly improved the ability of cervical cancer cells to migrate possibly due to improved pseudopodia formation.
25379703 The homeostatic function of miR-18a within the miR-17-92 cluster in colorectal cancer cells may be achieved through suppression of CDC42 and the PI3K pathway.
25365944 metformin impairs Rho GTPases signaling to induce apoptosis via JNK pathway
25267295 Cdc42 and the formins diaphanous and DAAM play pivotal roles in heart lumen formation through the spatiotemporal regulation of the actomyosin network.
25264923 Silencing of CDC42 decreased expression of N-myc in BE(2)-C and BE(2)-M17 cells.
25172658 Snail regulates the motility and invasiveness of oral cancer cells via RhoA/Cdc42/p-ERM pathway.
25160664 Cdc42 may promote breast cancer cell migration and invasion by inhibiting ERK5 phosphorylation and ERK5 expression may be inversely correlated with the progression of some breast tumors.
25109462 Cdc42Hs binds to the effector domain of PAK3
25097232 Findings indicate that tricellular contacts play crucial roles in regulating the actomyosin-mediated apical junctional complex tension through the tricellulin-Tuba-Cdc42 system.
25057989 CDC42 has a crucial role in senescence-associated inflammation and atherosclerosis.
25032689 inhibiting Cdc42 function impairs vessel co-option and converts pericytes to a phagocytic/macrophage-like phenotype, thus favoring an innate immune response against the tumor.
25022753 Findings suggest that Wnt5a enhances cell migration through activation of Cdc42 and inactivation of RhoA in human corneal endothelial cells.
24970760 These findings show that overexpression of PODXL enhanced invadopodia formation and tumor metastasis by inducing Rac1/Cdc42/cortactin signaling network.
24905281 CDC42 is activated by phosphatidylinositol 5-phosphate, regulating actin dynamics and cell invasion.
24817781 Increased miR-224 diminished Cdc42 and SMAD4 expressions at both the protein and mRNA levels and inhibited the formation of actin filaments.
24713550 CCH-mediated inhibition of NHE3 activity is not dependent on clathrin and involves lipid rafts and requires Cdc42.
24613926 The human cdc42 gene is a direct target of miR-204.
24610809 YES kinase as a proximal glucose-specific signal in the Cdc42-signaling cascade.
24584464 IRSp53 adopts a closed inactive conformation that opens synergistically with the binding of human Cdc42 to the CRIB-PR and effector proteins, such as the tumor-promoting factor Eps8, to the SH3 domain.
24405483 Listeria monocytogenes emply a novel mechanism of bacterial spread involving pathogen-induced downregulation of host Cdc42.
24393843 A FRET-based Cdc42 biosensor was used to examine the effects of the rigidity of three-dimensional collagen matrices on spatiotemporal activity of Cdc42 in endothelial colony forming cells.
24379416 Dbl3 drives Cdc42 signaling at the apical margin.
24352036 Our data indicate that injured keratinocytes induce MMP-1 expression through ERK activation, and this process is negatively regulated by Cdc42 activity.
24345190 Invasion of host cells, which occurs at a low frequency, does not seem linked to Rac1 activation by Vibrio parahaemolyticus VopC, but instead appears to require CDC42.
24284073 Our observations suggest that ITSN1 is an important general regulator of Cdc42-, Nck- and N-WASP-dependent actin polymerisation
24276241 we show that cIAP1 regulates TNF-induced actin cytoskeleton reorganization through a cdc42-dependentpathway
24220306 These results indicate that Wnt5b is involved in the migration ability of OSCC cells through active Cdc42 and RhoA.
24178298 a possible role of GPR97 in lymphatic remodeling
24074261 Cdc42 overexpression induces hyperbranching in the developing mammary gland by enhancing cell migration.
24059268 findings demonstrate that dual lipidation of Cdc42-palm represents an important regulator of morphogenic signalling in hippocampal neurons.
24041540 Rs2349775 (NXPH1) and rs17837965 (CDC42) were associated with diarrhoea and constipation predominant irritable bowel syndrome, respectively, in two independent cohorts.
24025765 Differential expression of miR-195 in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma and miR-195 expression inhibits tumor cell proliferation and invasion by targeting of Cdc42
24006489 Data indicate mTOR kinase-independent function and mechanism of Rictor in the regulation of neutrophil chemotaxis, and suggest that the small Rho GTPases Rac and Cdc42 serve as downstream effectors of Rictor to regulate actin assembly.
23941980 Expression of Cdc42 (and Asef) together was associated with tubular injury with 100% specificity.
23936510 a significant role of S79 in PAK1 activation and a noval mechanism of the CRIB-mediated interaction of PAK1 with Cdc42 and Rac
23894465 Study determined that p16-stimulated cell migration requires the Cdc42 GTPase.
23884297 Active Rho GTPase Cdc42 can greatly enhance colorectal cancer cell SW480 to spread, migrate, and invade, which may contribute to colorectal cancer metastasis.
23834289 These results indicate that Neisseria meningitidis selectively exploits the epithelial microenvironment in order to protect itself from LL-37 via a RhoA and Cdc42 mediated mechanism.
23750283 activated Rac1/Cdc42 is a vascular regulator of tumor angiogenesis and that it may reduce stability of the p53 protein to promote VEGF expression by enhancing p53 protein ubiquitin
23718289 The action of DOCK7 in vivo may involve the coordinated integration of Cdc42/Rac1 signaling in the context of the membrane recruitment of a DOCK7 guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) complex.
23696594 Acute ischemic stroke was associated with reduced levels of Cdc42 protein in peripheral lymphocytes.
23644655 Data show that macrophages on gastric and colorectal cancer cells migration through epidermal growth factor receptor and phosphorylation of Akt, c-Src and ERK1/2, and led to an increase of RhoA and Cdc42 activity.
23625752 The transcription of cdc42, a kind of Rho GTPase which plays a key role in actin polymerization, was reduced by down-regulated B antigen expression.
23622765 Negative pressure wound therapy activates Cdc42 pathway facilitating migration to accelerate wound healing.
23606532 Cdc42 knockdown were c-Cbl-dependent was provided by transducing Cdc42 knockdown cells with secondary c-Cbl shRNAs before transplantation.
23583380 Prom2 protrusions primarily localize to lipid rafts and recruit cholesterol into protrusions and away from caveolae, leading to increased phosphorylation of caveolin-1, which inhibits Cdc42-dependent endocytosis
23562274 Cdc42 differentially modulate cigarette smoke-induced airway cell migration through p120-catenin-dependent and -independent pathways
23521319 Silencing of LRP1B altered the expression of focal adhesion complex-associated proteins, and Cdc42/RhoA activities.
23420497 The aim of this study was to examine the expression of ERM (ezrin, moesin) and Rho (RhoA, RhoB and Cdc42) proteins in breast cancer (BC) patients.
23358418 Prenylated and palmitoylated brain Cdc42 did not interact with RhoGDIalpha.
23337504 these results establish a role of miR-330 in negatively regulating Cdc42 expression and colorectal cancer cell proliferation.
23295348 Cdc42 interacts with the exocyst complex to promote phagocytosis.
23254359 DOCK7 binds to the RAGE cytoplasmic domain and transduces a signal to Cdc42.
23197258 Constitutively active Cdc42 or NFAT1 mutants fully restore the impaired expansion of SWAP-70-like adapter of T cells (Def6)-deficient CD8+ T cells.
23178712 Data suggest that microRNA 137 influences cell proliferation via regulation of expression of CDC42 and CDK6 (cyclin-dependent kinase 6); expression of microRNA 137 in lung cancer cells downregulates CDC42/CDK6 and induces G1 cell cycle arrest.
23148235 The transient Cdc42 depletion was sufficient to decrease experimental lung metastases, which suggests that its role in endothelial attachment is important for metastasis.
23142484 Inhibition of S1P3 receptors prevented E2-induced activation of Cdc42, supporting the important role of the S1P receptor in E2 signaling.
23119100 HIV-1 Nef enhances the expression of CDC42 in human podocyte
23029280 Arhgef15 acts as an endothelial cell-specific GEF to mediate VEGF-induced Cdc42 activation and potentiate RhoJ inactivation, thereby promoting actin polymerization and cell motility.
22891260 Epithelial junction formation and morphogenesis require a dual activity complex, containing SH3BP1 and CapZ, that is recruited to sites of active membrane remodeling to guide Cdc42 signaling and cytoskeletal dynamics.
