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PubMed Score 298.77
PubTator Score 53.10

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Disease log2 FC p
malignant mesothelioma 1.300 6.6e-07
Barrett's esophagus 1.100 4.8e-02
esophageal adenocarcinoma 1.500 2.5e-02
psoriasis 2.600 4.4e-159
cutaneous lupus erythematosus 1.900 5.0e-03
osteosarcoma -1.133 6.9e-03
tuberculosis 1.200 4.0e-04
primary pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma 1.382 1.1e-02
lung cancer -1.800 2.5e-05
active Crohn's disease 2.150 6.0e-03
active ulcerative colitis 2.517 1.0e-02
pancreatic cancer 1.400 9.1e-03
diabetes mellitus -1.100 2.8e-02
lung carcinoma -1.800 7.6e-21
ovarian cancer 1.400 5.8e-04

Gene RIF (114)

27054572 APOL1 G1 and G2 genotypes in deceased African American liver donors have minimal effects on liver transplant outcomes.
26699492 Expression of either G1 or G2 APOL1 variants increased cell swelling and death vs G0-expressing cells. This was preceded by G1 or G2 APOL1-induced net efflux of intracellular potassium, resulting in the activation of stress-activated protein kinases.
26634651 APOL1 genotype is associated with albuminuria, subclinical atherosclerosis, incident myocardial infarction, and mortality in older African Americans.
26586272 We examined whether APOL1 G1 and G2 renal-risk variant serum concentrations or lipoprotein distributions differed from nonrisk G0 APOL1 in African Americans without nephropathy.
26566060 Shorter renal allograft survival is reproducibly observed after deceased donor kidney transplantation from APOL1 2-renal-risk-variant African American donors.
26430087 Sociodemographic factors and common risk factors for chronic kidney disease progression do not seem to alter APOL1-related CKD progression.
26307671 Trypanolysis by APOL1 is linked to apoptosis-like mitochondrial membrane permabilization occurring together with TbKIFC1-mediated transport of APOL1 from endolysosomal membranes to the mitochondrion.
26180129 blacks with two APOL1 risk alleles had the highest risk for albuminuria and eGFRcys decline in young adulthood, whereas disparities between low-risk blacks and whites were related to differences in traditional risk factors.
26150607 we have shown that individuals with the high risk APOL1 genotype enrolled in the NEPTUNE study present, from a clinical and histologic perspective, with more advanced disease and have less remission of proteinuria over time.
26147622 concordant with the genetic interaction observed in sickle cell disease patients, APOL1 G2 reduces myh9 expression in vivo, suggesting a possible interaction between the altered APOL1 and myh9.
26112018 study does provide an indication that APOL1 variants may play a role in conferring an increased risk for renal and cardiovascular risk in this population.
26108665 Expression of APOL1 increased ion permeability and caused profound morphological deterioration.
26091559 Our study not only reveals the contribution of each domain of the APOL1 protein to cell injury, but also highlights some potential suggested targets for drug design to prevent or treat APOL1-associated nephropathy.
26089538 basic biology and trafficking behavior of circulating APOL1 from the liver
26038529 These findings indicate that APOL1 risk alleles are associated with exaggerated age-related nephron loss.
26025194 The relationship between HDLC and eGFR is strongly influenced by the APOL1 rs73885319 kidney risk genotype.
25993319 Only APOL1 G1 and G2 confer renal risk, and other common and rare APOL1 missense variants, including the archaic G3 haplotype, do not contribute to sporadic FSGS and HIVAN in the US population.
25933006 The presence of APOL1 duplication was observed in 4.06%of cases with kidney diseases versus 0.78% in controls, indicating that this APOL1 duplication may alter susceptibility to kidney disease in African Americans.
25924622 Identify exon 4 as a major determinant of APOL1 podocyte cytotoxicity.
25921719 Among HIV-infected African American women, APOL1-associated kidney injury appears to localize to the glomerulus, rather than the tubules.
25887069 Higher levels of factor VIIc, VIIIc, fibrinogen, vonWillebrand factor, and protein C were associated with ESRD risk, with a significantly stronger association of factor VIIIc and protein C in African Americans with two APOL1 risk alleles.
