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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 140
PubMed Score 265.96
PubTator Score 246.05

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  Differential Expression (18)

Disease log2 FC p
malignant mesothelioma 1.900 5.9e-08
osteosarcoma -2.771 2.8e-04
glioblastoma 1.800 1.7e-04
group 3 medulloblastoma 2.900 2.5e-06
atypical teratoid / rhabdoid tumor 1.600 2.9e-07
medulloblastoma, large-cell 3.200 5.1e-06
primitive neuroectodermal tumor 2.500 1.3e-03
adrenocortical carcinoma 1.293 3.4e-03
non-small cell lung cancer 1.497 2.9e-15
intraductal papillary-mucinous carcinoma... 1.400 5.2e-04
lung cancer 3.500 3.9e-07
colon cancer 1.300 2.5e-02
pediatric high grade glioma 1.800 1.2e-05
Breast cancer 1.100 2.0e-04
ductal carcinoma in situ 1.100 4.3e-03
ovarian cancer 1.300 1.6e-04
psoriasis 1.900 3.4e-127
facioscapulohumeral dystrophy 1.600 1.5e-02

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Gene RIF (100)

26647881 This study demonstrated that the cell cycle pathway and the cdc25a gene may be crucial in the pathogenesis and progression of hepatocellular carcinoma.
26515730 Identify CDC25A as an early cell cycle transducer of FLT3-ITD oncogenic signaling, and as a promising target to inhibit proliferation and re-induce differentiation of FLT3-ITD acute myeloid leukemia cells.
26474275 Data indicate that nine compounds were identified with Ki values for CDC25A, -B and -C ranging from 0.01 to 4.4 muM.
25990966 Increased CDC25A is associated with invasiveness in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer.
25936524 STK38-mediated phosphorylation of CDC25A at Ser-76 and the subsequent degradation of CDC25A are required to promote DNA damage-induced G2/M checkpoint activation.
25909324 let-7c suppresses HCC progression, possibly by directly targeting the cell cycle regulator CDC25A and indirectly affecting its downstream target molecules. Let-7c may therefore be an effective therapeutic target for HCC.
25397735 CDC25C seems important for the phenotype of AML cells at least for a subset of patients. Many of the identified CDC25 inhibitors show cross-reactivity among the three CDC25 isoforms.
25378484 These results suggest that Cdc25a promotes human cytomegalovirus replication and elevation of Cdc25a levels after human cytomegalovirus infection are due in part to human cytomegalovirus-mediated repression of miR-21.
25326518 Our results suggest that expression of CDC25B may be used as a potential prognostic marker in the pathogenesis of retinoblastoma.
25266660 miR-424(322)/503-dependent posttranscriptional downregulation of CDC25A cooperates with transcriptional repression of the CDC25A promoter and proteasome-mediated degradation to reduce the levels of CDC25A expression and to induce cell cycle arrest.
24993091 Results suggest that miR-449a may act as a tumor suppressor by targeting CDC25A in endometrial cancer.
24939300 Findings suggest that inhibition of H19 long non-coding RNA (LncRNAH19) and miR-675 expression can promote migration and invasion of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) cells via AKT/GSK-3beta/Cdc25A signaling pathway.
24269534 CDC 25A dephosphorylates NFAT, resulting in translocation to nucleus and NFAT in co-operation with Smad2 promotes the tumor progression.
24211536 accelerated cholangiocyte cystogenesis is likely due to overexpression of Cdc25A
23730206 Overexpression of CDC25A was associated with the decrease of overall survival rates and disease-free survival in breast cancer patients.CDC25a is a target of HER2 signaling in human breast cancer.
23708659 RSK promotes G2/M transition in mammalian cells through activating phosphorylation of Cdc25A and Cdc25B
23675485 Overexpression of EGFR in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma is associated with inactivation of SH3GL2 and CDC25A genes.
23467652 Data indicate that protein phosphatase inhibitor RE142 binds to one of the residues Cys384-Tyr386 of CDC25A, within a pocket adjacent to the catalytic site.
23314229 Triptolide induces S phase arrest via the promotion of p21 and p27 and the inhibition of cyclin A and CDC25A expression.
23240008 Our work provides novel insight into the underlying mechanisms by which FOXM1 controls the cell cycle through its association with CDC25A.
22843495 destabilization of Cdc25A through inhibition of Hsp90 was boosted by the phosphorylation of Ser177 which tags Cdc25A to proteasomal degradation and this added up to the cell-cycle inhibitory effect
22705122 A new role for Rock2 in modulation of Cdc25A ubiquitination has been revealed, indicating a novel mechanism of Cdc25A regulation and a potential function for Rock2 in the development of hepatocellular carcinoma.
22467868 Lin-28 homologue A (LIN28A) promotes cell cycle progression via regulation of cyclin-dependent kinase 2 (CDK2), cyclin D1 (CCND1), and cell division cycle 25 homolog A (CDC25A) expression in cancer.
22435685 Studies indicate that the ATR-Chk1-Cdc25 pathway is the sole checkpoint route in a majority of cancer cells.