22844345 HIV-1 Nef enhances the expression of CDC42 in human podocyte
22821962 Cdc42 controls actin depletion at the immunological synapse.
22796473 overexpression of Dsg3 results in a remarkable increase of Rac1 and Cdc42 activities
22770822 endothelin 1 stimulates trophoblast cell migration through GTP binding protein CDC42 activation
22721673 HIV-1 Nef enhances the expression of CDC42 in human podocyte
22719838 studies implicate Cdc42 in Ras-driven tumor growth and suggest that targeting Cdc42 is beneficial in Ras-mediated malignancies
22683270 several Rho family small GTPases activate PI3K by an indirect cooperative positive feedback that required a combination of Rac, CDC42, and RhoG small GTPase activities
22608513 FMNL2 is a novel elongation factor of actin filaments that constitutes the first Cdc42 effector promoting cell migration and actin polymerization at the tips of lamellipodia.
22589722 study demonstrated that LMP1 acts through its transmembrane domains to preferentially induce Cdc42 activation in various types of epithelial cells, including NPC cells.
22393238 Modulation of Cdc42 signaling through FAK by receptor activation underlies changes in growth cone motility.
22385474 Data support the CDC42 gene as a candidate schizophrenia susceptibility gene.
22362774 analysis of the SopB GTPase binding domain in complex with Cdc42 shows for the first time that SopB structurally and functionally mimics a host guanine nucleotide dissociation inhibitor by slowing cdc24 nucleotide exchange.
22341450 Using synthetic derivatives of the enteropathogenic Escherichia coli guanine-nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) Map, authors discover that Cdc42 GTPase signal transduction is controlled by the interaction between Map and F-actin.
22318733 silencing Cdc42 reduced influenza A virus replication, whereas silencing ARHGAP21 increased the virus replication.
22266952 Data suggest a potential therapeutic role for curcumin in inducing Cdc42-mediated inhibition of invasion of lung cancer cells.
22213037 delta-catenin facilitated invasion of lung cancer cells by upregulating the mRNA and protein levels of cdc42
22126964 The guanine nucleotide exchange factors RhoGEF6 and RhoGEF7 were necessary for Cdc42 activation within the NK cell immunological synapse.
22093623 Estrogen enhances the drug resistance in breast cancer cells, possibly by enhancing Cdc42 expression.
22092654 CDC42 may have a key role in ameloblastoma neoplastic epithelial cell phenotype determination, as well as in variant and subtype determination.
22023324 Burkholderia cenocepacia perturbs actin architecture by inactivating Rho family GTPases, particularly Rac1 and Cdc42.
21994733 HIV-1 Nef enhances the expression of CDC42 in human podocyte
21952626 Phosphatase and tensin homologue deleted on chromosome 10 may influence apoptosis in colorectal epithelium through Cdc42 signalling, thus providing a regulatory framework for both polarised growth and programmed cell death.
21866627 Cdc42 enhances the resistance of colon cancer cells to several antitumor drugs.
21685891 Demonstrate a role for RasGRF1/2 as negative regulators of Cdc42 activation, suppressing tumor cell movement, cytoskeletal dynamics and cell transformation.
21667996 Mutation of threonine(35) leads to loss of conformational freedom in the Cdc42 Switch I signaling pathway that could affect effector-regulatory protein interactions.
21618528 endogenous Cdc42 could exert a negative regulatory influence on intrinsic migration/invasion and some potentially relevant changes in phosphorylation of PKCdelta, Erk1/2, and PKA of some aggressive breast cancer cells
21613211 Multiple factors confer specific Cdc42 and Rac protein activation by dedicator of cytokinesis (DOCK) nucleotide exchange factors.
21603851 Aberrant expression of Annexin A2 and Cdc42 play a role in carcinogenesis, differentiation and metastasis of esophageal squamous cell carcinomas.
21562048 HIV-1 activates Cdc42 and induces membrane extensions in immature dendritic cells to facilitate cell-to-cell virus propagation.
21562048 HIV-1 Nef enhances the expression of CDC42 in human podocyte
21435037 Interaction of the Salmonella Typhimurium SopB with host Cdc42 is involved in intracellular replication.
21356349 These results demonstrate an important role for FGD1/Cdc42 signaling in human mesenchymal stem cells osteogenesis.
21311754 The Cdc42-APC interaction induces localization of both APC and mutant APC and may thus play a direct role in the functions of these proteins.
21302623 Cdc42 were down-regulated on the protein level.The formation of filopodia, which requires Cdc42, was inhibited in miR-206 transfected cells, even under EGF stimulation
21295525 Naa10p binds to the GIT-binding domain of PIX, thereby preventing the formation of the GIT-PIX-Paxillin complex, resulting in reduced intrinsic Cdc42/Rac1 activity and decreased cell migration
21240187 Cdc42-dependent formation of the ZO-1/MRCKbeta complex at the leading edge controls cell migration.
21221794 miR-137 is frequently down-regulated in gastric cancer and is a negative regulator of Cdc42.
21186079 Data show that miR-185 is a negative regulator of RhoA and Cdc42 and their cellular activities, and could inhibit proliferation and invasion of colorectal cancer cells.
21167153 Cdc42 was found to be necessary for breast cancer cell invasion but dispensable for cell migration
21165582 Important role played by Cdc42 in CCL19-induced migration and invasion of squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck cells.
21036919 Expression of constitutively active Cdc42 decreasea RhoA-GTP level in human lung microvascular lymphatic endothelial cells.
20945370 Activation of Rac1 and Cdc42 correlated with stabilized barrier functions in intestinal epithelium.
20849862 Cdc42, by inhibiting GSK-3beta, markedly improves the angio-architecture and lumenization of neovessels induced by VEGF.
20806065 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20730103 Cdc42 may influence endocytic membrane trafficking by regulating the formation and activity of the Toca-1/N-WASP complex.
20631255 This study demonstrates that controlled regulation of PAK4 is required for apical junction formation in lung epithelial cells and highlights potential cross-talk between two Cdc42 targets, PAK4 and Par6B.
20545942 These results suggest that plasma membrane sphingomyelin is required for targeting of Helicobacter pylori VacA to membrane rafts important for subsequent Cdc42-dependent pinocytic cellular entry.
20530489 TSC2 has a role in controlling cell polarity and migration by regulating CDC42 and RAC1 activation
20403997 Observational study of gene-disease association, gene-environment interaction, and pharmacogenomic / toxicogenomic. (HuGE Navigator)
20215637 Endothelial lumen signaling complexes control 3D matrix-specific tubulogenesis through interdependent Cdc42- and MT1-MMP-mediated events.
20130240 Impaired NK-cell migration in WAS/XLT patients: role of Cdc42/WASp pathway in the control of chemokine-induced beta2 integrin high-affinity state
20067638 expression of several highly significant cancer related genes require the activities of Rac1 and/or Cdc42 which may also play a critical role in cellular transformation
20056178 Observational study of gene-disease association, gene-environment interaction, and pharmacogenomic / toxicogenomic. (HuGE Navigator)
19934222 MT1-MMP and Cdc42 co-regulate tumor cell invasion in 3D collagen matrices.
19933840 this work does not conform to current views that the inverse-BAR domain or Cdc42 controls IRSp53 localization but provides an alternative model of how IRSp53 is recruited (and released) to carry out its functions at lamellipodia and filopodia.
19826000 RhoA plays an antagonistic role to Rac1/Cdc42 in the control of mammary epithelial acinar morphogenesis.
19819966 Data identify a novel signaling pathway in the endocrine L cell, whereby Cdc42 regulates actin remodeling, activation of the cannonical 1/2-ERK1/2 pathway and PAK1, and GLP-1 secretion in response to insulin.
19787194 These results suggest that the novel gene, Kenae/CCDC125, acts as a regulator of cell motility through RhoA, Rac1 and cdc42.
19778949 Cell division cycle 42 (CDC42) showed a difference between follicular cells from follicles leading to a pregnancy or developmental failure.
19752396 Cdc42 regulates the uropod through CD11b signaling to maintain polarity in migrating neutrophils.
19726670 HS could regulate fusion via fine tuning of RhoA and Cdc42 activities.
19718053 Activation of Cdc42 GTPase through p210(Bcr-Abl) tyrosine kinase signaling in CML cells contributes to defects in SDF-1alpha-chemotactic response due to desensitization of the actin polarization signal required for directional migration.
19710257 Internalization of DENV-2 into endothelial cells requires viral induction of dynamic filopodia regulated by Rac1 and Cdc42 cross-talk and myosin II motor activities.
19709124 phosphorylation of Cdc42 at Ser-71, exemplarily induced by epidermal growth factor, reduces Clostridium difficile toxin A-induced changes in the intestinal barrier function.
19692568 Cdc42-GDP can inhibit TC21 activation by RasGRF GEFs, demonstrating that Cdc42 negatively affects the functions of RasGRF GEFs irrespective of the GTPase being targeted.
19667218 Observational study and genome-wide association study of gene-disease association, gene-environment interaction, and pharmacogenomic / toxicogenomic. (HuGE Navigator)
19641023 Recycling endosome trafficking to the Golgi complex through a pathway involving Src-family kinases, Cdc42, and Rab11a plays a general role in death signaling by mediating regulated changes in Golgi dynamics.
