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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 20
PubMed Score 14.72
PubTator Score 16.93

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  Disease (3)

Disease Target Count P-value
lung carcinoma 2844 3.2e-04
Disease Target Count Z-score Confidence
Melanoma 261 0.0 1.0


  Differential Expression (1)

Disease log2 FC p
lung carcinoma -2.500 3.2e-04

Gene RIF (10)

25979078 higher sputum concentrations of BPIFB1 were associated with changes of lung function over time, especially in current smokers with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. BPIFB1 may be involved in the pathogenesis of smoking-related lung diseases.
25574903 The G allele of rs1078761 may be detrimental to lung function in cystic fibrosis owing to decreased levels of BPIFA1 and BPIFB1.
24107778 Autoimmunity targeting the lung-specific antigen BPIFB1 may contribute to the pathogenesis of interstitial lung disease.
23708661 Results suggest that LPLUNC1 can inhibit inflammation and nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) growth by downregulating the Stat3 pathway.
23650533 LPLUNC1 delays nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell growth by inhibiting the MAP Kinase and cyclin D1/E2F pathways.
22767025 It was shown that there was a significant increase in LPLUNC1 in the airways of patients with cystic fibrosis, but it is unclear if this increase influences the development of lung disease.
21900486 These results demonstrate that LPLUNC1 is expressed in Paneth cells and likely plays a role in modulating host inflammatory responses to Vibrio cholerae infection.
20237794 LPLUNC1 is an abundant, secreted product of goblet cells and minor mucosal glands of the respiratory tract and oral cavity and suggest that the protein functions in the complex milieu that protects the mucosal surfaces in these locations.
19212328 We found a significant association of cholera with a marker in the promoter region of LPLUNC1 (rs11906665), a member of a family of evolutionarily conserved innate immunity proteins
12874788 LPLUNC1 is found to be down-expressed in 33 of 48 nasopharyngeal carcinoma biopsies.

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Text Mined References (20)

PMID Year Title
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25574903 2015 Polymorphisms associated with expression of BPIFA1/BPIFB1 and lung disease severity in cystic fibrosis.
24107778 2013 BPIFB1 is a lung-specific autoantigen associated with interstitial lung disease.
23708661 2014 LPLUNC1 suppresses IL-6-induced nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell proliferation via inhibiting the Stat3 activation.
23650533 2013 LPLUNC1 inhibits nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell growth via down-regulation of the MAP kinase and cyclin D1/E2F pathways.
22767025 2012 BPIFB1 (LPLUNC1) is upregulated in cystic fibrosis lung disease.
21900486 2011 LPLUNC1 modulates innate immune responses to Vibrio cholerae.
21787333 2011 Systematic nomenclature for the PLUNC/PSP/BSP30/SMGB proteins as a subfamily of the BPI fold-containing superfamily.
20237794 2010 Human LPLUNC1 is a secreted product of goblet cells and minor glands of the respiratory and upper aerodigestive tracts.
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