25853332 This review provides an update on the biological functions for circulating (trypanosome resistance) and intracellular (emerging role for autophagy) APOL1.
25809272 Apolipoprotein L1 gene variants in deceased organ donors are associated with renal allograft failure.
25788523 HIV-positive, antiretroviral therapy-naive South-African blacks with two APOL1 risk alleles are at very high risk for developing HIV-associated nephropathy
25730870 These data are consistent with a model of lysis that involves endocytic recycling of APOL1 and the formation of cation-selective channels, at neutral pH, in the parasite plasma membrane.
25573908 APOL1 risk genotypes did not affect response to drug therapy with patients diagnosed FSGS.
25530085 Two APOL1 risk alleles in young hypertensive African Americans with a family history of ESRD are strongly associated with kidney disease.
25349204 African ancestry was significantly was associated with the genetic susceptibility of chronic kidney diseases.
25249559 study concludes that variation in APOL1 G3 makes a nominal, if any, contribution to end-stage renal disease in African Americans; G1 and G2 variants explain the vast majority of nondiabetic nephropathy susceptibility
25168832 update on the spectrum of APOL1 kidney disease and on the worldwide distribution of these kidney risk variants[review]
25100047 interferons and the molecular pattern recognition receptors that stimulate interferon production may contribute to APOL1-associated kidney disease
25081748 These findings support involvement of multiple cell types in subnephrotic forms of APOL1-associated nephropathy, particularly renal tubule cells with resultant tubulointerstitial disease
25054777 APOL1 nephropathy variants associate with lower levels of subclinical atherosclerosis and reduced risk of death in African Americans with type 2 diabetes mellitus
25029429 APOL1 risk variants were not significantly associated with prevalent cardiovascular disease
24899058 APOL1 risk variants enhance podocyte necrosis through compromising lysosomal membrane permeability.
24808134 analysis of genetic variants of human APOL1 that protect against T. brucei rhodesiense as well as evolution of this trypanolytic factor
24731740 The presence of 2 APOL1 risk alleles confers a strong risk for the development of PLA2R-associated collapsing glomerulopathy in African Americans
24658608 APOL1 gene polymorphisms do not confer an increased risk of chronic kidney disease in lupus nephritis patients.
24518129 APOL1 genotyping revealed that both donor and recipient were heterozygous for the G1 and G2 alleles.
24504811 End-stage renal disease in African Americans with lupus nephritis is associated with APOL1.
24379297 APOL1 variants contribute to atherosclerotic CVD risk, indicating a genetic component to cardiovascular health disparities in individuals of African ancestry.
24233469 review of the biology of APOL1 present in the circulation and localized to the kidney as it may contribute to the pathogenesis of APOL1-associated kidney disease
24231663 The function of variant APOL1 proteins derived from circulation or synthesized in the kidney, but not the level of circulating APOL1, probably mediates APOL1-associated kidney disease in HIV-infected African Americans.
24206458 Renal risk variants in APOL1 were associated with the higher rates of end-stage renal disease and progression of chronic kidney disease that were observed in black patients as compared with white patients, regardless of diabetes status.
24173214 finding supports the hypothesis that induction of APOL1 contributes to HIV-1 suppression in differentiated monocytes
24173214 APOL1 downregulates the steady-state levels of HIV-1 Vef in cells transfected by HIV-1 clones
24157943 Variants in NPHS2, SDCCAG8 and near BMP4 appear to interact with APOL1 to modulate the risk for non-diabetic end stage kidney disease in african americans.
24119848 data support an important role for APOL1 in the progression of diverse etiologies of kidney disease, in concert with requisite environmental (gene*environment) and inherited (gene*gene) interactions [review]
24011553 Possible genetic association link between keloids, non-diabetic kidney disease, and the APOL1-MYH9 haplotype amongst humans of African descent.
23860441 APOL1 risk variants are common in the Igbo population of south-eastern Nigeria, and are also highly associated with non-diabetic chronic kidney disease (CKD) in this area; APOL1 may explain the increased prevalence of CKD in this region
23768513 High levels of nonsynonymous polymorphism in the APOL1 regions encoding the functional domains that are required for lysing parasites are observed in humans with exposure to two Trypanosoma brucei subspecies that cause human African trypanosomiasis.