19640983 Rac1 and Cdc42 signaling has a role during early herpes simplex virus type 1 infection of keratinocytes
19635823 In summary, these results suggest that actin, likely modulated by the GTPases RhoA and Cdc42 and by bacterial proteins, is involved in the formation of the typical parasitophorous vacuole.
19622753 ITSN-2L, a guanine nucleotide exchange factor for Cdc42, regulates different steps of caveola endocytosis in ECs by controlling the temporal and spatial actin polymerization and remodeling sub-adjacent to the plasma membrane.
19596003 Results suggest that adiponectin promotes the migration activities of endothelial progenitor cells mainly through PI3-kinase/Cdc42/Rac1.
19561083 CSF-1-induced WASP activation was fully Cdc42-dependent.
19473971 Results show that this unique and specific bacterial entry process is dependent on the cooperation and activation of Rho family GTPase Cdc42, PI3K, and Akt.
19463088 T-cadherin transcriptionally activated Rac1 and Cdc42.
19454477 A model where IQGAP1 serves as a phosphorylation-sensitive conformation switch to regulate the coupling of cell growth and division through a novel CDC42-mTOR pathway.
19435802 Data reveal a multicomponent kinase signaling pathway downstream of integrin-matrix interactions and Cdc42 activation involving PKCepsilon, Src, Yes, Pak2, Pak4, B-Raf, C-Raf and ERK1/2 to control EC lumen formation in 3D collagen matrices.
19416857 an unexpected TGF-beta signaling independent role for TbetaRIII in activating Cdc42, altering the actin cytoskeleton and reducing directional persistence to inhibit random migration of both cancer and normal epithelial cells
19356586 The higher exchange activity of ITSN1L towards the GDP-bound conformation of Cdc42 could represent an evolutionary adaptation of this GEF that ensures nucleotide exchange towards the formation of the signalling-active GTP-bound form of Cdc42.
19307303 Cdc42 activity is impaired in beta1 integrin-deficient T cells that form conjugates with antigen-presenting cells but is partially restored in the context of an antigen-specific synapse.
19273597 Data demonstrate that spindle orientation in adherent cells is regulated by two distinct pathways downstream from Cdc42 and uncovers a novel role of the Cdc42-PAK2-betaPix-actin pathway for this mechanism.
19109421 Cdc42 has a novel role in controlling centrosome organization in unstimulated cells in addition to its known function as a regulator of centrosome reorientation in stimulated cells.
19039103 study found Vibrio VopS could act to covalently modify a conserved threonine residue on Rho, Rac & Cdc42 with AMP; resulting AMPylation prevented interaction of Rho GTPases with downstream effectors, inhibiting actin assembly in the infected cell
19001128 Cdc42 regulates epithelial tissue morphogenesis by controlling spindle orientation during cell division.
18974134 Cdc42 was necessary for the growth and maintenance of already established lymphomas in vivo. These data open perspectives for new therapeutic strategies by revealing a mechanism of regulation of anaplastic large cell lymphoma cell growth through Cdc42
18937283 EB1 is controlled by c-Myc, RhoA, and CDC42, which have all been linked to hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) malignancy.
18922799 the interaction of the RAGE cytoplasmic domain with Dia-1 is required to transduce extracellular environmental cues evoked by binding of RAGE ligands to their cell surface receptor, resulting in Rac-1 and Cdc42 activation and cellular migration
18838868 levels of GTPase Cdc42 could be associated with slow growth of BCL2 overexpressing immortalized breast cell line
18835169 In melanoma, expression of activated Cdc42 induces a mesenchymal-amoeboid transition and increases cell invasion.
18728402 Nm23-H1 can negatively regulate cell migration and tumor metastasis by modulating the activity of Cdc42 and possibly other Rho family members through interaction with Dbl-1
18656530 IpaC could not be shown to interact directly with Cdc42, a host GTPase closely tied to Shigella invasion.
18628988 Observational study of gene-disease association and gene-gene interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
18586681 1) PAK plays a required role in hyperosmotic signaling through the PI3K/pTEN/Cdc42/PP2Calpha/p38 pathway, and 2) PAK and PP2Calpha modulate the effects of this pathway on focal adhesion dynamics.
18575765 Cdc42 was found to be overexpressed with high incidence (60%) in colorectal cancer samples, and this expression was associated with silencing of ID4 with statistical significance (p<0.05).
18565850 Fanconi anemia group A proteins influence BM progenitor homing and adhesion via the small GTPase Cdc42-regulated signaling pathway.
18552504 strongly activated in HTLV-1 infected T cell lines derived from HAM/TSP patients.
18541705 The exocyst subunits Sec3 and Sec8 interact with the polarity protein IQGAP1 and that this interaction is triggered by active Cdc42 and RhoA, which are essential for matrix degradation.
18541478 salmonella enterica SopB colocalizes with activated Cdc42 near the plasmalemma, but there was no evidence that SopB alone can alter Cdc42 activity
18541383 components of small GTPase signal transduction pathways may be directly targeted by alpha-synuclein oligomers which potentially leads to signaling deficits and neurodegeneration.
18432521 Data suggests that actin polymerization and cdc42 are required for activation of integrin alpha2beta1, but not alpha(IIb)beta3, thereby critically regulating platelet adhesion to and activation by collagen.
18403635 These findings suggest a novel MUC1-Src-CrkL-Rac1/Cdc42 signaling cascade following ICAM-1 ligation, through which MUC1 regulates cytoskeletal reorganization and directed cell motility during cell migration.
18348980 structural analysis of the influence of effector proteins on the signaling-active state of the small GTPase Cdc42
18334926 The purpose of this study was to characterize the significance of Rho processes in the cellular cytoskeleton.
18325348 analysis of TGF-beta1-independent changes in protein neosynthesis, p38alphaMAPK, and cdc42 in hydrogen peroxide-induced senescence-like morphogenesis
18319301 Data show that Cdc42- and Rac1-mediated endothelial lumen formation requires Pak2, Pak4 and Par3, and PKC-dependent signaling.
18287089 TGFbeta1 stimulates CCN2 expression in human gingival fibroblasts through a RhoA-independent, Rac1/Cdc42-dependent mechanism
18245474 LKB1 interacts only with active form of cdc42 and PAK, but not with inactive cdc42. Taken together, these results show that LKB1 is a critical mediator of the NSCLC polarity program in lung cancer cells through a novel LKB1-cdc42-PAK pathway.
18245386 Bioinformatics and functional analyses revealed a spatially compartmentalized Rac/Cdc42 signaling network that operates in conjunction with multiple guanine-nucleotide exchange factors and GTPase-activating proteins to control neurite formation
18235104 role of RHO GTPases RAC1 and CDC42 in PGE(2)-mediated migratory responses of extravillous trophoblast cells
18057010 Silencing Cdc42 blocks activation of EGFR and Src induced by Ca2+ depletion, resulting in a reduction in E-cadherin degradation
18056353 Theses results support a novel role for FPR stimulation in enhancing intestinal epithelial cell restitution through PI3K-dependent activation of Rac1 and Cdc42.
18056264 DOCK2 and DOCK9 specifically recognize Rac2 and Cdc42 through their switch 1 as well as beta2-beta3 regions and the mode of recognition via switch 1 appears to be conserved among diverse Rac-specific DHR-2 GEFs
18045877 signaling pathway by which G(i)-coupled receptor specifically induces Rac and Cdc42 activation through direct interaction of Gbetagamma with FLJ00018.
17976533 These results indicate that START-GAP3/DLC3 has characteristics similar to other START-GAPs and the START-GAP family seems to share common characteristics.
17971488 Cdc42 signaling contributes to immune escape of cancer
17702745 FGFR-mediated phosphorylation of ephexin1 enhances the guanine nucleotide exchange activity toward RhoA without affecting the activity to Rac1 or Cdc42.
17693642 IQGAP1 regulates Salmonella invasion through interactions with actin, Rac1, and Cdc42
17664338 Results describe the neurite outgrowth multiadaptor RhoGAP, NOMA-GAP, and show that it regulates neurite extension through SHP2 and Cdc42.
17538024 These data suggest a mechanism whereby precise spatial guanine nucleotide exchange of Cdc42 by Dbl is dependent on functional ERM proteins and is important for directional cell migration.
17521326 C. jejuni invade host target cells by a unique mechanism and the activation of the Rho GTPase members Rac1 and Cdc42 plays a crucial role in this entry process.
17517067 Results of this study suggest that the Rho-family GTPases are required for efficient invasion of HeLa cells by GBS.
17513786 Efficient phagosomal maturation and the subsequent eradication of ingested microbes in human neutrophils is dependent on a strictly regulated Cdc42 pathway.
