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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 317
PubMed Score 1336.30
PubTator Score 834.21

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Disease log2 FC p
osteosarcoma 1.207 3.4e-05
intraductal papillary-mucinous carcinoma... 1.100 1.9e-02
ovarian cancer 1.900 1.0e-03

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27468577 Decreased miR-124-3p expression prompted breast cancer cell progression mainly by enhancing the expression of autophagy related protein, Beclin-1.
27468561 Suggest high expression of Beclin-1 in alveolar macrophages could be a novel biomarker for predicting anti-TB outcomes.
26988033 Beclin-1 role in antiviral immune responses: USP19 modulates antiviral immune responses by deubiquitinating Beclin-1.
26937551 Data suggest that flexible helical domain of BECN1 undergoes a binding-associated disorder-to-helix transition; conserved residues critical for this interaction are essential for autophagy (here, autophagy induced by switching cells to EBSS).
26929373 Both transfected and endogenous beclin 1 coimmunoprecipitated with vGPCR.
26756998 The high levels of beclin-1 observed in hepatitis tissues suggest a central role for autophagy that may limit liver damage and interact with progression to cancer where beclin-1 later on becomes suppressed in aggressive HCC cases.
26739061 Astemizole-histamine induces Beclin-1-independent autophagy by targeting p53-dependent crosstalk between autophagy and apoptosis.
26722036 Autophagy status, as determined by combined LC3, Beclin 1 and p62 expression, might be independently associated with poor survival in patients with gastric cancer.
26708607 Collectively these results indicate miR-30a and its downstream target gene Beclin-1 can be used in treatment of osteosarcoma chemo-resistance in the future.
26617774 Suggest that Beclin 1 and p62 could serve as potential indicators for the prognosis of patients with non-small cell lung cancer.
26573276 The casp3 cleaved product of Beclin1 promotes apoptosis induced by S1 in SKOV3 cells.
26549519 these data indicate that IL-6 inhibits starvation-induced autophagy and that p-STAT3 mediates the signal transduction from IL-6 to downstream proteins including Bcl-2 and Beclin1
26506105 distinct patterns of Beclin 1 and Beclin 2 were associated with aggressive clinical outcomes. Beclin 1 overexpression, as well as Beclin 2 overexpression and depletion, contributed to tumor growth.
26458502 Autophagy defects caused by loss of Beclin 1 are not related to chemoresistance and metastasis, but may be associated with malignant phenotype and poor prognosis of ovarian clear cell carcinoma
26395023 up-regulated expression during the monocyte-to-dendritic cell transition
26386349 in-vitro genetic depletion of beclin-1 in high glucose treated adult rat cardiomyocytes markedly inhibited the level of autophagy and subsequent apoptotic cell death.
26363527 the expressions of Beclin1, Raptor, and Rictor are related to the development and progression of colorectal carcinoma and multidrug resistance.
26330555 HIV-1 Env gp120 treatment of SH-SY5Y cells increases BECN1 which indicates the initiation of autophagosome formation
26319552 Silencing Beclin1 in HTLV-1-transformed T cells resulted in diminished activities of NF-kappaB and Stat3 as well as impaired growth.
26295339 FBG1 degrades A1AT-Z through a Beclin1-dependent arm of autophagy.
26263979 Cleavage of Beclin-1 determines switch to apoptosis since expression of caspase-resistant Beclin-1 inhibits apoptosis and sustains autophagy
26239434 this work makes novel observations about tumor expression of Beclin-1 and challenges the accepted understanding of its role in regulating autophagy in ovarian cancer.
26218645 The decrease in BECN1 degradation induced by SLC9A3R1 resulted in the activity of autophagy stimulation in breast cancer cells
26134156 the results demonstrated that miR216a enhanced the radiosensitivity of pancreatic cancer cells by inhibiting beclin-1-mediated autophagy, suggesting a promising molecular target for improving the radiotherapy of pancreatic cancer
26097572 In colorectal cancer, differentiation degree and lymphatic metastasis were not associated with BECN1. BECN1 expression was significantly higher in cancerous tissue than in adjacent tissue.
26055714 Tid1 increases autophagic flux by interacting with the Beclin 1-containing autophagy protein complex.
26008601 acetylated by p300 and deacetylated by SIRT1 at lysine residues 430 and 437; acetylation inhibits autophagosome maturation
25955014 These results demonstrate the essential role of BECN1 in the functional formation of autophagosomes, but not in LC3B lipidation.
