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Disease log2 FC p
hepatocellular carcinoma 1.200 1.5e-02
malignant mesothelioma 8.200 7.1e-09
astrocytic glioma 2.400 1.5e-03
posterior fossa group B ependymoma 3.400 8.6e-12
oligodendroglioma 2.000 1.7e-02
psoriasis 2.800 4.9e-211
chronic lymphosyte leukemia 1.300 1.1e-03
glioblastoma 1.900 4.5e-02
group 4 medulloblastoma 4.600 1.1e-08
cystic fibrosis 5.449 2.4e-08
atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumor 2.900 7.4e-05
medulloblastoma, large-cell 3.000 1.6e-03
primitive neuroectodermal tumor 3.300 3.6e-03
pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma liver m... 2.957 6.5e-03
non-small cell lung cancer 1.604 1.3e-08
lung cancer 3.000 1.0e-05
interstitial cystitis -1.900 3.2e-03
adult high grade glioma 2.400 2.1e-03
pilocytic astrocytoma -2.300 9.6e-05
subependymal giant cell astrocytoma 2.786 4.4e-02
lung adenocarcinoma 2.363 2.9e-05
pterygium 1.600 4.7e-02
ductal carcinoma in situ 3.000 4.5e-03
invasive ductal carcinoma 2.800 2.5e-02
ovarian cancer 5.000 1.4e-11
pituitary cancer -1.600 4.0e-02

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26852663 The frequencies of CD19+CD24hiCD38hi B-regulatory lymphocyte were significantly increased in children with beta-thalassemia.
26830684 CD24 regulates EGFR signaling by inhibiting EGFR internalization and degradation in a RhoA-dependent manner in gastric cancer cells.
26718436 The functional CD24 A57V and TG/del polymorphisms are associated with susceptibility to multiple autoimmune diseases. (Meta-analysis)
26707501 our results suggest that CD24 is upregulated in cervical cancer tissues and plays its functions by affecting the MAPK signaling pathway in cervical cancer.
26647656 we present evidence that CD44v3 immunoexpression and CD44v3+/CD24- immunophenotypes could give prognostic information associated with unfavorable clinical outcomes.
26617852 CD44(+)/CD24(-) phenotype may be an important factor for malignant relapse following surgical resection and chemotherapy in patients with invasive ductal carcinoma.
26444008 CD24 gene expression was associated with histone acetylation.
26298632 Basal like tumors are enriched for cancer stem cells (CSC) with CD44(+)/CD24(-/low) phenotype. CD133 can detect a different population of CSC in breast carcinoma
26245161 Studied the relationship between two CD24 polymorphisms, rs8734/rs52812045 and rs3838646, and autoimmune disease.
26227486 The CD24-positive phenotype is associated with cisplatin resistance in endometrial cancer tumor xenografts and is accompanied by high expression of ABC transporters.
26191160 TROP-1/Ep-CAM and CD24 may play key roles in the progression of ovarian cancer through promoting migration, proliferation, inhibiting cell apoptosis and adhesion, and disturbing cell cycle.
26187149 CD24 A1626 G is more frequent in OLP patients, contributes to disease risk, and could play a role in OLP susceptibility.
26097606 Suggest CD24 expression as independent prognostic factor in colorectal carcinoma.
26076835 CD24 is a conserved marker for tracking divergent states in both reprogramming and standard pluripotent culture.
26072079 Results showed higher expression levels of CD24 mRNA and protein in ovarian cell line with high metastatic potential suggesting that CD24 may play an important role in the development of anoikis resistance in ovarian cancer.
26059947 CD24-bearing plasma membrane-derived extracellular microvesicles were released in response to CD24 engagement.
26040280 CD24(+) cells account for heterogeneity in mammary tumors. CD24 expression at early stages of the cancer process is an indication of a highly invasive tumor.
26039238 Results showed that 226 C>T polymorphism in CD24 increases the risk of multiple sclerosis (MS), while the 1527-1528 TG>del seems to have a protective role against MS.
26019472 Meta-analysis: CD24 C170T polymorphism might contribute to the susceptibility to ulcerative colitis, and the CD24 TG1527del polymorphism might be associated with the risk of Crohn's disease.
25942344 This meta-analysis indicates that CD24 P266-C/T polymorphism is more associated with the risk of MS than healthy controls.
25892097 A major role of CD24 and EpCAM for the preservation of self-renewal capacity in MCF-7 cells.
25872416 CD24 Ala57Val polymorphism and associated variations in CD24 expression may be an important predictor for spontaneous Hepatitis C clearance in the HCV-infected Chinese population.
25830931 this meta-analysis suggests that the CD24 Ala57Val polymorphism is associated with an increased risk of MS in Caucasians. However, the available evidence is not sufficient to support an association between the CD24 Ala57Val polymorphism and SLE risk.
25820321 Increased CD24 gene expression is associated with pediatric medulloblastomas.
25804234 Survival of patients with basal breast cancer was reliably higher at lack in tumors of cells with cancer stem cells markers CD44+/CD24- and, correspondingly, lower at presence of such cells (small er, Cyrillic < 0.05).
25641732 Reduced CD24 expression decreases oxidative stress and genomic instability.
25503963 CD24 overexpression in patients with gastric cancer indicated worse survival outcomes and was associated with common clinicopathological poor prognostic factors
25338637 The downregulation of NDRG2 combined with the upregulation of CD24 may play a synergistic role in the occurrence and progression of hepatocellular carcinoma.
25174257 The data suggest that CD24-negative gastric cancer cells are capable of gaining cell motility and invasiveness through the induction of CD24, which is mediated by hypoxia.
25130147 HLA-DRB1*1501/1501 and bigenic genotypes of the HLA- DRB1*1501/x- CD24 v/v may influence on disease severity in Iranian MS patients.
24977325 CD24 may regulate the epithelial to mesenchymal transition and stemness through Notch1 signaling in breast cancer cell
24955581 CD24 represents a novel cancer stem cells biomarker in nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
24894672 Results show that no appreciable relationship was identified between any of the single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of CD24 antigen and cancer risk.