17513457 OxPAPC promoted novel interactions between focal adhesion and adherens junction complexes via paxillin and beta-catenin association, which was critically dependent on Rac and Cdc42 activities.
17356711 Signaling to the actin cytoskeleton by low and high concentrations of resveratrol may be differentially regulated by Rac and Cdc42.
17346701 We propose that increased water influx through AQP9 is critically involved in the formation of membrane protrusions, and that AQP9-induced actin polymerization is augmented by activation of Cdc42 and PKC(zeta).
17301947 Maspin controls mammary tumor cell migration through inhibiting Rac1 and Cdc42, but not RhoA GTPase.
17300218 Complex interplay of Rho, Rac and Cdc42 in the process of EphB-mediated cell retraction-recovery responses.
17115031 These results support a model whereby the synergic bundling activity of the IRSp53-Eps8 complex, regulated by Cdc42, contributes to the generation of actin bundles, thus promoting filopodial protrusions.
17074883 Rho family GTPases play a distinct role in Salmonella-induced cellular responses.
17038317 Cdc42 exerts its effects on cell migration in part through its effector Ack1, which regulates p130(Cas) signaling.
16930532 Cdc42 is an important downstream factor in the pathway through which PKC mediates morphological and cytoskeletal effects
16880514 NFAT1, a transcription factor connected with breast cancer metastasis, is activated by Wnt-5a through a Ca2+ signaling pathway in human breast epithelial cells which was simultaneously counteracted by a Wnt-5a-induced Yes/Cdc42 signaling pathway.
16864657 PIP3 and Cdc42 maintain stable polarity with a single front and a single back not only by strengthening pseudopods but also, at longer range, by promoting RhoA-dependent actomyosin contraction at the trailing edge.
16849480 Cdc42 is a critical regulator of T cell actin dynamics, T cell receptor clustering, and cell cycle entry. Cdc42 activity in specific locations at specific times is most critical for its function in T cell activation.
16687395 HIV-1 Nef enhances the expression of CDC42 in human podocyte
16443932 Results suggest that ABCA1 transduces signals from apolipoprotein A-I (apoA-I) by complexing and activating Cdc42 and downstream kinases and, therefore, acts as a full apoA-I receptor.
16356860 HIV-1 Nef enhances the expression of CDC42 in human podocyte
16322481 Cdc42 regulates AJ permeability by controlling the binding of alpha-catenin with beta-catenin and the consequent interaction of the VE-cadherin/catenin complex with the actin cytoskeleton.
16253996 Cdc42 induces activation loop phosphorylation and membrane targeting of mixed lineage kinase 3
16246732 The two unique glutamates in Cdc42 and basic region of WASp generate favorable electrostatic steering forces that control the accelerated WASp-Cdc42 association reaction.
16228294 the signals induced by integrin alpha6beta1 modulate at the level of PI3K and Cdc42 activity to allow platelets to actively form filopodia
16204230 binding of Cdc42 localizes Pak2 to the endoplasmic reticulum, where autophosphorylation alters association of the two proteins
16201754 a Cdc42 mutant is specifically activated by intersectin
15901767 Activation of small RhoGTPases is a key step in the mechanism of epithelial mesemchymal transdifferentiation and likely to be a contributor to tubulointerstitial fibrosis.
15833843 Silencing of Cdc42 by small interfering RNA induced massive apoptosis, indicating that tumor cell survival requires a minimal Cdc42 activity.
15821030 Results describe a quantitative model of allosteric regulation of the Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein (WASP) by the Rho GTPase Cdc42.
15803130 The cdc42 GTP-Binding Protein function was shown to be required for PTEN localization in leukocytes.
15793569 The cdc42 GTP-Binding Protein regulates the intracellular localization of PTEN in leukocytes and human transfected embryonic kidney cells.
15728253 MMP-1 expression is maintained at a low level by Cdc42 via a repression of the Rac1 and ERK1/2 pathways when cell/extracellular-matrix interactions via integrins induce cytoskeleton organization
15723050 a Cdc42-MRCK signal mediates myosin-dependent cell motility and there is convergence between Rho and Cdc42 signalling
15713627 Distinct spatial association patterns between Cdc42 and its key effector proteins PAK1 and N-WASP controlling cytoskeletal remodeling were revealed.
15652341 BNIP-2 in vivo induces cell dynamics by recruiting Cdc42
15616194 actin has opposing roles in Cdc42p polarization
15472119 Defined phospholipid oxidation products are capable of increasing EC barrier function via signaling mechanisms mediated by small GTPases Rac and Cdc42 leading to EC cytoskeletal remodeling and barrier restoration.
15361624 localized activation in the trans-Golgi apparatus, microtubule-dependent Cdc42 activation at the cell periphery, and activation kinetics precisely coordinated with cell extension and retraction was revealed by a biosensor
15355962 nucleotide-free Cdc42 might be sequestered by IQGAP1 to prevent signaling
15287724 Detailed analysis of backbone dynamics of the single-point mutant of Cdc42Hs(F28L) indicates how the mutation disrupts interactions that destabilize the local structure, leading to multiple time-scale motions of residues in the binding site.
15265891 Both Cdc42 & Rac1 control the transport of essential immunostimulatory molecules to the DC surface. Cdc42 and Rac1 signaling controls DC morphology and conditions DCs for efficient CD8(+) T cell stimulation.
15187089 cdc42 has a role in activating c-Jun N-terminal kinase activation with Nck1
15133042 role of frabin, a guanine nucleotide exchange factor specific for Cdc42, in the activation of Cdc42 during Cryptosporidium parvum infection of biliary epithelial cells
15123662 cross-talk between Rac and Cdc42 GTPases regulates generation of reactive oxygen species
15123659 a specific region in Cdc42 confers the binding specificity to activated Cdc42-associated kinase
15102814 C. parvum invasion of target epithelia results from the organism's ability to activate a host cell Cdc42 GTPase signaling pathway to induce host cell actin remodeling at the attachment site.
15075243 novel role for Smad7 in TGF-beta-dependent activation of Cdc42
14970210 Cdc42 has a role in mediation of UV-induced p38 activation by G protein betagamma subunits
14733946 Cdc42 signal transduction to the nucleus requires ACK-1 and ACK-2
14699061 Cdc42 synergistically with Rac1 induces lamellipodia and membrane ruffles in EGF-stimulated cells.
14656933 The delayed activation of Cdc42 represents a negative-feedback mechanism that signals adherens junction reassembly after the increase in endothelial permeability induced by inflammatory mediators such as thrombin.
14597672 HIV-1 Nef enhances the expression of CDC42 in human podocyte
14563854 Cdc42 signaling has a role in apoA-I-induced cholesterol efflux
12972601 The reorganization of actins into podosomes is controlled by CDC42 GTP-binding protein.
12960248 in neutrophils, Rac2 and Cdc42 are involved in FcR- and CR3-induced activation and for properly functioning signal transduction involved in the generation of oxygen radicals.
12960245 direct activation of Cdc42 and Rac1 by invasive Salmonella is a prerequisite of Salmonella-mediated death of U937 cells.
12928366 Activation of the small Rho GTPase Cdc42 plays a specific role in the actin reorganization mediated by CD28 in human T cells.
12901880 BNIPL-2, a novel homologue of BNIP-2, interacts with Bcl-2 and Cdc42GAP in apoptosis.
12887923 Directional sensing requires GNB1-mediated PAK1 and PIX alpha-dependent activation of Cdc42.
12887922 Activated CDC42 helps orient the neutrophil's axis in a signaling complex with Gbeta gamma, PAK1, and PIXalpha.
12887916 Activated CDC42 at the leading edge of a neutrophil in culture helps orient the cell's axis in a signaling complex with G beta gamma, PAK1, and PIXalpha.
12860998 Cdc42 regulates the activitity of p21-activated protein kinase 5
12824775 Instead of inducing neurite formation, a constitutively active form of human Cdc42 stimulates the proliferation of rat PC12 cells in the presence of nerve growth factor.
12767056 Upregulation during arachidonic acid mediated HeLa cell adhesion.
12612085 TRE17 coprecipitated specifically with the active forms of Cdc42 and Rac1 in vivo. TRE17 is part of a novel effector complex for Cdc42 and Rac1, potentially contributing to their effects on actin remodeling.
12595527 VE-cadherin can serve as a scaffold involved in Cdc42 activation at the endothelial plasma membrane.
12584113 Data show that inhibition of endogenous RhoA, Rac1, and Cdc42 by their respective dominant negative mutants inhibits neurotensin-induced interleukin-8 protein production and promoter activity.
12511425 Rac/Cdc42-dependent activation of MAPK/ERK is a critical event in the immediate phagocytic response of PMNs to microbial challenge.
