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PubMed Score 10.28
PubTator Score 167.81

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Disease log2 FC p
astrocytic glioma -1.800 3.3e-03
ependymoma -2.800 1.2e-20
oligodendroglioma -1.500 1.1e-02
glioblastoma -2.900 1.2e-08
osteosarcoma -1.917 1.3e-06
medulloblastoma -2.900 1.3e-10
atypical teratoid / rhabdoid tumor -3.000 4.5e-10
medulloblastoma, large-cell -3.100 1.4e-07
primitive neuroectodermal tumor -2.300 6.3e-05
pediatric high grade glioma -2.400 4.0e-07
pilocytic astrocytoma -2.200 2.5e-07
psoriasis 1.500 3.4e-70

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26977005 Studies showed that overexpression or mutation of PIKE has been observed in a variety of tumors, promoting cancer cell growth, transformation and invasion through AKT signaling or other signaling pathways, such as focal adhesion kinase. [review]
26464646 expression of PLC-gamma1 and PIKE positively correlated with the tumor differentiation of oral squamous cell carcinoma.
26001218 Mutation of Fyn phosphorylation sites on PIKE-A, depletion of Fyn, or pharmacological inhibition of Fyn blunts the association between PIKE-A and AMPK, resulting in loss of its inhibitory effect on AMPK.
25921541 PIKE reduction rescued PI3K-dependent and -independent neuronal defects in fragile X syndrome.
23770988 In this review the CENTG1 gene is amplified in a variety of human cancers which lead to the enhancement of tumor invasion.
23527545 AGAP2 plays a role in the signalling and recycling of beta2-adrenergic receptors.
23438599 Fyn regulates the activity of the adipogenic transcription factor signal transducer and activator of transcription 5a (STAT5a) through enhancing its interaction with the GTPase phosphoinositide 3-kinase enhancer A (PIKE-A).
22389719 The presence of heterogeneous missense mutations of GGAP2 in prostate cancer was associated with aggressive clinical behavior.
22349826 PIKE is highly expressed in human squamous cell carcinoma and has a critical role in EGF-induced squamous cell carcinoma proliferation.
21847098 PIKE is a critical factor in controlling synaptic AMPA receptor insertion.
21460185 Akt-phosphorylated PIKE-A inhibits UNC5B-induced apoptosis in cancer cell lines in a p53-dependent manner. [PIKE-A]
20551179 regulates retrograde protein transport between early endosomes and the Golgi complex
19318351 AGAP2 regulates the FAK activity and the focal adhesion disassembly during cell migration.
19176382 Increased GGAP2 expression, which is present in three quarters of human prostate cancers, can activate two critical pathways that have been linked to prostate cancer initiation and progression.
18487454 Cdk5 phosphorylates PIKE-A and stimulates its GTPase activity, which activates nuclear Akt and promotes glioblastoma cell migration and invasion.
18469807 PIKE-L acts as a downstream survival effector for netrin-1 through UNC5B in the nervous system
18374643 In normal mice. PIKE-L strongly binds SET and prevents its degradation by AEP, leading to resistance of neuronal cell death.
18371979 The cytoplasmic-nuclear shuttling of PIKE is dynamically regulated by the balancing actions of the lipid-binding property of both the split PH domain and the nuclear targeting function of its nuclear localization sequence.
18187620 Knockdown of ArfGAP with GTPase domain, ankyrin repeat and PH domain 2 (AGAP2) by siRNA inhibits HIV-1 replication in HeLa-derived TZM-bl cells
17461797 Ectopic expression of AGAP2 causes both BRAG2 and the coiled bodies' marker coilin to accumulate in nucleoli.
17297440 PIKE-A acts as a proto-oncogene, promoting cell transformation through Akt activation.
17151107 Myxoma virus (MV) M-T5 host range protein is functionally interchangeable with the host PIKE-A protein and that the activation of host Akt by either M-T5 or PIKE-A is critical for the permissiveness of cancer cells for MV.
17037982 The results of this study indicate that centaurins could be more accurately classified as NTPases and point to alternative mechanisms of cell signalling control.
16841086 Fyn is essential for phosphorylating PIKE-A and protects it from apoptotic cleavage.
16150119 an important role of PIKE gene aberrations in the molecular pathogenesis of primary glioblastomas
16079295 The AGAP2 colocalized with AP-1, transferrin receptor and Rab4 on endosomes. Overexpression of AGAP2 changed the intracellular distribution of AP-1 and promoted Rab4-dependent fast recycling of transferrin.
15951849 PIKE binds PI 3-kinase & stimulates its lipid kinase activity. There are 3 isoforms which function throught the cell and meadiate processes from invasiveness to apoptosis. Review.
14761976 a physiologic regulator of Akt and an oncogenic effector of cell invasion
14528310 This study have identified, cloned and characterized PIKE-L, which localizes to both the cytoplasm and the nucleus, activates mGlur1 enhances formation of an mGluRI-Homer-PIKE-L complex, then activates PI3 kinase activity and prevents neuronal apoptosis.

