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26840909 These findings indicate that different mechanisms regulate shear- and ligand-induced shedding and shear forces found within the vasculature can regulate ADAM10 activity.
26757187 The results of this study demonistrated that age-dependent increase in ADAM10 levels and activity in platelets.
26704053 that miR-140-5p suppresses tumor migration and invasion by inhibiting ADAM10-mediated Notch1 signaling pathway
26668317 Data suggest that large extracellular loop of Tspan14 mediates interaction with ADAM10, promotes ADAM10 maturation/trafficking to cell surface, and affects ADAM10 substrate specificity; ADAM10/Tspan14 interact in platelets/vascular endothelial cells.
26422658 The production of ADAM10-positive microvesicles from smoke-exposed neutrophils provides a novel molecular mechanism for the vastly accelerated risk of AAA in smokers.
26359498 established that endogenous IL-6R of both human and murine origin is shed by ADAM17 in an induced manner, whereas constitutive release of endogenous IL-6R is largely mediated by ADAM10
26325204 Serum ADAM10 level was increased in type 1 diabetes and was a significant determinant of circulating cRAGE
26310711 Our findings hinted that overexpression of ADAM10 promotes the progression and migration of nasopharyngeal carcinoma
26296735 ADAM10 activity contributes to house dust mite-induced shedding of chemokines, including CCL20
26283728 The Notch1-dependent enhancement of furin expression increases the activities of MT1-MMP and ADAM10.
26266086 The aim of the study was to assess the expression and intracellular location of ADAM-10 in 104 primary skin melanomas and 16 metastatic lesions from regional lymph nodes.
26250527 higher expression levels in the allergic nasal mucosa
26244291 Sorafenib controls the mesenchymal characteristics of EBV-infected ARPE cells. Nardilysin and ADAM family proteins might be new targets for the prevention or control of EMT in retinal diseases.
26220620 ADAM10 gene expression is down-regulated in platelets of Alzheimer's disease patients.
26182420 The results of this study show that Downregulation of ADAM10 activity at synapses may be an effective strategy for ameliorating FXS phenotypes.
26135838 Knockdown of ADAM10 inhibits migration and invasion of fibroblast-like synoviocytes in rheumatoid arthritis
26090866 activated microRNA-494-targets Bmi1 and ADAM10 by silibinin and ablates cancer stemness in head and neck squamous cell carcinomas
26071561 Genotoxic stress induces senescence-associated ADAM10-dependent release of NKG2D MIC ligands (MICA, MICB) in multiple myeloma cells.
26021209 Pro- and active-ADAM10 expression were significantly increased in preeclamptic placentas and inversely correlated to H2S production enzymes cystathionine beta-synthase and cystathionine gamma-lyase expression
25933166 B cell levels of ADAM10, specifically, are increased in allergic patients and Th2 prone WT mouse strains.
25888255 Data indicated the ADAM10 rs653765 polymorphism was associated with the development of severe sepsis; the risk CC genotype could functionally affect the expression level of ADAM10 mRNA and was accompanied by the up-regulation of its substrates.
25796462 ADAM-10 plays a role in monocyte migration in rheumatoid arthritis.
25745808 that both ADAM10 and ADAM17 are associated with FasL-containing secretory lysosomes.
25654651 data support a dual role for ADAM10-mediated shedding and highlight the role of proteolytic processing in prion disease
25631235 there is no the association between APP, ADAM10 gene polymorphism, and the risk of sporadic Alzheimer's disease in our cohort of Chinese Han people
25609823 Authors show that Tim-3 is shed from the surface of responding CD8(+) T cells by the matrix metalloproteinase ADAM10, producing a soluble form of the coinhibitory receptor.
25609823 Treatment of PBMCs taken from treatment-naive HIV chronically infected individuals with a HIV-1 Gag peptide pool in the presence of ADAM10 inhibitor upregulates the levels of Tim-3 and IFN-gamma in CD8+ T cells
25540428 ADAM10 plays an important role in regulating DDR1-mediated cell adhesion to achieve efficient cell migration on collagen matrices.
25505277 TACI is sequentially processed by a disintegrin and metalloproteinase 10 and gamma-secretase.
25429624 the synapse-associated protein-97 (SAP97), an excitatory synapse scaffolding element, governs ADAM10 trafficking from dendritic Golgi outposts to synaptic membranes, mediated by a previously uncharacterized protein kinase C.
25387128 N-terminal cleavage and release of the ectodomain of Flt1 is mediated via ADAM10 and ADAM 17 and regulated by VEGFR2 and the Flt1 intracellular domain.
25349418 these results demonstrate that a transmembrane domain imparts a stable structure to the adjacent and intrinsically disordered cytoplasmic domain of ADAM10 to form a homodimer in the membrane.
25333745 These results suggested that ADAM10 is important in regulating the proliferation, invasion and migration of the human tongue squamous cell carcinoma cell line TCA8113.
25323956 These results suggest that ADAM10 is important in regulating the proliferation and metastasis of HCC. Thus, ADAM10 is a promising therapeutic target for the prevention of tumor metastases in HCC.
25318895 investigated the expression profiles of miR-122-5p and its target ADAM10 in breast cancer patients; ADAM10 expression was higher in tumor than that of normal tissue but miR-122-5p expression was lower in tumor than that of normal tissue
25253723 Data indicate that metalloprotease ADAM10 has limited interaction with CX3CL1 chemokine on the surface of umbilical vein endothelial cell.
25242535 Simultaneous expression of ADAM10-specific siRNA and GRIM19 in HepG2 cancer cells significantly inhibited the proliferation, migration and invasion.
25218471 APP regulates migration and ADAM10/ADAM17 gene expression in prostate cancer cells.
25155463 Human and murine P2X7 activation induces the rapid shedding of CD23 from B cells, with a potential role for ADAM10 in this process.
25130545 findings suggest that ADAM10/Dll4 signaling is a major signaling pathway in ECs driving inflammatory events involved in inflammation and immune cell recruitment
25127032 Glioma cells produce ADAM10 to induce Bregs; the latter suppresses CD8+ T cells and induces Tregs.
25124714 ADAM10 has a pro-invasive role and may contribute to uveal melanoma progression.
25036101 It seems likely that they also play a role in ADAM10 biology.
24998958 Data show that ADAMTS1 was expressed at a significantly higher level in extravillous trophoblast cells (EVTs) than in villous trophoblast cells (VTs), while both ADAM10 and ADAM12 were expressed at significantly higher levels in VTs than in EVTs.
24985126 Decreased N-cadherin expression is linked to increased ADAM-10 expression in atherosclerotic lesions.
24952873 Higher ADAM10 levels correlated with poorer relapse-free survival in a cohort of HER2 positive breast cancer patients treated with trastuzmab.
24935471 Data indicate that a disintegrin and metalloprotease 10 (ADAM10) is overexpressed in bladder cancer and regulates malignant cell growth and invasion, which makes it a candidate therapeutic target.
24833351 Thus, with regard to leukocyte migration, leukocyte-expressed ADAM10 but not ADAM17 displays proinflammatory activities and may therefore serve as a target to limit inflammatory cell recruitment.
24725932 These data support a model whereby ADAM15/gamma-secretase processing of ADAM10 releases the intracellular domain of ADAM10, which then incorporates into HIV-1 pre-integration complex to facilitate nuclear trafficking.