25906440 that ISGylation of BECN1 at Lys117, as well as Lys263, Lys265, and Lys266 serve an important role in negative regulation of intracellular processes including autophagy
25871810 Patients with strong immunoreactivity to BECLIN 1 or LC3 had a significantly better overall survival (OS) than patients with negative to moderate immunoreactivity (p = 0.036 and 0.018, respectively).
25847297 HIV-1 Env gp120 treatment of SH-SY5Y cells increases BECN1 which indicates the initiation of autophagosome formation
25837021 a mechanism of inverse coregulation between BECN1 and MCL1 significantly contributes to their opposing roles in tumorigenesis
25824726 Downregulation of beta 3 -integrin with cRGD peptide resulted in enhanced LC3-II and Beclin-1 and decreased Bcl-2 expression.
25821789 Combined L-EGFR + H-Beclin1 expression may represent a biomarker in identifying relatively favorable clinical presentations and prognosis, thus envisaging possible EGFR/Beclin1-targeted therapies.
25803737 Both AMBRA1 and BECLIN 1 affect c-Myc regulation, but through two different pathways.
25758178 showed a marked effect on the apoptosis of K562 cells by Beclin 1 shRNA to sonodamage with increased DAPI staining and caspase-3 cleavage
25715028 the BH3 mimetic ABT-737 induces autophagy through a BAX and BAK1-independent mechanism that likely involves disruption of BECN1 binding to antiapoptotic BCL2 family members
25714272 FKBP5 associates with BECN1, changes its phosphorylation and protein levels and enhances markers of autophagy and autophagic flux
25714112 cis-unsaturated fatty acids require neither BECN1 nor PIK3C3 to stimulate the autophagic flux
25708267 Beclin 1 may be a predictive biomarker for the efficacy of chemoradiation in patients with rectal cancer.
25693418 findings reveal MK2/MK3 as crucial stress-responsive kinases that promote autophagy through Beclin 1 S90 phosphorylation
25669656 The E3 ubiquitin ligase activity of XIAP and cIAP1 activates NFkappaB signalling, leading to the direct binding of p65 to the promoter of Beclin 1 and to its transcriptional activation and induction of autophagy.
25649430 Results indicated that the expression of NS5ATP9 was up-regulated by starvation and that Beclin 1 was involved in autophagy induced in hepatoblastoma cells by starvation.
25639875 a novel role for beclin 1 in regulating growth factor signaling and reveal a mechanism by which loss of beclin 1 expression would enhance breast cancer progression.
25631043 Tetherin interacts LRPPRC and prevents LRPPRC from forming a ternary complex with Beclin 1 and Bcl-2 so that Beclin 1 is released to bind with PI3KCIII to activate autophagy.
25620738 HBx induces autophagosome formation via beclin-1 expression, whereas miRNA-30a overexpression could successfully inhibit the beclin-1 expression induced by HBx, thereby modulating autophagosome formation in hepatic cells
25607466 TXNDC17, through participation of BECN1, induces autophagy and consequently results in paclitaxel resistance in ovarian cancer
25596085 Our findings that reduced Beclin-1 and high HIF-1alpha expression are associated with the development and progression of HCC may provide molecular therapeutic targets toward inhibiting HCC development and progression.
25565814 Magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles can induce the autophagy in blood cells by regulating the Beclin 1/Bcl-2/Atg14/VPS34 complex.
25496667 HIV-1 Env gp120 treatment of SH-SY5Y cells increases BECN1 which indicates the initiation of autophagosome formation
25472497 Beclin 1 and Mcl-1 negatively modulate the proteasomal degradation of each other through competitive displacement of USP9X. Inverse co-regulation of Beclin 1 and Mcl-1 represents a mechanism of functional counteraction in cancer.
25466963 LC3, beclin-1, and p62, was increased at an early stage of multistep cholangiocarcinogenesis in hepatolithiasis
25439234 HIV-1 Env gp120 treatment of SH-SY5Y cells increases BECN1 which indicates the initiation of autophagosome formation
25436332 Beclin-1 was highly expressed in gallbladder cancer, and positive expression in cancer cells was significantly related with favorable prognosis.
25427639 The results of this study suggest that Beclin-1 plays an important role in proliferation and tumor progression in osteosarcoma and inhibition autophagy can increase the efficacy of anticancer agent therapy.
