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Accession B3EWF7
Symbols EPM2


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Chimp OMA EggNOG

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26648032 Laforin prevents the auto-degradation of malin by presenting itself as a substrate. Malin preferentially degrades the phosphatase-inactive laforin monomer.
26578817 Laforin-glycan interactions occur with a favourable enthalpic contribution counter-balanced by an unfavourable entropic contribution.
26216881 laforin is responsible for glycogen dephosphorylation during exercise and acts during the cytosolic degradation of glycogen
26102034 Lafora disease proteins laforin and malin negatively regulate the HIPK2-p53 cell death pathway.
25544560 The crystal structure of laforin bound to phosphoglucan product, reveals its unique integrated tertiary and quaternary structure.
25538239 novel molecular determinants in the laforin active site that help decipher the mechanism of glucan phosphatase activity.
25270369 This study identified some Mild Lafora disease have EPM2A mutation.
25246353 This study suggest that variations in phenotypes of EPM2A-deficient Lafora disease.
24770803 Studied the role of conformational changes in human laforin structure due to existing single mutation W32G and prepared double mutation W32G/K87A related to loss of glycogen binding.
24068615 Polyglucosan body degradation requires a protein assembly that includes laforin and malin.
23922729 These results suggest that cysteine 329 is specifically involved in the dimerization process of laforin.
23904258 This study identified the flexibility of K87A mutated laforin structure, with replacement of acidic amino acid to aliphatic amino acid in functional carbohydrate binding module domain, have more impact in abolishing glycogen binding that favors Lafora disease.
23313408 A new novel mutation of the EPM2A gene is identified that causes Lafora disease.
22815132 Malin forms a functional complex with laforin. This complex promotes the ubiquitination of proteins involved in glycogen metabolism and misregulation of pathways involved in this process results in Lafora body formation. (Review)
22364389 Studies indicate that laforin directly dephosphorylates glycogen.
22047982 This study identified that EPM2 gene mutations leading to Lafora disease in six Turkish families.
22036712 alternative splicing could possibly be one of the mechanisms by which EPM2A may regulate the cellular functions of the proteins it codes for
21930129 glycogen phosphorylation can be considered a catalytic error and laforin a repair enzyme.
21887368 laforin monomer is the dominant form of the protein and that it contains phosphatase activity.
21728993 results of the present study suggest that phosphorylation of laforin-Ser(25) by AMPK provides a mechanism to modulate the interaction between laforin and malin
21652633 Laforin and malin are defective in Lafora disease (LD), a neurodegenerative disorder associated with epileptic seizures
21371719 Genetic analysis showed a novel c.659 T>A mutation on exon 3 of the EPM2A gene, in a patient with Lafora's disease.
20738377 study described several novel mutations of EPM2A and NHLRC1 and brought additional data to genetic epidemiology of Lafora disease (LD); emphasized the high mutation rate in patients with classical LD as well as the high negativity rate of skin biopsy
20534808 These results suggest that the modification introduced by the laforin-malin complex could affect the subcellular distribution of AMPK beta subunits.
20453062 Laforin regulates autophagy.
19529779 laforin and malin play a role protecting cells from ER-stress, likely contributing to the elimination of unfolded proteins
19403557 Mutations of EPM2A formed aggregates and elicited endoplasm reticulum stress in neuronal cell.
19267391 Meta-analysis of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19171932 phosphorylation of R5/PTG at Ser-8 by AMPK accelerates its laforin/malin-dependent ubiquitination and subsequent proteasomal degradation, which results in a decrease of its glycogenic activity.
19036738 Laforin and malin interact with misfolded proteins and promote their degradation through the ubiquitin-proteasome system.
18617530 EPM2A regulated by alternative splicing plays roles in Lafora progressive myoclonus epilepsy.
18311786 Results suggest that the altered subcellular localization of mutant proteins of the EPM2A and NHLRC1 genes could be one of the molecular bases of the Lafora disease phenotype.
18070875 Laforin acts as a scaffold that allows the E3 ubiquitin ligase malin to ubiquitinate protein targeting to glycogen (PTG). These results suggest an additional mechanism, involving laforin and malin, in regulating glycogen metabolism.
18029386 Regulation of glycogen synthesis by the laforin-malin complex is modulated by the AMP-activated protein kinase pathway.
17646401 Laforin is conserved in all vertebrates and a small class of protists; it is not found in other organisms. Additionally, laforin is a functional equivalent of the plant phosphatase SEX4, and it may function to dephosphorylate complex carbohydrates.
17509003 study concludse that considerable variability in the age at onset of Lafora disease can occur within families; identical mutations can be associated with the classic adolescent presentation, as well as late-onset cases
17337485 Defects in laforin may lead to increased levels of misfolded and/or target proteins, which may eventually affect the physiological processes of the neuron, and likely to be the primary trigger in the physiopathology of lafora disease.
16971387 results demonstrate a critical role of dimerization in Laforin function and suggest an important new dimension in protein phosphatase function and in molecular pathogenesis of Lafora's disease
16959610 Inactivation of Epm2a resulted in increased Wnt signaling and tumorigenesis
16901901 Laforin does not dephosphorylate GSK3B (beta) in vitro, but possesses the unique ability to utilize a phosphorylated complex carbohydrate as a substrate and this function may be necessary for the maintenance of normal cellular glycogen.
16115820 Laforin is a Glycogen-Synthase-Kinase-3 Ser 9 phosphatase, and therefore capable of inactivating GS through GSK3.
14722920 Six novel mutations were identified, one of which is the first mutation specific to the cytoplasmic laforin isoform, implicating this isoform in disease pathogenesis.
14706656 encodes a 331 amino acid protein that contains an N-terminal carbohydrate-binding domain (CBD) and a C-terminal dual-specificity phosphatase domain. The CBD of laforin targets the protein to Lafora inclusion bodies.
14643920 Up to 20% cases of LD are not genetically linked to chromosome 6. We report two sisters affected from bioptically diagnosed LD but without evidence of EPM2A mutation
12915448 Laforin interacts with HIRPI5.
12782127 The EPM2AIP1 gene was identified and characterized in a screen for laforin-interacting proteins with a human brain cDNA library; the specificity of the interaction was confirmed; subcellular colocalization of laforin and EPM2AIP1 protein was demonstrated
12019207 identification of mutations in EPM2A with phenotypes of 22 patients (14 families) and identification of two subsyndromes
11883934 Laforin is an active phosphatase; therefore, isoforms targeted to different cellular compartments might dephosphorylate and regulate distinct cellular substrates.

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20534808 2010 The laforin-malin complex, involved in Lafora disease, promotes the incorporation of K63-linked ubiquitin chains into AMP-activated protein kinase beta subunits.
20453062 2010 Laforin, the most common protein mutated in Lafora disease, regulates autophagy.
19529779 2009 Increased endoplasmic reticulum stress and decreased proteasomal function in lafora disease models lacking the phosphatase laforin.
19403557 2009 Deletions and missense mutations of EPM2A exacerbate unfolded protein response and apoptosis of neuronal cells induced by endoplasm reticulum stress.
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19171932 2009 AMP-activated protein kinase phosphorylates R5/PTG, the glycogen targeting subunit of the R5/PTG-protein phosphatase 1 holoenzyme, and accelerates its down-regulation by the laforin-malin complex.
19036738 2009 The malin-laforin complex suppresses the cellular toxicity of misfolded proteins by promoting their degradation through the ubiquitin-proteasome system.
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18070875 2008 Malin decreases glycogen accumulation by promoting the degradation of protein targeting to glycogen (PTG).
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