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PubMed Score 383.95
PubTator Score 222.00

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  Differential Expression (27)

Disease log2 FC p
malignant mesothelioma 1.300 7.7e-06
esophageal adenocarcinoma 1.200 4.0e-02
psoriasis 1.900 1.7e-48
glioblastoma 2.500 7.2e-04
osteosarcoma -1.936 3.7e-02
group 3 medulloblastoma 4.000 8.8e-07
atypical teratoid / rhabdoid tumor 2.700 1.1e-09
medulloblastoma, large-cell 3.400 4.2e-07
primitive neuroectodermal tumor 3.200 1.9e-05
Atopic dermatitis 2.200 3.8e-05
adrenocortical carcinoma 2.419 1.5e-03
non-small cell lung cancer 4.130 1.2e-40
intraductal papillary-mucinous carcinoma... 2.700 2.0e-05
intraductal papillary-mucinous neoplasm ... 3.300 8.5e-05
lung cancer 2.800 1.6e-05
colon cancer 1.400 1.4e-02
pancreatic cancer 1.600 1.6e-04
interstitial cystitis 1.300 1.4e-02
lung adenocarcinoma 1.500 1.7e-14
pediatric high grade glioma 2.200 1.1e-04
posterior fossa group A ependymoma 1.400 4.5e-03
Endometriosis 1.923 8.8e-03
Breast cancer 2.600 4.1e-12
breast carcinoma 1.800 9.0e-30
ductal carcinoma in situ 2.000 7.7e-03
invasive ductal carcinoma 2.800 2.2e-04
ovarian cancer 1.500 5.9e-03

Gene RIF (75)