25400807 Autophagy is implicated in the cisplatin resistant osteosarcoma, and inhibition of beclin1 could be a target for improving osteosarcoma therapy.
25366815 control retrotransposon insertion in the genome
25318890 Data suggest that hypoxia-induced autophagy through c-Jun-mediated Beclin1 expression may be a target to reverse the radioresistance in cancer cells.
25311841 PLP2-TM interacts with the key autophagy regulators, LC3 and Beclin1, and promotes Beclin1 interaction with STING, the key regulator for antiviral IFN signaling, to negatively regulate antiviral innate immunity.
25292086 Over-expression of Beclin-1 facilitates acquired resistance to histone deacetylase inhibitor-induced apoptosis in breast cancer.
25275521 Beclin 1 is required for neuron viability and regulates endosome pathways, including endocytosis and autophagy.
25208472 Therefore, Beclin-1-p53 interaction defines one additional molecular subroutine crucial for cell fate decisions in embryonal carcinoma cells.
25204229 BAG3 induced autophagy is Beclin-1 independent
25196438 It was suggested that Beclin 1 expression is closely linked to colorectal carcinogenesis and distant metastasis of colorectal carcinoma.
25179078 Beclin-1 and its role as a target for anticancer therapy
25175672 Study demonstrated that expression of LKB1 and Beclin1 was reduced in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) tissues, and the reduced expression of these proteins, is an independent indicator for the overall survival of NSCLC patients.
25136588 high level of expression of BECLIN 1 and LC3 in tumours is well correlated with the overall survival of the patients.
25115400 We demonstrate Beclin 1-independent autophagy is involved to positively regulate nutrient deprivation induced-HIF-1alpha internal ribosome entry site activity and protein expression
25096824 results indicate that autophagy regulating gene, Beclin1, may contribute to the malignant phenotypes of TSCC cells and can be a potential target for oral cancer gene therapy
25046113 reveal a novel function of GA binding protein in the regulation of autophagy via transcriptional activation of the BECN1-PIK3C3 complex
25032846 Beclin-1 from cytoplasmic Bcl-2-Beclin-1 complexes and allows it to initiate autophagy.
24971696 There was an inverse correlation between p62 and Beclin-1 levels in primary cells and MM cell lines.
24970676 Tunicamycin increased the misfolded proteins that lead to the activation of endoplasmic reticulum stress-mediated protection and induced apoptosis paralleled by autophagy in breast cancer cells which was regulated by IRE1/JNK/beclin-1.
24969889 Did not found any correlation between Beclin-1 over-expression and tumor differentiation.
24956373 Beclin 1 and UVRAG confer protection against radiation-induced DNA DNA double strand breaks and may maintain centrosome stability in established tumor cells.
24941712 High expression of beclin-1 in papillary thyroid carcinoma and metastatic lymph node suggest that neo-expression of beclin-1 may play a role in tumorigenesis and lymph node metastasis in human papillary thyroid carcinoma.
24885292 Expression of beclin-1 and its autophagic activities are suppressed in some hepatocellular carcinoma tissues.
24760274 our results suggest that the activated Stat3 may represent an important mechanism for Beclin 1 downregulation in nonsmall cell lung cancer development
24755562 Our results indicated that paclitaxel resistance of lung cancer is associated with downregulation of miR-17-5p expression which might cause upregulation of BECN1 expression.
24733562 These findings show that Beclin-1 plays a non-autophagic role in RANKL-induced osteoclastogenesis by inducing the production of reactive oxygen species and NFATc1.
24716949 The alternative splicing of Beclin 1 might play important roles in leukemogenesis.
24690321 Our results suggest an association between bcl-2 and beclin 1 expressions in malignant transformation of prostate tissue
24681041 Altogether, we concluded that miR-216b regulated both autophagy and apoptosis by modulating Beclin 1 in human Tenon's fibroblasts treated with hydroxycamptothecin.
24623173 Beclin-1-overexpressing neuronal cells responded to mechanical injury with greater LC3II/LC3I conversion and cell viability, lower levels of apoptosis, higher Bcl-2 expression, and unaltered Bax expression as compared to vector control cells.
24535641 overexpression of Beclin 1 in U87 glioblastoma cells enhanced the capacity for cellular autophagy and induced apoptosis
24528868 Thus, the cGAS-Beclin-1 interaction shapes innate immune responses by regulating both cGAMP production and autophagy, resulting in well-balanced antimicrobial immune responses.
