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group 4 medulloblastoma -1.200 9.7e-05

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24911211 We hypothesize that ARL2 plays essential roles inside mitochondria along with other cellular functions, at least in part to provide coupling of regulation between these essential cell processes.
23807224 MiR-195 regulates cell apoptosis in a context-dependent manner through directly targeting ARL2.
22002721 The G proteins Arl2 acts in a GTP-dependent manner as allosteric release factors for farnesylated cargo.
21199864 a novel function of miR-16 targeting ARL2 in modulating proliferation and cell cycle progression.
20740604 Data show that bovine and human TBCD have functionally identical roles in tubulin heterodimer assembly, and that the inability of human TBCD to disrupt microtubule integrity can be overcome by siRNA-mediated suppression of expression of Arl2.
19368893 Crystal structure of the ARL2-GTP-BART complex reveals a novel recognition and binding mode of small GTPase with effector.
18818514 Arl2 could, via protein phosphatase 2A , influence p53 phosphorylation status.
18588884 Arl2 and Arl3 interactions were characterized.
17704193 ARL2 and beta-tubulin cofactor D participate in AJC disassembly and epithelial depolarization
17188265 In summary, alterations in Arl2 protein content were found to be associated with modifications in tubulin pools, microtubule dynamics as well as cell cycle progression.
16525022 Arl2 is present in centrosomes and propose that its action in regulating tubulin polymerization is mediated at centrosomes
12015966 C. elegans evl-20 gene encodes a functional homolog of human ARL2. Elimination of evl-20 function results in abnormal vulval, gonad, and male tail development and disrupts embryonic proliferation, hypodermal enclosure, and elongation.

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PMID Year Title
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