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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 35
PubMed Score 78.92
PubTator Score 459.09

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Disease Target Count Z-score Confidence
Retinitis pigmentosa 156 3.5 1.7



Accession P36575 B5B0B9 Q5JT23 Q5JT24 Q6IBF5 Q96EN2
Symbols ARRX


PANTHER Protein Class (1)


1XEH   2A34  

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Species Source Disease
Chimp OMA EggNOG

Gene RIF (18)

25425623 In the cell membrane, arrestin-3 dissociates quickly and almost completely from the Beta2-adrenoceptor.
24867953 Identification of receptor binding-induced conformational changes in non-visual arrestins.
24412749 The 25-amino acid N-domain element of arrestin 3 has the highest affinity for JNK3alpha2, suggesting that it is the key site for JNK3alpha2 docking.
24292834 arrestin-3 regulates the activity of multiple JNK isoforms, suggesting that it might play a role in survival and apoptosis of all cell types.
23139825 These data suggest cell type- and subcellular compartment-dependent differences in GRK/arrestin-mediated desensitization and signaling.
22523077 Silent scaffolds: inhibition OF c-Jun N-terminal kinase 3 activity in cell by dominant-negative arrestin-3 mutant.
22378779 the TGN acts as a checkpoint for both the recycling and down-regulation of beta1AR and arrestin-3 not only mediates beta1AR endocytosis but also its recycling through the TGN
22242112 PP2A inhibits association between the Na+,K+-ATPase and arrestin, and diminishes the effect of arrestin on Na+,K+-ATPase trafficking.
21203429 upon ligand activation, CysLT(1)R is tyrosine-phosphorylated and released from heterodimers with CysLT(2)R and, subsequently, internalizes from the plasma membrane to the nuclear membrane in a clathrin-, arrestin-3-, and Rab-5-dependent manner
20460384 The agonist-induced internalization of GPR109A receptors is regulated by GRK2 and arrestin3 in a pertussis toxin-sensitive manner and that internalized receptor recycling is independent of endosomal acidification.
20056609 two non-visual arrestins, arrestin2 and arrestin3, localize to the centrosome, a key organelle involved in microtubule nucleation and bipolar mitotic spindle assembly
19001375 the molecular interactions of arrestin2 and arrestin3 and their individual domains with the components of the two MAPK cascades, ASK1-MKK4-JNK3 and c-Raf-1-MEK1-ERK2
18802075 Arrestin 3 but not arrestin 2 is required for internalization of C-C chemokine receptor CCR7 when bound to C-C chemokine ligand CCL19. In contrast, arrestins are not required for internalization of CCR7/CCL21.
17680991 Arrestin in all conformations binds JNK3 comparably, whereas Mdm2 preferentially binds cone arrestin 'frozen' in the basal state.
12918707 Autoimmunity to this antigen and retinal vasculitis is not altered in patients with Behcet's disease
12850288 association of arrestin-3 with the FSHR is dependent on receptor phosphorylation, however phosphorylation of the third intracellular loop residues is not needed for arrestin-3 association.
12824223 The light-dependent translocation of cone arrestin suggests a role in light-dark adaptation of cones.
11877451 Regulation of arrestin-3 phosphorylation by casein kinase II.

AA Sequence

PKPSHEAASSEDIVIEEFTRKGEEESQKAVEAEGDEGS                                    351 - 388

Text Mined References (36)

PMID Year Title
25425623 2015 Engineered hyperphosphorylation of the ?2-adrenoceptor prolongs arrestin-3 binding and induces arrestin internalization.
25416956 2014 A proteome-scale map of the human interactome network.
24867953 2014 Identification of receptor binding-induced conformational changes in non-visual arrestins.
24412749 2014 Arrestin-3 binds the MAP kinase JNK3?2 via multiple sites on both domains.
24292834 2014 Arrestin-dependent activation of JNK family kinases.
23704327 2013 The giant spectrin ?V couples the molecular motors to phototransduction and Usher syndrome type I proteins along their trafficking route.
23139825 2012 Distinct cellular and subcellular distributions of G protein-coupled receptor kinase and arrestin isoforms in the striatum.
22523077 2012 Silent scaffolds: inhibition OF c-Jun N-terminal kinase 3 activity in cell by dominant-negative arrestin-3 mutant.
22378779 2012 Trans-Golgi Network (TGN) as a regulatory node for ?1-adrenergic receptor (?1AR) down-modulation and recycling.
22242112 2011 Protein phosphatase 2A interacts with the Na,K-ATPase and modulates its trafficking by inhibition of its association with arrestin.
21203429 2010 Ligand-induced tyrosine phosphorylation of cysteinyl leukotriene receptor 1 triggers internalization and signaling in intestinal epithelial cells.
20460384 2010 Internalization of the human nicotinic acid receptor GPR109A is regulated by G(i), GRK2, and arrestin3.
20056609 2010 Non-visual arrestins are constitutively associated with the centrosome and regulate centrosome function.
20048153 2010 Site-specific phosphorylation of CXCR4 is dynamically regulated by multiple kinases and results in differential modulation of CXCR4 signaling.
19001375 2009 How does arrestin assemble MAPKs into a signaling complex?
18802075 2008 Arrestin 3 mediates endocytosis of CCR7 following ligation of CCL19 but not CCL21.
17680991 2007 Cone arrestin binding to JNK3 and Mdm2: conformational preference and localization of interaction sites.
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16189514 2005 Towards a proteome-scale map of the human protein-protein interaction network.
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12918707 2003 Autoimmunity to S-antigen and retinal vasculitis in patients with Behçet's disease.
12853434 2003 GRK1-dependent phosphorylation of S and M opsins and their binding to cone arrestin during cone phototransduction in the mouse retina.
12850288 2003 The association of arrestin-3 with the follitropin receptor depends on receptor activation and phosphorylation.
12824223 2003 Identification and light-dependent translocation of a cone-specific antigen, cone arrestin, recognized by monoclonal antibody 7G6.
12486395 2002 Mouse cone arrestin expression pattern: light induced translocation in cone photoreceptors.
12477932 2002 Generation and initial analysis of more than 15,000 full-length human and mouse cDNA sequences.
11877451 2002 Regulation of arrestin-3 phosphorylation by casein kinase II.
11729201 2002 Agonist-induced internalization of the platelet-activating factor receptor is dependent on arrestins but independent of G-protein activation. Role of the C terminus and the (D/N)PXXY motif.
11063754 2000 Loss of cone molecular markers in rhodopsin-mutant human retinas with retinitis pigmentosa.
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8224247 1993 X-arrestin: a new retinal arrestin mapping to the X chromosome.