24478461 Data indicates that BECN1 is not significantly mutated in human cancer and not a tumor-suppressor gene.
24440703 Data indicate that rapamycin significantly enhanced mitophagy, as evidenced by the increase in LC3-II and Beclin-1 expression in the mitochondria and p62 translocation to the mitochondria.
24385262 This review describes a role for beclin 1 in regulating recycling of phagocytic receptors in microglia.
24365867 This study showed a brain-specific reduction in beclin1 expression in postmortem hippocampus of schizophrenia patients
24345332 Binding sequences of miR-30d in the beclin-1-3' untranslated region (UTR) are required for the inhibition of beclin 1 expression by this miRNA.
24324270 Rhes robustly binds the autophagy regulator Beclin-1, decreasing its inhibitory interaction with Bcl-2 independent of JNK-1 signaling.
24324106 Dual expression of tumor Beclin-1 and Atg5 expression may be an adverse prognostic indicator for oral squamous cell carcinoma
24303007 our study demonstrated that Beclin 1low expression, correlated with lymph node metastasis, and might be a negative prognostic biomarker for cholangiocarcinoma.
24260370 Low expression of Beclin 1 showed significantly inferior overall survival.
24188325 In conclusion, hepatitis B virus x protein induces autophagy via activating DAPK in a pathway related to Beclin 1, but not JNK.
24186908 Low level of Beclin1 indicates poor prognosis of renal clear cell carcinoma.
24145555 PRNP interacts with BECN1 to recruit the PIK3C3 complex into lipid rafts and thus activates autophagy in response to Abeta42, defining a novel role of PRNP in the regulation of autophagy.
24141421 results suggest that Mst1 coordinately regulates autophagy and apoptosis by phosphorylating Beclin1 and consequently modulating a three-way interaction among Bcl-2 proteins, Beclin1 and Bax
24132590 aberrant Beclin 1 expression is closely linked to tumorigenesis and differentiation of ovarian carcinoma
24034250 EGFR signaling suppresses autophagy via its interaction with Beclin 1 during normal mitogenic signaling as well as during aberrant cell proliferation in cancer cells.
24012002 Microglia isolated from human Alzheimer's disease (AD) brains show significantly reduced beclin 1
23974797 WASH can suppress Beclin 1 ubiquitination to inactivate Vps34 activity leading to suppression of autophagy.
23943370 Studies indicate a significant association between beclin-1 expression and the differentiation of gastric cancer.
23935917 Beclin-1 and LC3-II are downregulated in hypopharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma patients, and their aberrant expression correlates with poor prognosis.
23880165 esophageal squamous cell carcinoma patients treated with definitive chemoradiation with LC3 and Beclin-1-negative expression had a better overall survival than those with LC3 and Beclin-1-positive tumors
23878393 Atg14 is critical in controlling an autophagy-dependent phosphorylation of beclin-1. We map novel phosphorylation sites to serines 90 and 93 and demonstrate that phosphorylation at these sites is necessary for maximal autophagy.
23877263 ROCK1 acts as a prominent upstream regulator of Beclin1-mediated autophagy and maintains a homeostatic balance between apoptosis and autophagy.
23827971 Beclin 1 regulates autophagy and APP processing in Alzheimer's disease [review]
23812859 Downregulation of Beclin 1 and impairment of autophagy play an important role in a small population of colorectal cancer.
23801739 This study provided evidence that beclin 1 overexpression is able to prevent or partially rescue motor impairments characteristic of this disorder.
23790316 Overexpression of beclin1 induced autophagy and apoptosis in lungs of K-rasLA1 mice.
23787295 Data indicate that high cytoplasmic microtubule-associated protein 1 light chain LC3A, LC3B, Beclin 1 and p62/SQSTM1 expressions were independently linked with the Gleason score.
23737459 decreased parkin solubility impedes parkin-Beclin-1 interaction and amyloid clearance
23722017 Down-regulation of beclin 1 expression and also bcl-2 overexpression seems to play an important role in the progression and aggressiveness of bladder urothelial tumors.
23703612 Findings suggest an association between lapatinib-induced autophagy and the disruption of Her2-Beclin-1 complex.
23686476 Investigated and analyzed the Beclin-1 protein expression and to assess its prognostic significance in tissue of laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma.