12453877 Cdc42/Rac1-dependent activation of the p21-activated kinase (PAK) regulates human platelet lamellipodia spreading.
12426222 Cdc42 is involved in the mediation of intracellular lipid transport.
12376551 Rac1 and Cdc42 are activated independent of RhoG
12369824 The ability of a Cdc42(D118N) mutant to survive under apoptotic conditions accounts for its superior transforming activity compared to other activated versions of Cdc42.
12270144 Effect of Mg(2+) on the kinetics of guanine nucleotide binding and hydrolysis
12115629 Cdc42 play essential role in regulating the formation of dendritic processes by dendritic cell
12093730 SopE binds to and locks the switch I and switch II regions of human Cdc42(1-178) in a conformation that promotes guanine nucleotide release.
12006984 Structural basis for the selective activation of Rho GTPases by Dbl exchange factors
11973651 role for small GTPase CDC42Hs in the generation of skeletal muscle tumors.
11948177 signaling to the cytoskeleton involves IQGAP1 as a component
11907271 Data show that TGF-beta-induced rearrangements of the actin filament system required the activity of the Rho GTPases Cdc42 and RhoA, because ectopic expression of dominant negative mutant Cdc42 and RhoA abrogated the response.
11884513 Cdc42 is required for capillary lumen formation by vascular endothelial cells in three-dimensional extracellular matrices
11822867 Our findings indicate that different signaling cascades resulting in the activation of ..or Cdc42 can modulate the exocytotic process of neuroendocrine cells.
10713183 HIV-1 Nef enhances the expression of CDC42 in human podocyte
10366564 HIV-1 Nef enhances the expression of CDC42 in human podocyte
8994833 HIV-1 Nef enhances the expression of CDC42 in human podocyte

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19710257 2009 Cross-talk between Rac1 and Cdc42 GTPases regulates formation of filopodia required for dengue virus type-2 entry into HMEC-1 cells.
19709124 2009 Serine-71 phosphorylation of Rac1/Cdc42 diminishes the pathogenic effect of Clostridium difficile toxin A.
19692568 2009 Structural and spatial determinants regulating TC21 activation by RasGRF family nucleotide exchange factors.
19667218 2009 Genome-wide scan of 500,000 single-nucleotide polymorphisms among responders and nonresponders to interferon beta therapy in multiple sclerosis.
19641023 2009 Regulation of cell death by recycling endosomes and golgi membrane dynamics via a pathway involving Src-family kinases, Cdc42 and Rab11a.
19640983 2009 Impact of Rac1 and Cdc42 signaling during early herpes simplex virus type 1 infection of keratinocytes.
19635823 2009 Actin dynamics and Rho GTPases regulate the size and formation of parasitophorous vacuoles containing Coxiella burnetii.
19622753 2009 Intersectin-2L regulates caveola endocytosis secondary to Cdc42-mediated actin polymerization.
19596003 2009 Adiponectin promotes migration activities of endothelial progenitor cells via Cdc42/Rac1.
19561083 2009 The mechanism of CSF-1-induced Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein activation in vivo: a role for phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase and Cdc42.
19473971 2009 Cdc42 and the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-Akt pathway are essential for PspC-mediated internalization of pneumococci by respiratory epithelial cells.
19463088 2009 T-cadherin activates Rac1 and Cdc42 and changes endothelial permeability.
19454477 2009 IQGAP1 regulates cell proliferation through a novel CDC42-mTOR pathway.
19435802 2009 Formation of endothelial lumens requires a coordinated PKCepsilon-, Src-, Pak- and Raf-kinase-dependent signaling cascade downstream of Cdc42 activation.
19416857 2009 The type III TGF-beta receptor regulates epithelial and cancer cell migration through beta-arrestin2-mediated activation of Cdc42.
19376974 2009 Roles for endocytic trafficking and phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase III alpha in hepatitis C virus replication.
19362538 2009 The fic domain: regulation of cell signaling by adenylylation.
19356586 2009 Characterisation of the nucleotide exchange factor ITSN1L: evidence for a kinetic discrimination of GEF-stimulated nucleotide release from Cdc42.
19307303 2009 Integrating receptor signal inputs that influence small Rho GTPase activation dynamics at the immunological synapse.
19273597 2009 Dual role of Cdc42 in spindle orientation control of adherent cells.
19199708 2009 Proteomic analysis of human parotid gland exosomes by multidimensional protein identification technology (MudPIT).
19171758 2009 Kank attenuates actin remodeling by preventing interaction between IRSp53 and Rac1.
19109421 2009 GM130-dependent control of Cdc42 activity at the Golgi regulates centrosome organization.
19056867 2009 Large-scale proteomics and phosphoproteomics of urinary exosomes.
19039103 2009 AMPylation of Rho GTPases by Vibrio VopS disrupts effector binding and downstream signaling.
19029984 2008 Modification of mineralocorticoid receptor function by Rac1 GTPase: implication in proteinuric kidney disease.
19001128 2008 Cdc42 controls spindle orientation to position the apical surface during epithelial morphogenesis.
18974134 2008 The anaplastic lymphoma kinase controls cell shape and growth of anaplastic large cell lymphoma through Cdc42 activation.
18937283 2008 Proteomic profiling reveals the prognostic value of adenomatous polyposis coli-end-binding protein 1 in hepatocellular carcinoma.
18922799 2008 Interaction of the RAGE cytoplasmic domain with diaphanous-1 is required for ligand-stimulated cellular migration through activation of Rac1 and Cdc42.
18838868 2008 Microarray and pathway analysis reveals decreased CDC25A and increased CDC42 associated with slow growth of BCL2 overexpressing immortalized breast cell line.
18835169 2008 DOCK10-mediated Cdc42 activation is necessary for amoeboid invasion of melanoma cells.
18728402 2008 The suppressor of metastasis Nm23-H1 interacts with the Cdc42 Rho family member and the pleckstrin homology domain of oncoprotein Dbl-1 to suppress cell migration.
18656530 2008 The C-terminus of IpaC is required for effector activities related to Shigella invasion of host cells.
18628988 2008 Neither replication nor simulation supports a role for the axon guidance pathway in the genetics of Parkinson's disease.
18586681 2008 PAK is regulated by PI3K, PIX, CDC42, and PP2Calpha and mediates focal adhesion turnover in the hyperosmotic stress-induced p38 pathway.
18575765 2008 Cdc42 is highly expressed in colorectal adenocarcinoma and downregulates ID4 through an epigenetic mechanism.
18565850 2008 Defective homing is associated with altered Cdc42 activity in cells from patients with Fanconi anemia group A.
18552504 2008 HTLV-I production based on activation of integrin/ligand signaling in HTLV-I-infected T cell lines derived from HAM/TSP patients.
18541705 2008 The interaction of IQGAP1 with the exocyst complex is required for tumor cell invasion downstream of Cdc42 and RhoA.
18541478 2008 Identification of cognate host targets and specific ubiquitylation sites on the Salmonella SPI-1 effector SopB/SigD.
18541383 2008 Protein array analysis of oligomerization-induced changes in alpha-synuclein protein-protein interactions points to an interference with Cdc42 effector proteins.
18432521 2008 Critical roles for the actin cytoskeleton and cdc42 in regulating platelet integrin alpha2beta1.
18403635 2008 MUC1 initiates Src-CrkL-Rac1/Cdc42-mediated actin cytoskeletal protrusive motility after ligating intercellular adhesion molecule-1.
18348980 2008 Effector proteins exert an important influence on the signaling-active state of the small GTPase Cdc42.
18334926 2008 [The Rho protein family and its role in the cellular cytoskeleton].
18325348 2008 Role of TGF-beta1-independent changes in protein neosynthesis, p38alphaMAPK, and cdc42 in hydrogen peroxide-induced senescence-like morphogenesis.
18319301 2008 Cdc42- and Rac1-mediated endothelial lumen formation requires Pak2, Pak4 and Par3, and PKC-dependent signaling.
18287089 2008 Transforming growth factor-beta1 (TGFbeta1) stimulates connective tissue growth factor (CCN2/CTGF) expression in human gingival fibroblasts through a RhoA-independent, Rac1/Cdc42-dependent mechanism: statins with forskolin block TGFbeta1-induced CCN2/CTGF expression.
18245474 2008 The tumor suppressor LKB1 regulates lung cancer cell polarity by mediating cdc42 recruitment and activity.
18245386 2008 Spatial mapping of the neurite and soma proteomes reveals a functional Cdc42/Rac regulatory network.
18235104 2008 Prostaglandin E2-mediated migration of human trophoblast requires RAC1 and CDC42.
18057010 2008 Cdc42 regulates E-cadherin ubiquitination and degradation through an epidermal growth factor receptor to Src-mediated pathway.
18056353 2007 Formyl peptide receptor-1 activation enhances intestinal epithelial cell restitution through phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-dependent activation of Rac1 and Cdc42.