24754246 CD24 supports both the expression of HER2 and the consequent activation of PI3K-Akt signaling in HER2-positive breast cancer cells.
24631171 CD24/CD44/CD47 are differentially expressed in cells of urothelial BCa in patients undergoing RC and influence cancer-specific survival of patients
24622067 Data indicate that CD24 and S100A4 expressions were significant predictors of poor survival.
24557789 The CD24 C170T polymorphism is associated with IBD risk. The A1626G and A1056G SNPs might be associated only with UC risk.
24501201 a novel aspect of CD24-mediated immunoregulation and represent, to our knowledge, the first report showing the role of CD24 in the delayed/defective cell death in sepsis.
24474454 This CD24 polymorphism may serve as a novel prognostic marker identifying esophageal cancer patients with poor prognosis.
24467938 CD133+ renal stem cells always co-express CD24 in adult human kidney.
24393851 CD24 polymorphisms is not associated with pathologic response to anthracycline- and taxane-based neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer.
24366074 A CD44 positive/CD24 negative/low profile correlates with more aggressive clinical-pathological features of breast cancer.
24363164 CD44 and CD24 cannot be considered potential markers for isolating lung CSCs in cell line A549, but further investigation using in vivo assays is required.
24327257 CD24 mediates gastric carcinogenesis and may promote GC progression by suppressing apoptosis and promoting invasion, with the activation of STAT3 playing a critical role.
24286662 A lower primary CD24(hi) CD27(+) CD19(+) B cells may be an immunologic aspect of new-onset SLE that may be a useful tool to evaluate lupus activity and monitor the response to therapy.
24193512 identification of the Twist2-CD24 signaling pathway provides a potential therapeutic approach to target cancer stem cells in HCCs
24167614 TNBC was significantly associated with PTEN loss, high Ki67 and the CD44+/CD24- phenotype. The loss of PTEN impacts DFS significantly in African Americans.
24166603 borderline tumors and carcinomas of the ovary present increased expression of CD24 and CD171
23881416 Both mRNA and protein levels of CD24 are markedly elevated following traumatic brain injury.
23852892 CD24 involves in proliferation, invasion and chemosensitivity of human gastric cancer cell line AGS
23836489 CD24 is a marker expressed on the basal transit-amplifying cells (transition cells) and may play a role in the differentiation and migration of epithelial stem/progenitor cells to the luminal layer in Benign prostatic hyperplasia and Prostate cancer.
23835592 CD44/CD24 as potential prognostic markers in node-positive invasive ductal breast cancer patients treated with adjuvant chemotherapy.
23775727 CD24(high) tumor cells formed tumors in mice at a faster rate than CD24(low) tumor cells, and shRNA-mediated knockdown of CD24 in HT29 cells confirmed a functional requirement for CD24 in the colonization of the lung.
23679813 CD44(+) /CD24(+) /EpCAM(+) expression was not correlated with patient outcome.
23679566 Elevated expression of CD24 is directly correlated with the development and metastasis of pancreatic cancer.
23600676 Real-time RT-PCR assays detected increased expression of CD44, but not CD24, in saliv-ary gland pleomorphic adenoma specimens in comparison with normal salivary gland controls.
23553902 This study demonstrates that the cluster of differentiation genes CD24 and CD44 are differentially expressed across LGR5 positive "active" stem cells as well as HOPX positive "facultative" stem cells.
23539485 CD24 expression was a significant predictor of distant metastasis for patients undergoing curative resection followed by adjuvant chemoradiotherapy especially for node-positive extrahepatic bile duct cancers.
23532603 We could show that CD4+CD28null cells are present in high amounts in lung tissue obtained from COPD GOLD IV patients suggesting a direct involvement of those cells in the pathophysiology of COPD.
23419168 Analysis of CD44/CD24 immunoexpression could give prognostic information associated to clinicopathologic features in salivary glands malignant neoplasms.
23398509 findings show T carriers of the CD24 226C/T functional SNP may be associated with the development of autoimmune thyroid diseases
23396061 CD24 expression in ovarian cancer may be related to tumor aggressiveness, in particular cell invasion and chemotactic migration.
23318912 CD24 overexpression is a predictor of decreased long-term survival in patients with cervical carcinoma.
23314606 our current data support an important role of CD24 and its Ala/Val polymorphism in breast cancer with regards to the response to therapy and prognosis.
23300877 expression of psoriasin is linked to the luminal differentiation marker CD24 in mammary epithelial cells. Psoriasin had a role in the shift towards a differentiated CD24(+) phenotype, suggesting a role in the differentiation of mammary epithelial cells.
23143956 the increased expression of CD24 is correlated with tumor aggressiveness and tumor metastasis of osteosarcoma, and this molecule is an independent prognostic marker for osteosarcoma patients.
23112116 Medullary and metaplastic carcinomas are the two types highly associated with high-grade breast carcinomas, basal-like and claudin-low molecular subtypes, and to the breast cancer stem cell phenotype CD44(+)/CD24(-/low)/ALDH1(+).
23087328 CD24 positivity can accurately discriminate malignant mesothelioma from pulmonary adenocarcinoma.
23028444 our results support the strong clinical relevance of the CD44+/CD24- subclass of breast cancer cells.
23012401 CD24 has a role in urothelial tumorigenesis and metastasis in male mice and is androgen regulated in mice and humans
23011824 Our results show that different levels of serous ovarian tumor progression are accompanied by changes in the immunohistochemical expression pattern of EpCAM, CD24, and calretinin
22926560 Our results establish a mechanistic linkage between 2 critically important molecules in cancer, identifying CD24 as a critical HIF-1alpha transcriptional target and biologic effector
22855175 CD44+/CD24- breast cancer stem cells have substantial pro-angiogenic potential and activity.
22839505 Neither individual expression of CD24 or CD44, nor combined expression of CD44/CD24 was associated with recurrence of gastric carcinoma.
22800863 overexpression of CD24 in 293t cells did not affect Src/FAK/ERK activities while overexpression of CD24 in MDA-MB-231 cells down-regulated Src/FAK/ERK activities.
22760497 results provide evidence that CD24 regulates STAT3 and FAK activity and suggest an important role of Src in this process.