23573264 Decreased expression of Beclin 1 was inversely correlated with altered expression of Bcl-xL in ovarian carcinoma cohort and with patient survival.
23525201 The knockdown of BECLIN1 promoted cell growth and decreased apoptosis.
23478334 Beclin-1 acts downstream of the KMN complex to influence the recruitment of outer kinetochore proteins and promotes accurate kinetochore anchoring to the spindle during mitosis.
23444126 demonstrate a modified expression of the apoptotic beclin 1 and Bcl-2 proteins in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis fibroblasts suggesting the existence of an autophagy/apoptosis system dysfunction
23429496 Data suggest that activated autophagy is associated with the progression of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma and that the overexpression of autophagy-related proteins Atg5, Ambra1, beclin-1, LC3B and Bif-1 is significantly correlated with poor outcome.
23427159 HIV-1 Env gp120 treatment of SH-SY5Y cells increases BECN1 which indicates the initiation of autophagosome formation
23420005 Beclin-1 serves not only as a key autophagic regulator with its specific interactors, but as a potential therapeutic target in cancer.
23337876 Overexpression of miR-199a-5p inhibits DRAM1 and Beclin1 expression.
23334926 Beclin 1 was highly expressed in venous invasion and lymph node metastasis in gastric carcinoma.
23316280 The VMP1-Beclin 1 interaction regulates autophagy induction.
23264393 Beclin 1 possesses autophagy-independent antitumoral effects upon exposure of thyroid cancer cells to proteasome inhibitors.
23225331 Loss of beclin1 led to drug resistance in duodenal adenocarcinoma.
23216071 The accelerated autophagic status in non-small cell lung carcinoma is unrelated to Beclin 1 and BNIP3 expression, but does show significant association with Bcl-2 reactivity.
23197835 Anaplasma actively induces autophagy by secreting Ats-1 that hijacks the Beclin 1-Atg14L autophagy initiation pathway likely to acquire host nutrients for its growth
23184933 results suggest that XBP1 mRNA splicing triggers an autophagic signal pathway through transcriptional regulation of BECLIN-1
23125008 Beclin 1 has an influence on the progression of bladder cancer and might serve as a potential prognostic factor for patients with bladder cancer.
23112296 Akt-mediated phosphorylation of Beclin 1 functions in autophagy inhibition, oncogenesis, and the formation of an autophagy-inhibitory Beclin 1/14-3-3/vimentin intermediate filament complex.
23089287 LC3, beclin 1, and GRP78 may play an important role in the tumorigenesis of adenoid cystic carcinoma.
23029344 The expression of Beclin-1 in gastric clinical specimens is higher than those in the adjacent noncancerous tissues.
22933281 interaction between FMDV 2C and host protein Beclin1 could be essential for virus replication
22875631 Results indicated that p38 MAPK may be a key regulator for non-canonical Beclin1-independent autophagy.
22805532 Overexpression of Beclin 1 may influence cisplatin-induced apoptosis by mitochondrial dependent pathway.
22797916 Our findings reveal that Atg14L, previously considered to be solely a Beclin 1-binding autophagy protein, plays a novel role in the late stage of endocytic trafficking in conjunction with Snapin
22742832 Bim inhibits autophagy by interacting with autophagy regulator Beclin 1, an interaction facilitated by LC8.
22733132 Beclin 1 is critical for breast cancer stem-like cells maintenance and tumor development
22674982 Together, these results suggested that hepatitis C virus induces autophagy by upregulating Beclin1 and activates mTOR signaling pathway, which in turn may promote hepatocyte growth.
22650021 Compared with normal pancreatic tissue, pancreatic cancer, Bcl-2 expression was upregulated and Beclin-1 expression was downregulated.
22648564 expression level of both Beclin-1 and LC3 were significantly lower in cervical squamous cancer cells than normal squamous epithelial cells.
22627130 these results demonstrate that down-regulation of Beclin-1 may play an important role in the development and progression of oral cancer possibly by dysregulation of autophagy in tumor cells.
22498477 Bcl-B interacts with the BH3 domain of BECN1 and Bcl-B overexpression reduces autophagy triggered by a variety of pro-autophagic stimuli.
22493499 in Escherichia coli-containing phagosomes of mouse macrophages, Slamf1 interacts with the class III PI3K Vps34 in a complex with Beclin-1 and UVRAG
22393062 Beclin 1 coordinates actin dynamics and membrane phospholipid synthesis to promote efficient apoptotic cell engulfment with Rac1
22392728 Loss of HDAC6 expression in human hepatocellular carcinomas and tumor suppression by HDAC6 occur by way of activation of caspase-independent autophagic cell death through the JNK/Beclin 1 pathway in liver cancer.