23766536 APOL1 variants associate with increased risk of CKD among African Americans.
23748364 Variation in the donor apolipoprotein L1 (APOL1), caveolin 1 (CAV1), and multi-drug resistance 1 encoding P-glycoprotein genes (ABCB1) are all associated with graft survival after kidney transplantation. [Review]
23715117 Host APOL1 genotype is independently associated with proteinuria in HIV infection.
23677244 African Americans at increased risk for APOL1-associated nephropathy (two APOL1 risk variants) with JC viruria had a lower prevalence of kidney disease, suggesting that JCV interaction with APOL1 genotype may influence kidney disease risk.
23520206 APOL1 genotyping of African-American patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) might help identify patients at risk for collapsing glomerulopathy.
23438974 Arguing by exclusion, it is reasonable to conclude that the putative APOL1 causal variants are not proxies for any other variants with more direct roles in kidney disease.
23300552 APOL1 null alleles do not correlate with glomerulosclerosis.
23107266 APOL1 protein genetic variants are risk for kidney transplantation living donors in african americans.
23082501 evidence of natural selection of these apoL1 mutations despite their deleterious potential for kidneys highlights the importance of the resistance to trypanosomes in the evolution of Man. [lecture]
22956460 APOL1 risk variants are associated with non-diabetic forms of CKD among Nigerians of Yoruba ethnicity
22878977 review focuses on the population genetics of non-diabetic chronic kidney disease with an emphasis on recent discoveries pertaining to the chromosome 22q12.3 region, containing the APOL1 gene as a major locus for chronic kidney disease risk
22832513 Apolipoprotein L1 gene variants associate with hypertension-attributed nephropathy and the rate of kidney function decline in African Americans.
22695330 Report association of APOL1 variants with mild kidney disease in the first-degree relatives of African American patients with non-diabetic end-stage renal disease.
22691369 APOL1 expression is likely induced by bloodborne Trypanosoma brucei gambiense, but is not related to resistance/susceptibility in its human host.
22569246 discussion of role of ApoL1 in renal cell carcinoma and chronic kidney disease: Intracellularly, elevated ApoL1 can induce autophagy and autophagy-associated cell death, which may be critical in maintenance of cellular homeostasis in kidney. [REVIEW]
22495294 There were no differences in the pathological findings of HIV-associated nephropathy and the number of APOL1 risk alleles.
22487534 conclude that APOL1 genotypes do not increase risk of allograft loss after kidney transplantations, and carrying 2 APOL1 risk alleles should not be an impediment to transplantation
22357707 APOL1 allelic variants are associated with lower age of dialysis initiation and thereby increased dialysis vintage in African and Hispanic Americans with non-diabetic end-stage kidney disease.
22239288 The current study has provided evidence that genetic variations of polymorphic sites in apoL-I gene might affect plasma TG variability in nonobese Chinese subjects, but are not associated with obesity in the population.
22135313 an association between APOL1 variants and renal outcomes in non-HIVAN kidney disease, suggesting a possible use for APOL1 genotyping to help guide the care of HIV-infected patients.
22119407 A genome-wide association study provides additional and independent evidence that APOL1 variants contribute to nondiabetic nephropathy in African Americans.
21997398 Genetic variations in APOL1 identify African Americans that initiate chronic hemodialysis at a younger age.
21997397 These data further support the strong association of genetic variants in APOL1 with susceptibility to focal segmental glomerulosclerosis and HIV nephropathy among African Americans.
21997396 Our data suggest that more than 3 million African Americans likely have the high-risk genotype and are at markedly increased risk for nondiabetic chronic kidney disease.
21997394 African Americans carrying two APOL1 risk alleles have a greatly increased risk for glomerular disease, and APOL1-associated focal segmental glomerulosclerosis occurs earlier and progresses to kidney failure more rapidly.
21997392 Comparing the renal distribution of APOL1 in nondiabetic kidney disease to normal kidney suggests that a previously unrecognized arteriopathy may contribute to disease pathogenesis in patients of African ancestry.
21968148 The coinciding absence of HIVAN and the APOL1 risk variants among HIV-infected individuals of Ethiopian ancestry support a Western rather than Pan-African ancestry risk for end-stage kidney disease.