24725932 Treatment of PBMCs taken from treatment-naive HIV chronically infected individuals with a HIV-1 Gag peptide pool in the presence of ADAM10 inhibitor upregulates the levels of Tim-3 and IFN-gamma in CD8+ T cells
24725932 Knockdown of ADAM metallopeptidase domain 10 (ADAM10) by siRNA inhibits HIV-1 replication in CD4+ T lymphocytes
24670536 ADAM10 is highly expressed in hepatocellular carcinoma and is associated with tumor progression.
24662289 These studies further suggest that inhibiting ADAM 10 activity could be of therapeutic benefit in AKI.
24625754 Fat1 is released from pancreatic cancer cells in its soluble form by ADAM10 mediated ectodomain shedding
24548763 Our results highlight the importance of ADAM10 in the progression of osteosarcoma
24530397 ADAM10 is not just a direct target of miR-140-5p, the repressed ADAM10 also helps to enhance the effect of miR-140-5p to other target genes: ERBB4 and PAX6. ERBB4 is "positively" regulated by miR-140-5p.
24518602 High serum sCXCL16 is a prognostic marker for poor survival of OC patients, possibly reflecting ADAM-10 and ADAM-17 pro-metastatic activity.
24404179 ADAM10 negatively regulates neuronal differentiation, possibly via its proteolytic effect on the Notch signaling during development of the spinal cord.
24386293 significantly increased expression of ADAM10 in the ISR versus non-ISR segment in diabetic minipigs
24286866 TIM-1 and TIM-4 are novel targets for ADAM10- and ADAM17-mediated ectodomain shedding.
24247244 Data show that Cu2+-generated reactive oxygen species (ROS), human ADAM8, ADAM10, and ADAM17 are all capable of cleaving mouse PrP (MoPrP).
24189063 CD154 is released from T-cells by ADAM10 and ADAM17 upon CD40 ligation
24165480 Results demonstrate that XBP-1 is a driver of ADAM10 gene expression and that disturbance of this pathway might contribute to development or progression of AD.
24130797 ADAM17 but not ADAM10 is prestored in a subcellular compartment that is transported to the cell surface in an activation- and actin-dependent manner
24121505 Importantly, the recently described down-regulation of Tim-3 from Toll-like receptor-activated CD14(+) monocytes was caused by ADAM10- and ADAM17-mediated shedding
24055471 ADAM 10 may influence OSCC invasion by functionally interacting with alphavbeta6 integrin which we have previously shown is over expressed in OSCC.
24055016 these findings suggest that diminished alpha-secretase activity, owing to LOAD ADAM10 prodomain mutations,leads to AD-related pathology.
23912592 Silencing of ADAM10 resulted in inhibition of proliferation and migration as well as invasion of HepG2 human hepatoma cells.
23773531 There is a positive association between the rs53765 polymorphism of ADAM10 in a Chinese population and atherosclerotic cerebral infarction.
23746173 the proteolytic activity of ADAM10/17 is essential for regulating HGF/c-Met signalling during acute liver damage and following regeneration.
23720309 Data show that phorbol ester or angiotensin II-induced proteolytic release of EGF family members may not require a significant increase in ADAM17 protease activity.
23676497 ADAM10 removal from the plasma membrane is mediated by clathrin-dependent endocytosis.
23674691 ADAM-10 and -17 regulate endometriotic cell migration via concerted ligand and receptor shedding feedback on kinase signaling.
23666529 Results reveal that mutations in ADAM10 are a cause of Reticulate acropigmentation of Kitamura (RAK)and that RAK is an independent clinical entity distinct from Dowling-Degos disease (DDD).
23579328 The relationship between MMSE ratio and ADAM10 expression was significant (r = 0.62, p = 0.0003) for the Alzheimer's disease group.
23546882 MiR-144 and Mir-451 negatively regulator the ADAM10 protein expression and may contribute to Alzheimer disease pathogenesis.
23526433 study observed a substantial heterogeneity among the different cancer cell lines with regard to the involvement of ADAM10 and/or ADAM17 in MICA or MICB shedding
23460612 CD16 is rapidly shed from the surface of maturing 6-sulfo LacNAc-expressing dendritic cells, resulting from the combined action of the metalloproteinases ADAM10 and ADAM17.
23429442 ADAM19 was upregulated in patients with ulcerative colitis and, to a lesser extent, in patients with Crohn's disease compared with normal controls. In contrast, ADAM9 and ADAM10 expression did not differ between patients with IBD and controls.
23317503 Treatment of PBMCs taken from treatment-naive HIV chronically infected individuals with a HIV-1 Gag peptide pool in the presence of ADAM10 inhibitor upregulates the levels of Tim-3 and IFN-gamma in CD8+ T cells
23306532 ADAM10 seems to be a relevant biomarker tool for early and accurate Alzheimer's disease diagnosis
23192951 FasL and ADAM10 play an important role in the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines coming from interaction of the intervertebral nucleus pulposus cells and macrophages in co-culture
23124962 These data show that ADAM-10 is overexpressed in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and suggest that ADAM-10 may play a role in RA angiogenesis.
23035126 These results define TspanC8 tetraspanins as essential regulators of ADAM10 maturation and trafficking to the cell surface.
22965144 Endothelial-specific reduction of ADAM10 increases collateral circulation formation.
22940701 ADAM10 promotes non-small cell lung cancer cell migration and invasion via the activation of the Notch1 signaling pathway
22940630 Results show that the inverse coupling of APP cleavage by ADAM10 and BACE1 depends on the cellular model
22933306 ADAM10 and 17, two alpha-secretases, are responsible for Trx80 generation and a deficit in Trx80 could participate in Alzheimer's disease pathogenesis.
22923171 it is likely that active MMP-9 and ADAM10 help regulate the cellular levels of CD44v6 through cleavage of CD44v6 ectodomain during tunicamycin-induced apoptosis of Caki-2 cells.
22770404 Both ADAM10 and ADAM17 could shed CD16b, but they possess differed preferences. ADAM10 is the main sheddase under stimulation of ionomycin, while ADAM17 is the main sheddase under stimulation of PMA.
22689693 HGF down-regulated c-Met receptor expression, whereas it up-regulated pro- and active/mature forms of ADAM10 and ADAM17 expression, which resulted in enhanced sMet production
22641052 ADAM-10 is the major protease involved in fractalkine release under pro-inflammatory conditions in this human adult brain endothelial cell model.
22613720 Data indicate that melittin induced keratinocyte cell function through activation of purinergic P2 receptor P2X7R, ADAM10 and ADAM17.
22586143 ADAM10 facilitated cell migration through modulation of CD44 and L1 cleavage.
22572541 The findings of this study suggested that ADAM10 expression is modulated according to a promoter haplotype that is influenced in a brain region- and cell type-specific manner.
22474035 The alpha-hemolysin binding to ADAM10 upregulates the receptor's metalloprotease activity on endothelial cells, causing vascular endothelial-cadherin cleavage and concomitant loss of endothelial barrier function.
22404213 Knockdown of ADAM metallopeptidase domain 10 (ADAM10) by siRNA inhibits HIV-1 replication in CD4+ T lymphocytes
22167753 Data show that the lymph node (LN) stroma displayed in situ high levels of transcription and expression of the disulfide-isomerase ERp5 and of the disintegrin-metalloproteinase ADAM10, able to shed the ligands for NKG2D (NKG2D-L) from the cell membrane.
22116825 Cleavage of annexin A1 by ADAM10 during secondary necrosis generates a monocytic "find-me" signal.
22065584 Translational repression of the disintegrin and metalloprotease ADAM10 by a stable G-quadruplex secondary structure in its 5'-untranslated region.
22006996 Findings show a link between hypoxia-induced accumulation of HIF-1alpha, increased expression of ADAM10, and decreased surface MHC class I chain-related molecule A levels leading to tumor cell resistance to lysis mediated by innate immune effectors.
21969210 This review focuses on the regulation of ADAM10 on different levels of cell physiology, such as transcription and translation, as well as protein-protein interactions.
21959176 This study suggests that the rs2305421 polymorphism in ADAM10 gene could modify the risk for late-onset Alzheimer's disease in a Northern Han Chinese population.
