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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 80
PubMed Score 1066.36
PubTator Score 786.28

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  Differential Expression (26)

Disease log2 FC p
Rheumatoid Arthritis 1.100 4.6e-02
Waldenstrons macroglobulinemia 1.313 4.5e-02
malignant mesothelioma -3.900 7.6e-09
psoriasis 2.700 3.1e-106
cutaneous lupus erythematosus 2.600 1.6e-03
osteosarcoma -3.339 1.1e-02
posterior fossa group A ependymoma 1.700 1.5e-04
glioblastoma 3.300 2.2e-03
cystic fibrosis 3.750 6.5e-06
medulloblastoma -1.100 2.2e-04
medulloblastoma, large-cell -1.300 4.7e-04
non-small cell lung cancer -1.700 1.1e-10
lung cancer -4.100 3.5e-07
pancreatic cancer 1.800 4.2e-04
interstitial cystitis 3.000 9.5e-06
pediatric high grade glioma 1.600 2.9e-03
primary Sjogren syndrome 1.700 3.3e-03
invasive ductal carcinoma 2.300 7.5e-04
nasopharyngeal carcinoma 1.600 4.2e-02
lung adenocarcinoma -1.215 2.9e-03
lung carcinoma -1.700 1.1e-17
gastric carcinoma 2.700 1.8e-02
Bipolar Disorder 1.869 4.0e-02
ductal carcinoma in situ 2.200 4.6e-03
ulcerative colitis 4.800 1.1e-06
head and neck cancer and chronic obstruc... 1.300 4.1e-02


Accession Q16548 Q6FGZ4 Q6FH19 Q86W13 Q99524
Symbols GRS


PANTHER Protein Class (1)


3MQP   4ZEQ   2VM6   3I1H  

  Ortholog (1)

Species Source Disease
Chimp OMA EggNOG

MLP Assay (3)

AID Type Active / Inconclusive / Inactive Description
1008 screening 237 / 439 / 194168 Multiplexed high-throughput screen for small molecule regulators of Bcl-2 family protein interactions, specifically Bim-Bfl-1
1320 confirmatory 97 / 0 / 737 Multiplexed dose response screen for small molecule regulators of Bcl-2 family protein interactions, specifically Bim-Bfl-1.
2080 confirmatory 23 / 0 / 19 Confirmation dose response of hits from multiplexed high-throughput screen for small molecule regulators of Bcl-2 family protein interactions, specifically Bim-Bfl-1

Gene RIF (57)

