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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 313
PubMed Score 2367.60
PubTator Score 1007.32

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Accession P56817 A0M8W7 B0YIU9 E9PE65 H7BXJ9 Q9BYB9 Q9BYC0 Q9BYC1 Q9UJT5 Q9ULS1
Symbols ASP2


PANTHER Protein Class (3)


1PY1   1UJJ   1UJK   1FKN   1M4H   1SGZ   1TQF   1W50   1W51   1XN2   1XN3   1XS7   1YM2   1YM4   2B8L   2B8V   2F3E   2F3F   2FDP   2G94   2HIZ   2HM1   2IQG   2IRZ   2IS0   2NTR   2OAH   2OF0   2OHK   2OHL   2OHM   2OHN   2OHP   2OHQ   2OHR   2OHS   2OHT   2OHU   2P4J   2P83   2P8H   2PH6   2PH8   2Q11   2Q15   2QK5   2QMD   2QMF   2QMG   2QP8   2QU2   2QU3   2QZK   2QZL   2VA5   2VA6   2VA7   2VIE   2VIJ   2VIY   2VIZ   2VJ6   2VJ7   2VJ9   2VKM   2VNM   2VNN   2WEZ   2WF0   2WF1   2WF2   2WF3   2WF4   2WJO   2XFI   2XFJ   2XFK   2ZDZ   2ZE1   2ZHR   2ZHS   2ZHT   2ZHU   2ZHV   2ZJH   2ZJI   2ZJJ   2ZJK   2ZJL   2ZJM   2ZJN   3BRA   3BUF   3BUG   3BUH   3CIB   3CIC   3CID   3CKP   3CKR   3DM6   3DUY   3DV1   3DV5   3EXO   3FKT   3H0B   3HVG   3HW1   3I25   3IGB   3IN3   3IN4   3IND   3INE   3INF   3INH   3IVH   3IVI   3IXJ   3IXK   3K5C   3K5D   3K5F   3K5G   3KMX   3KMY   3KN0   3KYR   3L38   3L3A   3L58   3L59   3L5B   3L5C   3L5D   3L5E   3L5F   3LHG   3LNK   3LPI   3LPJ   3LPK   3MSJ   3MSK   3MSL   3N4L   3NSH   3OHF   3OHH   3OOZ   3PI5   3QBH   3QI1   3R1G   3R2F   3RSV   3RSX   3RTH   3RTM   3RTN   3RU1   3RVI   3S2O   3S7L   3S7M   3SKF   3SKG   3TPJ   3TPL   3TPP   3TPR   3U6A   3UDH   3UDJ   3UDK   3UDM   3UDN   3UDP   3UDQ   3UDR   3UDY   3UFL   3UQP   3UQR   3UQU   3UQW   3UQX   3VEU   3VF3   3VG1   3VV6   3VV7   3VV8   3WB4   3WB5   3ZMG   3ZOV   4ACU   4ACX   4AZY   4B00   4B05   4B0Q   4B1C   4B1D   4B1E   4B70   4B72   4B77   4B78   4BEK   4BFD   4D83   4D85   4D88   4D89   4D8C   4DH6   4DI2   4DJU   4DJV   4DJW   4DJX   4DJY   4DPF   4DPI   4DUS   4DV9   4DVF   4EWO   4EXG   4FCO   4FGX   4FM7   4FM8   4FRI   4FRJ   4FRK   4FRS   4FS4   4FSE   4FSL   4GID   4GMI   4H1E   4H3F   4H3G   4H3I   4H3J   4HA5   4HZT   4I0D   4I0E   4I0F   4I0G   4I0H   4I0I   4I0J   4I0Z   4I10   4I11   4I12   4I1C   4IVS   4IVT   4J0P   4J0T   4J0V   4J0Y   4J0Z   4J17   4J1C   4J1E   4J1F   4J1H   4J1I   4J1K   4JOO   4JP9   4JPC   4JPE   4K8S   4K9H   4KE0   4KE1   4L7G   4L7H   4L7J   4LC7   4LXA   4LXK   4LXM   4N00   4PZW   4PZX   4R5N   4R8Y   4R91   4R92   4R93   4R95   4RCD   4RCE   4RCF   4RRN   4RRO   4RRS   4TRW   4TRY   4TRZ   4WTU   4WY1   4WY6   4X2L   4X7I   4XKX   4XXS   4YBI   4ZPE   4ZPF   4ZPG   4ZSM   4ZSP   4ZSQ   4ZSR   5CLM   5DQC   5ENK   5EZX   5EZZ   5F00   5F01   5HD0   5HDU   5HDV   5HDX   5HDZ   5HE4   5HE5   5HE7   5I3V   5I3W   5I3X   5I3Y   5IE1   5KQF   5KR8  