21956108 ADAM10 activity is regulated by inhibition of ADAM9, and this regulation may be used to control shedding of amyloid precursor protein by enhancing alpha-secretase activity, a key regulatory step in the etiology of Alzheimer disease
21876729 PAX2 can regulate ADAM10 expression, a metalloproteinase known to play important roles in melanoma metastasis.
21804545 Data show that EphB receptors interact with E-cadherin and with the metalloproteinase ADAM10 at sites of adhesion.
21695060 proteolytic cleavage sites of the amyloid precursor-like protein 2 by the proteases ADAM10, BACE1 and gamma-secretase
21625236 results provide further insight on the mechanisms that control the activation of oncogenic NOTCH1 mutants and identify ADAM10 as potential therapeutic target for the inhibition of oncogenic NOTCH1 in T-ALL
21611732 20 single nucleotide polymorphisms had suggestive associations with conduct disorder, nine of which were located in known genes, including ADAM10
21576249 Cleavage of neuregulin-1 by BACE1 or ADAM10 protein produces differential effects on myelination
21569301 These data support a model whereby ADAM10 is cleaved by ADAM15 and gamma-secretase and that the ADAM10 intracellular domain directly facilitates HIV-1 nuclear trafficking.
21569301 Knockdown of ADAM metallopeptidase domain 10 (ADAM10) by siRNA inhibits HIV-1 replication in CD4+ T lymphocytes
21441465 Constitutive activation of metalloproteinase ADAM10 in mantle cell lymphoma promotes cell growth and activates the TNFalpha/NFkappaB pathway.
21402705 PCDH12 is shed at high rates in vitro. The shedding mechanism depends on ADAM10 and results in reduced cellular adhesion
21368228 ADAM10 transgene expression results in abrogated B cell development, delayed T cell development in the thymus, and unexpected systemic expansion of myeloid-derived suppressor cells.
21259244 Expression of ADAM 10 in gastric cancer is significantly associated with lymph node and distant metastasis, high C-erbB-2 expression, and poor prognosis.
21196064 These results suggest that genetic variation within ADAM10, an APP processing gene, influences CSF APPalpha levels in an AD specific manner.
21171968 ADAM 10 was expressed at a significantly higher level in metastatic cancer tissues and in adenoid cystic carcinoma cell lines.
21123580 ADAM-10 has a key role in the sequence of events through which N-cadherin affects spine maturation and function of glutamatergic synapses.
21103979 Results suggest that common variants in ADAM10 are not strongly associated with diabetic nephropathy in type 1 diabetes among white individuals. Findings cannot exclude these genes from involvement in the pathogenesis of diabetic nephropathy.
20863729 Results identify a flexible loop in ADAM10 and ADAM17, comparable to that found in other MMPs, that plays a subtle yet significant role in determining inhibitor potency.
20814017 These data provide the first evidence of ADAM10 expression in atherosclerosis and neovascularization. ADAM10 plays a functional role in VEGF-induced endothelial cell function.
20711474 ADAM10 as a sheddase capable of releasing the GPNMB/OA ectodomain from the surface of breast cancer cells
20677014 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20676056 The authors found that RNAi-mediated knockdown of ADAM10, but surprisingly not of ADAM9 or 17, completely suppressed APP alpha-secretase cleavage in different cell lines and in primary murine neurons.
20628086 Observational study of gene-disease association, gene-environment interaction, and pharmacogenomic / toxicogenomic. (HuGE Navigator)
20624979 Data implicate ADAM10 as the probable high-affinity toxin receptor.
20443867 These results suggest a role of ADAM 10 in the pathogenesis of emphysema.
20381196 The results do not support a significant role for ADAM10 mutations in AD.
20381196 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20371803 ADAM10 transgene plays a central role in the developing brain by controlling mainly Notch-dependent pathways but likely also by reducing surface shedding of other neuronal membrane proteins, including amyloid precursor protein.
20348102 the 5'-UTR of ADAM10 may have an important role for post-transcriptional regulation of ADAM10 expression and consequently Abeta production.
20136654 ADAM10 has a role in neurodegenerative disease [review]
20070888 The activity of ADAM10 in human podocytes may play an important role in the development of glomerular kidney diseases.
20059578 ADAM10 and ADAM17 are involved in the shedding of FcalphaR
19913121 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19865098 ADAM10 and L1-CAM have important roles during melanoma progression
19826051 Overexpression of ADAM10 is associated with hepatocellular carcinoma.
19823572 Fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy and electron tomography reveal that activation extends the Eph receptor tyrosine kinase intracellular domain away from the cell membrane into a conformation that facilitates productive association with ADAM10.
19783906 A novel strategy to inhibit ADAM10 activity in tumorigenesis by using the natural compound Triptolide.
19704010 ADAM10 was absolutely required for N1 signaling induced by ligands, while signaling independent of ligands required ADAM17.
19672558 Studies indicate that RAGE is subject to ectodomain shedding by ADAM10 and MMP9 and the derived sRAGE can sequester Abeta for systemic clearance and antagonize Abeta binding to cell surface RAGE.
19667218 Observational study and genome-wide association study of gene-disease association, gene-environment interaction, and pharmacogenomic / toxicogenomic. (HuGE Navigator)
19665015 Infection with H. pylori provokes shedding of the ectodomains of c-Met and E-cadherin. ADAM10 contributes to the shedding of c-Met and E-cadherin.
19632330 Overexpression of ADAM10 in transgenic mice influences the amount of cellular prion protein rather than its processing in vivo.
19608551 Potential late-onset Alzheimer's disease-associated mutations in the ADAM10 significantly attenuated its alpha-secretase activity.
19603142 hMSCs interfere with cell-cell adhesion and enhance migration of breast cancer cells by activating ADAM10
19587294 TSPAN12 serves as a novel and robust partner for ADAM10 and promotes ADAM10 maturation, thereby facilitating ADAM10-dependent proteolysis of APP.
19564338 Experiments revealed that ADAM9 and ADAM10, but not ADAM17, are involved in the shedding of PrP(C) and that ADAM9 exerts its effect on PrP(C) shedding via ADAM10.
19541935 increased levels of soluble Axl and Mer were associated with increased levels of mature ADAM17, mature ADAM10, and Furin
19435795 we presume important roles for CXCL16, ADAM10, and ADAM17 in the development of membranous nephropathy
19426159 regulation of CXCL16, ADAM10 and oxLDL expression may be an early event in the onset of diabetic nephropathy
19394555 Cell migration in response to the amino-terminal fragment of urokinase requires epidermal growth factor receptor activation through an ADAM9/10-mediated mechanism.
19357285 N-cadherin cleavage is regulated by a protein kinase C-alpha-ADAM-10 cascade in glioblastoma (GBM) cells and may be involved in mediating GBM cell migration.
19344981 This present study, neither ADAM10 nor BACE1 present with any evidence to suggest that they are major candidate genes involved in conferring risk for Alzheimer's disease .
19344981 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19278423 Overexpression of ADAM 10, 12 and 17 immunoreactivity in deep invasion area of BCC indicates that these three proteases may play an important role in the locally invasive and highly destructive growth behavior of basal cell carcinoma
19260824 Results establish for the first time that regulated proteolytic processing by ADAM10 and PS/gamma-secretase is essential for the nuclear signalling of L1 in human carcinoma cell lines.
19144697 Data show that retinoids induce gene expression of ADAM10 and alpha-secretase activity by nonpermissive retinoid acid receptor/retinoid X receptor (RAR/RXR) heterodimers, whereby alpha- and beta-isotypes of RAR play a major role.
19091752 mSOD1 expression regulated TNF-alpha secretion at a post-transcriptional level and involved ROS-sensitive TNF-alpha-converting enzymes, e.g. ADAM10 and -17, which shed TNF-alpha from its membrane-anchored precursor.