27386628 Demonstrate immunohistochemical expression of Wnt11 and BCL2A1 in complete moles and normal villi.
25486183 Bfl-1 was mitochondrially resident in both resting and apoptotic cells and experienced regulation by the proteasome and NFkappaB pathways.
24810636 Bcl2a1 overexpressing granulocytic MDSCs demonstrated prolonged survival.
23841872 BCL2A1 is a novel marker associated with seizure prognosis following surgery for low-grade brain neoplasms.
23480177 Results indicate that mismatches in minor H antigens HA-8 (KIAA0020) and ACC-1 (BCL2A1) predisposed to chronic graft-versus-host disease (GvHD).
23447565 MITF-BCL2A1 as a lineage-specific oncogenic pathway in melanoma and underscore its role for improved response to BRAF-directed therapy.
23152563 Mitochondrial antiapoptotic factor Bfl-1 is significantly reduced by suppressor of cytokine signaling (SOCS)1.
23118966 Bcl2a1 should be considered as a proto-oncogene with a potential role in both lymphoid and myeloid leukemogenesis
22865454 Data indicate that BCL2a1 expression enhances tumor cell survival in nervous system (CNS) leading to intracranial tumor growth.
22745672 Data demonstrate that calpain-mediated cleavage of full-length Bfl-1 induces the release of C-terminal membrane active alpha-helices that are responsible for its conversion into a pro-apoptotic factor.
22720045 results highlight Bfl-1 as a major effector in activation-induced human mast cell survival
22553204 results directly implicate Bfl-1 and Bcl-x(L) in HTLV-1-infected T-cell survival and suggest that both Bfl-1 and Bcl-x(L) represent potential therapeutic targets for ATLL treatment.
22510878 The transcription factor Spi-B regulates human plasmacytoid dendritic cell survival through direct induction of the antiapoptotic gene BCL2-A1.
22292048 Inhibition of Mcl-1 and A1 strongly induced cell death in some melanoma cell lines.
22231730 neutrophils from patients with sepsis express reduced levels of antiapoptotic Mcl1 and A1
21843371 Bfl-1 importantly regulates lung cancer cell sensitivity to gemcitabine.
21491422 These findings are the first indication that Bfl-1 plays a crucial role in setting the elevated threshold of resistance of this malignant cell type to apoptosis
21167304 Bfl-1/A1 negatively regulates autophagy and expression of Bfl-1/A1 in H37Rv infected macrophages
20855536 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20800603 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20628086 Observational study of gene-disease association, gene-environment interaction, and pharmacogenomic / toxicogenomic. (HuGE Navigator)
20353833 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20185581 Defective ubiquitin-mediated degradation of antiapoptotic Bfl-1 predisposes to lymphoma.
19913121 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19773279 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19759007 the amphipathic character of Bfl-1 C-terminal helix alpha9 is required for the anchorage of Bfl-1 to the mitochondria and regulation the antiapoptotic function Bfl-1
19573080 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19336552 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18812174 The crystal structure of Bfl-1, the last anti-apoptotic Bcl-2 family member to be structurally characterized, in complex with a peptide corresponding to the BH3 region of the pro-apoptotic protein Bim is presented.
18512730 C/EBP beta overexpression significantly upregulated promoter activities of IL-8, COX-2, and anti-apoptotic Bfl-1 genes in prostate cancer cells.
18414982 targeting mHags encoded not only by HMHA1, whose aberrant expression in solid tumors has been reported, but also BCL2A1 may bring about beneficial selective graft-versus-tumor effects
18206119 Results clearly indicated that differential expression of bfl-1/A1 in M. tuberculosis H37Rv and M. tuberculosis H37Ra infected THP-1 cells probably account for the difference in infection outcome.
18093280 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
17942758 While TNFalpha had no effect on MCL-1 transcription, it induced expression of another antiapoptotic molecule, BFL-1.
17907802 Levels of A1/Bfl-1 are reduced in T cells as a result of HIV-1 Vpu-mediated inhibition of NF-kappa B activation
17726463 Specific downregulation of bfl-1 using siRNA induced apoptosis in resistant cells. Our data suggest that bfl-1 contributes to chemoresistance and might be a therapeutic target in B-CLL.
17724464 Bfl-1 associates with tBid to prevent activation of proapoptotic Bax and Bak, and it also interacts directly with Bak to antagonize Bak-mediated cell death, similar to myeloid cell factor (Mcl)-1.
17666431 Amphipathic tail-anchoring peptide (ATAP) targets specifically to mitochondria, and induces caspase-dependent apoptosis that does not require Bax or Bak.
17121585 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
17121585 the known polymorphisms of exon 1 and a novel polymorphism in the promoter region provide evidence for an association between bfl-1 polymorphisms and genetic predisposition to atopic dermatitis
16873269 EBNA2 trans-activates bfl-1, which requires CBF1 (or RBP-J kappa).
16572199 Bfl-1/A1 mRNA is not expressed in these cell lines, however, its expression is markedly induced by ATRA treatment in NB4 and HL-60 cells, but not in R4 or HL-60/Res cells, which correlates with inhibition of apoptosis.
16551634 The C terminus of A1 did not function as a membrane anchor; it serves a dual function by controlling the stability of A1 and by amplifying the capacity of the protein to protect cells against apoptosis.
16164629 A1 and A20 are both required for optimal protection from apoptosis (A1) and inflammation (A20) in conditions leading to renal damage
15696550 performed a Bfl-1 deletion study in order to elucidate the underlying mechanism of GFP-Bfl-1-induced cell death
15617521 results suggest that Anaplasma phagocytophilum inhibits human neutrophil apoptosis via transcriptional upregulation of bfl-1 and inhibition of mitochondria-mediated activation of caspase 3
15592513 Oxidative stress induces the expression of Bfl-1 via NF-kappaB activation, and this early-response gene protects cells from Fas-mediated apoptosis.
15501771 expression in urethral epithelium upregulated by Neisseria gonorrhoeae PorB IB and upregulation dependent on NF-kappaB activation
15499630 High expression of bfl-1 contributes to the apoptosis resistant phenotype in B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia
14981542 The expression of BCL2A1 was compared in two inbred strains of mice.
14966372 confers protection from hydrogen peroxide- and peroxynitrite- induced apoptosis in neutrophils and HL-60 cells
14747545 Epstein Barr virus LMP1 drives bfl-1 promoter activity through interactions with components of the tumor necrosis factor receptor (TNFR)/CD40 signaling pathway; evidence presented that this process is NF-kappa B dependent
12771180 identification of two novel minor histocompatibility antigens, encoded by two separate single nucleotide polymorphisms on a single gene, BCL2A1, and restricted by HLA-A*2402 and B*4403
12692420 the level of Bfl-1 gene expression was higher in more advanced breast cancers than in early cancers; it seems that the increased expression of the Bfl-1 gene serves as a contributory factor in breast cancer in the same way that another group of genes
12665576 role for NF-kappa B in bfl-1 transcription
11929871 Bcl-2 family member Bfl-1/A1 sequesters truncated bid to inhibit is collaboration with pro-apoptotic Bak or Bax.
11696595 Levels of A1/Bfl-1 are reduced in T cells as a result of HIV-1 Vpu-mediated inhibition of NF-kappa B activation