22745528 Explored the expression profile of CD24 in the retinoblastoma tumor samples. High-risk tumors showed significantly increased expression of CD24 compared to tumors with low-risk (P < 0.05).
22731636 The expression of CD24 is associated with activation of Lyn and ERK1/2, which might be a novel mechanism related to CD24-mediated regulation of CRC development.
22610780 the CD44+/CD24- phenotype in ovarian cancer cells demonstrate cancer stem cell-like properties of enhanced differentiation, invasion, and resistance to chemotherapy.
22529013 human embryonic stem cells expressed CD24 in the pluripotent state, during the whole process of endoderm formation and upon further differentiation towards pancreatic endoderm.
22528516 Our results suggest that the decreased expression of NDRG2 or the increased expression of CD24 is an important feature of lung adenocarcinoma.
22500096 Investigate the expression of CD24 in 151 glioma specimens and 10 nonneoplastic brain tissues. Results show CD24 was overexpressed in gliomas.
22480875 Pretreatment of tumor cells with STAT3 specific inhibitors or knocking down of STAT3 by SiRNA makes the tumor cell more susceptible to apoptosis and dendritic cell mediated inhibition of both CD24 and HER-2/neu
22369943 These results suggest that CD24 and CD26 differentially regulate the cancer stem cell potentials of malignant mesothelioma.
22354323 Overexpression of CD24 in laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma is associated with invasiveness, metastatic potential and high tumor proliferation status.
22335271 Analysis of pancreatic adenocarcinoma tissue microarrays showed that CD24 was significantly associated with late-stage pancreatic adenocarcinomas, and RPN2 was exclusively coexpressed with CD24 in a small population of CD24-positive cells.
22322379 The epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) correlated with CD24+CD44+ and CD133+ cells in pancreatic cancer.
22262195 We could not show any relationship between the CD24V/V genotype, oligoclonal band status and IgG index in multiple sclerosis patients. CD24V/V allele may exert its effects on the disease course independently of CSF IgG synthesis.
22237177 Regarding the correlation of CD44/CD24 status with tumor characteristics, the tumors of group A were significantly associated with axillary lymph node metastasis compared with those of group B (p = 0.033).
22135002 Our data suggest that NDRG2 down-regulation or CD24 up-regulation is an important feature of primary gallbladder carcinoma
22119938 CD24 and CD44 expression can individually yield prognostic data in breast cancer, but importantly, when both markers are considered; the CD44(+)/CD24(-) phenotype had the best prognosis, while the CD44(-)/CD24(+) phenotype had the worst prognosis.
22014860 study demonstrated that invasive micropapillary carcinoma represents a distinct entity of breast carcinoma with high expression of CD24 with a typical inverted apical membrane pattern, compared to invasive ductal carcinomas
21984372 inverse expression of CD24 and TFPI-2 was observed by immunohistochemical analysis of primary breast cancers (N = 1,174). TFPI-2 expression was highest in CD24 negative samples and lowered with increasing CD24 expression
21961844 Results obtained through a large cohort of European caucasian patients with systemic sclerosis do not support the contribution of CD19, CD20, CD22, CD24 variants to the genetic susceptibility.
21956537 CD24+ (P=0.07) and claudin-7 positivity (P=0.05) were associated with reduced time of recurrence, suggesting a contribution of these markers to aggressiveness of breast cancer.
21935375 CD44+/CD24(-or low) phenotypic radiation resistance of breast cancer cells is mediated through the enhanced activation of ATM signaling
21849440 LMP1 induces the CD44(high) CD24(low) cancer stem cells/cancer progenitor cells-like phenotype as well as self-renewal abilities in LMP1-expressing epithelial cell lines.
21835433 These findings suggest that CD44(+)/CD24(-/low) breast cancer stem-like cells play an important role in the clinical behavior of triple-negative breast cancer.
21828044 CD24 enhances cell invasion through increased generation or transmission of contractile forces
21824412 Hypoxia, as indicated by HFI-1alpha expression, might be related to the worse prognosis found in CD44+CD24-/low positive breast tumors.
21815873 The CD24 single nucleotide polymorphism genotype influences both relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis disease risk and severity in Iranian patients.
21813394 Expression patterns of the pancreatic cancer stem cell surface markers CD44, CD24 and ESA were diverse in different pancreatic adenocarcinoma cell lines and changed with their local microenvironment.
21806966 Ligation of CD24 expressed by oral epithelial cells with an anti-CD24 antibody induced formation of tight junctions and live-cell imaging confirmed that paracellular diffusion of fluorochrome-labeled dextran was reduced.
21802218 CD24 and VEGF may play important roles in breast tumorigenesis and progression
21726833 CD24 was found to be a functional liver tumor-initiating cells (T-IC) marker that drives T-IC genesis through STAT3-mediated NANOG regulation.
21710320 CD24 is induced c-src signaling that increases the formation of focal adhesion complexes, integrin-dependent adhesion and cell spreading, and tumor cell invasion.
21697762 Transforming growth factor beta1 may contribute to the invasiveness of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma by suppressing the conversion from CD24-positive cells to CD24-negative cells at the tumor site.
21684315 CD24 rs3838464 genetic variant is a risk factor for Crohn's disease specifically for age of diagnosis between 17 and 40 years and the ileocolonic location.
21676268 Our findings indicate that NDRG2 and CD24 regulate HCC adhesion, migration and invasion.
21666711 found for the first time that tGLI1, but not GLI1, binds to and enhances the human vascular endothelial growth factor-A (VEGF-A) gene promoter, leading to its upregulation
21641619 A strong association is shown between the presence of the 1626 polymorphism (A/G) of the CD24 gene and the risk of disease progression in Argentinean patients with multiple sclerosis.
21633165 Data show that the IL-6/JAK2/Stat3 pathway was preferentially active in CD44+CD24- breast cancer cells compared with other tumor cell types, and inhibition of JAK2 decreased their number and blocked growth of xenografts.
