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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 289
PubMed Score 769.37
PubTator Score 511.75

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Patent (44,319)


  Differential Expression (17)

Disease log2 FC p
malignant mesothelioma 2.100 2.2e-07
osteosarcoma -2.285 2.4e-03
glioblastoma 2.200 1.7e-05
group 3 medulloblastoma 3.200 6.9e-09
atypical teratoid / rhabdoid tumor 2.600 3.1e-09
medulloblastoma, large-cell 3.100 2.2e-07
primitive neuroectodermal tumor 3.000 5.0e-06
Atopic dermatitis 1.700 4.7e-05
adrenocortical carcinoma 1.048 2.0e-02
non-small cell lung cancer 2.629 3.9e-27
lung cancer 1.500 9.9e-05
pediatric high grade glioma 1.800 6.1e-06
posterior fossa group A ependymoma 1.300 2.5e-04
psoriasis 1.600 3.6e-79
Endometriosis 1.204 1.8e-02
Breast cancer 1.200 7.7e-08
invasive ductal carcinoma 1.500 1.1e-04

MLP Assay (2)

AID Type Active / Inconclusive / Inactive Description
1982 other 0 / 0 / 0 Kinase inhibition selectivity assay for compound SID-48409448
652206 other 0 / 0 / 0 ML-187 activity in a kinase panel for Extended probe characterization for beta-cell apoptosis Measured in Biochemical System

Gene RIF (251)

27126587 Clk1, Clk2 and Clk4 prevent chromatin breakage by regulating the Aurora B-dependent abscission checkpoint.
27074040 NudC is co-localized with Aurora B at the midbody and co-immunoprecipitated with Aurora B in mitosis. results suggest that that dynamic phosphorylation of NudC by Aurora B regulates cytokinesis.
27030108 Aurora B and CDK1 temporally regulate the binding affinity of EB2 for microtubules, thereby ensuring kinetochore microtubule dynamics, proper mitotic progression and genome stability.
26954544 HP1 binding to the chromosomal passenger complex becomes particularly important when Aurora B phosphorylates kinetochore targets to eliminate erroneous microtubule attachments
26842935 Aurora kinases are important KRAS targets in lung cancer.
26777301 PC4 associates with Aurora A and Aurora B and undergoes phosphorylation, following which PC4 activates both Aurora A and B to sustain optimal kinase activity to maintain the phosphorylation gradient for the proper functioning of the mitotic machinery.
26766443 UBASH3B is necessary for the timing and fidelity of chromosome segregation in human cells
26660542 Combined treatment with aurora kinase inhibitor SNS-314and quercetin-hyaluronic acid hydrogel results in synergistic cytotoxic effects in papillary and medullary thyroid carcinoma cells.
26656854 Study reports that the monomeric RING domains from the human E3 ligases Arkadia and Ark2C bind directly to free ubiquitin with an affinity comparable to that of other dedicated ubiquitin-binding domains.
26560693 These results demonstrate that Aurora B inhibits both direct interaction with the microtubule and oligomerization of the Dam1 complex to drive error correction during mitosis.
26443806 Aurora A and B inhibition had a significant antitumor effect against TNBC, and this antitumor effect was maximized by the combination of selumetinib with Aurora A and B inhibition.
26206521 the Aurora B-PLK1 signaling at the kinetochore orchestrates MCAK activity, which is essential for timely correction of aberrant kinetochore attachment to ensure accurate chromosome segregation during mitosis.
26177583 Aurora B may prefer Cdk1-phosphorylated Sororin as a substrate.
26141684 midostaurin treatment significantly reduced the Aurora kinase-mediated phosphorylation reactions in the cell line. Although the effect was weaker than that of VX-680, midostaurin attenuated the phosphorylation of Aurora kinases A and B
26044736 Aurora kinases ((Aurora kinase A and B )mediate PKC-MAPK signal to NF-kappaB/AP-1 with increasing MMP-9 expression and invasion of MCF-7 cells.
25997616 Enhanced let-7i expression suppresses cell migration and invasion of osteosarcoma (OS) cells in vitro. Let-7i inhibits OS cell malignant phenotype partly by targeting Aurora-B.
25987563 Targeted Aurora A to the localization of Aurora B and found that Aurora A phosphorylates the substrate of Aurora B and substitutes its function in spindle checkpoint. Centrosome targeting of Aurora B substitutes the function of Aurora A in mitotic entry.
25986250 Aurora-B and FOXM1 were both adverse prognostic markers for NPC patients treated with chemoradiotherapy. However, the two markers had no significant correlation.
25933052 Reed-Sternberg cells form by abscission failure in the presence of functional Aurora B kinase.
25882311 Data indicate the antitumor and radiosensitizing activity of daurinol in lung cancer cells through the inhibition of aurora kinase A/B (AURKA and AURKB).
25877868 Aurora B plays role in maintaining genomic integrity by promoting the formation of a passageway in the nuclear envelope through which late-segregating acentric chromosomes enter the telophase daughter nucleus.