AA Sequence

ENGFVKKFEPKSGWMTFLEVTGKICEMLSLLKQYC                                       141 - 175

Text Mined References (83)

PMID Year Title
27386628 2016 Immunohistochemical Expression and Clinical Significance of Wnt11 and BCL2A1 in Complete Moles.
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24810636 2014 IFN-? regulates survival and function of tumor-induced CD11b+ Gr-1high myeloid derived suppressor cells by modulating the anti-apoptotic molecule Bcl2a1.
23841872 2013 BCL2A1 is a potential biomarker for postoperative seizure control in patients with low-grade gliomas.
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23447565 2013 BCL2A1 is a lineage-specific antiapoptotic melanoma oncogene that confers resistance to BRAF inhibition.
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23055042 2012 Human Bop is a novel BH3-only member of the Bcl-2 protein family.
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22745672 2012 µ-Calpain conversion of antiapoptotic Bfl-1 (BCL2A1) into a prodeath factor reveals two distinct alpha-helices inducing mitochondria-mediated apoptosis.
22720045 2012 Anti-apoptotic BFL-1 is the major effector in activation-induced human mast cell survival.
22553204 2012 Tax protein-induced expression of antiapoptotic Bfl-1 protein contributes to survival of human T-cell leukemia virus type 1 (HTLV-1)-infected T-cells.
22510878 2012 The transcription factor Spi-B regulates human plasmacytoid dendritic cell survival through direct induction of the antiapoptotic gene BCL2-A1.
22292048 2012 Selective induction of cell death in melanoma cell lines through targeting of Mcl-1 and A1.
22231730 2012 Molecular mechanisms underlying delayed apoptosis in neutrophils from multiple trauma patients with and without sepsis.
21843371 2011 The C-terminal region of Bfl-1 sensitizes non-small cell lung cancer to gemcitabine-induced apoptosis by suppressing NF-?B activity and down-regulating Bfl-1.
21491422 2011 Bfl-1 is a crucial pro-survival nuclear factor-?B target gene in Hodgkin/Reed-Sternberg cells.
21167304 2011 Bfl-1/A1 acts as a negative regulator of autophagy in mycobacteria infected macrophages.
20855536 2010 Germline variation in apoptosis pathway genes and risk of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.
20800603 2010 Investigation of genetic susceptibility factors for human longevity - a targeted nonsynonymous SNP study.
20628086 2010 Variation at the NFATC2 locus increases the risk of thiazolidinedione-induced edema in the Diabetes REduction Assessment with ramipril and rosiglitazone Medication (DREAM) study.
20353833 2010 Degree of predicted minor histocompatibility antigen mismatch correlates with poorer clinical outcomes in nonmyeloablative allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation.
20185581 2010 Defective ubiquitin-mediated degradation of antiapoptotic Bfl-1 predisposes to lymphoma.
19913121 2009 Gene-centric association signals for lipids and apolipoproteins identified via the HumanCVD BeadChip.
19773279 2009 Association between genetic variants in VEGF, ERCC3 and occupational benzene haematotoxicity.
19759007 2009 C-terminal residues regulate localization and function of the antiapoptotic protein Bfl-1.
19573080 2009 Common genetic variants in candidate genes and risk of familial lymphoid malignancies.
19336552 2009 Risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma associated with germline variation in genes that regulate the cell cycle, apoptosis, and lymphocyte development.
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18414982 2008 Aberrant expression of BCL2A1-restricted minor histocompatibility antigens in melanoma cells: application for allogeneic transplantation.
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18093280 2008 Role of minor histocompatibility antigens in renal transplantation.
17942758 2008 The dual effects of TNFalpha on neutrophil apoptosis are mediated via differential effects on expression of Mcl-1 and Bfl-1.
