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26112988 results highlight that certain malignancies with ANP32C/D overexpression or mutation might be specifically targeted using Hsp90 inhibitors.
24398589 pp32r1 binds to HuR to avoid the caspase-mediated decay of HuR in the cytoplasm of cells.
24335183 These findings highlight that certain cancers overexpressing pp32r1 or pp32r1 mutants are likely to demonstrate enhanced resistance to FTY720 treatment.
23403278 CHD4 were significantly upregulated by pp32r1 and pp32r1Y140H overexpression which influence a number of cell cycle regulator genes including p53, p21 and cyclinD1
15146458 expression levels vary among human tumor cell lines, with the highest levels found in prostatic adenocarcinoma cell lines

AA Sequence

NDGEVDGEEDEEELGEEERGQKRK                                                  211 - 234

Text Mined References (13)

PMID Year Title
26112988 2015 Oncogenic acidic nuclear phosphoproteins ANP32C/D are novel clients of heat shock protein 90.
24398589 2014 pp32r1 controls the decay of the RNA-binding protein HuR.
24335183 2014 Overexpression of the pp32r1 (ANP32C) oncogene or its functional mutant pp32r1Y140H confers enhanced resistance to FTY720 (Finguimod).
23403278 2013 Dysregulation of cell cycle control caused by overexpression of the oncogene pp32r1 (ANP32C) and the Tyr>His mutant pp32r1Y140H.
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