25874486 It indicated that the inhibition of Aurora-B alters OS cells malignant phenotype by downregulating phosphorylation of VCP and activating of the NF-kappaB signaling pathway in vitro.
25854549 Disrupting AurKB before mitotic entry reduces chromosomal passenger complex (CPC) localization to the centromere. AurKB plays a minimal role in maintaining CPC localization once cells are in mitosis.
25807528 differently from other human solid cancers, detection of Aurora-A or Aurora-B mRNAs is not a prognostic biomarker in papillary thyroid cancer patients.
25755770 elevated Aurora-B expression in breast cancer patients contributes to chemoresistance and predicts poor prognosis.
25739120 Results suggest the potential for therapeutic application of Aurora kinase B inhibitors in the treatment of MYC overexpressing medulloblastoma.
25731686 Aurora B was found to be upregulated in Breast cancinoma, with strong correlation with cell proliferation but not with overall survival.
25682900 the loss of let-7b in aggressive tumors may drive tumorigenesis by up-regulation of Aurora B and other targets of the miRNA, which further supports the role of let-7b in tumor suppression.
25680570 the study shows that the coordination between Aurora B expression and phosphorylation of H1.4 at Ser 27 is lost in cycling aneuploid colorectal carcinoma cells.
25667100 Our study is the first to demonstrate that Aurora kinase A and B may be treatment targets in AI-resistant cells.
25666058 Inhibition of Aurora B or expression of the S12A mutant renders reduced interaction between Ataxin-10 and polo-like kinase 1 (Plk1), a kinase previously identified to regulate Ataxin-10 in cytokinesis.
25637637 CDC20, MAD2 and Aurora-B protein expression are associated with chromosomal abnormalities and poor prognosis in patients with myelodysplastic syndromes.
25512391 KIF4A and PP2A-B56G and -B56E create a spatially restricted negative feedback loop counteracting Aurora B in anaphase.
25483190 The impairment of EWS-dependent midzone formation via the recruitment of Aurora B is a potential mechanism of Ewing sarcoma development.
25411027 The synergy of Aurora B inhibitor with cisplatin is dependent on c-Myc expression.
25369539 Data indicate that the selective Aurora A, B, and C inhibitor SAR156497 showed antineoplastic activity in HCT116 cell xenograft model.
25268132 Aurora kinases A and B are targets in drug-resistant neuroblastoma cells.
25197332 let-7g inhibits osteosarcoma cell malignant phenotype at least partly through targeting Aurora-B
25120775 Our results indicated that knockdown of Aurora-B suppresses osteosarcoma cells migratory and invasive ability
24925910 an Aurora B gradient appears to mediate a surveillance mechanism that prevents chromosome decondensation and nuclear envelope reassembly until effective separation of sister chromatids is achieved.
24874015 AURKB inhibitors display the potential for innovative therapeutic strategies to improve T-ALL patient outcome.
24862574 We conclude that the dual activities of Aurora B and CENP-I generate a molecular switch that maintains a robust spindle checkpoint signal at prometaphase kinetochores until they attain mature attachments to microtubules.
24857377 Aurora kinase B-mediated phosphorylation of NPM1 plays a critical role during mitosis.
24853431 Suggest a novel role for CHK1 in the control of Aurora B activation during DNA replication stress and support the idea that premature mitosis is a distinct cell fate triggered by the disruption of DNA replication when CHK1 function is suppressed.
24814515 Propose that the abscission checkpoint is mediated by ANCHR and CHMP4C through retention of VPS4 at the midbody ring.
24782314 findings provide an important link between aneuploidy and the stress pathways activated by Aurora B inhibition and also support the use of Aurora B inhibitors in combination therapy for treatment of cancer.
24775809 The negative interplay between Aur A/B and BRCA1/2 inversely controls the cell proliferation, cell cycle progression, cell multinuclearity, and tetraploidization to modulate tumorigenesis.
24756216 BUB1 is co-expressed with AURKA and AURKB suggesting biological relationship between these spindle cell components in primary and metastatic advanced-stage ovarian serous carcinoma
24752893 this study demonstrates an essential role of TRF1 in the centromeric localization of Aurora-B kinase, which is required for correction of the merotelic attachment of microtubules to a single kinetochore and for proper chromosome segregation.
24683001 High expression of aurora kinase B is associated with mantle cell lymphoma harboring Burkitt's-like translocations.
24632603 This review will describe the functions of each Aurora kinase which include Aurora A (AURKA), Aurora B (AURKB) and Aurora C (AURKC summarize their involvement in leukemia and discuss inhibitor development and efficacy in leukemia clinical trials
24616220 EB1 enables the spindle microtubules to regulate the phosphorylation of kinetochores through recruitment of the Aurora B kinase.
24603334 Aberrant expression of Aurora-C displaces the centromeric location of Aurora-B.
24589731 The Microprocessor complex of Drosha and DGCR8 proteins, which is responsible for the processing of the primary transcripts during the generation of microRNAs, destabilizes the mRNA of Aurora kinase B.