22417828 Cdc25A has an important physiological role in NF-kappaB activity regulation and it may be an important survival mechanism of cancer cells.
22160829 Widdrol breaks DNA directly in HT29 cells, resulting in checkpoint activation via Chk2-p53-Cdc25A-p21-MCM4 pathway and finally cells go to G1-phase cell cycle arrest and apoptosis.
22065597 CDC25A deregulation may be involved in hematopoietic cells expansion in JAK2(V617F) patients, making this protein an attracting potential therapeutic target.
21670150 Cdc25A enhances Foxo1 stability by dephosphorylating Cdk2, and Foxo1 was shown to directly regulate transcription of the metastatic factor MMP1.
21575861 High-frequency canonical Wnt activation in multiple sarcoma subtypes drives proliferation through a TCF/beta-catenin target gene, CDC25A.
21344162 CDC25A, VAV1, TP73, BRCA1 and ZAP70 may be novel markers for predicting the effectiveness of radiotherapy in CRC patients.
20956543 Cdc14A phosphatase prevents premature activation of Cdk1 regulating Cdc25A and Cdc25B at the entry into mitosis.
20639859 14-3-3 protein gamma mediates the interaction between Checkpoint kinase 1 and Cdc25A.
20614206 263C/T and -51C/G polymorphisms of CDC25A gene could be candidate markers for earlier diagnosis and targets for breast cancer therapy.
20614206 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20606298 results suggest TRB3 is a regulator for adjusting the expression level of Cdc25A both in a normal and a genotoxic conditions
20462953 Results reveal an unexpected role of Cdc25A down-regulation and the inhibitory phosphorylation of cdk2 T14 and Y15 in cell cycle quiescence during muscle differentiation and implicate miRNAs-322 and -503 in the process.
20453000 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20379614 Clinical trial of gene-disease association and gene-environment interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
20368335 Cdc25A is a pro-apoptotic protein that amplifies staurosporine-induced apoptosis through the activation of cyclin B1/Cdc2 by its C-terminal domain
20348946 Casein kinase 1 functions as both penultimate and ultimate kinase in regulating Cdc25A destruction.
20228808 As a major regulator of Cdc25A, Dub3 is an example of a transforming ubiquitin hydrolase that subverts a key component of the cell cycle machinery, promoting oncogenic transformation.
20217459 This study demonistratef that the expression levels of CDC25s in human gliomas, and found that CDC25A is overexpressed, and significantly correlate with Ki-67 expression.
20090422 NEK11 controls degradation of CDC25A by directly phosphorylating CDC25A on residues whose phosphorylation is required for beta-TrCP mediated CDC25A polyubiquitylation and degradation.
19833767 miR-449a/b targets and inhibits oncogenic CDK6 and CDC25A, resulting in pRb dephosphorylation and cell cycle arrest at G1 phase, revealing a negative feedback regulation of the pRb-E2F1 pathway
19738611 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19738433 The reduction in Cdc25A mRNA and protein was dependent on the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p21 and miR-21, which were upregulated in HCT116 colon cancer cells during hypoxia.
19692168 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19625176 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19621387 Results demonstrate by RNA interference that Sp1 regulating CDC25A and FAS expression and proliferation in cancer cells.
19555767 the expression of CDC25A was associated significantly with poor survival (P=0.028) in breast carcinomas, whereas no correlation was found with cyclin E.
19417033 A decreased CDC25A expression caused by lack or decrease of BOLL may be associated with male infertility.
19367581 Observational study of gene-disease association and gene-gene interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
19305144 The expression of the dual specificity phosphatase CDC25A, is deregulated in Ba/F3 cells expressing the oncogenic protein NPM/ALK and in human cell lines derived from NPM/ALK-positive anaplastic large cell lymphomas.
19289404 Cdc25A degradation depended on Ser75-Cdc25A phosphorylation caused by p38MAPK and Chk2.
19170196 Observational study of gene-disease association and gene-environment interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
19062161 MT-2A could plausibly modulate cell cycle progression from G1- to S-phase via the ATM/Chk2/cdc25A pathway.
19060337 Chk1 affects Cdc25A via rapid phosphorylation and protein turnover, inhibition of Cdc25A transcription by p53-ATF3 is required for the maintenance of cell cycle arrest.
19013180 The authors report here that CDC25A, a cell cycle-promoting phosphatase over-expressed in a number of cancers, functions as an androgen receptor (AR) coregulator suppressing the AR transcriptional activity.
18980975 Metastatic HCC cells showed a defective S-M checkpoint following cisplatin treatment and potential aberrant checkpoint adaptation, which might result from deregulation of Plk1-Cdc25A pathway.
18927589 A caspase-dependent cleavage of CDC25A is a central step linking cyclin-dependent kinase 2 activation with non-genotoxic apoptotic induction.
