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Name Development Level Target Family
Radical S-adenosyl methionine domain-containing protein 2 Tbio Non-IDG
2'-5'-oligoadenylate synthase 3 Tbio Enzyme
Exosome component 10 Tbio Non-IDG
Laminin subunit gamma-2 Tbio Non-IDG
DNA topoisomerase 3-beta-1 Tbio Enzyme
Securin Tbio Non-IDG
Lymphoid enhancer-binding factor 1 Tchem Transcription Factor
Interferon alpha-inducible protein 27, mitochondrial Tbio Non-IDG
Deoxyribonuclease gamma Tbio Enzyme
UHRF1-binding protein 1 Tbio Non-IDG
Complement receptor type 1 Tbio Non-IDG
Interferon-induced transmembrane protein 3 Tbio Non-IDG
Interferon-induced transmembrane protein 2 Tbio Non-IDG
Methylcytosine dioxygenase TET3 Tbio Enzyme
Juxtaposed with another zinc finger protein 1 Tbio Non-IDG
Cyclic AMP-dependent transcription factor ATF-6 beta Tbio Transcription Factor
Transportin-3 Tbio Non-IDG
Low affinity immunoglobulin gamma Fc region receptor II-c Tbio Non-IDG
Low affinity immunoglobulin gamma Fc region receptor II-b Tbio Non-IDG
Transmembrane protein 39A Tdark Non-IDG
E3 ISG15--protein ligase HERC5 Tbio Enzyme
SPATS2-like protein Tbio Non-IDG
Fc receptor-like protein 3 Tbio Non-IDG
Disintegrin and metalloproteinase domain-containing protein 17 Tchem Enzyme
AT-rich interactive domain-containing protein 5B Tbio Transcription Factor
Non-receptor tyrosine-protein kinase TYK2 Tclin Kinase
Receptor-interacting serine/threonine-protein kinase 1 Tchem Kinase
Interferon regulatory factor 5 Tbio Transcription Factor
Probable ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX58 Tbio Enzyme
T-lymphocyte surface antigen Ly-9 Tbio Non-IDG
Glutamine synthetase Tchem Enzyme
Tyrosine-protein phosphatase non-receptor type 22 Tchem Enzyme
2'-5'-oligoadenylate synthase 2 Tbio Enzyme
Cytotoxic T-lymphocyte protein 4 Tclin Non-IDG
DNA-binding protein Ikaros Tbio Transcription Factor
Signal transducer and activator of transcription 4 Tbio Transcription Factor
X-ray repair cross-complementing protein 5 Tbio Non-IDG
Interferon-induced helicase C domain-containing protein 1 Tbio Enzyme
Tyrosine-protein kinase Blk Tchem Kinase
Interferon-induced transmembrane protein 1 Tbio Non-IDG
Lysine-specific demethylase 5D Tbio TF/Epigenetic
Collagen alpha-1(XXV) chain Tbio Non-IDG
Trehalase Tchem Enzyme
Proline-rich protein 14 Tdark Non-IDG
Aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator-like protein 2 Tbio Transcription Factor
DET1- and DDB1-associated protein 1 Tbio Non-IDG
Toll-like receptor 7 Tclin Non-IDG
Galectin-3-binding protein Tbio Non-IDG
E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase ZSWIM2 Tbio Enzyme
Signal peptide, CUB and EGF-like domain-containing protein 1 Tbio Non-IDG
Complement C1q subcomponent subunit C Tbio Non-IDG
C-reactive protein Tbio Non-IDG
AF4/FMR2 family member 1 Tbio Transcription Factor
C-C motif chemokine 2 Tchem Non-IDG
Sulfotransferase 1A4 Tbio Enzyme
Sulfotransferase 1A3 Tchem Enzyme
CD27 antigen Tbio Non-IDG
Probable E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase HERC6 Tdark Enzyme
B-cell scaffold protein with ankyrin repeats Tbio Non-IDG
Prolactin Tbio Non-IDG
WD repeat- and FYVE domain-containing protein 4 Tdark Non-IDG
Ras guanyl-releasing protein 3 Tchem Non-IDG
Interferon-induced protein 44-like Tbio Non-IDG
F-box-like/WD repeat-containing protein TBL1XR1 Tbio Non-IDG
Equilibrative nucleoside transporter 3 Tbio Transporter
Sialoadhesin Tbio Non-IDG
Nicotinamide/nicotinic acid mononucleotide adenylyltransferase 2 Tbio Enzyme
Protein-methionine sulfoxide oxidase MICAL3 Tdark Enzyme
Integrin alpha-M Tchem Non-IDG
ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX3Y Tbio Enzyme
DNA topoisomerase 1 Tclin Enzyme
40S ribosomal protein S4, Y isoform 1 Tbio Non-IDG
HLA class II histocompatibility antigen, DQ alpha 1 chain Tbio Non-IDG
Low affinity immunoglobulin gamma Fc region receptor II-a Tbio Non-IDG
Protein C-ets-1 Tbio Transcription Factor
Probable ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX60 Tbio Enzyme