22335943 Beclin 1 overexpression can inhibit the proliferation and growth of HeLa cells in vitro and vivo, and promote autophagy and apoptosis of HeLa cells.
22314358 analysis of how the Beclin1 coiled-coil domain interface regulates homodimer and heterodimer formation with Atg14L and UVRAG
22310240 Beclin 1 ECD defines a novel class of membrane-binding domain, with a strong preference for lipid membrane enriched with cardiolipin.
22301112 autophagy is initially activated in response to bile acids, but chronic exposure to bile acids leads to decreased Beclin-1 expression and autophagy resistance
22248718 miR-376b controls autophagy by directly regulating intracellular levels of two key autophagy proteins, ATG4C and BECN1.
22242123 This work offers new information on the mechanisms of action of the adenoviral E1B19K protein as partner of Beclin 1 and positive regulator of autophagy.
22240664 Low expression of Beclin 1, associated with high Bcl-xL, played as an independent biomarker, contributing to a more aggressive cancer cell phenotype and poor prognosis for gastric tumor.
22174682 HIV-1 Env gp120 treatment of SH-SY5Y cells increases BECN1 which indicates the initiation of autophagosome formation
22157765 MicroRNA-30a sensitizes tumor cells to cis-platinum via suppressing beclin 1-mediated autophagy.
22147978 Patients with advanced colorectal cancer and low Beclin-1 expression had a longer disease-free survival than those with high Beclin-1 expression, and patients with low LC3 expression had better response to cetuximab.
22095667 Our findings provide a basis for the concept that decreased expression of Beclin 1 in gastric carcinoma (GC) may be an independent biomarker for poor prognosis of patients with GC.
22039439 High levels of Beclin1 mRNA levels were in liver and prostate cancers when compared to normal tissues
21962518 Study provides a molecular mechanism involving protein deubiquitination that connects two important tumor suppressors, p53 and Beclin1.
21936852 This present study described a regulatory link between Beclin 1 and the ubiquitin ligase Nedd4.
21875280 The present results suggest that Beclin1 inhibits invasion and metastasis of cervical cancer CaSki cells in vitro.
21873141 Our results indicate that BECN 1 and autophagy play an important role in controlling the development and progression of cutaneous SCC.
21861179 Data suggest that the joint detection of these three genes (Beclin1, Bcl-2, and Bax) contributes to the early diagnosis of and predicts prognosis for breast cancer.
21779982 Data suggest that the combined detection of p33ING1, p53, and Beclin1 genes and proteins will be helpful for early diagnosis and prognosis judgment for NSCLC, and can provide experimental evidence for biotherapy of NSCLC.
21777947 A progressively reduced Beclin-1 expression is correlated with the primary tumor growth of squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma of the lung.
21769915 results suggest that autophagy activated by hypoxia mediates the tolerance of hepatocellular carcinoma cells to nutrient deprivation, and this tolerance is dependent on the activity of Beclin 1
21750416 cAMP induces autophagy via a novel pathway involving ERK, cyclin E and Beclin 1
21729531 Up-regulation of autophagic activity and expression of Beclin1 and MAPLC3 mRNA in refractory or relapse acute leukemia patients is especially significant.
21722286 These findings suggest that toxin sensitivity correlates with caspase and calpain activation, leading to Atg5 and Beclin-1 cleavage.
21711108 Beclin1/PI3K-mediated autophagy prevents hypoxia-induced apoptosis in EAhy926 cell line
21681342 Inhibiting Beclin 1 expression increased the apoptotic rate in U251 cells under oxidative stress.
21654208 Beclin 1 has a role in intrahepatic cholangiocellular carcinoma
21646862 Beclin 1-independent autophagy is an important contributor to both the caspase-dependent and -independent components of neuronal apoptosis and may be considered as an important therapeutic target in neural conditions involving apoptosis
21610315 Beclin 1 cleaving has a role in suppressing autophagy in chemotherapy-induced apoptosis
21556768 Both mRNA and protein levels of Beclin-1 and LC3-II were significantly decreased in lung cancer tissues which suggested that autophagy may be involved in the pathogenesis of lung cancer.