21931123 Coding variants in the apolipoprotein L1 gene are strongly associated with non-diabetic nephropathy in African Americans.
21910715 Data provide insight into the pathobiology of renal dysfunction in SCD, suggesting that MYH9 and APOL1 are both associated with risk.
21698141 type 2 diabetic nephropathy-associated FRMD3 SNPs were detectable in African Americans only after accounting for MYH9, with differential effects for APOL1
21537348 The powerful evolutionary selection pressure of an infectious pathogen in West Africa favored the spread of APOL1 variants that protect against a lethal form of African sleeping sickness but are highly associated with an increased risk of kidney disease
21486385 APOL1 genotype has a role in failure of kidney after renal transplantation in African American deceased donors
21080072 Susceptibility of African-Americans to nondiabetic chronic kidney disease is likely due to functional variants of APOL1 that have been selected for because of their ability to protect from parasital infection
20855565 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20805508 show that trypanosome lytic factor-1 resistance in Trypanosoma brucei brucei is caused by reduced expression of the Hp/Hb receptor gene.
20668430 A risk allele for focal segmental glomerulosclerosis in African Americans is located within a region containing APOL1 and MYH9.
20668430 Observational study and genome-wide association study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20647424 in African Americans, focal segmental glomerulosclerosis and hypertension-attributed end-stage kidney disease are associated with 2 independent sequence variants in APOL1 gene; only kidney disease-associated ApoL1 variants lysed Trypanosoma rhodesiense
20647424 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20635188 missense mutations with predicted functional effects in the APOL1 gene are significantly more associated with ESKD than all previously reported SNPs in MYH9
20635188 Coding region mutations in the APOL1 gene are highly associated with end stage kidney disease in African and Hispanic Americans.
20628086 Observational study of gene-disease association, gene-environment interaction, and pharmacogenomic / toxicogenomic. (HuGE Navigator)
20602615 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20483474 This study did not find DAOA significant associations with schizophrenia. Thus, APOL1 genes do not fit the antagonistic pleiotropy model.
20483474 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19913121 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19324878 at low pH. Trypanosome lytic factor, apoL-1, and apoA-1 exhibit specificity for anionic membranes, whereas Hpr permeabilizes both anionic and zwitterionic membranes.
19239905 The Lys166Glu and Ile244Met polymorphisms in apoL-I gene are associated with TG levels in subjects with endogenous hypertriglyceridemia in Chinese. However, these polymorphisms were not associated with the risk of HTG in the population.
19239905 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18927493 APOL1 is the first BH3-only protein with lipid binding activity that, when overproduced intracellularly, induces autophagic cell death.
18850207 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18632255 An association of APOL1, 2 and 4 with schizophrenia was establised.
18632255 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18505729 Apolipoprotein L1 is a novel Bcl-2 homology domain 3-only lipid-binding protein, induces autophagic cell death
17845074 Infection by Trypanosoma brucei brucei causes hemolysis that triggers activation of trypanosome lytic factor by formation of haptoglobin-related protein-hemoglobin complexes, enhancing binding, trypanolytic activity, and clearance of parasites
17360487 apoL-I is responsible for the trypanolytic activity of normal human serum, whereas Hpr allows fast uptake of the carrier HDL particles in trypanolysis
16020735 contains a membrane pore-forming domain; APOL1 was targeted to the lysosomal membrane of Trypanosoma brucei & triggered depolarization of the membrane, continuous influx of chloride & subsequent osmotic swelling of the lysosome until the trypanosome lysed
15949655 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
15604524 The Apolipoprotein L-I (apoL-I) is present on a subset of HDL particles and is positively correlated with plasma triglycerides (TGs).
15500911 identified as component of trypanosome lytic factor 1 (TLF1); apoL-I alone is not sufficient for optimal trypanosome lytic activity in human TLF1.
12837283 APOL1 is a senescence-associated gene in normal human oral keratinocytes.
12621437 ApoL-I is the trypanosome lytic factor of normal human serum, and serum resistance associated protein confers resistance to lysis by interaction with apoL-I in the lysosome
11944986 APOL1 has been found only in humans and African green monkeys

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