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26593974 ETO2 and IRF2BP2 interacting with the NCOR1/SMRT co-repressor complex, suppresses the expression of erythroid genes until erythroid differentiation.
25974097 MTG16 co-repressor promotes degradation of HIF1alpha in lymphoblasts.
24349473 study defined eight additional recurrently mutated genes in SMZL; these genes are CREBBP, CBFA2T3, AMOTL1, FAT4, FBXO11, PLA2G4D, TRRAP and USH2A.
24127550 Findings are unprecedented and indicate that the DHH-RHEBL1 fusion transcript is a novel recurrent feature in the changing landscape of CBFA2T3-GLIS2-positive childhood AML.
23840896 Expression of MTG16 reduced glycolytic metabolism while mitochondrial respiration and formation of reactive oxygen species increased.
23251453 presence of MTG16 in this complex, and its contributions to transcriptional repression both required Kaiso binding to its binding site on DNA, establishing MTG16-Kaiso binding as functionally relevant in Kaiso-dependent transcriptional repression
23153540 Identification of a cryptic chromosome 16 inversion (inv(16)(p13.3q24.3)) in 27% of pediatric acute megakaryoblastic leukemia cases, which encodes a CBFA2T3-GLIS2 fusion protein.
23127762 Data indicate taht ETO2/CBFA2T3 regulates GATA-1 target genes critical for erythroid differentiation, and the decrease of ETO2 levels during erythroid differentiation would contribute to the activation of these targets.
22443175 An evolutionary conserved GATA binding site is critical in transcriptional regulation of the MTG16 promoter.
22420028 Our data indicate that the CBFA2T3/ACSF3 locus is a novel recurrent oncogenic target of immunoglobulin heavy chain translocations, which might contribute to the pathogenesis of pediatric GC-derived B-cell lymphoma.
22010104 Alternative NLI complexes mediate gamma-globin transcription or silencing through long-range locus control region interactions involving an intergenic site of noncoding RNA transcription and that ETO2 is critical to this process.
20138877 Study provides the first evidence that MTG16b is a dual AKAP capable of binding plexins.
20116376 Data show that ZNF651 is a ZNF652 paralogue that shares a common DNA binding sequence with ZNF652 and represses target gene expression through the formation of a CBFA2T3-ZNF651 corepressor complex.
18950503 Both wild type MTGs and chimeric AML1-MTG proteins display in vitro RNA-binding properties
18656694 RUNX1-MTG16 fusion gene in acute myeloblastic leukemia with t(16/21)(q24'q22) is reported.
18586123 ETO family member-mediated oligomerization and repression can be distinct events and that interaction between ETO family members and hSIN3B or N-CoR may not necessarily strengthen transcriptional repression.
18456661 CBFA2T3 interacts with ZNF652 to repress HEB expression, and in addition CBFA2T3 interacts with the HEB protein to inhibit its activator function.
16966434 The transcriptional repression of growth factor independent-1 (GFI-1), a previously characterized ETO effector zinc finger protein, was shown to be enhanced by CBFA2T1, but to a lesser extent by CBFA2T2 and CBFA2T3.
12183414 CBFA2T3 (MTG16) is a putative breast tumor suppressor gene from the breast cancer loss of heterozygosity region at 16q24.3.
11999578 In the first pediatric leukemia case in whom AML1-MTG16 was identified, the breakpoint of MTG16 was determined, and suggested as a possible characteristic of secondary leukemia.

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AGSAGPSRPGSPSPPGPLDTVPR                                                   631 - 653

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12183414 2002 CBFA2T3 (MTG16) is a putative breast tumor suppressor gene from the breast cancer loss of heterozygosity region at 16q24.3.
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9447981 1998 The AML1-MTG8 leukemic fusion protein forms a complex with a novel member of the MTG8(ETO/CDR) family, MTGR1.