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lung cancer 1.100 8.6e-04
ovarian cancer 1.500 6.6e-06

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25895478 Exome sequencing revealed novel BCS1L mutations in two siblings with Bjornstad syndrome characterized by hearing loss and hypotrichosis.
25239759 Extensive statistical and cluster analyses revealed a protein profile characteristic for the BCS1L mutant fibroblasts that included alterations in energy metabolism, cell signaling and gene expression regulation, cytoskeleton formation and maintenance.
24172246 This region encompasses the BCS1L gene.
22991165 A novel behavioral and psychiatric phenotype associated with a p.Gly129Arg BCS1L mutation.
20877624 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20518024 These results provide new insights into the role of pathogenic BCS1L mutations in mitochondrial function and dynamics.
19508421 mitochondrial complex III deficiency caused by mutations in the BCS1L gene
19389488 The g.1181A>G mutation generated an alternative splicing site in the BCS1L transcript, causing a 19-nucleotides deletion in its 5'UTR region and Complex III deficiency.
19162478 The severity of the complex III enzyme defect correlated with decreased amounts of BCS1L and respiratory chain complex III. This supports a pathogenic role for the novel BCS1L mutation in a patient with a singular clinical phenotype.
18628306 BCS1L stimulates the assembly of the LETM1 complex. BCS1L knockdown caused disassembly of the respiratory chains as well as LETM1 downregulation and induced distinct changes in mitochondrial morphology.
18386115 assessed whether 232A-->G or other BCS1L mutations were present in infants (n = 21) of Finnish origin with severe, lethal disease compatible with mitochondrial disorder
17403714 a function of BCS1L is to promote the maturation of complex III and the incorporation of the Rieske iron-sulfur protein into the nascent complex. Defective BCS1L leads to the formation of a catalytically inactive, structurally unstable complex III.
12215968 GRACILE syndrome, a lethal metabolic disorder with iron overload, is caused by a point mutation in BCS1L

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