24482237 Taken together, these results suggest that aurora B coordinates with Plk1 to regulate MyoGEF activation and localization, thus contributing to the regulation of cytokinesis.
24189697 Together with the close correlation of MEK/ERK and Aurora-B protein expression, this study underlines the potential role of a MEK/ERK/Aurora-B axis whose interruption recovers the antitumor effects of radiotherapy.
24187132 a novel role for Aurora B-Hec1-Mps1 signaling axis in governing accurate chromosome segregation in mitosis
24149858 Aurora B kinase directly targets Ssu72 phosphatase for regulation of sister chromatid cohesion during early mitosis.
23960144 The distribution of Kif2A was limited to the distal ends of the central spindle through Aurora B-dependent phosphorylation and exclusion from the spindle midzone.
23951055 Results suggest that Aurora B, but not Rho/MLCK (myosin-light-chain kinase) signaling, is essential for the localization of 2P-MRLC (myosin regulatory light chains) to the midzone in dividing HeLa cells.
23940115 the Aurora B therefore ensures that suppression of microtubule dynamic instability by KIF4A is restricted to a specific subset of microtubules and thereby contributes to central spindle size control in anaphase.
23934627 Bcr-Abl activates AURKA and AURKB in chronic myeloid leukemia cells via AKT signaling.
23901111 Aurora B and Cdk1 mediate Wapl activation and release of acetylated cohesin from chromosomes by phosphorylating Sororin.(
23893130 The gene expression level of Aurora B correlated with results from liver function tests, for example prothrombin time... Aurora B expression in non-cancerous tissues may be a prognostic factor for hepatocellular carcinoma .
23788275 Our results suggest that AURKA and AURKB overexpression in pediatric adrenocortical tumors may be related to more aggressive disease
23750214 targeting Aurora B to the cell cortex (or the equatorial cortex) by MKlp2 is essential for the maintenance of the ingressing furrow for successful cytokinesis
23746640 Aurora B phosphorylates Repo-Man at S893, preventing its recruitment by histones.
23712260 Daughter cell adhesion and cytokinesis completion are spatially regulated by distinct states of EB3 phosphorylation on serine 176 by Aurora B.
23613471 Cdh1 contributes to spatiotemporal organization of AurB activity, and organization of FHOD1 activity by AurB contributes to daughter cell spreading after mitosis.
23584797 Aurora B can specifically develop and link microtubule plus ends, and thus modulate their normal function when metaphase onsets, Aurora B links to kinetochore microtubule plus ends and modulate their correct linkage to centromere.
23569217 These data are consistent with a model in which Aurora B activity relieves a tetratricopeptide repeat domain-dependent inhibitory constraint on MPS1 localization.
23562843 v-Src inhibits cytokinesis through the delocalization of Mklp1 and Aurora B from the spindle midzone, resulting in binucleation.
23557198 Barasertib-HQPA inhibited aurora B autophosphorylation.
23416158 AURKB and WEE1 are targets and biomarkers of therapeutic efficacy, lying downstream of (V600E)B-RAF in melanomas.
23313006 Data indicate that Aurora-B overexpression may contribute to malignant potential and increased aneuploidy in non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and may serve as a new therapeutic target in against NSCLC.
23226345 YY1 is a novel substrate of the Aurora B kinase both in vitro and in vivo
23114921 Low aurora B expression in ovarian carcinoma effusions is associated with primary chemoresistance and poor treatment response
23100464 The absence of these three variants in control samples and their position in the AURKB gene suggests their possible involvement in the patients' chromosomal instability.
23092930 Interphase FISH analysis of AURKB gene demonstrated an elevated DNA copy number in an myelodysplastic syndrome mesenchymal stem cell sample with abnormal karyotype.
23075505 The immunoreactivity profile of AURKA, AURKB and AURKC in this study showed a significantly reduced expression in PCa cases compared to BPH cases.
22990868 Nuclear HSP70 directly interacts with Aurora kinase B (AURKB) in a methylation-dependent manner and promotes AURKB activity in vitro and in vivo.
22972986 findings demonstrate that changes in cell mechanics can cause significant mitotic abnormalities leading to genomic instability, and highlight the importance of mechanical sensors such as Aurora B in maintaining the fidelity of hematopoietic cell division
22940834 Elevated protein expression of aurora B is associated with acute leukemia.
22870391 The presence of chromatin bridges 'stuck' in the division plane is sensed by the chromosomal passenger complex (CPC) component Aurora B kinase, triggering a checkpoint that delays abscission until the chromatin bridges have been resolved
22865920 AurB-dependent phosphorylation of class IIa histone deacetylases induces sequestration within a phosphorylation gradient at the midzone, maintaining separation from re-forming nuclei and contributing to transcriptional control.
22843098 Review of the biology of Aurora kinases and its potential relation to cancer progression is discussed with special focus on Aurora B kinase and its potential role in the development of aneuploidy.
