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PubMed Score 255.30
PubTator Score 189.75

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Disease log2 FC p
astrocytic glioma 2.900 4.4e-03
ependymoma 3.100 5.2e-03
oligodendroglioma 2.900 3.2e-03
esophageal adenocarcinoma 1.700 1.8e-02
osteosarcoma 1.010 2.7e-02
medulloblastoma, large-cell -1.700 1.1e-02
pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma liver m... 2.801 5.9e-04
intraductal papillary-mucinous adenoma (... 2.800 3.5e-05
intraductal papillary-mucinous carcinoma... 2.600 9.6e-04
intraductal papillary-mucinous neoplasm ... 2.200 2.3e-03
interstitial cystitis -2.500 3.2e-06
group 4 medulloblastoma -1.400 2.4e-02
spina bifida -2.085 4.0e-02
Pick disease 1.300 3.5e-06
ductal carcinoma in situ 1.600 6.7e-04
invasive ductal carcinoma 1.400 1.2e-02
ovarian cancer 2.200 7.6e-04
pituitary cancer -1.300 4.5e-03
dermatomyositis 1.200 2.3e-02

Gene RIF (36)

27050426 GGT levels in patients with ATP8B1 or ABCB11 deficiency varied with age. The peak GGT value was <70U/L in the 2nd~6th month of life, <60U/L in the 7th~12th month and <50U/L beyond one year
26382629 As hypothyroidism can be another extrahepatic feature of ATP8B1 deficiency, thyroid function should be monitored in these patients.
26240149 the predominant P4 ATPases in pure pancreatic beta cells and human and rat pancreatic islets were ATP8B1, ATP8B2, and ATP9A. ATP8B1 and CDC50A were highly concentrated in ISG
26050466 insufficient activity of Atp8b1/FIC1 increases susceptibility to bacterial pneumonia.
25421123 We systematically characterized the molecular consequences of 14 ATP8B1 mutations at exon-intron boundaries associated with ATP8B1 deficiency and found that the majority resulted in total exon skipping
25239307 Data indicate that the lipid flippase (ATP8B1)-transmembrane protein 30A (CDC50A) heterodimer is essential for the apical localization of sodium-dependent bile acid transporter (SLC10A2/ASBT) in Caco-2 cells.
24260417 We did not find an association between heterozygous ATP8B1 variants and chronic pancreatitis in our cohort of patients with hereditary and idiopathic chronic pancreatitis.
23750872 Case Report: suggest contribution of ATP8B1 mutations to drug-induced liver injury from anabolic androgenic steroids marketed as dietary supplements.
23251605 The basal expression of ATP8B1 is driven by a housekeeping-like promoter located 71 kb upstream of the first protein coding exon, and is independent of bile acids and farnesoid X receptor.
23213138 FIC1 signals to FXR via a signaling pathway including PLD2 and PKCzeta
23197899 Case Report: missense ATP8B1 mutation in adult male with progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis type 1.
23060447 Biochemical analysis of P4-ATPase mutations identified in patients with progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis
23033845 Novel splice-site mutation in ATP8B1 results in atypical progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis type 1.
20852622 results unveil a new paradigm whereby Atp8b1 is a cardiolipin importer whose capacity to remove cardiolipin from lung fluid is exceeded during inflammation or when Atp8b1 is defective
20683201 Sequence analysis of the genes identified 27% cholestasis subjects with missense, nonsense, deletion, and splice site variants associated with disease phenotypes based on the type of mutation in the JAG1, ATP8B1, ABCB11, or ABCB4 genes.
20512993 critical role in apical membrane organization that is unrelated to its presumed aminophospholipid translocase activity
20447715 facilitating diagnosis and elucidating the differing consequences of ATP8B1 and ABCB11 mutations in progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis
20414253 Data identified three novel mutations in BSEP, one novel mutation in MDR3, and one heterozygous mutation in ATP8B1 in PFIC patients.
20232290 Progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis types 1 & 2 differ clinically, biochemically, and histologically at presentation and/or during the disease course. A small proportion of normal-GGT PFIC is likely not due to ATP8B1 or ABCB11 mutations.
20216097 We now report evidence that heterozygous genetically determined alteration of ATP8B1 (encoding FIC1) may also represent a risk factor for transient neonatal cholestasis.
20038848 ATP8B1 gene mutations play an important role in Chinese patients with progressive intrahepatic cholestasis and low gamma-glutamyltransferase. The linked mutation P209T and IVS6+5G>T is a hot mutation in the Chinese population.
19918981 A surprisingly large proportion of ATP8B1 mutations resulted in aberrant folding and decreased expression at the plasma membrane. These effects were partially restored by treatment with 4-phenylbutyrate.
19809379 Findings support the hypothesis that hepatocyte FIC1 enhances FXR signaling via a PKCzeta-dependent signaling pathway.
19731236 PFIC1 mutations lead to the complete absence of canalicular expression, whereas in BRIC1/ICP residual protein is expressed in the canalicular membrane.
19479804 Post-liver transplantation steatosis may be due to a malfunction of the ATP8B1 product.
19478059 show that ATP8B1/Atp8b1 deficiency, both in patients and in Atp8b1(G308V/G308V) mutant mice, causes hearing loss, associated with progressive degeneration of cochlear hair cells
19381753 These results suggest that the PFIC1 mutants have a lower stimulatory effect on FXR activity and cannot interact with CDC50A, which may lead to the development of the features of PFIC1.
19228886 Knockdown of ATP8B1 expression leads to specific downregulation of the bile acid sensor FXR in HepG2 cells: effect of the FXR agonist GW4064.
19027009 ATP8B1 deficiency predisposes to cholestasis by favoring bile acid-induced injury in the canalicular membrane but does not directly affect FXR expression
18668687 FIC1 signals to FXR via PKC zeta. FIC1-related liver disease is likely related to downstream effects of FXR on bile acid homeostasis.
17948906 Coexpression with CDC50 proteins resulted in relocalization of ATP8B1 from the endoplasmic reticulum to the plasma membrane. In the plasma membrane, ATP8B1 functions as a flippase for phosphatidylserine.
15946126 Loss of familial intrahepatic cholestasis-1 leads to diminished nuclear translocation of farnesoid X receptor(FXR), with subsequent potential for pathologic alterations in intestinal and hepatic bile acid transporter expression
15888793 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
15239083 54 distinct disease mutations: 10 mutations predicted to disrupt splicing, 6 nonsense mutations, 11 small insertion or deletion mutations predicted to induce frameshifts, 1 large genomic deletion, 2 small inframe deletions, and 24 missense mutations.
14988830 Loss of familial intrahepatic cholestasis-1 leads to diminished nuclear translocation of farnesoid X receptor(FXR), with subsequent potential for pathologic alterations in intestinal and hepatic bile acid transporter expression
12880872 three homologues found and two sequenced and two RNA transcript sizes analysed by northern blot: APT8B2, APT8B3, APT8B4