17726463 2007 Upregulation of bfl-1 is a potential mechanism of chemoresistance in B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukaemia.
17724464 2008 Bfl-1/A1 functions, similar to Mcl-1, as a selective tBid and Bak antagonist.
17666431 2007 The tail-anchoring domain of Bfl1 and HCCS1 targets mitochondrial membrane permeability to induce apoptosis.
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16697956 2006 Mitochondria primed by death signals determine cellular addiction to antiapoptotic BCL-2 family members.
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16572171 2006 Analysis of the DNA sequence and duplication history of human chromosome 15.
16551634 2006 The stability and anti-apoptotic function of A1 are controlled by its C terminus.
16164629 2005 Combined expression of A1 and A20 achieves optimal protection of renal proximal tubular epithelial cells.
15696550 2005 C-terminal region of Bfl-1 induces cell death that accompanies caspase activation when fused with GFP.
15694340 2005 Differential targeting of prosurvival Bcl-2 proteins by their BH3-only ligands allows complementary apoptotic function.
15617521 2005 Anaplasma phagocytophilum inhibits human neutrophil apoptosis via upregulation of bfl-1, maintenance of mitochondrial membrane potential and prevention of caspase 3 activation.
15592513 2005 Oxidative stress attenuates Fas-mediated apoptosis in Jurkat T cell line through Bfl-1 induction.
15501771 2004 Gonococcal porin IB activates NF-kappaB in human urethral epithelium and increases the expression of host antiapoptotic factors.
15499630 2005 High expression of bfl-1 contributes to the apoptosis resistant phenotype in B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
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11929871 2002 Bcl-2 family member Bfl-1/A1 sequesters truncated bid to inhibit is collaboration with pro-apoptotic Bak or Bax.
11696595 2001 The human immunodeficiency virus type 1 accessory protein Vpu induces apoptosis by suppressing the nuclear factor kappaB-dependent expression of antiapoptotic factors.
11483855 2001 Underphosphorylated BAD interacts with diverse antiapoptotic Bcl-2 family proteins to regulate apoptosis.
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10849436 2000 A1 functions at the mitochondria to delay endothelial apoptosis in response to tumor necrosis factor.
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10753914 2000 Structural basis of BFL-1 for its interaction with BAX and its anti-apoptotic action in mammalian and yeast cells.
10545479 1999 Expression of the Bcl-2 family member A1 is developmentally regulated in T cells.
10454539 1999 NF-kappaB induces expression of the Bcl-2 homologue A1/Bfl-1 to preferentially suppress chemotherapy-induced apoptosis.
10430908 1999 NF-kappaB-mediated up-regulation of Bcl-x and Bfl-1/A1 is required for CD40 survival signaling in B lymphocytes.
10381646 1999 Survival activity of Bcl-2 homologs Bcl-w and A1 only partially correlates with their ability to bind pro-apoptotic family members.
10049353 1999 The prosurvival Bcl-2 homolog Bfl-1/A1 is a direct transcriptional target of NF-kappaB that blocks TNFalpha-induced apoptosis.
9670936 1998 Growth factor receptor-bound protein 2 (Grb2) association with hemopoietic specific protein 1: linkage between Lck and Grb2.
9356461 1997 Bok is a pro-apoptotic Bcl-2 protein with restricted expression in reproductive tissues and heterodimerizes with selective anti-apoptotic Bcl-2 family members.
9321477 1997 Bfl-1, a Bcl-2-related gene, is the human homolog of the murine A1, and maps to chromosome 15q24.3.
9050999 1997 GRS, a novel member of the Bcl-2 gene family, is highly expressed in multiple cancer cell lines and in normal leukocytes.
8952545 1996 A1 demonstrates restricted tissue distribution during embryonic development and functions to protect against cell death.
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7478596 1995 A novel Bcl-2 related gene, Bfl-1, is overexpressed in stomach cancer and preferentially expressed in bone marrow.