22809428 Expression of aurora kinase A/B was significantly up-regulated in chondrosarcoma, and was correlated with the recurrence and metastasis of chondrosarcoma and patient survival.
22801782 It was shown that Repo-Man and Sds22 contribute to timely Aurora B kinase substrate dephosphorylation on anaphase chromatin.
22767597 the BRAF/ERK axis controls Aurora B expression at the transcriptional level, likely through the transcription factor FOXM1.
22751009 Results indicate that Aurora B is more active in its deacetylated state and further suggest a new mechanism by which dynamic acetylation/deacetylation acts as a rheostat to fine-tune Aurora B activity during mitotic progression.
22724069 AURKB phosphorylates CHMP4C at 3 serines in its C-terminal tail.
22722494 Inhibition of AURKB induces stronger apoptotic responses in tetraploid than diploid cells.
22688343 Elevated Aurora B expression frequently occurs due to an increased cell proliferation rate in breast carcinoma.
22611192 results define a mechanism of p53 inactivation during the cell cycle and imply that oncogenic hyperactivation or overexpression of Aurora B may compromise the tumor suppressor function of p53
22463590 Cyclin-dependent kinase/aurora kinase inhibitor JNJ-7706621 is a unique regulator of tumor cell cycle progression at multiple points.
22449725 Luteolin inhibits Aurora B kinase activity and blocks proliferation of cancer cells.
22422861 findings show CHMP4C is involved in abscission timing; CHMP4C functioned in the Aurora B-dependent abscission checkpoint;CHMP4C engaged chromosomal passenger complex which suggested a model where CHMP4C inhibits abscission upon phosphorylation by Aurora B
22419576 Upregulation of Aurora-B kinase is associated with disease progression in the myelodysplastic syndromes.
22371557 Data suggest that Aurora B phosphorylation antagonizes the interaction between the Ska1-3 complex and the KMN network, thereby controlling Ska recruitment to KTs and stabilization of KT-MT attachments.
22311150 Patients who showed high expression of cytoplasmic and nuclear survivin and Aurora B had significantly shorter overall survival
22267324 HMGN2 is a bona fide Aurora B substrate in vivo and show that its dynamic association to chromatin is controlled by Aurora B.
22222631 Data show that that expression of Aurora A and B were weak predictors of response.
22159225 Collectively, our results demonstrate that Aurora B confers TRAIL resistance to cancer cells via phosphorylation of survivin.
22099307 Aurora-B mediated ATM serine 1403 phosphorylation is required for mitotic ATM activation and the spindle checkpoint.
22024481 Down-regulation of Aurora B kinase induces cellular senescence in human fibroblasts and endothelial cells through a p53-dependent pathway
22024163 These results indicate that phosphorylation at Ser331 is an essential mechanism for Aurora B activation
22011448 Aurora-B protein expression is predictive for initial response to taxane-based 1st-line chemotherapy in optimal debulked, late stage ovarian carcinoma patients.
21875947 AurB and INCENP proteins targeting the inner centromere are reduced significantly in HIV-1 Vpr-expressing prometaphase cells
21852114 Aurora B activity was inhibited in tumour tissue by PF-03814735, but clinical or metabolic antitumour activity was limited.
21844210 Propose that Aurora B dynamics and diffusion-based phosphorylation gradient from the inner centromere create spatial information to regulate cell division.
21840910 analysis of Aurora A and B kinases, Ki-67 and the estrogen and progesterone receptors from an endometriosis tissue microarray model
21822051 the results suggest that the Aurora A-Lats1/2-Aurora B axis might be a novel pathway that regulates accurate mitotic progression by ensuring the proper mitotic localization of Lats2.
21820309 Results uncover a novel role for Aurora A/B kinases in regulating spindle MT dynamics through Kif18b-MCAK and suggest that the Kif18b-MCAK complex constitutes the major MT plus-end depolymerizing activity in mitotic cells.
21786106 Aurora B spatially control the dynamics of non-kinetochore microtubules during spindle assembly.
21775627 These studies identify zwint-1 as a novel AurB substrate required for kinetochore assembly and for proper spindle assembly checkpoint silencing at metaphase
21723127 Aurora B both regulates and is regulated by chromosome attachment to the spindle.
21658950 Aurora B phosphorylates Haspin to promote generation of H3T3ph and that Aurora B kinase activity is required for normal chromosomal localization of the CPC, indicating an intimate linkage between Aurora B and Haspin functions in mitosis
21646403 Results establish that Bub1 has oncogenic properties and suggest that Aurora B is a critical target through which overexpressed Bub1 drives aneuploidization and tumorigenesis.
21587233 Aurora B potentiates Mps1 activation to ensure rapid checkpoint at the onset of mitosis.
21554500 we propose that Aurora-B is a novel mitotic SUMO substrate and that its kinase activity is fine-tuned by the SUMO system.
21486945 Data establish Cdc48/p97-Ufd1-Npl4 as a crucial negative regulator of Aurora B early in mitosis of human somatic cells and suggest that the activity of Aurora B on chromosomes needs to be restrained to ensure faithful chromosome segregation.