21537144 High beclin 1 and LC3A reactivity was related to tumor hypoxia, as this was inferred from the intense expression of HIF1alpha and lactate dehydrogenase 5, whereas low beclin 1 and LC3A expression was linked with an increased vascular density.
21499230 There is a strong association between extensive BECN1 overexpression and early metastases/poor prognosis in uveal melanomas
21478185 The data of this study demonstrated that autophagy is a key degradation pathway, with beclin-1 playing a significant role in alleviating Machado-Joseph disease pathogenesis.
21444671 autophagy is inhibited during chemotherapy-induced apoptosis by caspase 8-mediated cleavage of Beclin 1 after cytochrome c release
21420796 Increased beclin-1 expression plays a role in the inhibition of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma progression.
21353614 Ras-induced expression of Noxa and Beclin-1 promotes autophagic cell death, which represents a mechanism to limit the oncogenic potential of deregulated Ras signals.
21327823 Low Beclin 1 expression is associated with chondrosarcoma.
21239722 Normal lymphocyte development involves beclin 1-dependent, early-stage and distinct, beclin 1-independent, late-stage processes.
21209283 NLRP4 is recruited to and accumulates in bacteria-containing phagosomes and transiently dissociates from beclin1 following group A streptococcus infection, thereby sensing infection and permitting the initiation of beclin1-mediated autophagic responses.
21203962 The cleavage of Beclin 1 by caspase-3 may contribute to inactivate autophagy leading towards augmented apoptosis.
21081164 Beclin-1 is depleted in Alzheimer's disease brain following caspase-3 cleavage.
20937944 Beclin 1 is a protein involved in the regulation of autophagy and has been shown to be reduced in patients with Alzheimer disease.
20863706 The progression of astrocytic tumors was related to a decrease in autophagic capacity represented by the loss of LC3B-II and Beclin 1 expression
20842118 Loss of Beclin 1 expression defines poor prognosis presumably by promoting anti-apoptotic pathways, while overexpression of the protein, being linked with tumour hypoxia and acidity, also defines subgroups of tumours with aggressive clinical behaviour.
20697744 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20643123 A specific sub-complex containing VPS15, VPS34, Beclin 1, UVRAG and BIF-1 regulates both receptor degradation and cytokinesis, whereas ATG14L, a PI3K-III subunit involved in autophagy, is not required.
20639699 Beclin1 expression is predictive of prognosis in extranodal natural killer T-cell lymphoma.
20638385 knock-down of Beclin 1 down-regulated survivin protein, and the turnover rate of survivin was increased when Beclin 1 expression was silenced
20559548 findings suggest that autophagy and the BECN1-PIK3C3 complex regulate amyloid precursor protein processing and play an important role in Alzheimer disease pathology
20473282 This is the first demonstration of the involvement of beclin-1 and autophagy in the clinical behaviour of non-Hodgkin lymphomas
20454448 novel role for 14-3-3tau in the regulation of Beclin 1 expression and autophagy
20368806 engages both autophagic and apoptotic machineries via ROS production and subsequent activation of ERK and JNK
20230646 LOH and aberrant DNA methylation might be the possible reasons of the decreased expression of beclin 1 in the breast tumors. The findings shed some new light on the regulatory mechanisms of beclin 1 in breast cancer.
20207475 results suggest that Beclin1 plays an important role in the regulation of potent anti-tumor activity, and over-expression of Beclin1 in CaSki cells may enhance apoptosis signaling induced by anti-cancer drugs.
20206246 The findings provide evidence for beclin-1 expression in normal bladder; large alterations in the expression of beclin-1 do not occur when urothelial cells are malignantly transformed with, or exposed to, either Cd(2+) or As(3+.).
20190558 Data reveal that Beclin 1 and ATG5 play key roles in morphine-induced autophagy, which may contribute to morphine-induced neuronal injury.
20150769 Data suggest that HIF-1alpha-associated Beclin 1 high expression might facilitate nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells surviving from chemoradiotherapy, suggesting a novel therapeutic molecular target for NPC.
20090905 unlike Bcl-2, Bcl-xL and Atg7 manipulation gave identical phenotypes suggesting they could be components of the same signalling pathway; Bcl-xL subcellular localisation was modified upon starvation, and importantly Bcl-xL acted independently of Beclin 1
20037818 Expression of Beclin1 mRNA in osteosarcoma cells treated with high-dose DDP was higher than that in the non-treated cells.
