A phenotypically highly variable myotonia aggravated by potassium loading, and sometimes by cold. Myotonia is characterized by sustained muscle tensing that prevents muscles from relaxing normally. It causes muscle stiffness that can interfere with movement. In some people the stiffness is very mild, while in other cases it may be severe enough to interfere with walking, running, and other activities of daily life. Myotonia SCN4A-related includes myotonia permanens and myotonia fluctuans. In myotonia permanens, the myotonia is generalized and there is a hypertrophy of the muscle, particularly in the neck and the shoulder. Attacks of severe muscle stiffness of the thoracic muscles may be life threatening due to impaired ventilation. In myotonia fluctuans, the muscle stiffness may fluctuate from day to day, provoked by exercise.

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