21470402 Aurora-B gene copy numbers were not elevated in aneuploid esophageal carcinoma cells.
21397845 These findings reveal a key role for mDia3 and its regulation by Aurora B phosphorylation in achieving proper stable kinetochore microtubule attachment.
21299608 Aurora B kinase expression in laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma
21222513 These results suggest a major role for DNA damage and impairment of DNA repair mechanisms in AZD1152-induced radiosensitization of prostate cancer cells.
21148584 Aurora B kinase activation requires survivin priming phosphorylation at Ser20 which is catalyzed by polo-like kinase 1.
21143115 role of Aurora B in cancer development and as a prognostic marker (Review)
21116854 These results suggest loss of FOXO1 expression and elevated AURKA/B and EZH2 expression in lesional psoriatic tissues have potential contribution to the development of psoriasis.
21057000 APC mutation-induced up-regulation of the survivin/Aurora b kinase cascade can explain delayed crypt cell maturation, expansion of proliferative cell populations (including mitotic figures), and promotion of colon tumorigenesis.
20960027 Only tumor cell lines with a combination of high Aurora-A and -B expression, BRCA2 mutation and p53 defects showed more sensitivity towards Aurora inhibition than other cell lines.
20959462 Aurora B interacts with NIR-p53, leading to p53 phosphorylation in its DNA-binding domain and subsequent functional suppression.
20937697 Aurora B phosphorylation acts to control outer kinetochore composition to provide distinct activities to prometaphase and metaphase kinetochores.
20889715 identified the phosphorylation of hSgo2 by Aurora B at the N-terminal coiled-coil region and the middle region, and showed that these phosphorylations separately promote binding of hSgo2 to PP2A and MCAK
20865660 These findings indicate that Aurora A and B could be involved in the tumorigenesis of bladder cancer.
20864540 regulation of Nlp by Aurora B is critical for the completion of cytokinesis, providing novel insights into understanding the machinery of cell cycle progression.
20799978 Aurora B overexpression is associated with hepatocellular carcinoma.
20732714 described a significant association between overexpression of AURKA/B and cytogenetics findings in acute myeloid leukemia
20705812 phosphorylation of H3T3 by Haspin is necessary for chromosomal passenger complex(CPC) accumulation at centromeres; Survivin binds to H3T3ph; H3T3ph generated by Haspin positions CPC at centromeres to regulate selected targets of Aurora B during mitosis
20651058 System-level analysis of neuroblastoma tumor-initiating cells implicates AURKB as a novel drug target for neuroblastoma.
20643881 Data show that the network of CENPs at the kinetochore is intact at a human neocentromere lacking repetitive alpha-satellite DNA, but aurora B is inappropriately silenced due to its altered geometry, compromising the error correction mechanism.
20629650 protein extracts of nine seminomas and six normal testes showed an up-regulation of Aurora-B protein by 10.14 +/- 3.51 fold
20629633 RASSF7 regulates the microtubule cytoskeleton and is required for spindle formation, Aurora B activation and chromosomal congression during mitosis.
20622363 High aurora kinase B is associated with cervical cancer.
20619651 Preventing chromosomal passenger protein complex translocation caused the untimely recruitment of mitotic checkpoint proteins to kinetochores at anaphase in an Aurora B kinase activity-dependent manner.
20605920 Results indicate a role for RINGO C in the mitotic checkpoint, which might be mediated by defective recruitment of SAC components and deregulation of the activity of Aurora kinase B.
20562864 The results reveal POGZ as an essential protein that links HP1alpha dissociation with Aurora B kinase activation during mitosis.
20548097 Aurora B localized normally in the midzone or midbody during anaphase and telophase in low ploidy megakaryocytes and in up to 16N rare endomitotic MKs was observed.
20508983 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20471944 Aurora B kinase phosphorylates three spatially distinct targets within the conserved outer kinetochore KNL1/Mis12 complex/Ndc80 complex (KMN) network, the key player in kinetochore-microtubule attachments.
20467329 loss of p53 function and dysregulated Aurora B protein levels might represent factors that drive the development of multinucleated cells in giant cell glioblastoma.
20467329 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20451386 Data suggest that 14-3-3 serves as a global inhibitor of centralspindlin that allows Aurora B to locally activate clustering and the stable accumulation of centralspindlin between segregating chromosomes.
20430883 Evidence for a function of Flotillin-1 suggests its critical role in the maintenance of a pool of active Aurora B.
20372054 Results indicate that INCENP-Aurora B localized at centromeres/inner kinetochores is sufficient to mediate SAC activity upon spindle disruption.