21536545 FUS-CREB3L2/L1-positive sarcomas show a specific gene expression profile with upregulation of CD24 and FOXL1.
21359202 Regions of aberrant DNA methylation which were consistent with alteration of TGM-2, MMP-2, and CD24 transcript and protein expression.
21308865 CD24-positive cells could differentiate into insulin-producing cells but CD24-negative cells could not
21299347 Results indicate that the CD44(+)/CD24(-) cells are transit progenitors and have no association with the molecular subtypes and clinicopathological parameters in invasive ductal carcinomas.
21266361 CD24 may play a role in the inhibition of cell invasion and metastasis, and that intracellular CD24 inhibits invasiveness and metastasis through its influence on the posttranscriptional regulation of BART mRNA levels via G3BP RNase activity.
21147107 Anti-CD24 SWA11 mAb can deliver a PE exotoxin derivative to colorectal cancer cells and cause them to undergo apoptosis, without toxicity to normal tissues.
21086907 There was no relationship between a CD24 exon 2 SNP and disease susceptibility or clinical findings in Japanese sarcoidosis patients.
21086907 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
21041728 Based on the combined analyses of healthy donors and CVID patients, new subsets of human naive B cells are identified that are defined by immunoglobulin M and CD24. expression.
20628624 Meta-analysis of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20621328 P-cadherin and CD24 are expressed in carcinomas of the biliary tract with high frequency and at an early stage of carcinogenesis.
20619441 CD24 is involved in the progression of intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasms of the pancreas and in the malignant behavior of pancreatic cancers.
20567952 CD24 is an important marker of malignancy and poor prognosis in gallbladder carcinoma
20491779 Combined anticancer agents formestane and herceptin are active on a subpopulation of CD44high/CD24low breast cancer cells.
20405247 Lack of CD44 expression was associated with lymph node involvement, regardless of CD24 status, whereas the lack of both CD44 and CD24 was connected with high histologic grade and unfavorable prognosis which, notably, was the worse among all phenotypes
20378664 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20354454 High CD24 is associated with non-small cell lung carcinoma.
20336055 cell-specific expression of CD24 in the developing human kidney and its dysregulation during fetal urinary tract obstruction
20230526 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20199686 EGFR genome modulation in the CD44+/CD24-/low subpopulation of the breast cancer cell line MDA-MB-468 leads to different coexisting subclones
20177845 The relationship between expression and staining intensity of CD24 and galectin-1 and clinicopathologic variables in gastric adenocarcinoma were assessed.
20019840 ata demonstrate that the overexpression of Twist in breast cells can promote the generation of a cancer stem cell phenotype characterized by the high expression of CD44, little or no expression of CD24, and increased aldehyde dehydrogenase 1 activity.
20019840 Transcriptional down-regulation of CD24 by TWIST1 is implicated in breast cancer stem cells.
19998456 Upregulation of CD24 is associated with inflammatory bowel disease.
19946098 upregulation of CD24 is an early and common event during the development of colorectal cancer (CRC) and it may be expressed in any cellular compartment, including the nucleus; CD24 is not, however, a good prognostic marker in CRC
19906290 Data demonstrate that the invasive, mesenchymal CD44posCD24neg phenotype is under dynamic control in breast cancer cell lines both in vitro and in vivo.
19896210 The data of this study revealed that the susceptibility and the progression of MS in individuals with the CD24V/V genotype were greater than in those with the CD24A/V and CD24A/A genotypes.
19896210 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19860845 The linkage of CD24 and the mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway may unravel a novel mechanism in the regulation of colorectal cancer proliferation.
19794958 Data show that tumor cells containing the stem cell-like CD44(+)/CD24(-) signature had a lower expression of the M-phase cell cycle genes than the CD44(-)/CD24(+) cells, and in the CD44(+)/CD24(-) cocultures, these genes were induced.
19787233 CD24 overexpression is associated with cancer development and progression.
19786366 gene polymorphisms are associated with risk and progression of several autoimmune diseases
19725119 Dynamic changes in surface expression of the identified antigens CD15, CD24, and CD29 in combination can be exploited for the experimental separation of key neural cell populations.
19706825 Overexpression of CD24 in hepatocellular carcinoma was associated with invasiveness and metastatic potential, high tumor proliferation status, and activation of the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway.
19610054 dinucleotide deletion at position 1527-1528 (P1527(del)), which reduces CD24 expression, is associated with a significantly reduced risk of chronic HBV infection
19243896 The results of our study showed that overall cytoplasmic and nuclear BAG-1 expression and overall and cytoplasmic CD24 expression, correlates with adverse prognostic parameters for breast carcinoma.
19130400 Enhanced CD24 expression in endometrial carcinoma and its expression pattern in normal and hyperplastic endometrium are reported.
19072375 CD24 appears to be highly expressed in a large variety of human cancers and to contribute to the acceleration of tumor growth and metastases shedding by binding to platelet (P)-selectin
19050962 Overexpression of CD24 is associated with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.
19043399 Expression of CD24, P-cadherin and S100A4 in tumors of the ampulla of Vater.
18752058 Overexpression of CD24 is associated with prostate cancer.
18632604 CD44 but not CD24 may be involved in the breast cancer pathway and is a target for oncolytic virotherapy
18566397 MOG specific T cells (2D2) will escape clonal deletion and can result in spontaneous EAE. CD24 deficient MOG specific T cells (2D2CD24KO) are depleted from the thymic compartment, and the T cells in the periphery are CD4 negative.
18559090 analysis of CD44 and CD24 expression in breast tumors
18495204 In breast tissue, CD44(+)/CD24(-/low) tumor cells seem to be associated with lack of lymph node metastasis and a tendency toward an increase of the relapse-free survival of the patients.
18417991 low expression of CD24 may cause the enhanced immune reaction and could play a role in the abnormal development of placenta in pre-eclampsia
18413748 As a putative new oncogene that is overexpressed in gastrointestinal malignancies early in the carcinogenesis process, CD24 my be a potential target for early intervention in the prevention and treatment of cancer.
18404683 CD24 is repressed by estrogen and this repression is a direct transcriptional effect depending on ER alpha and histone deacetylases.