26960431 Study describes a positive feedback loop centred on cyclin A2-Cdk2 inhibition of interphase APC/C-Cdc20 to allow further cyclin A2 accumulation and mitotic entry.
26912231 Bub1-Plk1-mediated phosphorylation of Cdc20 constitutes an anaphase-promoting complex or cyclosome-inhibitory mechanism that is parallel, but not redundant, to mitotic checkpoint complex formation.
26626260 Results show that CYP1B1 may promote renal cell carcinoma development by inducing CDC20 expression and inhibiting apoptosis through the down-regulation of DAPK1.
26148513 The presence of this segment correlates with SAC activity and efficient binding of CDC20 but not of MAD1 to kinetochores.
26074073 CDC20 is essential for the in vivo tumorigenicity of glioblastoma stem-like cells. CDC20 is prognostic of overall survival in Proneural subtype glioblastoma patients.
25938542 These results suggest CDC20 is a critical regulator of TIC proliferation and survival, linking two key TIC nodes-FOXM1 and p21CIP1/WAF1-elucidating a potential point for therapeutic intervention.
25698537 BUB1B expression was highly correlated to CDC20 and CCNB1 expression in multiple myeloma cells, leading to increased cell proliferation.
25673878 spindle checkpoint release further increases APC/C(Cdc20) catalytic activity
25669885 The ABBA motif in cyclin A is required for its proper degradation in prometaphase through competing with BUBR1 for the same site on CDC20
25637637 CDC20, MAD2 and Aurora-B protein expression are associated with chromosomal abnormalities and poor prognosis in patients with myelodysplastic syndromes.
25505175 the BubR1M-Cdc20 interaction indirectly contributes to mitotic checkpoint complex homeostasis
25482201 a Cdc20 binding site in BubR1 facilitates both spindle assembly checkpoint signalling and silencing
25383541 the mitotic checkpoint complex (MCC) can inhibit a second CDC20 that has already bound and activated the APC/C; the MCC inhibits active APC/C and this is essential for the spindle assembly checkpoint
25368385 excess E2F1 due to Rb inactivation recruits the complex of Cdc20 and the anaphase-promoting complex/cyclosome to deregulate the expression of UBCH10
25139956 The master cell cycle regulator Cdc20 regulates ciliary length and disassembly of the primary cilium.
25083970 MAD2 and CDC20 overexpression was increased in high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions and squamous cell carcinomas, suggesting their involvement in the initiation of cervical cancers.
25069850 Results show that increased expression of CDC20 was demonstrated to be associated with the development and progression of hepatocellular carcinoma.
24871945 These results reveal an important role for APC(Cdc20) in governing apoptosis, strengthening the rationale for developing specific Cdc20 inhibitors as effective anticancer agents.
24853182 high Cdc20 and securin immunoexpression identified a patient subgroup with extremely short, on average 2.4 years, breast cancer survival and triple-negative breast cancer subtype.
24747134 Mad2, the kinetochore localization of Cdc20, is disrupted in Chk1 depleted cells.
24742347 HIV-1 and the viral protein Tat modulate the expression of cell division cycle 20 (CDC20) in immature dendritic cells and monocyte-derived macrophages
24551295 CDC20 upregulation was associated with aggressive progression and poor prognosis in gastric cancer.
24464857 IR motif integrity is particularly important for stable binding to the APC/C.
23995871 increased expression of CDC20 and MAD2 is related to poor prognosis of urothelial carcinoma of the human bladder
23979597 PHF8 is regulated by APC(cdc20) and plays an important role in the G2/M transition.
23791783 Mad2 Binding Induces a Functional Switch in Cdc20,Enabling BubR1 Binding.
23775192 Geminin is a target of the spindle checkpoint and APC/C(Cdc20).
23758705 CDC20 is increased in patients with colorectal cancer with poor prognosis
23643811 phosphorylation on CRY-box by Polo-like kinase-1 is required for Cdh1-dependent degradation of Cdc20 during somatic cell cycle
23405241 High CDC20 expression is associated with cervical cancer.
23288039 Nek2A binds with high affinity to apo-APC/C and is degraded by the pool of Cdc20 that avoids inhibition by the spindle assembly checkpoint.
23091007 The crystal structures of human Cdc20 alone or bound to a BubR1 KEN box, is reported.
22692537 Data identify Cdc20, USP44, and Wee1 as relevant Fcp1 targets.
22566641 The binding of p31(comet) to Mad2 in the mitotic checkpoint complex may trigger a conformational change in Cdc20 that facilitates its phosphorylation by Cdk, and that the latter process may promote its dissociation from BubR1.
22475564 Aberrant CDC20 expression may play an important role in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma tumorigenesis and progression and may thus be useful as a marker of disease progression and prognosis and as a therapeutic target.
22426463 APC/C(Cdc20) or APC/C(Cdh1) complexes regulate RAP80 stability during mitosis to the G(1) phase, and these events are critical for a novel function of RAP80 in mitotic progression.
22322943 CDC20-mediated degradation of conductin regulates Wnt/beta-catenin signalling for maximal activity during G1/S.
22100920 p31(comet) negatively regulates the spindle assembly checkpoint by extracting Mad2 from the MCC.
22086178 These findings expand our knowledge of both Sp100 and Cdc20 as well as their role in ubiquitination.