20371132 overexpressed in mesothelioma; inhibitor treatment inhibits cell growth of tumor cell lines
20368716 the single-nucleotide polymorphism AURKB 885A>G showed a significant association in univariate analysis with an increased risk of dying
20368716 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20354862 Aurora B allowed chromosome alignment in CENP-E-compromised cells; implied that by destabilizing pole proximal syntelic attachments, Aurora B cooperates with CENP-E to mediate congression of mono-oriented polar chromosomes
20231380 The PP1 levels at kinetochores are regulated and inversely proportional to local Aurora B activity.
20182906 Clinical trial of gene-disease association, gene-environment interaction, and pharmacogenomic / toxicogenomic. (HuGE Navigator)
20177074 identified MYBBP1A as a novel Aurora B substrate and serine 1303 as the major phosphorylation site
20171103 MST1 directly phosphorylated Aurora B and inhibited its kinase activity in vitro; depletion of Aurora B restored the stability of kinetochore-microtubule attachment in cells depleted of MST1 or NDR1.
20157117 Widespread genomic instability mediated by a pathway involving glycoprotein Ib alpha and Aurora B kinase.
20112500 Increased aurora kinase B expression is associated with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.
20007324 Either overexpression of a key regulator of cell cycle, Mad2, or knock down of Aurora B, an important kinase in mitosis, or Cdh1, a key E3 ligase in cell cycle, resulted in a significant increase of SP cells in CNE-2.
19995937 KLHL21 localizes to midzone microtubules in anaphase & recruits aurora B & Cul3 to this region; results suggest that different Cul3 adaptors nonredundantly regulate aurora B during mitosis, possibly by ubiquitinating different pools of aurora B
19887622 Our findings implicate Aurora B-mediated phosphorylation of RASSF1A in the regulation of cytokinesis.
19838728 Aurora B is an effective predictor of aggressive epithelial ovarian carcinoma
19823168 Levels of Aurora B correlated with histological grade in B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma.
19786723 A central role for Aurora-B in regulating the C phase cytoskeleton, is reported.
19778810 Aurora-B protein is highly expressed in non-small cell lung cancer, and was associated with lymph node metastasis, differentiation and histological type.
19704020 This study advances understanding of RNA chromosome binding and the roles of aurora B kinase and demonstrates a novel approach to manipulate and study XIST RNA.
19696028 Data show that two mitotic kinases, Aurora-A and Aurora-B, phosphorylate endogenous EB3 at Ser-176, and the phosphorylation triggers disruption of the EB3-SIAH-1 complex, resulting in EB3 stabilization during mitosis.
19649632 Data show that SNS-314 is a novel, potent, and selective inhibitor of Aurora kinases A, B, and C.
19626681 Aurora B expression in post-puberal testicular germ cell tumours was examined.
19596781 Brd4 is essential for the maintenance of the cell cycle progression mediated at least in part through the control of transcription of the Aurora B kinase cell cycle regulatory gene.
19494039 Data show that binding to INCENP is alone critical to the distinct function of Aurora B, and although G198 of Aurora A is required for TPX2 binding, N142G Aurora B retains INCENP binding and Aurora B function.
19357306 presence of Gly or Asn at a single site assigns Aurora-A and -B to their respective partners and thus to their distinctive subcellular localizations and functions.
19342897 Aurora B kinase activity helps coordinate the association of separase with chromosome and the initiation of sister-chromatid separation.
19287963 the interaction between survivin and aurora-B kinase may be essential for survivin to increase hTERT expression
19225156 Aurora B determines cellular fate after an aberrant mitosis by directly regulating the Rb tumor suppressor protein.
19218110 Aurora-B mRNA and protein show markedly higher expressions in glioma tissue.
19203582 Chromosome bridges sustained Aurora B activity to posttelophase stages and thereby delayed abscission at stabilized intercellular canals; this suppresses tetraploidization by furrow regression in a pathway further involving the phosphorylation of Mklp1.
19189202 agents that disrupt mitosis have roles in inhibiting aurora B kinase in tumor cells [review]
19188929 Identification of MDR1 and BCRP as genes that confer tumor cell resistance to the aurora B kinase inhibitor, AZD1152.
19157502 We investigated the expression of Aurora kinases A and B by immunohistochemistry in 68 ovarian carcinomas
19150808 study found that centromere tension can be sensed by increased spatial separation of Aurora B from kinetochore substrates, which reduces phosphorylation and stabilizes kinetochore microtubules
19134008 This is the first study to report clinicopathological significance of aberrant expression of AURKB-Sv2 variant form in hepatocellular carcinoma.
19074885 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19074838 the mitotic kinases Aurora A and Aurora B are regulated by EWS-Fli1 fusion protein in Ewing sarcoma cells
19059698 Aurora kinases A and B overexpression is a relatively early phenomenon in the genesis of malignant epithelial neoplasm tumorigenesis.
18974773 The Aurora B kinase is required for mitotic chromosome segregation, spindle checkpoint function, cytokinesis and histone H3 phosphorylation
18767990 Data have concluded that INCENP plays a catalytic role in AurB autophosphorylation, and AurB/INCENP-catalysed phosphorylation of a peptide substrate proceeds through a rapid equilibrium random Bi Bi kinetic mechanism.
