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Gene RIF (5)

24336329 Results suggest that MIF4GD is a potential regulator of p27-dependent cell proliferation in HCC.
23286197 Data suggest that oligomerization and SLBP phosphorylation regulate SLBP-SLIP1-histone-mRNA complex formation/disassociation; sequential and ordered assembly is required.
23286197 This paper describes the oligomeric state of SLIP1 and the SLIP1-SLBP complex and how it is regulated by SLBP phosphorylation. Using alanine scanning mutagenesis, the authors demonstrate that the binding site on SLIP1 for SLBP lies close to the dimer interface. A single-point mutant near the SLIP1 homodimer interface abolished interaction with SLBP in vitro and reduced the abundance of histone mRNA in vivo.
22532700 INT6 and MIF4GD were observed to colocalize in cytoplasmic foci. It was concluded that INT6, by establishing interactions with MIF4GD and SLBP, plays an important role in translation of poly(A) minus histone mRNAs.
18025107 downregulation of endogenous SLIP1 reduces the rate of translation of endogenous histone mRNA and also reduces cell viability.

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AAHKYYYSEVSD                                                              211 - 222

Text Mined References (17)

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