21937719 both p31(comet) and ubiquitination of Cdc20 are critical mechanisms of checkpoint inactivation. They act redundantly to promote Mad2 dissociation from Cdc20.
21926987 Anaphase promoting complex subunit 15(APC15) mediates the constant turnover of CDC20 and mitotic checkpoint protein complexes, allowing the spindle checkpoint assembly to respond to the attachment state of kinetochores.
21454660 Spindle assembly checkpoint protein Cdc20 transcriptionally activates expression of ubiquitin carrier protein UbcH10.
20948288 These data suggest that APC/C(Cdc20) specifically targets E2F1 for degradation in early mitosis and reveal a novel mechanism for limiting free E2F1 levels in cells, failure of which may compromise cell survival and/or homeostasis.
20739533 elevated levels of Ubch10 and Cdc20 degrade cyclin B in hpv-16 iinfected cells, required for exit from mitosis, permitting initiation of the next round of DNA synthesis and cell cycle progression.
20733051 Data show that the N terminus of cyclin A binds directly to Cdc20 and with sufficient affinity that it can outcompete the spindle assembly checkpoint proteins.
20729194 the sequential actions of the APC-c(Cdc20) and APC-c(Cdh1) ubiquitin ligases regulate the clearance of Mps1 levels and are critical for Mps1 functions during the cell cycle in human cells.
20624902 Mps1 directs the assembly of Cdc20 inhibitory complexes during interphase and mitosis to control M phase timing and spindle checkpoint signaling.
20526282 Data suggest that phosphorylation of Mcl-1 by CDK1-cyclin B1 and its APC/C(Cdc20)-mediated destruction initiates apoptosis if a cell fails to resolve mitosis.
20054826 In summary, accelerated ubiquitination and proteolysis of Cdc20 is essential for prometaphase arrest that is mediated via the p38 signaling during SAC activation.
20053638 Results indicate that Cdc20 also contributes to post-anaphase activation of the APC/C.
19826003 hMDC1 functionally regulates the normal metaphase-to-anaphase transition by modulating the Cdc20-dependent activation of the APC/C
19738611 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19426592 regulated but the expression of CDK9, CDC20 and CLK3 was down- regulated in azoospermic testes.
19197151 Results show that even an almost complete knockdown of Cdc20 below the detection limit in western blots does neither cause a mitotic block nor significant stabilization of the APC/C(Cdc20) substrates cyclin B and securin.
19154722 Results support a model in which immobilized Mad1/Mad2 at kinetochores provides a template for initial assembly of Mad2 bound to Cdc20 that is then converted to a final mitotic checkpoint inhibitor with Cdc20 bound to BubR1.
19117984 BubR1 competes with Cdc20 for binding to securin. Interaction of BubR1 and securin is increased by the depletion of Cdc20. Regulation of BubR1 may generate an anaphase-inhibitory signal through the Cdc20-independent interaction of BubR1 with securin.
19098431 The degradation of Cdc20 represents a critical control mechanism to ensure inactivation of APC/C(Cdc20) in response to the spindle assembly checkpoint.
18997788 Ubiquitylation of human Cdc20 is not required to release it from the checkpoint complex, but to degrade it to maintain mitotic arrest.
18953566 Over-expression of mRNA levels of IGFBP-2 and CDC20 is highly related to glioblastomas.
18591651 Both MCF2 and MCC inhibit APC/C by antagonizing Cdc20, possibly by interaction with the Cdc20-binding site of APC/C.
18471975 Data show that Cdc20 and Cks1 direct the spindle checkpoint-independent destruction of cyclin A2.
17908926 SCF(Skp2) and APC(Cdc20) mark MLL for degradation at S phase and late M phase, respectively.
17873905 Overexpression of CDC20 is associated with cancer
17598981 There is no interaction between RASSF1A and Cdc20.
16795040 These results suggest that targeting molecules involved in spindle mitotic checkpoint, such as p55CDC/Cdc20, might account for the high cytotoxicity of HDAC inhibitors versus malignant cells.
16777988 Overexpression of Cdc20 leads to impairment of the spindle assembly checkpoint and aneuploidization in oral cancer
16751065 HIV-1 and the viral protein Tat modulate the expression of cell division cycle 20 (CDC20) in immature dendritic cells and monocyte-derived macrophages
16572426 High level of Cdc20 appears to be more tightly associated with a poor prognosis.
16497171 Functional analysis suggests that an optimum Mad2 binding efficiency of Cdc20 is required during checkpoint arrest and release.
15701830 Up-regulation of cdc20 is associated with gastric cancer
15623561 activation of APC(Cdc20) by Tax provides an explanation for the mitotic abnormalities in HTLV-I-infected cells and is likely to play an important role in the development of adult T cell leukemia
15388328 These results indicate that Bub3 and Cdc20 play additional roles in the integration of cell cycle arrest as transcriptional repressors.
14743218 These findings implicate RASSF1A in the regulation of both APC-Cdc20 activity and mitotic progression.
12198152 Destruction-box specificities of APC/C(fzy) and APC/C(fzr)& successive activation of APC/C by fzy & fzr establish the temporal substrate degradation pattern, explaining why some endogenous RXXL substrates are degraded by fzy & others by fzr complexes.
11891222 localization in tail-to-tail array and expression in proliferating cells

AA Sequence

SSLIHQGIR                                                                 491 - 499

Text Mined References (139)

PMID Year Title
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25673878 2015 Nek2A destruction marks APC/C activation at the prophase-to-prometaphase transition by spindle-checkpoint-restricted Cdc20.
25669885 2015 The ABBA motif binds APC/C activators and is shared by APC/C substrates and regulators.
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25241761 2014 Using an in situ proximity ligation assay to systematically profile endogenous protein-protein interactions in a pathway network.
25139956 2014 The master cell cycle regulator APC-Cdc20 regulates ciliary length and disassembly of the primary cilium.
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24871945 2014 APC(Cdc20) suppresses apoptosis through targeting Bim for ubiquitination and destruction.
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23995871 2013 High expression of spindle assembly checkpoint proteins CDC20 and MAD2 is associated with poor prognosis in urothelial bladder cancer.
23979597 2013 The G2/M regulator histone demethylase PHF8 is targeted for degradation by the anaphase-promoting complex containing CDC20.
23791783 2013 Catalytic assembly of the mitotic checkpoint inhibitor BubR1-Cdc20 by a Mad2-induced functional switch in Cdc20.
23775192 2013 The spindle checkpoint, APC/C(Cdc20), and APC/C(Cdh1) play distinct roles in connecting mitosis to S phase.
23758705 2013 CDC20 overexpression predicts a poor prognosis for patients with colorectal cancer.
23643811 2013 APC/C(Cdh1)-dependent degradation of Cdc20 requires a phosphorylation on CRY-box by Polo-like kinase-1 during somatic cell cycle.
23405241 2013 Mitosis is a source of potential markers for screening and survival and therapeutic targets in cervical cancer.
23288039 2013 Mechanisms controlling the temporal degradation of Nek2A and Kif18A by the APC/C-Cdc20 complex.
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22475564 2012 Increased CDC20 expression is associated with pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma differentiation and progression.
22426463 2012 Degradation of human RAP80 is cell cycle regulated by Cdc20 and Cdh1 ubiquitin ligases.
22340593 2012 Aurora kinase-A inactivates DNA damage-induced apoptosis and spindle assembly checkpoint response functions of p73.
22322943 2012 Cell cycle control of Wnt/?-catenin signalling by conductin/axin2 through CDC20.
22100920 2011 p31comet-mediated extraction of Mad2 from the MCC promotes efficient mitotic exit.
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11988738 2002 E2F-dependent accumulation of hEmi1 regulates S phase entry by inhibiting APC(Cdh1).
11976684 2002 Emi1 is required for cytostatic factor arrest in vertebrate eggs.
11907259 2002 Checkpoint protein BubR1 acts synergistically with Mad2 to inhibit anaphase-promoting complex.
11891222 2002 Elovl1 and p55Cdc genes are localized in a tail-to-tail array and are co-expressed in proliferating cells.
11804586 2002 The Mad2 spindle checkpoint protein undergoes similar major conformational changes upon binding to either Mad1 or Cdc20.
11742988 2001 APC/C-mediated destruction of the centrosomal kinase Nek2A occurs in early mitosis and depends upon a cyclin A-type D-box.
11553328 2001 The anaphase inhibitor Pds1 binds to the APC/C-associated protein Cdc20 in a destruction box-dependent manner.
11535616 2001 Checkpoint inhibition of the APC/C in HeLa cells is mediated by a complex of BUBR1, BUB3, CDC20, and MAD2.
11459826 2001 MAD2B is an inhibitor of the anaphase-promoting complex.
11459825 2001 Inhibition of Cdh1-APC by the MAD2-related protein MAD2L2: a novel mechanism for regulating Cdh1.
11389834 2001 Emi1 is a mitotic regulator that interacts with Cdc20 and inhibits the anaphase promoting complex.
11285280 2001 Anaphase-promoting complex/cyclosome-dependent proteolysis of human cyclin A starts at the beginning of mitosis and is not subject to the spindle assembly checkpoint.
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