18728397 These observations suggest Usp39 to be involved in splicing of Aurora B and other mRNAs that are essential for proper spindle checkpoint function.
18716057 Conserved together throughout eukaryotic evolution, I-2, PP1 and Aurora B function interdependently during mitosis.
18710370 Ajuba is a microtubule-associated protein that collaborates with Aurora B and BUBR1 at the metaphase-anaphase transition and this may be important to ensure proper chromosome segregation.
18708766 AURB is a novel target of transcriptional regulation by histone deacetylase inhibitors in non-small cell lung cancer.
18640974 HsMis13 phosphorylation by Aurora B is required for organizing a stable bi-oriented microtubule kinetochore attachment that is essential for faithful chromosome segregation in mitosis.
18628459 Aurora B expression was not associated with survival in breast cancer
18602486 These observations suggest that most endopolyploid tumour cells are not reproductively inert and that Aurora-B may contribute to the establishment of resistant tumours post-irradiation.
18563336 Aurora B has a significant role in the biologic behavior of endometrial carcinoma
18477699 Aurora-B is an EB1-interacting protein; EB1 stimulates Aurora-B activity through antagonizing its dephosphorylation/inactivation by PP2A
18463638 the anaphase dynamics of protein phosphorylation by aurora B kinase
18301241 elevated Aurora B expression in higher-grade ependymomas does not seem to correlate with clinical course
18201571 phosphorylates MgcRacGAP in conjunction with Cdk1 and is dephosphorylated by PP2A
17726378 aurora B kinase activity is required for proper regulation of microtubule dynamics to ensure that cytokinesis occurs precisely at the cell equator
17686574 ectopically BRCA2-expressing cells have different intracellular levels of Aurora A, Aurora B, p21, E2F-1, and pRb, suggesting a BRCA2-mediated suppression of polyploidy via stabilization of the checkpoint proteins levels
17617734 Sgo1 is phosphorylated by both AurB and Plk1 in vitro.
17558394 Chromatid axial shortening was not affected in condensin-depleted cells, but depended instead on dynamic microtubules and Aurora kinase.
17488622 These results identify a GEF-H1-dependent mechanism to modulate localized RhoA activation during cytokinesis under the control of mitotic kinases.
17457057 Phosphorylation by aurora-B negatively regulates survivin function during mitosis.
17356064 data indicate that Aurora B contributes to chromosome rigidity and segregation by promoting the binding of condensin I to chromatin
17235564 Aurora-B may be involved in tumor progression and can be a new diagnostic and therapeutic target for oral squamous cell carcinoma.
17215513 These results indicate that Aurora-B participates to regulate the assembly of nucleolar RNA-processing machinery and the RNA methyltransferase activity of NSUN2 via phosphorylation at Ser139 during mitosis.
17164288 role of DNA methylation in Aurora-B targeting to pericentromeres
17094487 Aberrant alterative splicing of Aurora-B kinase is associated with hepatocarcinogenesis
17084365 Aurora B regulates cohesin removal through its effect on the localization of Shugoshin.
17001311 chromosome passenger complex, consisting of multiple proteins including Aurora B kinase and INCENP is thought to be responsible for H3 phosphorylation, chromosome condensation and the subsequent segregation of chromosomes
16980585 Deacetylation of H3 in mitosis requires AKAP95/HA95 and HDAC3 and provides a hypoacetylated H3 tail that is the preferred substrate for Aurora B kinase.
16916643 These results indicate that RKIP regulates Aurora B kinase and the spindle checkpoint via the Raf-1/MEK/ERK cascade and demonstrate that small changes in the MAP kinase (MAPK) pathway can profoundly impact the fidelity of the cell cycle.
16912073 Data show that small molecule-mediated inhibition of Aurora A and Aurora B yields distinct phenotypes, suggesting that the Auroras may present two avenues for anti-cancer drug discovery.
16762323 the direct interaction of Survivin and Aurora B was critical for the correct location of Survivin and the function of the Survivin complex in cell division
16572587 Overexpression of aurora kinase B is associated with Esophageal Neoplasms
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16046481 The two spindle checkpoint arms respond to different spindle cues: whereas the Bub1 arm monitors kinetochore-microtubule attachment, the aurora B arm monitors biorientation.
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15072448 Aurora-B/AIM-1 was highly expressed in high-grade gliomas and its expression was well correlated with histological malignancy and clinical outcomes.
15064709 Aurora B knocked down prevents the formation of the midbody - and consequently affects TACC1 localization at this site - and leads to abnormal cell division and multinucleated cells
15033491 aurora B mRNA level is regulated by its cell cycle-dependent element (CDE) and cell cycle-gene homology region and a subset of E2F/DP family proteins binds to the CDE
14722118 phosphorylation of Thr-232 is an essential regulatory mechanism for Aurora-B activation
14674694 Aurora-B might undergo degradation by binding to HC8 in a proteasome-dependent manner during mitosis
14610074 aurora-B may regulate targeting of survivin by phosphorylating it at threonine 117
12925766 Aurora B kinase activity is stimulated by INCENP and C-terminal region of INCENP is sufficient for activation
12466558 topoisomerase II alpha is an Aurora B substrate on metaphase chromosomes
12419797 These results indicate that survivin stimulates Aurora-B kinase activity and helps correctly target Aurora-B to its substrates during the cell cycle, thus providing a mechanism as to how survivin exerts its function in human cells.