18056264 2008 Specific recognition of Rac2 and Cdc42 by DOCK2 and DOCK9 guanine nucleotide exchange factors.
18045877 2008 Heterotrimeric G protein betagamma subunits stimulate FLJ00018, a guanine nucleotide exchange factor for Rac1 and Cdc42.
17976533 2007 START-GAP3/DLC3 is a GAP for RhoA and Cdc42 and is localized in focal adhesions regulating cell morphology.
17971488 2008 An immune escape screen reveals Cdc42 as regulator of cancer susceptibility to lymphocyte-mediated tumor suppression.
17702745 2007 Regulation of ephexin1, a guanine nucleotide exchange factor of Rho family GTPases, by fibroblast growth factor receptor-mediated tyrosine phosphorylation.
17693642 2007 IQGAP1 regulates Salmonella invasion through interactions with actin, Rac1, and Cdc42.
17664338 2007 The neurite outgrowth multiadaptor RhoGAP, NOMA-GAP, regulates neurite extension through SHP2 and Cdc42.
17567985 2007 Distinct class of putative "non-conserved" promoters in humans: comparative studies of alternative promoters of human and mouse genes.
17538024 2007 Activated ezrin promotes cell migration through recruitment of the GEF Dbl to lipid rafts and preferential downstream activation of Cdc42.
17521326 2007 Role of the small Rho GTPases Rac1 and Cdc42 in host cell invasion of Campylobacter jejuni.
17517067 2007 Rac1, RhoA, and Cdc42 participate in HeLa cell invasion by group B streptococcus.
17513786 2007 Inactivation of Cdc42 is necessary for depolymerization of phagosomal F-actin and subsequent phagosomal maturation.
17513457 2007 Paxillin-beta-catenin interactions are involved in Rac/Cdc42-mediated endothelial barrier-protective response to oxidized phospholipids.
17356711 2007 Estrogen and resveratrol regulate Rac and Cdc42 signaling to the actin cytoskeleton of metastatic breast cancer cells.
17353931 2007 Large-scale mapping of human protein-protein interactions by mass spectrometry.
17346701 2007 Filopodia are induced by aquaporin-9 expression.
17301947 2007 Maspin controls mammary tumor cell migration through inhibiting Rac1 and Cdc42, but not the RhoA GTPase.
17300218 2007 Co-operative Cdc42 and Rho signalling mediates ephrinB-triggered endothelial cell retraction.
17115031 2006 Regulation of cell shape by Cdc42 is mediated by the synergic actin-bundling activity of the Eps8-IRSp53 complex.
17074883 2006 Differential activation and function of Rho GTPases during Salmonella-host cell interactions.
17038317 2006 Ack1 mediates Cdc42-dependent cell migration and signaling to p130Cas.
16968699 2006 Role of RacC for the regulation of WASP and phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase during chemotaxis of Dictyostelium.
16930532 2006 Cdc42 is involved in PKCepsilon- and delta-induced neurite outgrowth and stress fibre dismantling.
16880514 2006 Wnt-5a/Ca2+-induced NFAT activity is counteracted by Wnt-5a/Yes-Cdc42-casein kinase 1alpha signaling in human mammary epithelial cells.
16864657 2006 To stabilize neutrophil polarity, PIP3 and Cdc42 augment RhoA activity at the back as well as signals at the front.
16849480 2006 Specific patterns of Cdc42 activity are related to distinct elements of T cell polarization.
16751776 2006 A germline-specific class of small RNAs binds mammalian Piwi proteins.
16710414 2006 The DNA sequence and biological annotation of human chromosome 1.
16443932 2006 Apolipoprotein A-I activates Cdc42 signaling through the ABCA1 transporter.
16407834 2006 Cbl escapes Cdc42-mediated inhibition by downregulation of the adaptor molecule betaPix.
16322481 2006 Cdc42 regulates adherens junction stability and endothelial permeability by inducing alpha-catenin interaction with the vascular endothelial cadherin complex.
16293614 2006 Protein-tyrosine kinase and GTPase signals cooperate to phosphorylate and activate Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein (WASP)/neuronal WASP.
16253996 2005 Cdc42 induces activation loop phosphorylation and membrane targeting of mixed lineage kinase 3.
16246732 2005 An electrostatic steering mechanism of Cdc42 recognition by Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome proteins.
16228294 2005 The integrin alpha6beta1 modulation of PI3K and Cdc42 activities induces dynamic filopodium formation in human platelets.
16204230 2005 Regulation of the interaction of Pak2 with Cdc42 via autophosphorylation of serine 141.
16201754 2005 A Cdc42 mutant specifically activated by intersectin.
16189514 2005 Towards a proteome-scale map of the human protein-protein interaction network.
16169070 2005 A human protein-protein interaction network: a resource for annotating the proteome.
15923648 2005 Close encounters: regulation of vertebrate skeletal myogenesis by cell-cell contact.
15901767 2005 RhoGTPase activation is a key step in renal epithelial mesenchymal transdifferentiation.
15834156 2005 The adapter protein CrkII regulates neuronal Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein, actin polymerization, and tension development during contractile stimulation of smooth muscle.
15833843 2005 Inhibition of a new differentiation pathway in neuroblastoma by copy number defects of N-myc, Cdc42, and nm23 genes.
15822942 Human plasma proteome analysis by multidimensional chromatography prefractionation and linear ion trap mass spectrometry identification.
15821030 2005 The nucleotide switch in Cdc42 modulates coupling between the GTPase-binding and allosteric equilibria of Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein.
15803130 2005 Rho Rocks PTEN.
15793569 2005 Regulation of PTEN by Rho small GTPases.
15728724 2005 A Dictyostelium homologue of WASP is required for polarized F-actin assembly during chemotaxis.
15728253 2005 Cdc42 downregulates MMP-1 expression by inhibiting the ERK1/2 pathway.
15723050 2005 Cdc42-MRCK and Rho-ROCK signalling cooperate in myosin phosphorylation and cell invasion.
15713627 2005 Spatially distinct binding of Cdc42 to PAK1 and N-WASP in breast carcinoma cells.
15652341 2005 BNIP-2 induces cell elongation and membrane protrusions by interacting with Cdc42 via a unique Cdc42-binding motif within its BNIP-2 and Cdc42GAP homology domain.
15649357 2005 The Cool-2/alpha-Pix protein mediates a Cdc42-Rac signaling cascade.
15642749 2005 Ect2 and MgcRacGAP regulate the activation and function of Cdc42 in mitosis.
15616194 2005 Opposing roles for actin in Cdc42p polarization.
15601624 2005 TIM, a Dbl-related protein, regulates cell shape and cytoskeletal organization in a Rho-dependent manner.
15489334 2004 The status, quality, and expansion of the NIH full-length cDNA project: the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC).
15472119 2004 Epoxycyclopentenone-containing oxidized phospholipids restore endothelial barrier function via Cdc42 and Rac.
15361624 2004 Activation of endogenous Cdc42 visualized in living cells.
15355962 2004 Phosphorylation of IQGAP1 modulates its binding to Cdc42, revealing a new type of rho-GTPase regulator.
15304341 2004 Isolation and characterisation of DOCK8, a member of the DOCK180-related regulators of cell morphology.
15287724 2004 Backbone dynamics of an oncogenic mutant of Cdc42Hs shows increased flexibility at the nucleotide-binding site.
15265891 2004 Lipid raft-associated GTPase signaling controls morphology and CD8+ T cell stimulatory capacity of human dendritic cells.
15194684 2004 Expression of the human myotonic dystrophy kinase-related Cdc42-binding kinase gamma is regulated by promoter DNA methylation and Sp1 binding.
15187089 2004 The adaptor protein Nck1 mediates endothelin A receptor-regulated cell migration through the Cdc42-dependent c-Jun N-terminal kinase pathway.
15133042 2004 Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase and frabin mediate Cryptosporidium parvum cellular invasion via activation of Cdc42.
15123662 2004 Antagonistic cross-talk between Rac and Cdc42 GTPases regulates generation of reactive oxygen species.
15123659 2004 Identification of the region in Cdc42 that confers the binding specificity to activated Cdc42-associated kinase.
15121898 2004 The composition of Staufen-containing RNA granules from human cells indicates their role in the regulated transport and translation of messenger RNAs.
15102814 2004 Cdc42 and the actin-related protein/neural Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein network mediate cellular invasion by Cryptosporidium parvum.
15075243 2004 Smad7 is required for TGF-beta-induced activation of the small GTPase Cdc42.
15023524 2004 DEF6, a novel PH-DH-like domain protein, is an upstream activator of the Rho GTPases Rac1, Cdc42, and RhoA.
14978216 2004 Regulation of dendritic branching and filopodia formation in hippocampal neurons by specific acylated protein motifs.
