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26453676 Sperm with a near absence of CatSper current failed to respond to activation of CatSper by progesterone and there was fertilization failure at IVF.
26354096 The role of CATSPER1 in idiopathic asthenospermia pathogenesis: exonal SNP rs1893316 in CATSPER1 significantly correlated with idiopathic asthenospermia risk
25101494 Sox5 and Sox9 cause a significant increase in transactivation of the Catsper1 promoter.
23623968 Progesterone via CatSper activates the PI3K-AKT pathway required for motility and hyperactivation but not for acrosome reaction.
23530196 CatSper is indeed the principal Ca2+ channel of human spermatozoa, and that it is strongly potentiated by progesterone.
23344959 CatSper activation can elicit functionally different behaviors according to the sensitivity of the Ca(2+) store, which may be regulated by capacitation and NO from the cumulus.
23313885 The immediate upstream region and the first exon in the human CATSPER1 gene negatively regulate transcriptional activity.
23313885 This work reports the cloning and characterization of the promoter regions in the human and murine Catsper1 genes. The immediate upstream region and the first exon in the human CATSPER1 gene negatively regulate transcriptional activity. The mouse Catsper1 promoter exhibited transcriptional activity in both orientations and displayed significant expression levels in mouse testis in vivo.
22354039 It was shown that odorants directly activate CatSper without involving G protein-coupled receptors and cAMP. Membrane-permeable analogues of cyclic nucleotides activated CatSper directly via an extracellular site.
21412339 human CatSper is synergistically activated by elevation of intracellular pH and extracellular progesterone
21412338 progesterone activates the sperm-specific, pH-sensitive CatSper Ca(2+) channel
21404705 The decreased or abnormal expression of the CatSper1 protein may be a factor involved in the pathogenesis of idiopathic asthenozoospermia.
20648059 Studies indicate that CATSPER channel represents a novel human male fertility factor.
19344877 sequence analysis of CATSPER1 in heritable forms of nonsyndromic male infertility revealed two separate insertion mutations (c.539-540insT and c.948-949insATGGC) that are predicted to lead to frameshifts and premature stop codons
18976756 CatSper1 may be a potential target for immunocontraception, and the antibody may be a tool to study the function of ion channels in sperm.
16740636 CatSper1 and CatSper2 can associate with and modulate the function of the Ca(v)3.3 channel, which might be important in the regulation of sperm function.
16625279 CATSPER1 is meiotically and post-meiotically expressed in human testis tissue.
14688170 Potential role for CatSper in sperm motility and fertility in mouse and human. CatSper is therefore implicated as a potential target to explore the molecular mechanisms of male infertility.

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FEAGEEDFRN                                                                771 - 780

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