18384848 CD24 expression in clear cell renal cell carcinoma may be associated with high nuclear grade, large tumor size, and shortened progression-free survival
18381780 There is a potential role for the CD24 gene in the susceptibility to giant cell arteritis in our population in Spain.
18381780 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
17980703 CD24 acts as a gate-keeper for lipid rafts, thereby regulating the activity of integrins and other proteins
17950993 High CD24 is associated with neoplasm invasiveness in breast cancer
17944116 A decrease in CD4+CD25+ T cell numbers in mitral stenosis patients might suggest a role for cellular autoimmunity in a smoldering rheumatic process.
17900673 Study identifies CD24 and EpCAM as cargo proteins of exosomes of cultured ovarian cancer cell lines and malignant ascites.
17763438 Observational study and meta-analysis of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
17763438 findings suggest that the CD24 A57V polymorphism plays a role in susceptibility to systemic lupus erythematosus in a Spanish population
17700640 CD24 is not essential for exosome formation or release but may be a convenient exosome marker. Our studies suggest that exosomal secretion from the embryonic kidney could play a biological role at the fetal-maternal interphase.
17540049 CD24 deficient breast cancer cells are successful in overcoming an engraftment incompatibility that exists when injecting human cells into mouse adipose tissue.
17475624 CD24 is modulated by IGFBP-2 and contributes to IGFBP-2-enhanced invasiveness of glioblastoma cells
17411341 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
17411341 A destabilizing dinucleotide deletion in the 3' UTR of CD24 mRNA conveys significant protection against both multiple sclerosis and systemic lupus erythematosus.
16930538 CD24 regulates E-cadherin and TGF-beta3 expression in cultured oral epithelial cells
16900767 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
16900767 association between the V/V genotype at aa 57 of this gene and multiple sclerosis in Basque natives
16892043 The study documented that cytoplasmic-membranous expression of CD24 represented an extremely strong unfavourable prognostic factor in breast cancer.
16890615 CD24 is overexpressed in the colonic mucosa, already at an early stage of carcinogenesis. It may be a useful target for early detection and in CRC therapy.
16681720 Over-expression of CD24 is associated with primary and relapsed ovarian cancer
16631259 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
16621031 CD80-CD24 molecule spontaneously incorporated onto cell membrane through its glycolipid anchor suggesting that this hybrid costimulatory molecule can be used in protein transfer to develop effective cancer vaccines
16288985 CD24 expression was upregulated in chordoma, while it was absent in chondrosarcoma
16166435 CD24 is commonly up-regulated in colorectal cancer and is a new independent prognostic marker.
16164042 CD24 constitutes an important molecular marker for various epithelial neoplasms
16125303 Overexpression of CD24 is associated with intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma
15616015 Deficiency in function of the CD4(+)CD25(+) T-cell population may influence the pathogenesis of type 1 diabetes.
14657362 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
12829373 N-glycans of the mouse glycoprotein HSA and its human analogue CD24 from lymphoblastoma, neuroblastoma and astrocytoma cell lines as well as from mouse brain homogenate were analysed and compared to each other
12610508 high level of CD24 expression is associated with nonsmall cell lung cancer
12496407 CD24 mediates apoptosis in precursor-B acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell lines in the pro-B and pre-B stages accompanying activation of multiple caspases.
12447971 assessment of expression on bone marrow neutrophilic granulocytes: a marker for myelocytic leukemia staging
12368195 is expressed in ovarian cancer and is a new independent prognostic marker of patient survival
12218294 The correlation between CD24 expression and invasiveness was calculated to be highly significant

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VSLSLLHLYS                                                                 71 - 80

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24501201 2014 CD24-triggered caspase-dependent apoptosis via mitochondrial membrane depolarization and reactive oxygen species production of human neutrophils is impaired in sepsis.
24474454 2014 CD24 gene polymorphism--a novel prognostic factor in esophageal cancer.
24467938 2014 CD133+ renal stem cells always co-express CD24 in adult human kidney tissue.
24393851 2014 CD24 polymorphisms cannot predict pathologic complete response to anthracycline- and taxane-based neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer.
24366074 2014 The role of CD44+/CD24-/low biomarker for screening, diagnosis and monitoring of breast cancer.
24363164 2014 CD44 and CD24 cannot act as cancer stem cell markers in human lung adenocarcinoma cell line A549.
24327257 2014 CD24 mediates gastric carcinogenesis and promotes gastric cancer progression via STAT3 activation.
24286662 2013 Peripheral CD24hi CD27+ CD19+ B cells subset as a potential biomarker in naïve systemic lupus erythematosus.
24193512 2014 Twist2 promotes self-renewal of liver cancer stem-like cells by regulating CD24.
24167614 2013 Triple negative breast tumors in African-American and Hispanic/Latina women are high in CD44+, low in CD24+, and have loss of PTEN.
24166603 2013 The immunohistochemical expression of CD24 and CD171 adhesion molecules in borderline ovarian tumors.
23881416 2014 Elevated cerebral cortical CD24 levels in patients and mice with traumatic brain injury: a potential negative role in nuclear factor ?b/inflammatory factor pathway.
23852892 2013 Downregulation of CD24 inhibits invasive growth, facilitates apoptosis and enhances chemosensitivity in gastric cancer AGS cells.
23836489 2013 Surface CD24 distinguishes between low differentiated and transit-amplifying cells in the basal layer of human prostate.
23835592 2014 CD44/CD24 as potential prognostic markers in node-positive invasive ductal breast cancer patients treated with adjuvant chemotherapy.
23775727 2013 Determination of 35 cell surface antigen levels in malignant pleural effusions identifies CD24 as a marker of disseminated tumor cells.
23679813 2013 Histological and prognostic importance of CD44(+) /CD24(+) /EpCAM(+) expression in clinical pancreatic cancer.
23679566 2013 Target proteomic profiling of frozen pancreatic CD24+ adenocarcinoma tissues by immuno-laser capture microdissection and nano-LC-MS/MS.
23600676 2013 CD24 and CD44 in salivary gland pleomorphic adenoma and in human salivary gland morphogenesis: differential markers of glandular structure or stem cell indicators?