18981120 tetraspanins regulate the activity of ADAM10 toward several substrates
18979631 cleavage of C4.4A by ADAM10 and ADAM17 contributes to tumor progression
18971959 ADAM10 is the predominant protease involved in the constitutive shedding of endogenous CD44 from melanoma cells
18952609 ADAM10 and MMP9 to be involved in RAGE shedding.
18676862 data show that ADAM10 and ADAM17 are critically involved in the tumor-associated proteolytic release of soluble MICA facilitating tumor immune escape
18642355 ADAM10 was found to be present in human myoblasts and to be exclusively expressed in type I fibers, suggesting that it may be critical in muscle fiber differentiation.
18603587 The sheddase ADAM10 was identified as a membrane protease responsible for RAGE cleavage.
18514661 IL-18 appears one of the stimuli that enhance sLOX-1 release in acute coronary syndrome, and ADAM10 may be involved in this process
18480749 CXCL16 and ADAM10 are involved in the recruitment of T cells to the kidney
18420943 ADAM10 is a novel regulator of vascular permeability and demonstrates a hitherto unknown function in the regulation of VE-cadherin-dependent endothelial cell functions and leukocyte transendothelial migration
18381078 N-glycosylation is crucial for ADAM10 processing and resistance to proteolysis, and results suggest that it is required for full-enzyme activity.
18373975 ADAM10 and ADAM17 were identified as being responsible for the cytokine-induced shedding of CXCL16 in mesangila cell.
18355445 Nardilysin enhances TNF-alpha shedding through activation of not only TACE but ADAM10.
18215140 N-terminal domains of TIMPs alone are insufficient for the inhibition of ADAM10
18200054 ADAM10-mediated E-cadherin proteolysis leads to the impaired cohesion of keratinocytes observed in eczematous dermatitis.
18187620 Knockdown of ADAM metallopeptidase domain 10 (ADAM10) by siRNA inhibits HIV-1 replication in CD4+ T lymphocytes
18074395 ADAM10 is identified as the TSHR cleavage enzyme and it is shown that TSH regulates its activation.
17965014 SPPL2a and SPPL2b mediate the intramembrane cleavage, whereas neither SPP nor SPPL3 is capable of processing the Bri2 N-terminal fragment.
17895248 the ADAM10 prodomain inhibits betacellulin shedding, demonstrating that it could be of potential use as a therapeutic agent to treat cancer.
17727679 In human prostate cancer, the nuclear translocation of ADAM-10 coupled with the androgen receptor is involved in tumor growth and progression.
17699774 ADAM10 overexpression in colon cancer cells displaying endogenous L1-CAM enhanced L1-CAM cleavage and induced liver metastasis, and ADAM10 also enhanced metastasis in colon cancer cells stably transfected with L1-CAM.
17557115 ADAM10 and SPPL2a were identified as two proteases implicated in FasL processing and release of the FasL intracellular domain, which has been shown to be important for retrograde FasL signaling
17290285 These findings suggest that ADAM10 represents an important molecular modulator of FasL-mediated cell death.
17187903 ADAM-10 transgenic mice display significantly elevated cortical cholinergic, glutaminergic and GABAergic presynaptic bouton densities at an early developmental time point.
16942750 furin enhances alpha-secretase activity via the cleavage of ADAM10 and TACE, and attenuated furin activity is connected to the production of Abeta
16806063 ADAM9 does not behave as a genuine alpha-secretase but rather acts as an important upstream regulator of ADAM10 activity.
16751190 ADAM10 is the protease responsible for constitutive and regulated Pcdh gamma shedding events that modulate the cell adhesion role of Pcdh gamma.
16735514 ADAM10-mediated release of CD46 from apoptotic vesicles may represent a form of strategy to allow restricted complement activation to deal with modified self
16648485 ADAM10 mediates cleavage of a receptor tyrosine phosphatase and regulation of beta catenin's transcriptional activity.
16627989 ADAM10 is a major determinant of HER2 shedding, the inhibition of which, may provide a novel therapeutic approach for treating a variety of breast cancers with active HER2 signaling.
16390331 EGF induces ADAM10-mediated CD44 cleavage through Rac1 and mitogen-activated protein kinase activation, and thereby promotes tumour cell migration and invasion.
16309826 Result suggests that ADAM10 expression plays a role in the carcinogenesis of oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) and proliferation of OSCC cells, independent of APP processing.
16263114 High levels of Prpc C-terminal fragment (C1) are associated with the presence of the active ADAM 10 suggesting this zinc metalloprotease as a candidate for the cleavage of PrP(c) in the human brain.
16239146 Data suggest a simple mechanism for regulating ADAM10-mediated ephrin proteolysis, which ensures that only Eph bound ephrins are recognized and cleaved.
15958533 ADAM10 has a role in E-cadherin shedding and epithelial cell-cell adhesion, migration, and beta-catenin translocation
15905513 Expression of a dominant-negative form of kuzbanian in transgenic mice leads to reduced T-cell receptor beta expression in double-negative thymocytes and to a partial block between the double-negative to double-positive stages of development.
15507448 ADAM10 mediates constitutive and activated pro-BTC shedding
15300588 IL-8 induces shedding of EGFR ligands because of an ADAM10-dependent pathway in gastric cancer cells
15280425 NRADD is an additional gamma-secretase substrate
15182369 ADAM10 is the major alpha-secretase cleaving amyloid precursor protein, with TACE playing a minor role; neither ADAM10 nor TACE is involved in the shedding of angiotensin converting enzyme
14707550 ADAM 10, a putative alpha-secretase involved in Notch signaling, was found in neurons of the perinatal cortex. During aging there is an increase in intraneuronal staining intensity and in the number of cortical nerve cells that contain the enzyme
14636066 Purified cholesterol-rich microdomains from a low-density membrane fraction demonstrate gamma-secretase/ADAM10 activity, indicating that amyloid beta protein production can take place in rafts.
14627705 APH-1 plays a GXXXG-dependent scaffolding role in both the initial assembly and subsequent maturation and maintenance of the active gamma-secretase complex.
12960155 gamma-secretase is engaged directly by Notch activation, which leads to diminished PS1 expression, suggesting a complex set of feedback interactions following Notch activation
12832423 cholesterol depletion triggers shedding of the human interleukin-6 receptor by ADAM10 and ADAM17
12815056 gamma secretase is regulated by nicastrin
12782344 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
12782344 variation at the ADAM10 gene locus is not associated with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
12730960 under inflammatory conditions, ADAM-10, expressed by perivascular macrophages, and ADAM-17, expressed by invading T cells, may actively contribute to the pathogenesis of inflammatory disorders of the CNS.
12665519 gamma-secretase cleavage of CT99 is a prerequisite for BACE-mediated processing at Abeta-34 site and therefore, BACE and gamma-secretase activity can be mutually dependent.
12629514 Our present findings suggest important implications for understanding CD44-dependent signal transduction and a potential role of PS/gamma-secretase activity in the functional regulation of adhesion molecules.
12568494 Review. The mode of activation of EGFR in response to bacterial lipoteichoic acid involves cleavage of the transmembrane ligand HBEGF by ADAM 10.
12535668 The results indicate that ADAM9, ADAM10, and ADAM17, members of the disintegrin and metalloprotease family, catalyze alpha-secretory cleavage and therefore act as alpha-secretases in A172 cells.
12438920 ADAM10 mRNA levels were twofold higher in the hippocampus and cerebellum of Alzheimer's disease patients compared to controls, but without relationship to the severity of anatomical damage.
12080182 [alpha]-Secretase ADAM10 as well as [alpha]APPs is reduced in platelets and CSF of Alzheimer disease patients.