AA Sequence

LV                                                                       1191 - 1192

Text Mined References (48)

PMID Year Title
26977005 2016 Phosphoinositide-3-Kinase Enhancers, PIKEs: Their Biological Functions and Roles in Cancer.
26464646 2015 Reduced expression of E-cadherin and p120-catenin and elevated expression of PLC-?1 and PIKE are associated with aggressiveness of oral squamous cell carcinoma.
26001218 2016 Fyn-phosphorylated PIKE-A binds and inhibits AMPK signaling, blocking its tumor suppressive activity.
25921541 2015 Increased expression of the PI3K enhancer PIKE mediates deficits in synaptic plasticity and behavior in fragile X syndrome.
23770988 2013 The roles of PIKE in tumorigenesis.
23527545 2013 The Arf GAP AGAP2 interacts with ?-arrestin2 and regulates ?2-adrenergic receptor recycling and ERK activation.
23438599 2013 Fyn regulates adipogenesis by promoting PIKE-A/STAT5a interaction.
22389719 2012 Frequent heterogeneous missense mutations of GGAP2 in prostate cancer: implications for tumor biology, clonality and mutation analysis.
22349826 2012 PIKE mediates EGFR proliferative signaling in squamous cell carcinoma cells.
21847098 2011 PIKE-mediated PI3-kinase activity is required for AMPA receptor surface expression.
21833088 2011 Genetic risk and a primary role for cell-mediated immune mechanisms in multiple sclerosis.
21720388 2011 The association of phosphoinositide 3-kinase enhancer A with hepatic insulin receptor enhances its kinase activity.
21460185 2011 Akt-phosphorylated PIKE-A inhibits UNC5B-induced apoptosis in cancer cell lines in a p53-dependent manner.
20551179 2010 AGAP2 regulates retrograde transport between early endosomes and the TGN.
20075866 2010 PIKE-A is required for prolactin-mediated STAT5a activation in mammary gland development.
19946888 2010 Defining the membrane proteome of NK cells.
19690332 2009 Quantitative phosphoproteomic analysis of T cell receptor signaling reveals system-wide modulation of protein-protein interactions.
19318351 2009 Arf GTPase-activating protein AGAP2 regulates focal adhesion kinase activity and focal adhesion remodeling.
19176382 2009 GGAP2/PIKE-a directly activates both the Akt and nuclear factor-kappaB pathways and promotes prostate cancer progression.
18570454 2008 Proteomic analysis of exosomes from human neural stem cells by flow field-flow fractionation and nanoflow liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry.
18487454 2008 Cdk5-mediated regulation of the PIKE-A-Akt pathway and glioblastoma cell invasion.
18469807 2008 Netrin-1 mediates neuronal survival through PIKE-L interaction with the dependence receptor UNC5B.
18374643 2008 Neuroprotective actions of PIKE-L by inhibition of SET proteolytic degradation by asparagine endopeptidase.
18371979 2008 Split pleckstrin homology domain-mediated cytoplasmic-nuclear localization of PI3-kinase enhancer GTPase.
18029348 2008 Toward a confocal subcellular atlas of the human proteome.
17461797 2007 Nuclear functions of the Arf guanine nucleotide exchange factor BRAG2.
17297440 2007 PIKE-A is a proto-oncogene promoting cell growth, transformation and invasion.
17151107 2007 M-T5, the ankyrin repeat, host range protein of myxoma virus, activates Akt and can be functionally replaced by cellular PIKE-A.
17037982 2007 The centaurin gamma-1 GTPase-like domain functions as an NTPase.
16959974 2006 The consensus coding sequences of human breast and colorectal cancers.
16841086 2007 Src-family tyrosine kinase fyn phosphorylates phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase enhancer-activating Akt, preventing its apoptotic cleavage and promoting cell survival.
16344560 2006 Diversification of transcriptional modulation: large-scale identification and characterization of putative alternative promoters of human genes.
16263930 2005 Phosphoinositol lipids bind to phosphatidylinositol 3 (PI3)-kinase enhancer GTPase and mediate its stimulatory effect on PI3-kinase and Akt signalings.
16150119 2005 Genetic alteration and expression of the phosphoinositol-3-kinase/Akt pathway genes PIK3CA and PIKE in human glioblastomas.
16079295 2005 The Arf GAPs AGAP1 and AGAP2 distinguish between the adaptor protein complexes AP-1 and AP-3.
15951849 2005 PIKE GTPase signaling and function.
15489334 2004 The status, quality, and expansion of the NIH full-length cDNA project: the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC).
15118108 2004 PIKE-A is amplified in human cancers and prevents apoptosis by up-regulating Akt.
14761976 2004 PIKE (phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase enhancer)-A GTPase stimulates Akt activity and mediates cellular invasion.
14702039 2004 Complete sequencing and characterization of 21,243 full-length human cDNAs.
14528310 2003 PI3 kinase enhancer-Homer complex couples mGluRI to PI3 kinase, preventing neuronal apoptosis.
12640130 2003 GGAPs, a new family of bifunctional GTP-binding and GTPase-activating proteins.
12477932 2002 Generation and initial analysis of more than 15,000 full-length human and mouse cDNA sequences.
12388557 2002 AGAP1, an endosome-associated, phosphoinositide-dependent ADP-ribosylation factor GTPase-activating protein that affects actin cytoskeleton.
11823862 2002 Phospholipase C gamma 1 is a physiological guanine nucleotide exchange factor for the nuclear GTPase PIKE.
11136977 2000 Pike. A nuclear gtpase that enhances PI3kinase activity and is regulated by protein 4.1N.
9192850 1997 Transcript mapping in a 46-kb sequenced region at the core of 12q13.3 amplification in human cancers.
8724849 1996 Prediction of the coding sequences of unidentified human genes. V. The coding sequences of 40 new genes (KIAA0161-KIAA0200) deduced by analysis of cDNA clones from human cell line KG-1.