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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 67
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Accession A1A4Y4 B3VEX0
Symbols IFI1


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Chimp OMA EggNOG Inparanoid

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26786655 IRGM functional polymorphisms and haplotypes in promoter were associated with the susceptibility to pulmonary tuberculosis in Chinese Hubei Han population.
26066377 The study confirms IRGM rs13361189 and rs4958847 polymorphisms to be important for Crohn's disease susceptibility and phenotype modulation, in accordance with previous findings.
25944217 In Korean children, IRGM rs1000113 and IRGM rs72553867 exhibited associations with early-onset Crohn Disease as risk loci and defense loci, respectively.
25891078 Data indicate that immunity-related GTPase family M (IRGM) plays a direct role in organizing the core autophagy machinery to endow it with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory functions.
25891078 IRGM assembles core autophagy machinery (Beclin 1, Ulk1, ATG16L1) and connects it with innate immunity sensors (NOD2) through formation of protein complex assemblies.
25891078 RGM directly organizes the core autophagy machinery and links it with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory functions. IRGM interacts with ULK1 and Beclin 1 promoting their co-assembly into autophagy initiation complexes. All three Crohn's disease risk factors, IRGM, NOD2 and ATG16L1, form a complex. NOD2 enhances K63-polyubiquitination of IRGM, promoting IRGM assembly with core autophagy regulators.
25853521 Expression of viral protein 2C enhanced IRGM promoter activation, thereby increasing IRGM expression and inducing autophagy.
25707354 Our findings suggest that expression of IRGM is dysregulated in gastric cancer and that the molecule may affect progression of the disease.
25619828 these data reveal an Irgm1-dependent mechanism that promotes the tumorigenesis of melanoma via dual regulation of apoptosis and Bif-1-dependent autophagy
25526194 The IRGM rs13361189 polymorphism is promising as a biomarker for early diagnosis of Crohn's disease. However, the IRGM rs10065172 and rs4958847 polymorphisms may not be the major determinants of Crohn's disease risk.

AA Sequence

FYIVWTKLDMDLSTGALPEVQLLQIRENVLENLQKERVCEY                                 141 - 181

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PMID Year Title
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