12082625 Aurora B kinase. Human Aurora-B is activated by okadaic acid and forms complexes with the protein serine/threonine phosphatase type 1 (PP1) or PP2A, but not with PP5. Human Aurora-B is likely a mitotic histone H3 kinase.

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15923616 2005 Mechanism of Aurora-B degradation and its dependency on intact KEN and A-boxes: identification of an aneuploidy-promoting property.
15922328 2005 Mitotic requirement for aurora A kinase is bypassed in the absence of aurora B kinase.
15917996 2005 Overexpression of an Aurora-C kinase-deficient mutant disrupts the Aurora-B/INCENP complex and induces polyploidy.
15699543 2005 Editorial: anaplastic carcinoma of the thyroid--will aurora B light a path for treatment?
15597762 2004 Aurora-B dysfunction of multinucleated giant cells in glioma detected by site-specific phosphorylated antibodies.
15562011 2005 Aurora B overexpression associates with the thyroid carcinoma undifferentiated phenotype and is required for thyroid carcinoma cell proliferation.
15509656 2005 A small C-terminal sequence of Aurora B is responsible for localization and function.
15499654 2004 Aurora-C kinase is a novel chromosomal passenger protein that can complement Aurora-B kinase function in mitotic cells.
15489334 2004 The status, quality, and expansion of the NIH full-length cDNA project: the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC).
15342556 2004 Sequence comparison of human and mouse genes reveals a homologous block structure in the promoter regions.
15280424 2004 Survivin dynamics increases at centromeres during G2/M phase transition and is regulated by microtubule-attachment and Aurora B kinase activity.
15263015 2004 Relocation of Aurora B from centromeres to the central spindle at the metaphase to anaphase transition requires MKlp2.
15260989 2004 The chromosomal passenger complex is required for chromatin-induced microtubule stabilization and spindle assembly.
15249581 2004 Borealin: a novel chromosomal passenger required for stability of the bipolar mitotic spindle.
15130946 2004 Megakaryocytes express functional Aurora-B kinase in endomitosis.
15072448 High expression of Aurora-B/Aurora and Ipll-like midbody-associated protein (AIM-1) in astrocytomas.
15064709 2004 Aurora B -TACC1 protein complex in cytokinesis.
15033491 2004 Cell cycle-dependent regulation of the human aurora B promoter.
15020684 2004 Bub1 is required for kinetochore localization of BubR1, Cenp-E, Cenp-F and Mad2, and chromosome congression.
14767480 2004 Correcting improper chromosome-spindle attachments during cell division.
14722118 2004 Autophosphorylation of a newly identified site of Aurora-B is indispensable for cytokinesis.
14702039 2004 Complete sequencing and characterization of 21,243 full-length human cDNAs.
14674694 2003 Human aurora-B binds to a proteasome alpha-subunit HC8 and undergoes degradation in a proteasome-dependent manner.
14610074 2004 Aurora-B phosphorylation in vitro identifies a residue of survivin that is essential for its localization and binding to inner centromere protein (INCENP) in vivo.
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12925766 2003 Exploring the functional interactions between Aurora B, INCENP, and survivin in mitosis.
12689593 2003 Phosphorylation by aurora B converts MgcRacGAP to a RhoGAP during cytokinesis.
12686604 2003 Functional significance of the specific sites phosphorylated in desmin at cleavage furrow: Aurora-B may phosphorylate and regulate type III intermediate filaments during cytokinesis coordinatedly with Rho-kinase.
12477932 2002 Generation and initial analysis of more than 15,000 full-length human and mouse cDNA sequences.
12466558 2002 Proteomic analysis of human metaphase chromosomes reveals topoisomerase II alpha as an Aurora B substrate.
12458200 2003 Aurora-B regulates the cleavage furrow-specific vimentin phosphorylation in the cytokinetic process.
12419797 2003 Survivin enhances Aurora-B kinase activity and localizes Aurora-B in human cells.
12082625 2002 Aurora-B associated protein phosphatases as negative regulators of kinase activation.
11976319 2002 Identification of Aurora kinases as RasGAP Src homology 3 domain-binding proteins.
11856369 2002 Aurora-B phosphorylates Histone H3 at serine28 with regard to the mitotic chromosome condensation.
11784863 2002 Mitotic phosphorylation of histone H3: spatio-temporal regulation by mammalian Aurora kinases.
11756469 2001 CENP-A is phosphorylated by Aurora B kinase and plays an unexpected role in completion of cytokinesis.
11516652 2001 INCENP is required for proper targeting of Survivin to the centromeres and the anaphase spindle during mitosis.
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