A form of orofaciodigital syndrome, a group of heterogeneous disorders characterized by abnormalities in the oral cavity, face, and digits and associated phenotypic abnormalities that lead to the delineation of various subtypes. OFD1 is X-linked dominant syndrome, lethal in males. Craniofacial findings consist of facial asymmetry, hypertelorism, median cleft, or pseudocleft of the upper lip, hypoplasia of the alae nasi, oral clefts and abnormal frenulea, tongue anomalies (clefting, cysts, hamartoma), and anomalous dentition involving missing or extra teeth. Asymmetric brachydactyly and/or syndactyly of the fingers and toes occur frequently. Approximately 50% of OFD1 females have some degree of intellectual disability. Some patients have structural central nervous system anomalies such as agenesis of the corpus callosum, cerebellar agenesis, or a Dandy-Walker malformation. Patients with OFD1 can develop fibrocystic disease of the liver and pancreas, in addition to polycystic kidneys.

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