11839628 Atrial fibrillation is associated with an increase in the expression of ADAM10 in the heart atrium

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26283728 2015 Notch1 Autoactivation via Transcriptional Regulation of Furin, Which Sustains Notch1 Signaling by Processing Notch1-Activating Proteases ADAM10 and Membrane Type 1 Matrix Metalloproteinase.
26266086 2015 High percentage of ADAM-10 positive melanoma cells correlates with paucity of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes but does not predict prognosis in cutaneous melanoma patients.
26250527 2015 Expression profile of ADAM10 and ADAM17 in allergic rhinitis.
26244291 2015 Regulation of ADAM10 and ADAM17 by Sorafenib Inhibits Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition in Epstein-Barr Virus-Infected Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells.
26220620 2015 ADAM10 gene expression in the blood cells of Alzheimer's disease patients and mild cognitive impairment subjects.
26182420 2015 Dysregulated ADAM10-Mediated Processing of APP during a Critical Time Window Leads to Synaptic Deficits in Fragile X Syndrome.
26135838 2015 Knockdown of ADAM10 inhibits migration and invasion of fibroblast-like synoviocytes in rheumatoid arthritis.
26091039 2015 A Single Kinase Generates the Majority of the Secreted Phosphoproteome.
26090866 2015 Activation of microRNA-494-targeting Bmi1 and ADAM10 by silibinin ablates cancer stemness and predicts favourable prognostic value in head and neck squamous cell carcinomas.
26071561 2015 Genotoxic Stress Induces Senescence-Associated ADAM10-Dependent Release of NKG2D MIC Ligands in Multiple Myeloma Cells.
26021209 2015 Increased ADAM10 expression in preeclamptic placentas is associated with decreased expression of hydrogen sulfide production enzymes.
25944712 2015 N-terminome analysis of the human mitochondrial proteome.
25933166 2015 Increased B Cell ADAM10 in Allergic Patients and Th2 Prone Mice.
25888255 2015 An ADAM10 promoter polymorphism is a functional variant in severe sepsis patients and confers susceptibility to the development of sepsis.
25796462 2015 A disintegrin and metalloprotease-10 is correlated with disease activity and mediates monocyte migration and adhesion in rheumatoid arthritis.
25745808 2015 Subcellular localization and activation of ADAM proteases in the context of FasL shedding in T lymphocytes.
25654651 2015 The sheddase ADAM10 is a potent modulator of prion disease.
25631235 2015 Genetic association between APP, ADAM10 gene polymorphism, and sporadic Alzheimer's disease in the Chinese population.
25609823 2015 Soluble T cell immunoglobulin mucin domain 3 is shed from CD8+ T cells by the sheddase ADAM10, is increased in plasma during untreated HIV infection, and correlates with HIV disease progression.
25540428 2015 ADAM10 controls collagen signaling and cell migration on collagen by shedding the ectodomain of discoidin domain receptor 1 (DDR1).
25505277 2015 The immunoregulator soluble TACI is released by ADAM10 and reflects B cell activation in autoimmunity.
25429624 2014 SAP97-mediated ADAM10 trafficking from Golgi outposts depends on PKC phosphorylation.
25387128 2014 N-terminal cleavage and release of the ectodomain of Flt1 is mediated via ADAM10 and ADAM 17 and regulated by VEGFR2 and the Flt1 intracellular domain.
25349418 2014 Membrane-enabled dimerization of the intrinsically disordered cytoplasmic domain of ADAM10.
25333745 2015 Effect of A disintegrin and metalloproteinase 10 gene silencing on the proliferation, invasion and migration of the human tongue squamous cell carcinoma cell line TCA8113.
25323956 2015 Silencing ADAM10 inhibits the in vitro and in vivo growth of hepatocellular carcinoma cancer cells.
25318895 2015 The association of the expression of miR-122-5p and its target ADAM10 with human breast cancer.
25253723 2014 Cytoskeletal confinement of CX3CL1 limits its susceptibility to proteolytic cleavage by ADAM10.
25242535 2014 Synergistic effects of co-expression plasmid?based ADAM10-specific siRNA and GRIM-19 on hepatocellular carcinoma in vitro and in vivo.
25218471 2014 Amyloid precursor protein regulates migration and metalloproteinase gene expression in prostate cancer cells.
25155463 2015 Activation of the P2X7 receptor induces the rapid shedding of CD23 from human and murine B cells.
25130545 2014 The disintegrin and metalloproteinase ADAM10 mediates a canonical Notch-dependent regulation of IL-6 through Dll4 in human endothelial cells.
25127032 2014 Glioma-derived ADAM10 induces regulatory B cells to suppress CD8+ T cells.
25124714 2014 ADAM10 correlates with uveal melanoma metastasis and promotes in vitro invasion.
25036101 2014 Identification of SH3 domain proteins interacting with the cytoplasmic tail of the a disintegrin and metalloprotease 10 (ADAM10).
24998958 2014 Differential expression of ADAM (a disintegrin and metalloproteinase) genes between human first trimester villous and extravillous trophoblast cells.
24985126 2014 ADAM-10 could mediate cleavage of N-cadherin promoting apoptosis in human atherosclerotic lesions leading to vulnerable plaque: a morphological and immunohistochemical study.
24952873 2014 ADAM10 mediates trastuzumab resistance and is correlated with survival in HER2 positive breast cancer.
24935471 2014 ADAM10 regulates proliferation, invasion, and chemoresistance of bladder cancer cells.
24833351 2014 Leukocytes require ADAM10 but not ADAM17 for their migration and inflammatory recruitment into the alveolar space.
24725932 2014 Nuclear trafficking of the HIV-1 pre-integration complex depends on the ADAM10 intracellular domain.
24670536 2014 A disintegrin and metalloprotease (ADAM)10 is highly expressed in hepatocellular carcinoma and is associated with tumour progression.
24662289 2014 ADAM10 is the major sheddase responsible for the release of membrane-associated meprin A.
24625754 2014 A soluble form of the giant cadherin Fat1 is released from pancreatic cancer cells by ADAM10 mediated ectodomain shedding.
24548763 2014 Aberrant ADAM10 expression correlates with osteosarcoma progression.
24530397 2014 Reciprocal effects between microRNA-140-5p and ADAM10 suppress migration and invasion of human tongue cancer cells.
24518602 2014 Elevated serum CXCL16 is an independent predictor of poor survival in ovarian cancer and may reflect pro-metastatic ADAM protease activity.
24404179 2014 ADAM10 negatively regulates neuronal differentiation during spinal cord development.
24386293 2013 Increase of ADAM10 level in coronary artery in-stent restenosis segments in diabetic minipigs: high ADAM10 expression promoting growth and migration in human vascular smooth muscle cells via Notch 1 and 3.
24286866 2014 Soluble T cell immunoglobulin and mucin domain (TIM)-1 and -4 generated by A Disintegrin And Metalloprotease (ADAM)-10 and -17 bind to phosphatidylserine.
24275569 2014 An enzyme assisted RP-RPLC approach for in-depth analysis of human liver phosphoproteome.
24247244 2014 A new paradigm for enzymatic control of ?-cleavage and ?-cleavage of the prion protein.
24189063 2013 CD154 is released from T-cells by a disintegrin and metalloproteinase domain-containing protein 10 (ADAM10) and ADAM17 in a CD40 protein-dependent manner.
24165480 2014 Unfolded protein response signaling by transcription factor XBP-1 regulates ADAM10 and is affected in Alzheimer's disease.
24130797 2013 Differential surface expression of ADAM10 and ADAM17 on human T lymphocytes and tumor cells.
24121505 2013 A disintegrin and metalloprotease (ADAM) 10 and ADAM17 are major sheddases of T cell immunoglobulin and mucin domain 3 (Tim-3).
24055471 2013 ADAM 10 is over expressed in oral squamous cell carcinoma and contributes to invasive behaviour through a functional association with ?v?6 integrin.