20023428 Interplay between Beclin 1 and Bcl-2 is required for both autophagy and apoptosis modulation.
20010695 NAF-1 is required in this pathway for BCL-2 at the ER to functionally antagonize Beclin 1-dependent autophagy.
20009549 Targeting Beclin 1 for viral subversion of macroautophagy.
20004946 beclin 1 and LC3 II autophagic gene expression is altered also in melanocytic neoplasms.
19921231 Beclin 1 mRNA and protein expression were significantly decreased in eutopic endometria of women with adenomyosis.
19798108 Results indicate that Coxiella burnetii infection modulates autophagy and apoptotic pathways through Beclin 1/Bcl-2 interplay to establish a successful infection in the host cell.
19778902 Oncogenic ras-induced down-regulation of autophagy mediator Beclin-1 is required for malignant transformation of intestinal epithelial cells.
19762066 Beclin-1 may play a role in the inhibition of the development of breast cancer and its inhibition might be due to an interaction with bcl-2 protein.
19713971 The cleavage of Beclin 1 is a critical event whereby caspases inhibit autophagy, as a non-cleavable Beclin 1 mutant restored autophagy in cells overexpressing Bax
19680556 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19641499 The BH3 domain of Beclin 1 serves as a key structural motif that enables Bcl-2 to function not only as an antiapoptotic protein, but also as an antiautophagy protein. Review.
19635843 HIV-1 Env gp120 treatment of SH-SY5Y cells increases BECN1 which indicates the initiation of autophagosome formation
19556884 Results describe the prognostic role of high Beclin 1 protein expression and survival in high-grade gliomas.
19535919 Beclin 1 is a potential target for miRNA miR-30a.
19535901 When Beclin 1 binds to Bcl-2, it fails to inhibit Bcl-2-mediated protection against four different inducers of apoptosis.
19520853 the AMPK-MEK/ERK-TSC-mTOR pathway regulation of Beclin 1 represents different thresholds responsible for a protective or destructive autophagy
19395874 DAPk phosphorylates Beclin 1 on T119, a critical residue within its BH3 domain, and thus promotes Beclin 1 dissociation from Bcl-X(L) and autophagy induction.
19375507 Data show that silencing of ATG5 or beclin-1 reduced autophagy in 17alpha-AED treated malignant gliomas and attenuated its cytotoxic effects.
19372752 Barkor competes with UV radiation resistance associated gene product (UVRAG) for interaction with Beclin 1, and orients Beclin 1 to autophagosomes.
19347031 although Beclin-1 contains a BH3-only motif typical of pro-apoptotic proteins, it is a negligible modulator of Bcl-2's anti-apoptotic function
19325567 These results identify IP(3)R as a new regulator of the Beclin 1 complex that may bridge signals converging on the ER and initial phagophore formation.
19318089 JNK activation essential for the autophagic cell death resulted in upregulation of Beclin-1 expression, Bcl-2 phosphorylation, and p53 phosphorylation, suggesting that these pro-autophagic signaling pathways are involved in the autophagic cell death.
19298604 demonstrated that HAb18G/CD147 down-regulated the expression of autophagy-regulating protein Beclin 1 in SMMC7721 cells
19298526 Endostatin induces autophagy in endothelial cells by modulating Beclin 1 and beta-catenin levels
19289499 Data show that p65/RelA upregulates beclin 1 mRNA and protein levels in different cellular systems, and that upregulation of BECN1 is coupled to increased autophagy.
19270696 Two Beclin 1 associated proteins, Atg14L and Rubicon, were identified.
19218137 The abnormal expression of Beclin1 is closely associated with the pathogenesis and development of primary hepatocellular carcinoma.
19180116 Data show that DAPK phosphorylates beclin 1 on Thr 119 located at a crucial position within its BH3 domain, and thus promotes the dissociation of beclin 1 from Bcl-XL and the induction of autophagy.
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16390869 Results argue against a role for Beclin 1 as an essential chaperone or adaptor for hVps34 in normal vesicular trafficking, and they support the hypothesis that Beclin 1 functions mainly to engage hVps34 in the autophagic pathway.
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14966907 expression of three (Beclin 1, RbAp48 and Pir51) were increased and one (aldolase b) was decreased in liver tumor tissues.

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SEEQWTKALKFMLTNLKWGLAWVSSQFYNK                                            421 - 450

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