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Gene RIF (17)

25561519 BRF1 mutations that reduce protein activity cause neurodevelopmental anomalies, suggesting that BRF1-mediated Pol III transcription is required for normal cerebellar and cognitive development.
24978456 hnRNP F is a co-factor in a subset of tristetraprolin/BRF1/BRF2-mediated mRNA decay.
21832157 these observations are in favor of a cell- and context-dependent regulation of Tis11b by hypoxia, which then contributes to modulation of angiogenesis.
21106530 Alcohol induces RNA polymerase III-dependent transcription through c-Jun by co-regulating TATA-binding protein (TBP) and Brf1 expression.
21044367 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20154270 results identify a human Pol III isoform and isoform-specific functions in the regulation of cell growth and transformation
18700021 deregulation of Brf1 and Brf2 expression could be a key mechanism responsible for the observed deregulation of RNA pol III transcription in cancer cells
18326031 MK2-mediated inhibition of BRF1 requires phosphorylation at S54, S92, and S203.
17968325 Brf1 gene was identified in the genome-wide loss-of-function genetic screen as putative tumor suppressor located at 14q32.33.
17877750 the hypo-phosphorylated Rb appeared to be largely sequestered into a complex with Brf1, which resulted in the blockage of Rb function to repress E2F1 transactivation
17499043 Maf1 occupancy of Pol III genes is inversely correlated with that of the initiation factor TFIIIB (subunit Brf1) and Pol III.
17369404 depletion of endogenous TTP and BRF-1 proteins, or overexpression of dominant-negative mutant TTP proteins, impairs the localization of reporter AU-rich element mRNAs
16982688 These results suggest a direct role of an RNA polymerase III transcription factor in the targeting process.
15538381 Data report that protein kinase B (PKB/Akt) stabilizes ARE transcripts by phosphorylating butyrate response factor (BRF1) at serine 92.
12198173 BRF1 accelerated mRNA decay and antagonized the stabilizing effect of PI3-kinase, while mutation of the zinc fingers abolished both function and ARE-binding activity. This approach identifies BRF1 as an essential regulator of ARE-dependent mRNA decay.
12016223 human small nuclear RNA gene-specific transcription factor IIIB complex de novo on and off promoter
11997511 CK2 forms a stable complex with TFIIIB and activates RNA polymerase III transcription in human cells.

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