2'-5'-oligoadenylate synthase 1 Tbio Enzyme
Interleukin-10 Tchem Non-IDG
X-ray repair cross-complementing protein 6 Tbio Non-IDG
Torsin-1B Tbio Non-IDG
Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 1A, Y-chromosomal Tbio Non-IDG
Corticosteroid-binding globulin Tchem Non-IDG
Complement C4-B Tbio Non-IDG
Complement C4-A Tbio Non-IDG
Ficolin-3 Tbio Non-IDG
PR domain zinc finger protein 1 Tbio TF/Epigenetic
Islet cell autoantigen 1 Tbio Non-IDG
Tenascin-X Tbio Non-IDG
Complement factor B Tbio Non-IDG
U1 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein C Tbio Non-IDG
Deoxyribonuclease-1 Tchem Enzyme
XK-related protein 6 Tdark Non-IDG
Autophagy protein 5 Tbio Non-IDG
Tumor necrosis factor ligand superfamily member 4 Tchem Non-IDG
Excitatory amino acid transporter 5 Tbio Transporter
Cytosolic carboxypeptidase 2 Tdark Enzyme
Interferon regulatory factor 7 Tbio Transcription Factor
TNFAIP3-interacting protein 1 Tbio Non-IDG
Pyruvate dehydrogenase protein X component, mitochondrial Tbio Enzyme
Programmed cell death protein 1 Tclin Non-IDG
Growth hormone receptor Tclin Non-IDG
Interferon-induced protein with tetratricopeptide repeats 2 Tbio Non-IDG
Interferon-induced protein with tetratricopeptide repeats 1 Tbio Non-IDG
Interferon alpha-inducible protein 6 Tbio Non-IDG
Netrin-G2 Tbio Non-IDG
B-cell receptor CD22 Tchem Non-IDG
Tumor necrosis factor alpha-induced protein 3 Tbio Non-IDG
Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 1B Tbio Enzyme
Zinc finger protein 689 Tdark Transcription Factor
PX domain-containing protein kinase-like protein Tbio Kinase
Sterile alpha motif domain-containing protein 9 Tbio Non-IDG
Interferon-induced protein with tetratricopeptide repeats 3 Tbio Non-IDG
Protein CLEC16A Tbio Non-IDG
Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2 L3 Tbio Non-IDG
Complement receptor type 2 Tbio Non-IDG
Leucine-rich repeat-containing protein 18 Tdark Non-IDG
ETS-related transcription factor Elf-1 Tbio Transcription Factor
Interferon-induced GTP-binding protein Mx1 Tbio Non-IDG
Integrin alpha-X Tbio Non-IDG
RAS guanyl-releasing protein 1 Tchem Non-IDG
cAMP-responsive element-binding protein-like 2 Tdark Transcription Factor
Tankyrase-1 Tchem Enzyme
Gamma-interferon-inducible protein 16 Tbio Non-IDG
PHD and RING finger domain-containing protein 1 Tbio Epigenetic
T-lymphocyte activation antigen CD80 Tclin Non-IDG
P protein Tbio Non-IDG
Ras-related protein Rab-4A Tbio Enzyme
Interferon-induced protein 44 Tbio Non-IDG
Interferon-induced, double-stranded RNA-activated protein kinase Tbio Kinase
Uncharacterized protein C6orf10 Tdark Non-IDG
Lymphocyte antigen 6E Tbio Non-IDG
Tumor necrosis factor ligand superfamily member 13B Tclin Non-IDG
Three-prime repair exonuclease 1 Tbio Enzyme
Glucocorticoid receptor Tclin Nuclear Receptor
Biliverdin reductase A Tbio Enzyme
Leukocyte tyrosine kinase receptor Tchem Kinase
Interferon-induced protein with tetratricopeptide repeats 5 Tbio Non-IDG
Neurogenic locus notch homolog protein 4 Tchem Non-IDG
Sex hormone-binding globulin Tchem Non-IDG
XIAP-associated factor 1 Tbio Non-IDG
Solute carrier family 15 member 4 Tbio Transporter
DNA damage-regulated autophagy modulator protein 1 Tbio Non-IDG
Toll-like receptor 9 Tclin Non-IDG
Tyrosine-protein kinase JAK2 Tclin Kinase
Uncharacterized protein FAM167A-AS1 Tdark Non-IDG
Protein FAM167A Tbio Non-IDG
Neutrophil cytosol factor 2 Tbio Non-IDG
Toll-like receptor 5 Tchem Non-IDG
Zinc finger CCHC domain-containing protein 2 Tdark Non-IDG
Plasma protease C1 inhibitor Tbio Enzyme
Ubiquitin-like protein ISG15 Tbio Non-IDG
Probable G-protein coupled receptor 19 Tbio GPCR
T-cell surface glycoprotein CD3 zeta chain Tbio Non-IDG
Membrane-spanning 4-domains subfamily A member 4A Tdark Non-IDG
Signal transducer and activator of transcription 1-alpha/beta Tchem Transcription Factor
2'-5'-oligoadenylate synthase-like protein Tbio Enzyme
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