24055016 2013 ADAM10 missense mutations potentiate ?-amyloid accumulation by impairing prodomain chaperone function.
23912592 2013 ADAM10 is overexpressed in human hepatocellular carcinoma and contributes to the proliferation, invasion and migration of HepG2 cells.
23773531 2013 An association study on ADAM10 promoter polymorphisms and atherosclerotic cerebral infarction in a Chinese population.
23746173 2013 ADAM10/17-dependent release of soluble c-Met correlates with hepatocellular damage.
23720309 2013 Regulated ADAM17-dependent EGF family ligand release by substrate-selecting signaling pathways.
23676497 2013 Endocytosis of synaptic ADAM10 in neuronal plasticity and Alzheimer's disease.
23674691 2013 ADAM-10 and -17 regulate endometriotic cell migration via concerted ligand and receptor shedding feedback on kinase signaling.
23666529 2013 Whole-exome sequencing identifies ADAM10 mutations as a cause of reticulate acropigmentation of Kitamura, a clinical entity distinct from Dowling-Degos disease.
23579328 2013 Correlation between mini-mental state examination and platelet ADAM10 expression in Alzheimer's disease.
23546882 2013 MicroRNA-144 is regulated by activator protein-1 (AP-1) and decreases expression of Alzheimer disease-related a disintegrin and metalloprotease 10 (ADAM10).
23526433 2013 Shedding of endogenous MHC class I-related chain molecules A and B from different human tumor entities: heterogeneous involvement of the "a disintegrin and metalloproteases" 10 and 17.
23460612 2013 Fc?RIII (CD16) equips immature 6-sulfo LacNAc-expressing dendritic cells (slanDCs) with a unique capacity to handle IgG-complexed antigens.
23429442 2013 High expression of the "A Disintegrin And Metalloprotease" 19 (ADAM19), a sheddase for TNF-? in the mucosa of patients with inflammatory bowel diseases.
23306532 2013 ADAM10 as a biomarker for Alzheimer's disease: a study with Brazilian elderly.
23192951 2013 Fas ligand plays an important role for the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines in intervertebral disc nucleus pulposus cells.
23186163 2013 Toward a comprehensive characterization of a human cancer cell phosphoproteome.
23124962 2013 ADAM-10 is overexpressed in rheumatoid arthritis synovial tissue and mediates angiogenesis.
23091066 2012 TspanC8 tetraspanins regulate ADAM10/Kuzbanian trafficking and promote Notch activation in flies and mammals.
23035126 2012 The TspanC8 subgroup of tetraspanins interacts with A disintegrin and metalloprotease 10 (ADAM10) and regulates its maturation and cell surface expression.
22965144 2012 Formation of the collateral circulation is regulated by vascular endothelial growth factor-A and a disintegrin and metalloprotease family members 10 and 17.
22940701 2012 ADAM10 overexpression in human non-small cell lung cancer correlates with cell migration and invasion through the activation of the Notch1 signaling pathway.
22940630 2013 Constitutive ?- and ?-secretase cleavages of the amyloid precursor protein are partially coupled in neurons, but not in frequently used cell lines.
22933306 2012 Thioredoxin-80 is a product of alpha-secretase cleavage that inhibits amyloid-beta aggregation and is decreased in Alzheimer's disease brain.
22923171 2012 Suppression of tunicamycin-induced CD44v6 ectodomain shedding and apoptosis is correlated with temporal expression patterns of active ADAM10, MMP-9 and MMP-13 proteins in Caki-2 renal carcinoma cells.
22770404 2012 Role of ADAM10 and ADAM17 in CD16b shedding mediated by different stimulators.
22689693 2012 Self-control of HGF regulation on human trophoblast cell invasion via enhancing c-Met receptor shedding by ADAM10 and ADAM17.
22641052 2012 siRNA knockdown of ADAM-10, but not ADAM-17, significantly reduces fractalkine shedding following pro-inflammatory cytokine treatment in a human adult brain endothelial cell line.
22613720 2012 Melittin modulates keratinocyte function through P2 receptor-dependent ADAM activation.
22586143 2012 ADAM10 promotes pituitary adenoma cell migration by regulating cleavage of CD44 and L1.
22572541 2012 ADAM10 expression and promoter haplotype in Alzheimer's disease.
22474035 2012 ADAM10 mediates vascular injury induced by Staphylococcus aureus ?-hemolysin.
22167753 2012 High ERp5/ADAM10 expression in lymph node microenvironment and impaired NKG2D ligands recognition in Hodgkin lymphomas.
22116825 2012 Cleavage of annexin A1 by ADAM10 during secondary necrosis generates a monocytic "find-me" signal.
22065584 2011 Translational repression of the disintegrin and metalloprotease ADAM10 by a stable G-quadruplex secondary structure in its 5'-untranslated region.
22006996 2011 Hypoxia induces escape from innate immunity in cancer cells via increased expression of ADAM10: role of nitric oxide.
21969210 2012 Regulation of ?-secretase ADAM10 expression and activity.
21959176 2011 Genetic association between ADAM10 gene polymorphism and Alzheimer's disease in a Northern Han Chinese population.
21956108 2011 ADAM9 inhibition increases membrane activity of ADAM10 and controls ?-secretase processing of amyloid precursor protein.
21876729 2011 PAX2 regulates ADAM10 expression and mediates anchorage-independent cell growth of melanoma cells.
21804545 2011 Cleavage of E-cadherin by ADAM10 mediates epithelial cell sorting downstream of EphB signalling.
21695060 2011 Determination of the proteolytic cleavage sites of the amyloid precursor-like protein 2 by the proteases ADAM10, BACE1 and ?-secretase.
21625236 2011 Redundancy and specificity of the metalloprotease system mediating oncogenic NOTCH1 activation in T-ALL.
21618342 2011 Analysis of the disintegrin-metalloproteinases family reveals ADAM29 and ADAM7 are often mutated in melanoma.
21611732 2011 Association of ADAM10 and CAMK2A polymorphisms with conduct disorder: evidence from family-based studies.
21576249 2011 Cleavage of neuregulin-1 by BACE1 or ADAM10 protein produces differential effects on myelination.
21569301 2011 A functional role for ADAM10 in human immunodeficiency virus type-1 replication.
21441465 2011 Constitutive activation of metalloproteinase ADAM10 in mantle cell lymphoma promotes cell growth and activates the TNF?/NF?B pathway.
21423176 2011 Analysis of the myosin-II-responsive focal adhesion proteome reveals a role for ?-Pix in negative regulation of focal adhesion maturation.
21402705 2011 Protocadherin-12 cleavage is a regulated process mediated by ADAM10 protein: evidence of shedding up-regulation in pre-eclampsia.
21368228 2011 ADAM10 overexpression shifts lympho- and myelopoiesis by dysregulating site 2/site 3 cleavage products of Notch.
21288900 2011 Ectodomain shedding and autocleavage of the cardiac membrane protease corin.
21269460 2011 Initial characterization of the human central proteome.
21259244 2011 ADAM 10 is associated with gastric cancer progression and prognosis of patients.
21196064 2011 Amyloid precursor protein (APP) processing genes and cerebrospinal fluid APP cleavage product levels in Alzheimer's disease.
21171968 2010 Inhibiting adenoid cystic carcinoma cells growth and metastasis by blocking the expression of ADAM 10 using RNA interference.
21123580 2010 Synaptic localization and activity of ADAM10 regulate excitatory synapses through N-cadherin cleavage.
21103979 2011 Association analysis of Notch pathway signalling genes in diabetic nephropathy.
20863729 2010 Acetylenic inhibitors of ADAM10 and ADAM17: in silico analysis of potency and selectivity.
20814017 2010 A disintegrin and metalloprotease 10 is a novel mediator of vascular endothelial growth factor-induced endothelial cell function in angiogenesis and is associated with atherosclerosis.