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Text Mined References (63)

PMID Year Title
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23750872 2013 Hepatotoxicity from anabolic androgenic steroids marketed as dietary supplements: contribution from ATP8B1/ABCB11 mutations?
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22001757 2011 Genome-wide association study identifies loci influencing concentrations of liver enzymes in plasma.
21914794 2011 ATP9B, a P4-ATPase (a putative aminophospholipid translocase), localizes to the trans-Golgi network in a CDC50 protein-independent manner.
20961850 2010 CDC50 proteins are critical components of the human class-1 P4-ATPase transport machinery.
20947505 2010 Heteromeric interactions required for abundance and subcellular localization of human CDC50 proteins and class 1 P4-ATPases.
20852622 2010 Dynamic regulation of cardiolipin by the lipid pump Atp8b1 determines the severity of lung injury in experimental pneumonia.
20683201 2010 Analysis of gene mutations in children with cholestasis of undefined etiology.
20512993 2010 A flippase-independent function of ATP8B1, the protein affected in familial intrahepatic cholestasis type 1, is required for apical protein expression and microvillus formation in polarized epithelial cells.
20510206 2010 CDC50A plays a key role in the uptake of the anticancer drug perifosine in human carcinoma cells.
20447715 2010 Differences in presentation and progression between severe FIC1 and BSEP deficiencies.
20414253 2010 DHPLC screening for mutations in progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis patients.
20232290 2010 ATP8B1 and ABCB11 analysis in 62 children with normal gamma-glutamyl transferase progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis (PFIC): phenotypic differences between PFIC1 and PFIC2 and natural history.
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19890347 2010 Genome-wide association study of generalized vitiligo in an isolated European founder population identifies SMOC2, in close proximity to IDDM8.
19809379 2010 ATPase Class I Type 8B Member 1 and protein kinase C zeta induce the expression of the canalicular bile salt export pump in human hepatocytes.
19731236 2009 Differential effects of progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis type 1 and benign recurrent intrahepatic cholestasis type 1 mutations on canalicular localization of ATP8B1.
19479804 2009 Allograft steatohepatitis in progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis type 1 after living donor liver transplantation.
19478059 2009 ATP8B1 is essential for maintaining normal hearing.
19381753 2009 FIC1-mediated stimulation of FXR activity is decreased with PFIC1 mutations in HepG2 cells.
19228886 2009 Knockdown of ATP8B1 expression leads to specific downregulation of the bile acid sensor FXR in HepG2 cells: effect of the FXR agonist GW4064.
19027009 2009 ATP8B1 deficiency disrupts the bile canalicular membrane bilayer structure in hepatocytes, but FXR expression and activity are maintained.
18951430 2008 Conduct disorder and ADHD: evaluation of conduct problems as a categorical and quantitative trait in the international multicentre ADHD genetics study.
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17948906 2008 ATP8B1 requires an accessory protein for endoplasmic reticulum exit and plasma membrane lipid flippase activity.
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