23553902 2013 Brief report: CD24 and CD44 mark human intestinal epithelial cell populations with characteristics of active and facultative stem cells.
23539485 2013 CD24 expression predicts distant metastasis in extrahepatic bile duct cancer.
23532603 2013 High levels of lung resident CD4+CD28null cells in COPD: implications of autoimmunity.
23419168 2013 CD44/CD24 immunophenotypes on clinicopathologic features of salivary glands malignant neoplasms.
23398509 2013 The association between a functional polymorphism in the CD24 gene and the development of autoimmune thyroid diseases.
23396061 2013 CD24? ovary cancer cells exhibit an invasive mesenchymal phenotype.
23318912 2013 Cluster of differentiation 24 expression is an independent prognostic factor of adverse outcome in cervical carcinoma.
23314606 2013 CD24 polymorphisms in breast cancer: impact on prognosis and risk.
23300877 2012 The expression of Psoriasin (S100A7) and CD24 is linked and related to the differentiation of mammary epithelial cells.
23143956 2013 Increased expression of CD24 is associated with tumor progression and prognosis in patients suffering osteosarcoma.
23112116 2013 Cancer stem cells markers CD44, CD24 and ALDH1 in breast cancer special histological types.
23087328 2013 CD24: a potential new marker in differentiating malignant mesothelioma from pulmonary adenocarcinoma.
23028444 2012 In situ identification of CD44+/CD24- cancer cells in primary human breast carcinomas.
23012401 2012 CD24 expression is important in male urothelial tumorigenesis and metastasis in mice and is androgen regulated.
23011824 2012 Expression of p16, p53, CD24, EpCAM and calretinin in serous borderline tumors of the ovary.
22926560 2012 CD24 is an effector of HIF-1-driven primary tumor growth and metastasis.
22855175 2013 CD44+/CD24- breast cancer cells isolated from MCF-7 cultures exhibit enhanced angiogenic properties.
22839505 2012 CD44/CD24 expression in recurrent gastric cancer: a retrospective analysis.
22800863 2012 CD24 regulates cell proliferation and transforming growth factor ?-induced epithelial to mesenchymal transition through modulation of integrin ?1 stability.
22760497 2012 CD24 controls Src/STAT3 activity in human tumors.
22745528 2012 Clinical value of CD24 expression in retinoblastoma.
22731636 2012 Lyn is involved in CD24-induced ERK1/2 activation in colorectal cancer.
22610780 2012 CD44+/CD24- ovarian cancer cells demonstrate cancer stem cell properties and correlate to survival.
22529013 2012 A critical re-evaluation of CD24-positivity of human embryonic stem cells differentiated into pancreatic progenitors.
22528516 2012 Reduced N-Myc downstream-regulated gene 2 expression is associated with CD24 upregulation and poor prognosis in patients with lung adenocarcinoma.
22500096 2012 CD24 expression as a marker for predicting clinical outcome in human gliomas.
22480875 Down regulation of CD24 and HER-2/neu in breast carcinoma cells by activated human dendritic cell. Role of STAT3.
22369943 2012 Characterization of cancer stem cell properties of CD24 and CD26-positive human malignant mesothelioma cells.
22354323 2012 CD24: a novel cancer biomarker in laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma.
22335271 2012 Identification of glycoprotein markers for pancreatic cancer CD24+CD44+ stem-like cells using nano-LC-MS/MS and tissue microarray.
22322379 2012 Epithelial mesenchymal transition correlates with CD24+CD44+ and CD133+ cells in pancreatic cancer.
22262195 2012 CD24 gene allele variation is not associated with oligoclonal IgG bands and IgG index of multiple sclerosis patients.
22237177 2011 Characteristic genes in luminal subtype breast tumors with CD44+CD24-/low gene expression signature.
22135002 2012 NDRG2 down-regulation and CD24 up-regulation promote tumor aggravation and poor survival in patients with gallbladder carcinoma.
22119938 2012 A CD44?/CD24? phenotype is a poor prognostic marker in early invasive breast cancer.
22014860 2012 Immunophenotyping analysis in invasive micropapillary carcinoma of the breast: role of CD24 and CD44 isoforms expression.
21984372 2012 CD24 promotes tumor cell invasion by suppressing tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2 (TFPI-2) in a c-Src-dependent fashion.
21961844 Association study of B-cell marker gene polymorphisms in European Caucasian patients with systemic sclerosis.
21956537 2012 Prognostic significance of CD24 and claudin-7 immunoexpression in ductal invasive breast cancer.
21935375 2011 The phenotypic radiation resistance of CD44+/CD24(-or low) breast cancer cells is mediated through the enhanced activation of ATM signaling.
21849440 2011 Epstein-Barr virus latent membrane protein 1 induces cancer stem/progenitor-like cells in nasopharyngeal epithelial cell lines.
21835433 2012 CD44(+)/CD24(-/low) cancer stem/progenitor cells are more abundant in triple-negative invasive breast carcinoma phenotype and are associated with poor outcome.
21828044 2011 Contractile forces contribute to increased glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored receptor CD24-facilitated cancer cell invasion.
21824412 2011 Differential expression of HIF-1? in CD44+CD24-/low breast ductal carcinomas.
21815873 2011 Investigation of CD24 and its expression in Iranian relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.
21813394 2011 Expression of CD44, CD24 and ESA in pancreatic adenocarcinoma cell lines varies with local microenvironment.
21806966 2011 Ligation of CD24 expressed by oral epithelial cells induces kinase dependent decrease in paracellular permeability mediated by tight junction proteins.
21802218 2011 Clinicopathologic correlation of cancer stem cell markers CD44, CD24, VEGF and HIF-1? in ductal carcinoma in situ and invasive ductal carcinoma of breast: an immunohistochemistry-based pilot study.
21726833 2011 CD24(+) liver tumor-initiating cells drive self-renewal and tumor initiation through STAT3-mediated NANOG regulation.
21710320 2012 CD24 interacts with and promotes the activity of c-src within lipid rafts in breast cancer cells, thereby increasing integrin-dependent adhesion.
21697762 2011 Transforming growth factor ?1 contributes to the invasiveness of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cells through the regulation of CD24 expression.