20711474 2010 ADAM10 releases a soluble form of the GPNMB/Osteoactivin extracellular domain with angiogenic properties.
20677014 2010 An approach based on a genome-wide association study reveals candidate loci for narcolepsy.
20676056 2010 ADAM10 is the physiologically relevant, constitutive alpha-secretase of the amyloid precursor protein in primary neurons.
20628086 2010 Variation at the NFATC2 locus increases the risk of thiazolidinedione-induced edema in the Diabetes REduction Assessment with ramipril and rosiglitazone Medication (DREAM) study.
20624979 2010 Role of a disintegrin and metalloprotease 10 in Staphylococcus aureus alpha-hemolysin-mediated cellular injury.
20592283 2010 Junctional adhesion molecule-C is a soluble mediator of angiogenesis.
20458337 MHC class II-associated proteins in B-cell exosomes and potential functional implications for exosome biogenesis.
20443867 2009 Emphysema mediated by lung overexpression of ADAM10.
20381196 2012 Evidence against a role for rare ADAM10 mutations in sporadic Alzheimer disease.
20371803 2010 The disintegrin/metalloproteinase ADAM10 is essential for the establishment of the brain cortex.
20348102 2010 Expression of the anti-amyloidogenic secretase ADAM10 is suppressed by its 5'-untranslated region.
20164177 2010 Nerve growth factor inhibits metalloproteinase-disintegrins and blocks ectodomain shedding of platelet glycoprotein VI.
20136654 2010 Upregulation of the alpha-secretase ADAM10--risk or reason for hope?
20070888 2010 ADAM10 is expressed in human podocytes and found in urinary vesicles of patients with glomerular kidney diseases.
20059578 2010 Ectodomain shedding of Fcalpha receptor is mediated by ADAM10 and ADAM17.
19946888 2010 Defining the membrane proteome of NK cells.
19913121 2009 Gene-centric association signals for lipids and apolipoproteins identified via the HumanCVD BeadChip.
19865098 2010 ADAM10 is upregulated in melanoma metastasis compared with primary melanoma.
19826051 2009 Anticancer chemotherapy inhibits MHC class I-related chain a ectodomain shedding by downregulating ADAM10 expression in hepatocellular carcinoma.
19823572 2009 Cytoplasmic relaxation of active Eph controls ephrin shedding by ADAM10.
19783906 2009 Triptolide: An inhibitor of a disintegrin and metalloproteinase 10 (ADAM10) in cancer cells.
19704010 2009 Selective use of ADAM10 and ADAM17 in activation of Notch1 signaling.
19672558 2009 Ectodomain shedding of the receptor for advanced glycation end products: a novel therapeutic target for Alzheimer's disease.
19667218 2009 Genome-wide scan of 500,000 single-nucleotide polymorphisms among responders and nonresponders to interferon beta therapy in multiple sclerosis.
19665015 2009 Ectodomain shedding of E-cadherin and c-Met is induced by Helicobacter pylori infection.
19632330 2009 Influence of ADAM10 on prion protein processing and scrapie infectiosity in vivo.
19608551 2009 Potential late-onset Alzheimer's disease-associated mutations in the ADAM10 gene attenuate {alpha}-secretase activity.
19603142 2009 Human mesenchymal stem cells induce E-cadherin degradation in breast carcinoma spheroids by activating ADAM10.
19587294 2009 Tetraspanin12 regulates ADAM10-dependent cleavage of amyloid precursor protein.
19564338 2009 Role of ADAMs in the ectodomain shedding and conformational conversion of the prion protein.
19541935 2009 Up-regulation of soluble Axl and Mer receptor tyrosine kinases negatively correlates with Gas6 in established multiple sclerosis lesions.
19435795 2009 CXCL16 is expressed in podocytes and acts as a scavenger receptor for oxidized low-density lipoprotein.
19426159 2009 CXCL16 and oxLDL are induced in the onset of diabetic nephropathy.
19394555 2009 Cell migration in response to the amino-terminal fragment of urokinase requires epidermal growth factor receptor activation through an ADAM-mediated mechanism.
19357285 2009 ADAM-10-mediated N-cadherin cleavage is protein kinase C-alpha dependent and promotes glioblastoma cell migration.
19349973 2009 Mass-spectrometric identification and relative quantification of N-linked cell surface glycoproteins.
19344981 2011 Lack of evidence to support the association of polymorphisms within the alpha- and beta-secretase genes (ADAM10/BACE1) with Alzheimer's disease.
19278423 2009 The disintegrin-metalloproteinases ADAM 10, 12 and 17 are upregulated in invading peripheral tumor cells of basal cell carcinomas.
19260824 2009 Nuclear translocation and signalling of L1-CAM in human carcinoma cells requires ADAM10 and presenilin/gamma-secretase activity.
19159218 2009 Glycoproteomics analysis of human liver tissue by combination of multiple enzyme digestion and hydrazide chemistry.
19144697 2009 Up-regulation of the alpha-secretase ADAM10 by retinoic acid receptors and acitretin.
19114711 2009 Substrate requirements for SPPL2b-dependent regulated intramembrane proteolysis.
19091752 2009 Expression of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis-linked SOD1 mutant increases the neurotoxic potential of microglia via TLR2.
18981120 2008 Tetraspanins regulate ADAM10-mediated cleavage of TNF-alpha and epidermal growth factor.
18979631 2008 Metastasis-associated C4.4A, a GPI-anchored protein cleaved by ADAM10 and ADAM17.
18971959 2009 ADAM10 is the constitutive functional sheddase of CD44 in human melanoma cells.
18952609 2008 Receptor for advanced glycation end products is subjected to protein ectodomain shedding by metalloproteinases.
18676862 2008 Tumor-associated MICA is shed by ADAM proteases.
18642355 2008 The metalloproteinase-disintegrin ADAM10 is exclusively expressed by type I muscle fibers.
18603587 2008 A soluble form of the receptor for advanced glycation endproducts (RAGE) is produced by proteolytic cleavage of the membrane-bound form by the sheddase a disintegrin and metalloprotease 10 (ADAM10).
18514661 2009 Interleukin 18 stimulates release of soluble lectin-like oxidized LDL receptor-1 (sLOX-1).
18480749 2008 Characterization of CXCL16 and ADAM10 in the normal and transplanted kidney.
18420943 2008 ADAM10 regulates endothelial permeability and T-Cell transmigration by proteolysis of vascular endothelial cadherin.
18419754 2008 The novel sorting nexin SNX33 interferes with cellular PrP formation by modulation of PrP shedding.
18381078 2008 Functional role of N-glycosylation from ADAM10 in processing, localization and activity of the enzyme.
18373975 2008 The role of CXCL16 and its processing metalloproteinases ADAM10 and ADAM17 in the proliferation and migration of human mesangial cells.
18355449 2008 Calcium-regulated intramembrane proteolysis of the RAGE receptor.
18355445 2008 Ectodomain shedding of TNF-alpha is enhanced by nardilysin via activation of ADAM proteases.
18215140 2008 The isolated N-terminal domains of TIMP-1 and TIMP-3 are insufficient for ADAM10 inhibition.
18200054 2008 ADAM10-mediated E-cadherin release is regulated by proinflammatory cytokines and modulates keratinocyte cohesion in eczematous dermatitis.
18074395 Cleavage of the human thyrotropin receptor by ADAM10 is regulated by thyrotropin.
17965014 2008 Regulated intramembrane proteolysis of Bri2 (Itm2b) by ADAM10 and SPPL2a/SPPL2b.
17895248 2007 The ADAM10 prodomain is a specific inhibitor of ADAM10 proteolytic activity and inhibits cellular shedding events.
17727679 2007 Nuclear translocation of ADAM-10 contributes to the pathogenesis and progression of human prostate cancer.