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26828303 GG genotype and G allele of BACE1 gene rs638405 probably increase the risk of AD. [META-ANALYSIS]
26663083 p38alpha MAPK plays a critical role in the regulation of BACE1 degradation and Abeta generation in Alzheimer Disease pathogenesis
26642089 the Alzheimer's disease-protective 'Icelandic' mutation greatly attenuates APP-BACE-1 interactions, suggesting a mechanistic basis for protection.
26639974 Study investigated baseline platelet membrane beta-secretase activity and cholesterol levels in mild cognitive impairment participants and explored whether these parameters differed in individuals who subsequently developed Alzheimer's disease
26563932 Results suggest that ubiquilin-1 may mechanistically participate in Alzheimer's disease molecular pathogenesis by affecting BACE1 and thereby APP processing and Abeta accumulation
26473367 this is the first study to acquire a DNA aptamer that exhibited binding specificity to BACE1 and inhibited its activity.
26427429 Studies suggest that beta-Secretases BACE1/2 plays an important role in retinal homeostasis and that BACE upregulation in response to stress is a protective measure.
26402014 Results suggest deltaOR-Phe27Cys variation modulates beta- and gamma-secretase activity in late-stage Alzheimer's disease likely via post-translational mechanisms
26401691 study reports that sAbetaPPalpha, the product of the cleavage of AbetaPP by alpha-secretase, is a potent endogenous direct inhibitor of the BACE enzyme, and that its inhibition is likely by an allosteric mechanism
26317805 Results reveal a link between p25 and BACE1 in Alzheimer disease (AD) brains and suggest that upregulated Cdk5 activation by p25 accelerates AD pathogenesis by enhancing BACE1 activity via phosphorylation.

AA Sequence

DDFADDISLLK                                                               491 - 501

Text Mined References (316)

PMID Year Title
26828303 2016 Meta-analysis of BACE1 gene rs638405 polymorphism and the risk of Alzheimer's disease in Caucasion and Asian population.
26663083 2016 Deficiency of Neuronal p38? MAPK Attenuates Amyloid Pathology in Alzheimer Disease Mouse and Cell Models through Facilitating Lysosomal Degradation of BACE1.
26642089 2016 Visualizing APP and BACE-1 approximation in neurons yields insight into the amyloidogenic pathway.
26639974 2016 Platelet Membrane ?-Secretase Activity in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Conversion to Dementia: a Longitudinal Study.
26563932 2016 Relationship between ubiquilin-1 and BACE1 in human Alzheimer's disease and APdE9 transgenic mouse brain and cell-based models.
26473367 2015 Inhibition of BACE1 Activity by a DNA Aptamer in an Alzheimer's Disease Cell Model.
26427429 2016 A Non-Canonical Role for ?-Secretase in the Retina.
26402014 2015 Genetic Variation in ?-Opioid Receptor Associates with Increased ?- and ?-Secretase Activity in the Late Stages of Alzheimer's Disease.
26401691 2015 sA?PP? is a Potent Endogenous Inhibitor of BACE1.
26317805 2015 Enhancement of BACE1 Activity by p25/Cdk5-Mediated Phosphorylation in Alzheimer's Disease.