14970210 2004 Cdc42-dependent mediation of UV-induced p38 activation by G protein betagamma subunits.
14733946 2004 Cdc42-dependent nuclear translocation of non-receptor tyrosine kinase, ACK.
14701795 2004 Pleckstrin homology domain-mediated activation of the rho-specific guanine nucleotide exchange factor Dbs by Rac1.
14699061 2004 Coactivation of Rac1 and Cdc42 at lamellipodia and membrane ruffles induced by epidermal growth factor.
14676191 2004 Comprehensive proteomic analysis of human Par protein complexes reveals an interconnected protein network.
14656933 2004 Cdc42 regulates the restoration of endothelial barrier function.
14563854 2003 Involvement of Cdc42 signaling in apoA-I-induced cholesterol efflux.
14506284 2003 Epidermal growth factor-dependent regulation of Cdc42 is mediated by the Src tyrosine kinase.
14505571 2003 Activated Cdc42 sequesters c-Cbl and prevents EGF receptor degradation.
12972601 2003 Actin can reorganize into podosomes in aortic endothelial cells, a process controlled by Cdc42 and RhoA.
12960248 2003 Activation of Rac2 and Cdc42 on Fc and complement receptor ligation in human neutrophils.
12960245 2003 Differential effects of invasion by and phagocytosis of Salmonella typhimurium on apoptosis in human macrophages: potential role of Rho-GTPases and Akt.
12928366 2003 CD28 engagement promotes actin polymerization through the activation of the small Rho GTPase Cdc42 in human T cells.
12915445 2003 Lowe syndrome protein OCRL1 interacts with Rac GTPase in the trans-Golgi network.
12901880 2003 BNIPL-2, a novel homologue of BNIP-2, interacts with Bcl-2 and Cdc42GAP in apoptosis.
12900413 2003 IQGAP1 promotes cell motility and invasion.
12887923 2003 Directional sensing requires G beta gamma-mediated PAK1 and PIX alpha-dependent activation of Cdc42.
12887922 2003 Divergent signals and cytoskeletal assemblies regulate self-organizing polarity in neutrophils.
12887916 2003 Two poles and a compass.
12879077 2003 RhoG activates Rac1 by direct interaction with the Dock180-binding protein Elmo.
12860998 2003 Identification of an autoinhibitory domain of p21-activated protein kinase 5.
12824775 2003 Nerve growth factor induces proliferation of PC12 cells through Cdc42.
12769846 2003 Contingent phosphorylation/dephosphorylation provides a mechanism of molecular memory in WASP.
12767056 2003 Cdc42 and RhoA are differentially regulated during arachidonate-mediated HeLa cell adhesion.
12745076 2003 Identification and characterization of the Cdc42-binding site of IQGAP1.
12612085 2003 The TRE17 oncogene encodes a component of a novel effector pathway for Rho GTPases Cdc42 and Rac1 and stimulates actin remodeling.
12606577 2003 Structure of Cdc42 in a complex with the GTPase-binding domain of the cell polarity protein, Par6.
12595527 2003 VE-cadherin-induced Cdc42 signaling regulates formation of membrane protrusions in endothelial cells.
12584113 2003 Neurotensin stimulates IL-8 expression in human colonic epithelial cells through Rho GTPase-mediated NF-kappa B pathways.
12547822 2003 A Rac/Cdc42-specific exchange factor, GEFT, induces cell proliferation, transformation, and migration.
12511425 2003 Human neutrophils utilize a Rac/Cdc42-dependent MAPK pathway to direct intracellular granule mobilization toward ingested microbial pathogens.
12477932 2002 Generation and initial analysis of more than 15,000 full-length human and mouse cDNA sequences.
12456510 2003 Felic (CIP4b), a novel binding partner with the Src kinase Lyn and Cdc42, localizes to the phagocytic cup.
12453877 2002 Cdc42/Rac1-dependent activation of the p21-activated kinase (PAK) regulates human platelet lamellipodia spreading: implication of the cortical-actin binding protein cortactin.
12432077 2002 Identification of an evolutionarily conserved superfamily of DOCK180-related proteins with guanine nucleotide exchange activity.
12426222 2002 Retarded intracellular lipid transport associated with reduced expression of Cdc42, a member of Rho-GTPases, in human aged skin fibroblasts: a possible function of Cdc42 in mediating intracellular lipid transport.
12376551 2002 RhoG signals in parallel with Rac1 and Cdc42.
12369824 2002 Antiapoptotic Cdc42 mutants are potent activators of cellular transformation.
12270144 2002 Effect of Mg(2+) on the kinetics of guanine nucleotide binding and hydrolysis by Cdc42.
12235133 2002 Phosphorylation of tyrosine 291 enhances the ability of WASp to stimulate actin polymerization and filopodium formation. Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome protein.
12181570 2002 Mechanism of regulation of WAVE1-induced actin nucleation by Rac1 and Nck.
12172552 2002 Zizimin1, a novel Cdc42 activator, reveals a new GEF domain for Rho proteins.
12115629 2002 Extension, retraction and contraction in the formation of a dendritic cell dendrite: distinct roles for Rho GTPases.
12032833 2002 Cloning and characterization of PAK5, a novel member of mammalian p21-activated kinase-II subfamily that is predominantly expressed in brain.
12006984 2002 Structural basis for the selective activation of Rho GTPases by Dbl exchange factors.
11998687 2002 Rho proteins, mental retardation and the cellular basis of cognition.
11973651 2002 Participation of small GTPases Rac1 and Cdc42Hs in myoblast transformation.
11948177 2002 IQGAP1 is a component of Cdc42 signaling to the cytoskeleton.
11943145 2002 The acidic regions of WASp and N-WASP can synergize with CDC42Hs and Rac1 to induce filopodia and lamellipodia.
11907271 2002 Transforming growth factor-beta-induced mobilization of actin cytoskeleton requires signaling by small GTPases Cdc42 and RhoA.
11889037 2002 A crystallographic view of interactions between Dbs and Cdc42: PH domain-assisted guanine nucleotide exchange.
11884513 2002 The Cdc42 and Rac1 GTPases are required for capillary lumen formation in three-dimensional extracellular matrices.
11839748 2002 Activation of clg, a novel dbl family guanine nucleotide exchange factor gene, by proviral insertion at evi24, a common integration site in B cell and myeloid leukemias.
11822867 2002 Involvement of Rho GTPases and their effectors in the secretory process of PC12 cells.
11807099 2002 The integrin cytoplasmic domain-associated protein ICAP-1 binds and regulates Rho family GTPases during cell spreading.
11773441 2002 AR and ER interaction with a p21-activated kinase (PAK6).
11756552 2002 PAK5, a new brain-specific kinase, promotes neurite outgrowth in N1E-115 cells.
11696321 2001 Cdc42 induces filopodia by promoting the formation of an IRSp53:Mena complex.
11672528 2001 Signal transduction in neuronal migration: roles of GTPase activating proteins and the small GTPase Cdc42 in the Slit-Robo pathway.
11584276 2001 Endocytic protein intersectin-l regulates actin assembly via Cdc42 and N-WASP.
11584266 2001 Borg proteins control septin organization and are negatively regulated by Cdc42.
11583574 2001 RhoGDI-binding-defective mutant of Cdc42Hs targets to membranes and activates filopodia formation but does not cycle with the cytosol of mammalian cells.
11438723 2001 Visualization of biochemical networks in living cells.
11394904 2001 Epidermal growth factor stimulation of the ACK1/Dbl pathway in a Cdc42 and Grb2-dependent manner.
11287617 2001 Vav-Rac1-mediated activation of the c-Jun N-terminal kinase/c-Jun/AP-1 pathway plays a major role in stimulation of the distal NFAT site in the interleukin-2 gene promoter.
11284700 2001 Interaction of protein kinase C isozymes with Rho GTPases.
11278572 2001 Cdc42 is a substrate for caspases and influences Fas-induced apoptosis.
11260256 2001 Human homologues of the Caenorhabditis elegans cell polarity protein PAR6 as an adaptor that links the small GTPases Rac and Cdc42 to atypical protein kinase C.
11257000 2001 Rho and Rac but not Cdc42 regulate endothelial cell permeability.
11157984 2001 Cdc42Hs facilitates cytoskeletal reorganization and neurite outgrowth by localizing the 58-kD insulin receptor substrate to filamentous actin.
11130076 2000 IRSp53 is an essential intermediate between Rac and WAVE in the regulation of membrane ruffling.
11090627 2000 Structure of the TPR domain of p67phox in complex with Rac.GTP.
11035016 2001 A new family of Cdc42 effector proteins, CEPs, function in fibroblast and epithelial cell shape changes.
10975523 2000 Developmental control of endocytosis in dendritic cells by Cdc42.