17699774 2007 Expression of L1-CAM and ADAM10 in human colon cancer cells induces metastasis.
17557115 2007 The Fas ligand intracellular domain is released by ADAM10 and SPPL2a cleavage in T-cells.
17290285 2007 ADAM10 regulates FasL cell surface expression and modulates FasL-induced cytotoxicity and activation-induced cell death.
17192395 2007 Comparative gene expression profiling of in vitro differentiated megakaryocytes and erythroblasts identifies novel activatory and inhibitory platelet membrane proteins.
17187903 2008 ADAM-10 over-expression increases cortical synaptogenesis.
16942750 2006 Furin is an endogenous regulator of alpha-secretase associated APP processing.
16806063 2006 Design and characterization of a novel cellular prion-derived quenched fluorimetric substrate of alpha-secretase.
16751190 2006 Regulated ADAM10-dependent ectodomain shedding of gamma-protocadherin C3 modulates cell-cell adhesion.
16735514 2006 ADAM10-mediated release of complement membrane cofactor protein during apoptosis of epithelial cells.
16648485 2006 Furin-, ADAM 10-, and gamma-secretase-mediated cleavage of a receptor tyrosine phosphatase and regulation of beta-catenin's transcriptional activity.
16627989 2006 Identification of ADAM10 as a major source of HER2 ectodomain sheddase activity in HER2 overexpressing breast cancer cells.
16572171 2006 Analysis of the DNA sequence and duplication history of human chromosome 15.
16390331 2006 Epidermal growth factor-regulated activation of Rac GTPase enhances CD44 cleavage by metalloproteinase disintegrin ADAM10.
16344560 2006 Diversification of transcriptional modulation: large-scale identification and characterization of putative alternative promoters of human genes.
16309826 2007 Increase of disintergin metalloprotease 10 (ADAM10) expression in oral squamous cell carcinoma.
16263699 2006 Elucidation of N-glycosylation sites on human platelet proteins: a glycoproteomic approach.
16263114 2005 The N-terminal cleavage of cellular prion protein in the human brain.
16239146 2005 Adam meets Eph: an ADAM substrate recognition module acts as a molecular switch for ephrin cleavage in trans.
15958533 2005 ADAM10 mediates E-cadherin shedding and regulates epithelial cell-cell adhesion, migration, and beta-catenin translocation.
15905513 2005 Impairment of thymocyte development by dominant-negative Kuzbanian (ADAM-10) is rescued by the Notch ligand, delta-1.
15507448 2005 ADAM10 mediates ectodomain shedding of the betacellulin precursor activated by p-aminophenylmercuric acetate and extracellular calcium influx.
15300588 2004 The mechanism of cleavage of EGFR ligands induced by inflammatory cytokines in gastric cancer cells.
15280425 2004 Release of a membrane-bound death domain by gamma-secretase processing of the p75NTR homolog NRADD.
15280379 2004 ADAM binding protein Eve-1 is required for ectodomain shedding of epidermal growth factor receptor ligands.
15182369 2004 The role of ADAM10 and ADAM17 in the ectodomain shedding of angiotensin converting enzyme and the amyloid precursor protein.
14707550 2003 Comparative localization of ADAMs 10 and 15 in human cerebral cortex normal aging, Alzheimer disease and Down syndrome.
14702039 2004 Complete sequencing and characterization of 21,243 full-length human cDNAs.
14636066 2003 Gamma-secretase activity is present in rafts but is not cholesterol-dependent.
14627705 2004 A conserved GXXXG motif in APH-1 is critical for assembly and activity of the gamma-secretase complex.
12960155 2003 Notch1 competes with the amyloid precursor protein for gamma-secretase and down-regulates presenilin-1 gene expression.
12832423 2003 Cellular cholesterol depletion triggers shedding of the human interleukin-6 receptor by ADAM10 and ADAM17 (TACE).
12815056 2003 Positive and negative regulation of the gamma-secretase activity by nicastrin in a murine model.
12794186 2003 The Notch ligand Delta1 is sequentially cleaved by an ADAM protease and gamma-secretase.
12782344 2003 Variation at the ADAM10 gene locus is not associated with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.
12730960 2003 ADAM-10 and ADAM-17 in the inflamed human CNS.
12714508 2003 The disintegrin-like metalloproteinase ADAM10 is involved in constitutive cleavage of CX3CL1 (fractalkine) and regulates CX3CL1-mediated cell-cell adhesion.
12665519 2003 Beta-secretase cleavage at amino acid residue 34 in the amyloid beta peptide is dependent upon gamma-secretase activity.
12629514 2003 Presenilin-dependent gamma-secretase activity mediates the intramembranous cleavage of CD44.
12590602 2003 Multiple metalloproteinases process protransforming growth factor-alpha (proTGF-alpha).
12568494 2002 Mechanisms by which gram-positive bacteria and tobacco smoke stimulate mucin induction through the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR).
12535668 2003 Putative function of ADAM9, ADAM10, and ADAM17 as APP alpha-secretase.
12477932 2002 Generation and initial analysis of more than 15,000 full-length human and mouse cDNA sequences.
12475894 2003 ADAM10-mediated cleavage of L1 adhesion molecule at the cell surface and in released membrane vesicles.
12438920 2002 Levels of beta-secretase BACE and alpha-secretase ADAM10 mRNAs in Alzheimer hippocampus.
12176995 2002 MADM, a novel adaptor protein that mediates phosphorylation of the 14-3-3 binding site of myeloid leukemia factor 1.
12080182 2002 [alpha]-Secretase ADAM10 as well as [alpha]APPs is reduced in platelets and CSF of Alzheimer disease patients.
11839628 2002 Altered expression of ADAMs (A Disintegrin And Metalloproteinase) in fibrillating human atria.
11831872 2001 Involvement of ADAM9 in multinucleated giant cell formation of blood monocytes.
11786905 2002 Platelet-activating factor receptor and ADAM10 mediate responses to Staphylococcus aureus in epithelial cells.
11511685 2001 ADAM-10 protein is present in human articular cartilage primarily in the membrane-bound form and is upregulated in osteoarthritis and in response to IL-1alpha in bovine nasal cartilage.
11477090 2001 The disintegrins ADAM10 and TACE contribute to the constitutive and phorbol ester-regulated normal cleavage of the cellular prion protein.
10958785 2000 Regulated cleavage of a contact-mediated axon repellent.
10737800 2000 Shotgun sequencing of the human transcriptome with ORF expressed sequence tags.
10527948 1999 Evidence for an interaction of the metalloprotease-disintegrin tumour necrosis factor alpha convertase (TACE) with mitotic arrest deficient 2 (MAD2), and of the metalloprotease-disintegrin MDC9 with a novel MAD2-related protein, MAD2beta.
10423016 1999 Localization of ADAM10 and Notch receptors in bone.
9618175 1998 Human metalloprotease-disintegrin Kuzbanian regulates sympathoadrenal cell fate in development and neoplasia.
9441766 1997 Assignment of a disintegrin and metalloproteinase domain 10 (Adam10) gene to mouse chromosome 9.
9344679 1997 Radiation hybrid mapping of human ADAM10 gene to chromosome 15.
9305925 1997 Identification and characterization of a pro-tumor necrosis factor-alpha-processing enzyme from the ADAM family of zinc metalloproteases.
9016778 1997 Expression of members of a novel membrane linked metalloproteinase family (ADAM) in human articular chondrocytes.
8694785 1996 Molecular cloning of MADM: a catalytically active mammalian disintegrin-metalloprotease expressed in various cell types.
7822279 1995 The transforming receptor tyrosine kinase, Axl, is post-translationally regulated by proteolytic cleavage.
7593158 1995 ADAM, a novel family of membrane proteins containing A Disintegrin And Metalloprotease domain: multipotential functions in cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions.