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24846301 ACY1 acts as a tumor suppressor in hepatocellular carcinoma.
24117009 Biochemical analysis showed absence of ACY1 enzyme activity in the patient's fibroblasts.
23739232 Report serum aminoacylase-1 as a novel biomarker with potential prognostic utility for long-term outcome in renal transplant recipients with delayed graft function.
23317546 We concluded that ACY1 expression in colorectal cancer varies with stage and appears to play a role in cell proliferation and apoptosis
21414403 aminoacylase 1 proteins with the mutations p.Arg378Trp, p.Arg378Gln and p.Arg393His were also detected in Western blot analysis
21128244 These data suggest that aminoacylase expression is dysregulated in neuroblastoma.
20480396 Case Report: ACY1-deficient patient presenting with autistic features.
18341290 T347S variant of human Acy1 exhibited markedly increased catalytic efficiency against N-benzoylamino acids
17045186 Because hK1 amidase activity is significantly lower in urine of systolic HF patients, it can be supposed that activity of renal kallikrein-kinin system may be suppressed in this systolic heart failure.
16465618 Genetic deficiency of ACY1 leads to functional ACY1 deficiency and excretion of N-acetylated amino acids.
16274666 first report of a patient with aminoacylase I deficiency
12933810 by complementing different active site mutants of human aminoacylase-1, study shows that catalysis occurs at the dimer interface

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