10967094 2000 Characterization of TCL, a new GTPase of the rho family related to TC10 andCcdc42.
10954711 2000 The BNIP-2 and Cdc42GAP homology domain of BNIP-2 mediates its homophilic association and heterophilic interaction with Cdc42GAP.
10954424 2000 The mammalian homologue of the Caenorhabditis elegans polarity protein PAR-6 is a binding partner for the Rho GTPases Cdc42 and Rac1.
10934474 2000 The cell-polarity protein Par6 links Par3 and atypical protein kinase C to Cdc42.
10873802 2000 A human homolog of the C. elegans polarity determinant Par-6 links Rac and Cdc42 to PKCzeta signaling and cell transformation.
10818149 2000 The small GTP-binding protein TC10 promotes nerve elongation in neuronal cells, and its expression is induced during nerve regeneration in rats.
10816584 2000 SPECs, small binding proteins for Cdc42.
10802735 2000 Structure of Cdc42 bound to the GTPase binding domain of PAK.
10799524 2000 Evidence for a novel Cdc42GAP domain at the carboxyl terminus of BNIP-2.
10799501 2000 Cdc42-induced activation of the mixed-lineage kinase SPRK in vivo. Requirement of the Cdc42/Rac interactive binding motif and changes in phosphorylation.
10749885 2000 Gene 33/Mig-6, a transcriptionally inducible adapter protein that binds GTP-Cdc42 and activates SAPK/JNK. A potential marker transcript for chronic pathologic conditions, such as diabetic nephropathy. Possible role in the response to persistent stress.
10747870 2000 Activation of phospholipase D1 by Cdc42 requires the Rho insert region.
10733591 2000 Atypical protein kinases Clambda and -zeta associate with the GTP-binding protein Cdc42 and mediate stress fiber loss.
10724160 2000 Autoinhibition and activation mechanisms of the Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein.
10713100 2000 Cdc42-interacting protein 4 mediates binding of the Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein to microtubules.
10676816 2000 Structure of the Rho family GTP-binding protein Cdc42 in complex with the multifunctional regulator RhoGDI.
10587647 1999 Melanoma chondroitin sulphate proteoglycan regulates cell spreading through Cdc42, Ack-1 and p130cas.
10551883 1999 Tyrosine phosphorylation of the Bcl-2-associated protein BNIP-2 by fibroblast growth factor receptor-1 prevents its binding to Cdc42GAP and Cdc42.
10490598 1999 The Borgs, a new family of Cdc42 and TC10 GTPase-interacting proteins.
10480361 The human CDC42 gene: genomic organization, evidence for the existence of a putative pseudogene and exclusion as a SJS1 candidate gene.
10360579 1999 Structure of the small G protein Cdc42 bound to the GTPase-binding domain of ACK.
10360578 1999 Structure of Cdc42 in complex with the GTPase-binding domain of the 'Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome' protein.
10320322 1999 Conformation of a Cdc42/Rac interactive binding peptide in complex with Cdc42 and analysis of the binding interface.
10211824 1999 Nucleotide binding to the G12V-mutant of Cdc42 investigated by X-ray diffraction and fluorescence spectroscopy: two different nucleotide states in one crystal.
10068673 1999 Involvement of wiskott-aldrich syndrome protein in B-cell cytoplasmic tyrosine kinase pathway.
10051605 1999 The small GTPase RalA targets filamin to induce filopodia.
9860974 1998 The Arp2/3 complex mediates actin polymerization induced by the small GTP-binding protein Cdc42.
9846874 1998 Structures of Cdc42 bound to the active and catalytically compromised forms of Cdc42GAP.
9822598 1998 PAK4, a novel effector for Cdc42Hs, is implicated in the reorganization of the actin cytoskeleton and in the formation of filopodia.
9799233 1998 Stimulation of phospholipase C-beta2 by the Rho GTPases Cdc42Hs and Rac1.
9786927 1998 CdGAP, a novel proline-rich GTPase-activating protein for Cdc42 and Rac.
9760238 1998 Identification of the binding surface on Cdc42Hs for p21-activated kinase.
9748241 1998 Negative regulation of Rho family GTPases Cdc42 and Rac2 by homodimer formation.
9742969 1998 Tyrosine phosphorylation of the Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein by Lyn and Btk is regulated by CDC42.
9705280 1998 Structural requirements for PAK activation by Rac GTPases.
9660763 1998 The Cdc42/Rac interactive binding region motif of the Wiskott Aldrich syndrome protein (WASP) is necessary but not sufficient for tight binding to Cdc42 and structure formation.
9642115 1998 Phagocyte NADPH oxidase p67-phox possesses a novel carboxylterminal binding site for the GTPases Rac2 and Cdc42.
9582072 1998 Oligophrenin-1 encodes a rhoGAP protein involved in X-linked mental retardation.
9535835 1998 Analysis of RhoA-binding proteins reveals an interaction domain conserved in heterotrimeric G protein beta subunits and the yeast response regulator protein Skn7.
9427749 1998 The MAP kinase kinase kinase MLK2 co-localizes with activated JNK along microtubules and associates with kinesin superfamily motor KIF3.
9422512 1998 Induction of filopodium formation by a WASP-related actin-depolymerizing protein N-WASP.
9418861 1998 Myotonic dystrophy kinase-related Cdc42-binding kinase acts as a Cdc42 effector in promoting cytoskeletal reorganization.
9381982 1997 Signal transduction pathways involving the small G proteins rac and Cdc42 and phosphoinositide kinases.
9338791 1997 Structure at 1.65 A of RhoA and its GTPase-activating protein in complex with a transition-state analogue.
9268338 1997 Characterization of the interactions between the small GTPase Cdc42 and its GTPase-activating proteins and putative effectors. Comparison of kinetic properties of Cdc42 binding to the Cdc42-interactive domains.
9262406 1997 Crystal structure of a small G protein in complex with the GTPase-activating protein rhoGAP.
9220962 1997 Definition of the switch surface in the solution structure of Cdc42Hs.
9210375 1997 A Cdc42 target protein with homology to the non-kinase domain of FER has a potential role in regulating the actin cytoskeleton.
9182573 1997 Calmodulin modulates the interaction between IQGAP1 and Cdc42. Identification of IQGAP1 by nanoelectrospray tandem mass spectrometry.
9113980 1997 RhoGDIgamma: a GDP-dissociation inhibitor for Rho proteins with preferential expression in brain and pancreas.
9082982 1997 Bni1p, a yeast formin linking cdc42p and the actin cytoskeleton during polarized morphogenesis.
9079650 1997 Cloning of a novel mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase, MEKK4, that selectively regulates the c-Jun amino terminal kinase pathway.
9032261 1997 Lck regulates Vav activation of members of the Rho family of GTPases.
8969170 1996 The faciogenital dysplasia gene product FGD1 functions as a Cdc42Hs-specific guanine-nucleotide exchange factor.
8943016 1996 The highly conserved skb1 gene encodes a protein that interacts with Shk1, a fission yeast Ste20/PAK homolog.
8889548 1996 Normalization and subtraction: two approaches to facilitate gene discovery.
8798539 1996 Identification of IQGAP as a putative target for the small GTPases, Cdc42 and Rac1.
8756646 1996 The Ras GTPase-activating-protein-related human protein IQGAP2 harbors a potential actin binding domain and interacts with calmodulin and Rho family GTPases.
8755667 1996 Glucose- and GTP-dependent stimulation of the carboxyl methylation of CDC42 in rodent and human pancreatic islets and pure beta cells. Evidence for an essential role of GTP-binding proteins in nutrient-induced insulin secretion.
8702968 1996 Identification of a putative effector for Cdc42Hs with high sequence similarity to the RasGAP-related protein IQGAP1 and a Cdc42Hs binding partner with similarity to IQGAP2.
8670801 1996 IQGAP1, a calmodulin-binding protein with a rasGAP-related domain, is a potential effector for cdc42Hs.
8625410 1996 Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein, a novel effector for the GTPase CDC42Hs, is implicated in actin polymerization.
8504089 1993 Regulation of the human neutrophil NADPH oxidase by rho-related G-proteins.
8107774 1994 A brain serine/threonine protein kinase activated by Cdc42 and Rac1.
8034624 1994 Activation of phosphoinositide 3-kinase activity by Cdc42Hs binding to p85.
7744004 1995 A novel serine kinase activated by rac1/CDC42Hs-dependent autophosphorylation is related to PAK65 and STE20.
7738010 1995 A 68-kDa kinase and NADPH oxidase component p67phox are targets for Cdc42Hs and Rac1 in neutrophils.
7665558 1995 Sequence analysis and chromosomal localization of human Cap Z. Conserved residues within the actin-binding domain may link Cap Z to gelsolin/severin and profilin protein families.
7629060 1995 Rho family GTPases bind to phosphoinositide kinases.
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