21684315 2011 Analysis of the influence of two CD24 genetic variants in Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.
21676268 2011 NDRG2 inhibits hepatocellular carcinoma adhesion, migration and invasion by regulating CD24 expression.
21666711 2012 Upregulation of VEGF-A and CD24 gene expression by the tGLI1 transcription factor contributes to the aggressive behavior of breast cancer cells.
21641619 2011 CD24 as a genetic modifier of disease progression in multiple sclerosis in Argentinean patients.
21633165 2011 The JAK2/STAT3 signaling pathway is required for growth of CD44?CD24? stem cell-like breast cancer cells in human tumors.
21536545 2011 FUS-CREB3L2/L1-positive sarcomas show a specific gene expression profile with upregulation of CD24 and FOXL1.
21359202 2011 Aberrant DNA methylation of matrix remodeling and cell adhesion related genes in pterygium.
21308865 2011 CD24: a novel surface marker for PDX1-positive pancreatic progenitors derived from human embryonic stem cells.
21299347 2011 CD44(+)/CD24(-) cells are transit progenitors and do not determine the molecular subtypes and clinical parameters in breast carcinomas.
21266361 2011 Intracellular CD24 inhibits cell invasion by posttranscriptional regulation of BART through interaction with G3BP.
21147107 2011 An immunoconjugate of anti-CD24 and Pseudomonas exotoxin selectively kills human colorectal tumors in mice.
21086907 2010 CD24 gene exon 2 dimorphism does not affect disease susceptibility in Japanese sarcoidosis patients.
21041728 2010 Characterization of lymphocyte subsets in patients with common variable immunodeficiency reveals subsets of naive human B cells marked by CD24 expression.
20628624 2010 Evaluation of candidate stromal epithelial cross-talk genes identifies association between risk of serous ovarian cancer and TERT, a cancer susceptibility "hot-spot".
20621328 2010 Cell adhesion molecules P-cadherin and CD24 are markers for carcinoma and dysplasia in the biliary tract.
20619441 2010 Characterization of CD24 expression in intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasms and ductal carcinoma of the pancreas.
20574427 2010 Examination of disease-based selection, demographic history and population structure in European Y-chromosome haplogroup I.
20567952 2011 Clinicopathologic and prognostic significance of CD24 in gallbladder carcinoma.
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20405247 2011 The CD44+/CD24- phenotype relates to 'triple-negative' state and unfavorable prognosis in breast cancer patients.
20378664 2010 Analysis of multiple candidate genes in association with phenotypes of multiple sclerosis.
20354454 2010 CD24, a novel cancer biomarker, predicting disease-free survival of non-small cell lung carcinomas: a retrospective study of prognostic factor analysis from the viewpoint of forthcoming (seventh) new TNM classification.
20336055 2010 Ontogeny of CD24 in the human kidney.
20230526 2010 CD24 Ala57Val gene polymorphism and the risk of systemic lupus erythematosus.
20199686 2010 Selective regain of egfr gene copies in CD44+/CD24-/low breast cancer cellular model MDA-MB-468.
20177845 2010 CD24 and galectin-1 expressions in gastric adenocarcinoma and clinicopathologic significance.
20019840 2009 Twist modulates breast cancer stem cells by transcriptional regulation of CD24 expression.
19998456 2010 CD24 is upregulated in inflammatory bowel disease and stimulates cell motility and colony formation.
19946098 2009 CD24 shows early upregulation and nuclear expression but is not a prognostic marker in colorectal cancer.
19906290 2009 Dynamic regulation of CD24 and the invasive, CD44posCD24neg phenotype in breast cancer cell lines.
19896210 2009 CD24 gene polymorphism is associated with the disease progression and susceptibility to multiple sclerosis in the Iranian population.
19860845 2010 CD24-dependent MAPK pathway activation is required for colorectal cancer cell proliferation.
19794958 2009 Tumor-endothelial interaction links the CD44(+)/CD24(-) phenotype with poor prognosis in early-stage breast cancer.
19787233 2009 CD24 overexpression in cancer development and progression: a meta-analysis.
19786366 2009 CD24-Siglec G/10 discriminates danger- from pathogen-associated molecular patterns.
19725119 2009 CD15, CD24, and CD29 define a surface biomarker code for neural lineage differentiation of stem cells.
19706825 2009 CD24 is a novel predictor for poor prognosis of hepatocellular carcinoma after surgery.
19610054 2009 CD24 polymorphisms affect risk and progression of chronic hepatitis B virus infection.
19264983 2009 CD24 and Siglec-10 selectively repress tissue damage-induced immune responses.
19243896 2009 CD24 expression has a prognostic impact in breast carcinoma.
19130400 2009 Enhanced CD24 expression in endometrial carcinoma and its expression pattern in normal and hyperplastic endometrium.
19092120 2009 Regeneration of glomerular podocytes by human renal progenitors.
19072375 2008 The novel oncogene CD24 and its arising role in the carcinogenesis of the GI tract: from research to therapy.
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19043399 2009 Expression of CD24, P-cadherin and S100A4 in tumors of the ampulla of Vater.
18752058 2009 Overexpression of CD24, c-myc and phospholipase 2A in prostate cancer tissue samples obtained by needle biopsy.
18632604 2008 Tissue-specific promoters active in CD44+CD24-/low breast cancer cells.
18566397 2008 Autoreactive T cells escape clonal deletion in the thymus by a CD24-dependent pathway.
18559090 2008 The CD44+/CD24- phenotype is enriched in basal-like breast tumors.
18495204 2008 The clinicopathologic and prognostic significance of CD44+/CD24(-/low) and CD44-/CD24+ tumor cells in invasive breast carcinomas.
18417991 2008 Under-expression of CD24 in pre-eclamptic placental tissues determined by quantitative real-time RT-PCR.
18413748 2008 Targeting CD24 for treatment of colorectal and pancreatic cancer by monoclonal antibodies or small interfering RNA.
18404683 2008 Estrogen-mediated downregulation of CD24 in breast cancer cells.
18384848 2008 Expression of CD24 in clear cell renal cell carcinoma and its prognostic significance.
