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psoriasis -1.900 4.0e-20

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26859249 Data (including data from studies using recombinant proteins that lack typical in-vivo post-translational modifications such as palmitoylation) suggest Cav3 exhibits little tendency to partition into liquid-ordered domains of unilamellar vesicles.
26185955 This study demonstrated that cav3 mutation in stinct disorders including limb-girdle muscular dystrophy 1C, rippling muscle disease, and isolated creatine kinase elevation in Greece.
26086601 MURC/cavin-4, especially in combination with Cav-3, may play a consistent role in the differentiation process of rhabdomyosarcoma.
25757662 In a nonreferred nationwide Danish cohort of SIDS cases, up to 5/66 (7.5%) of SIDS cases can be explained by genetic variants in the sodium channel complex genes.
25630502 We identified three novel sequence variations (c.183C>G, p.S61R; c.220C>A, p.R74S; c.220C>T, p.R74C) and found evidence that one was associated with hypercreatine kinase-emia
24917393 detrimental effect of Cav-3 V82I variant on cell viability may participate in determining the susceptibility to cardiac death.
24327205 our results indicate that inhibition of Cav3 currents by 5,6-epoxyeicosatrienoic acid is an important mechanism controlling the vascular tone.
24021552 The caveolin-3:p.T78M did not exhibit a long-QT syndrome phenotype.
23640888 Kir2.1 loss of function is additive to the increase in late sodium current, prolonging repolarization and leading to arrhythmia generation in Cav3-mediated long qt syndrome 9.
23541953 Cav3 is an important negative regulator for cardiac late sodium cutrrent via nNOS dependent direct S-nitrosylation of SCN5A.
23465283 A very high prevalence of previously SIDS-associated variants was identified in exome data from population studies.
23311301 data show a developmental change in HCN4-Cav3 association in human embryonic stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes. Cav3 expression and its association with ionic channels likely represent a crucial step of cardiac maturation
23237801 These results strongly suggest that cav3 possesses direct interaction with KCa1.1, presumably at the same domain for cav1 binding.
23071107 Multiple caveolin-3 nonamers bind to a single RyR1 homotetramer.
22879586 hERG expression in the plasma membrane is regulated by Cav3 via Nedd4-2
22236542 Stromal caveolin-3 expression were more frequent in anaplastic carcinoma and diffuse sclerosing variant of papillary carcinoma compared to conventional papillary thyroid carcinoma.
21496630 -3 defects lead to four distinct skeletal muscle disease phenotypes: limb-girdle muscular dystrophy, rippling muscle disease, distal myopathy, and hyperCKemia[review]
21362625 Cav-3 is SUMOylated in a manner that is enhanced by the SUMO E3 ligase PIASy; Cav-3 SUMOylation in the mechanisms for beta(2)AR but not beta(1)AR desensitization
21362533 Caveolin 3 expression was decreased in an animal model of left ventricular dysfunction and heart failure.
21294223 Detailed analysis of the voltage-dependence of Ca2+ transients revealed a significant shift of Ca2+ release activation to higher depolarization levels in CAV3 mutated cells.
21084288 functional modulation of the Ca(v)3.2 channels by Cav-3 is important for understanding the compartmentalized regulation of Ca(2+) signaling during normal and pathological processes.
20628086 Observational study of gene-disease association, gene-environment interaction, and pharmacogenomic / toxicogenomic. (HuGE Navigator)
20558763 Impaired muscle contraction in gallbladders with cholesterol stones is due to high caveolar levels of cholesterol that inhibits CAV-3 generation; cholesterol increases the caveolar sequestration of CAV-3 and CCK-1R.
20472890 Results describe differential effects of the R26Q and P28L caveolin-3 mutants on growth factor signaling.
20346360 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20229577 Genetic analysis revealed a CAV3 c.G136A transition resulting in an A46T missense mutation in a family with rippling muscle disease.
20201926 Observational study and genome-wide association study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19913121 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19773168 cardiac dysfunction in myopathic patients with CAV3 mutations(A46V)may be underestimated and recommend a more thorough evaluation for the presence of cardiomyopathy and potentially lethal arrhythmias.
19584897 Review addresses caveolin-3 biological functions in muscle cells and describes the muscle and heart disease phenotypes associated with caveolin-3 mutations[REVIEW]
19544087 Caveolin-3 (Cav3) is a new Cx43-interacting protein.
19481058 caveolin-3 negatively regulates Kir6.2/SUR2A channel function.
19380584 Molecular complex formed by MG53, dysferlin, and Cav3 is essential for repair of muscle membrane damage in muscular dystrophy.
19238754 HCN4 associates with Cav3 to form a HCN4 macromolecular complex. Our results also indicated that disruption of caveolae using P104L alters HCN4 function and could cause a reduction of cardiac pacemaker activity.
19219452 Cav-3 levels were unchanged from the resting levels after both exercise trials in deltoid
19101541 Confocal immunofluorescence microscopy shows that caveolin-3 is present throughout the t-tubule system in skeletal muscle fibers, with 'hot-spots' at the necks of the tubules in the sub-sarcolemmal space.
18930476 Genetic studies revealed a G --> A transition at nucleotide position 80 in exon 1 of the Cav-3 gene (c.80G>A), generating a Arg --> Gln change at codon 27 (p.R27Q) of the amino acid chain in heterozygous state in this case.