18794133 Data reveal novel *NO-dependent enzymatic and translational mechanisms controlling Cdc25A, and implicate Cdc25A as a mediator of *NO-dependent apoptotic signaling.
18676680 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18566993 CDC25A overexpression in hTERT-immortalized primary human mammary epithelial cells induces DNA damage response alterations that might enhance genomic instability.
18480045 Chk1 is the primary signal transducer linking activation of the ATM/ATR kinases to Cdc25A destruction in response to ionizing radiation.
18316586 restricting CDC25A can limit tumorigenesis induced by the HER2/neu-RAS oncogenic pathway without compromising normal cell division or viability [review]
18204780 These results suggest that CDC25A, by inhibiting hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) growth and invasion, may be a feasible therapeutic target for human HCC.
18167338 Glycogen synthase kinase-3beta (GSK-3beta) phosphorylates Cdc25A to promote its proteolysis in early cell-cycle phases.
18160429 Kinase Srk1 is required for the Vpr-mediated nuclear export of Cdc25
18073536 CDC25A is not only a major regulator of both G(1)/S and G(2)/M transition during unperturbed cell cycle progression, but also a critical checkpoint mediator.[review]
17912454 protein kinase CK2 is involved in cell cycle regulation and indicate the mechanism by which CDC25A turnover might be regulated by Chk1 in the absence of DNA damage.
17676996 Kinase Srk1 is required for the Vpr-mediated nuclear export of Cdc25
17671423 hypoxia inhibits the expression of CDC25A, another cell cycle gene encoding a tyrosine phosphatase that maintains CDK2 activity
17545210 Arsenite slows S phase progression via inhibition of cdc25A dual specificity phosphatase gene transcription.
17172867 Cdc14A may be involved in the cell cycle regulation of Cdc25A stability.
17018577 Caulibugulone inhibition of cellular Cdc25A and B phosphatases occurred through at least two different mechanisms, leading to pronounced cell cycle arrest.
17001315 data suggest that, as long as p53 is intact, Cdc25A transcriptional downregulation might play a role in cancer prevention
16912045 the Chk1-mediated S-phase checkpoint targets initiation factor Cdc45 via a Cdc25A/Cdk2-independent mechanism
16720623 decreased CDC25A is associated with spermatogenic failure and failed sperm retrieval in infertile men
16598773 both genomic and non-genomic pathways of estrogen action are involved in induction of cdc25A in breast cancer cells
15798217 Ubiquitination and degradation of CDC25A protein depend on the TGF-beta-Smad3 pathway.
15572030 Cdc25A phosphatase may interact with substrates and regulators both in the nucleus and the cytoplasm.
14767575 cdc25A may contribute to the progression of thyroid lymphoma
14727060 CDC25A is able to partially restore a functional checkpoint in response to both ionising and UV irradiation, but not a DNA replication checkpoint
14673957 CDC25A regulates Raf-1/MEK/Erk activation in human prostate cancer cells
14603323 beta-TrCP has a crucial role in mediating the response to DNA damage through Cdc25A degradation
14559997 Data suggest that the Chk1/Cdc25A/14-3-3 pathway functions to prevent cells from entering into mitosis prior to replicating their genomes to ensure the fidelity of the cell division process.
14517313 CDC25A that accumulated during mitosis is rapidly destroyed after DNA damage
12963847 regulation of human Cdc25A stability by its phosphorylation at S75 may contribute to S phase checkpoint activation
12801928 regulation of half life in interphase by cyclin-dependent kinase 2 activity
12759351 phosphorylation of Cdc25A on Ser-75 by Chk1 and its subsequent degradation is required to delay cell cycle progression in response to UV-induced DNA lesions
12738732 Overexpression of CDC25A phosphatase is associated with hypergrowth activity of hepatocellular carcinomas
12676925 Cdc25A is involved in the G2/M transition in addition to its commonly accepted effect on G1/S progression
12676583 CHK1 regulates the S phase checkpoint by coupling the physiological turnover and ionizing radiation-induced accelerated proteolysis of Cdc25A.
12411508 description of a markedly stable form of Cdc25A, which plays a previously unrecognized role in mitosis
12399544 findings indicate that Chk1 directly phosphorylates Cdc25A during an unperturbed cell cycle, and that phosphorylation of Cdc25A by Chk1 is required for cells to delay cell cycle progression in response to double-strand DNA breaks
12234927 propose that a dual mechanism of regulated degradation allows for fine tuning of Cdc25 A abundance in response to cell environment
11912208 Identification of epidermal growth factor receptor as a target of Cdc25A protein phosphatase
11805096 examination of catalytic mechanism
11752153 human papillomavirus type 16 E7 maintains elevated levels of the cdc25A tyrosine phosphatase during deregulation of cell cycle arrest
8668211 Alpha interferon suppresses the cyclin D3 and cdc25A genes, leading to a reversible G0-like arrest.

AA Sequence

HEDFKEDLKKFRTKSRTWAGEKSKREMYSRLKKL                                        491 - 524

Text Mined References (143)

PMID Year Title
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26515730 2015 CDC25A governs proliferation and differentiation of FLT3-ITD acute myeloid leukemia.
26474275 2015 Ligand-based chemoinformatic discovery of a novel small molecule inhibitor targeting CDC25 dual specificity phosphatases and displaying in vitro efficacy against melanoma cells.
25990966 2015 MicroRNA-184 Deregulated by the MicroRNA-21 Promotes Tumor Malignancy and Poor Outcomes in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer via Targeting CDC25A and c-Myc.
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24939300 2014 Downregulation of LncRNAH19 and MiR-675 promotes migration and invasion of human hepatocellular carcinoma cells through AKT/GSK-3?/Cdc25A signaling pathway.
24269534 2014 TGF-?-Smad2 dependent activation of CDC 25A plays an important role in cell proliferation through NFAT activation in metastatic breast cancer cells.
24211536 2014 Centrosomal abnormalities characterize human and rodent cystic cholangiocytes and are associated with Cdc25A overexpression.
23730206 2013 CDC25A protein stability represents a previously unrecognized target of HER2 signaling in human breast cancer: implication for a potential clinical relevance in trastuzumab treatment.
23708659 2014 RSK promotes G2/M transition through activating phosphorylation of Cdc25A and Cdc25B.
23675485 2013 Overexpression of EGFR in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma is associated with inactivation of SH3GL2 and CDC25A genes.
23467652 2013 CDC25A-inhibitory RE derivatives bind to pocket adjacent to the catalytic site.
23314229 2013 Triptolide induces S phase arrest via the inhibition of cyclin E and CDC25A and triggers apoptosis via caspase- and mitochondrial-dependent signaling pathways in A375.S2 human melanoma cells.
23240008 2012 Novel interactions between FOXM1 and CDC25A regulate the cell cycle.
23186163 2013 Toward a comprehensive characterization of a human cancer cell phosphoproteome.
22843495 2012 Hsp90 stabilizes Cdc25A and counteracts heat shock-mediated Cdc25A degradation and cell-cycle attenuation in pancreatic carcinoma cells.
22705122 2012 Rock2 regulates Cdc25A through ubiquitin proteasome system in hepatocellular carcinoma cells.
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22417828 2012 Cdc25A promotes cell survival by stimulating NF-?B activity through I?B-? phosphorylation and destabilization.
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10454565 1999 Ectopic expression of Cdc25A accelerates the G(1)/S transition and leads to premature activation of cyclin E- and cyclin A-dependent kinases.
10373531 1999 Tyrosine phosphorylation of the proto-oncoprotein Raf-1 is regulated by Raf-1 itself and the phosphatase Cdc25A.
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9858615 1999 E2F and histone deacetylase mediate transforming growth factor beta repression of cdc25A during keratinocyte cell cycle arrest.
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9707427 1998 The mammalian Cut homeodomain protein functions as a cell-cycle-dependent transcriptional repressor which downmodulates p21WAF1/CIP1/SDI1 in S phase.
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