18381780 2008 Association of CD24 gene polymorphisms with susceptibility to biopsy-proven giant cell arteritis.
17980703 2008 CD24 induces localization of beta1 integrin to lipid raft domains.
17950993 2007 Isolation of CD24(high) and CD24(low/-) cells from MCF-7: CD24 expression is positively related with proliferation, adhesion and invasion in MCF-7.
17944116 2007 Circulating CD4+CD25+ T cells in rheumatic mitral stenosis.
17900673 2007 Malignant ascites-derived exosomes of ovarian carcinoma patients contain CD24 and EpCAM.
17763438 2007 Association of a CD24 gene polymorphism with susceptibility to systemic lupus erythematosus.
17700640 2007 CD24 is a marker of exosomes secreted into urine and amniotic fluid.
17540049 2007 Human breast cancer stem cell markers CD44 and CD24: enriching for cells with functional properties in mice or in man?
17475624 2007 Silencing of insulin-like growth factor-binding protein-2 in human glioblastoma cells reduces both invasiveness and expression of progression-associated gene CD24.
17411341 2007 A dinucleotide deletion in CD24 confers protection against autoimmune diseases.
16930538 2006 Regulation of E-cadherin and TGF-beta3 expression by CD24 in cultured oral epithelial cells.
16900767 2006 CD24 V/V is an allele associated with the risk of developing multiple sclerosis in the Spanish population.
16892043 2006 Multivariate analysis of oestrogen receptor alpha, pS2, metallothionein and CD24 expression in invasive breast cancers.
16890615 2006 CD24 is a new oncogene, early at the multistep process of colorectal cancer carcinogenesis.
16885410 2006 Isolation and characterization of multipotent progenitor cells from the Bowman's capsule of adult human kidneys.
16769998 2006 Massive and destructive T cell response to homeostatic cue in CD24-deficient lymphopenic hosts.
16681720 Unfavorable prognostic value of CD24 expression in sections from primary and relapsed ovarian cancer tissue.
16631259 2006 CD24 Ala/Val polymorphism and multiple sclerosis.
16621031 2006 B7-1-HSA (CD80-CD24), a recombinant hybrid costimulatory molecule retains ligand binding and costimulatory functions.
16606832 2006 CD24 is expressed by myofiber synaptic nuclei and regulates synaptic transmission.
16532032 2006 Repressor roles for TCF-4 and Sfrp1 in Wnt signaling in breast cancer.
16390867 2006 CD24 affects CXCR4 function in pre-B lymphocytes and breast carcinoma cells.
16344560 2006 Diversification of transcriptional modulation: large-scale identification and characterization of putative alternative promoters of human genes.
16288985 2005 CD24 is expressed specifically in the nucleus pulposus of intervertebral discs.
16166435 2005 Cytoplasmic CD24 expression in colorectal cancer independently correlates with shortened patient survival.
16164042 2005 The role of CD24 in various human epithelial neoplasias.
16125303 2006 CD24 expression is a prognostic factor in intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma.
15633604 2004 Inhibition of human CD24 binding to platelet-bound P-selectin by monoclonal antibody.
15616015 2005 Defective suppressor function in CD4(+)CD25(+) T-cells from patients with type 1 diabetes.
15493995 2004 Lipid rafts clustering and signalling by listeriolysin O.
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14657362 2003 CD24 is a genetic modifier for risk and progression of multiple sclerosis.
12829373 2003 N-glycosylation patterns of HSA/CD24 from different cell lines and brain homogenates: a comparison.
12610508 2003 CD24 is an independent prognostic marker of survival in nonsmall cell lung cancer patients.
12496407 2003 Pre-B cell antigen receptor-mediated signal inhibits CD24-induced apoptosis in human pre-B cells.
12477932 2002 Generation and initial analysis of more than 15,000 full-length human and mouse cDNA sequences.
12447971 2002 Assessment of CD24 expression on bone marrow neutrophilic granulocytes: CD24 is a marker for the myelocytic stage of development.
12368195 2002 CD24 is expressed in ovarian cancer and is a new independent prognostic marker of patient survival.
12218294 Expression profiling of mammary carcinoma cell lines: correlation of in vitro invasiveness with expression of CD24.
11313396 2001 CD24 induces apoptosis in human B cells via the glycolipid-enriched membrane domains/rafts-mediated signaling system.
11272271 2001 Antibodies recognizing CD24 LAP epitope on human T cells enhance CD28 and IL-2 T cell proliferation.
10575223 1999 Transcriptional map of chromosome region 6q16-->q21.
10037815 1999 Combining SSH and cDNA microarrays for rapid identification of differentially expressed genes.
9129046 1997 CD24, a mucin-type glycoprotein, is a ligand for P-selectin on human tumor cells.
8928617 1996 CD24, a glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored molecules is transiently expressed during the development of human central nervous system and is a marker of human neural cell lineage tumors.
8753773 1996 Association of CD24 with the kinase c-fgr in a small cell lung cancer cell line and with the kinase lyn in an erythroleukemia cell line.
8223854 1993 Activation of human monocytes and granulocytes by monoclonal antibodies to glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored antigens.
8213086 1993 CD24, a signal-transducing molecule expressed on human B lymphocytes, is a marker for human regenerating muscle.
7959762 1994 Mapping of CD24 and homologous sequences to multiple chromosomal loci.
7736776 1995 The small cell lung cancer antigen cluster-4 and the leukocyte antigen CD24 are allelic isoforms of the same gene (CD24) on chromosome band 6q21.
7553654 1995 Cloning and expression of CD24 gene in human hepatocellular carcinoma: a potential early tumor marker gene correlates with p53 mutation and tumor differentiation.
2153173 1990 Signal transduction in lymphocytic and myeloid cells via CD24, a new member of phosphoinositol-anchored membrane molecules.
1831224 1991 CD24, a signal transducer modulating B cell activation responses, is a very short peptide with a glycosyl phosphatidylinositol membrane anchor.
1327504 1992 CD24, a signal-transducing molecule expressed on human B cells, is a major surface antigen on small cell lung carcinomas.