18671188 Mutation analysis revealed a novel heterozygous missense mutation in the caveolin-3 gene (c.79C > G; p.Arg27Gly) in both the index patient diagnosed with rippling muscle disease and his mother fasely diagnosed with acid maltase deficiency.
18583131 Two novel missense mutation in the CAV3 gene in Neuromuscul Disord.
18509671 Expression of the muscular dystrophy-associated caveolin-3(P104L) mutant in adult mouse skeletal muscle specifically alters the Ca(2+) channel function of the dihydropyridine receptor.
18487559 Here, we report the clinical, morphological and molecular analysis of a patient with autosomal-recessive RMD carrying two novel compound heterozygous CAV3 mutations that lead to a severe protein truncation.
18253147 Caveolin 3 missense mutations lead to different phenotypes in vivo and in vitro.
17615539 The presence of different caveolin isoforms in many cell types of the human retina, is reported.
17537631 This study describe a 39-year-old Japanese man with rippling muscle disease who carried a novel homozygous mutation (Trp70 to a stop codon) in the caveolin-3 gene.
17524427 We encountered a Korean male patient with RMD who had suffered from muscle stiffness for 3 years. Mutation analysis of the CAV3 gene revealed the patient to be heterozygous for a novel in-frame deletion mutation.
17405141 Molecular analysis revealed a novel heterozygous A>C transition at nucleotide position 140 in exon 2 of the caveolin-3 gene in 17-year-old patient with rippling muscle disease.
17307729 Cav-3 mediates defective gallbladder contraction in the presence of cholesterol stones. Increased expression of Cav-3 results in the sequestration of CCK-1 receptors in the caveolae, probably by inhibiting the functions of Galpha(i3) proteins.
17275750 the first molecular and functional evidence implicating CAV3 as a pathogenic basis of Sudden infant death syndrome
17210839 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
17210839 We demonstrated that 9.5% of cases diagnosed as SIDS carry functionally significant genetic variants in LQTS genes (KCNQ1, KCNH2, SCN5A, KCNE1, KCNE2, KCNJ2, CAV3).
17060380 Reports of first CAV3 mutations in subjects with long-QT syndrome and functional data demonstrating gain-of-function increase in late sodium current.
17039257 caveolin-3 normally suppresses the myostatin-mediated signal
16770780 Our findings contribute to the clarification of unexplained persistent hyper-CK-emia, but further research is needed before CAV3 gene mutation analysis becomes part of the routine evaluation of these patients.
16563233 Our findings suggest that caveolin exhibits growth inhibition in a Ca2+-dependent manner, most likely through PKC, in cardiac myoblasts.
16521037 CAV3 identified and immunolocalized in the caveola-vesicle complexes (CVC )present in erythrocytes infected with P. vivax
16479074 The co-localization of Cav-3 with COX-2 in the caveolae suggests that the caveolins might play an important role for regulating the function of COX-2.
16247063 The authors describe a family with autosomal dominant rippling muscle disease (RMD) and prominent early-onset toe walking. Molecular analysis revealed a novel heterozygous G > A transition at nucleotide position 136 in exon 2 of the caveolin-3 gene.
16082247 demonstrate that Cav-3 is specifically expressed in human cardiac and skeletal myocytes, with high specificity and relatively high sensitivity (88%) for tumors with skeletal muscle differentiation
15099591 A muscle biopsy showed a partial reduction of caveolin-3 at the sarcolemma of muscle fibres.Mutational analysis identified a novel heterozygous mutation and generating a Val-->Met change at codon 57 of the amino acid chain.
14981167 Review. Caveolin-3 mutations can result in four distinct, sometimes overlapping, muscle disease phenotypes: limb girdle muscular dystrophy, rippling muscle disease, distal myopathy, and hyperCKemia.
14749532 the importance of dysferlin-caveolin 3 relationship for skeletal muscle integrity
14729862 CD36 colocalizes with caveolin-3, suggesting that caveolae may regulate cellular fatty acid uptake by CD36. CD36 expression is higher in type 1 compared with type 2 fibers, whereas caveolin-3 expression is significantly higher in type 2 than in type 1
12939441 An R27Q missense mutation in the CAV3 gene can lead to various clinical phenotypes including hyper-CK-emia, rippling muscle disease, distal myopathy, and limb-girdle musclar dystrophy 1C.
12847114 Adenovirus-mediated overexpression of human caveolin-3 inhibits hypertrophic responses in rat cardiomyocytes.
12839838 A haploinsufficiency model is proposed in which reduced levels of wild-type caveolin-3, although not rendered dysfunctional due to the caveolin-3 R26Q mutant protein, are insufficient for normal muscle cell function.
12666119 severe form of rippling muscle disease associated with homozygous CAV3 mutations.
12648214 caveolin-3 may play a role in lamellar granule assembly, trafficking, and/or function.
12387816 Effects of deleting a tripeptide sequence observed in muscular dystrophy patients on the conformation of peptides corresponding to the scaffolding domain of caveolin-3.
12082049 P28L mutation in the CAV-3 gene and the consequent caveolin-3 deficiency is associated with elevated serum kreatine kinase levels.
11884389 A naturally occurring caveolin-3 mutation can inhibit signaling involving cholesterol-sensitive raft domains.
11805270 A heterozygous 80 G-->A substitution in the caveolin-3 gene is associated with sporadic distal myopathy

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SSIKVVLRKEV                                                               141 - 151

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